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elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 17:01

Revival from the ashes of dead games
Hey there!

I have returned once again to the ORP community to get my game on!

I haven't had much time with new responsibilities and a stupid on-call management position that I dropped as of this week. I haven't pursued any of my creative outlets in a long time. Finally though, I now have some time to pursue my hobbies again!

I have posted alot of notes I came across recently in my DM screen and I am in the process of picking up where I left off building an adventure string designed to showcase my world. It is a post-cataclysmic adventure based string on the world I created for my f2f campaigns that ran for 5+ years from 1st level to epic. I parted ways with all the players in my game and decided to recreate the world in a new image. I have grown much in the 10 or so years since I started making this world so it is long overdue for my world to grow and change as well.

Look forward to updates at least weekly. I am aiming to have game started in 1-2 months from now.

More info to come later...

LeadPal 10th of April, 2011 19:05

And I was just thinking it would be nice if I had more opportunities to post.

When I get the chance I'll go through your post with a critical eye. Have you seen my other worldbuilding projects? There's City of Shattered Dreams and Demiourgos. The former is pretty good, I think, although it really needs to be edited into a readable document. The second is so unfocused it's basically unusable, but it's chock full of cool ideas. Take a look, steal the good bits, and maybe entice me to restart one of them. :)

elmer_jok 20th of April, 2011 04:50

I will scour those threads when I have more than a few minutes. You have a mindset towards gaming similar to my own I think. I have always had a lot of fun gaming with you. The Susaylians still want a character from you I think ;)

I have so far uploaded what hand-written notes I have found that I had on my world to my DM screen. It is thus far only some thoughts on a few of the major points (dieties, cosmology, and a little about the races and social structure). Most just provoke further ideas that I haven't transfered to paper. I will be picking my girlfriend's head on some of my thoughts on this project as well. She is very encouraging to my writing passions and would love to be my editor :)

I took a look at my other game and I think I will abandon the ideas. It was to take off in the 4E forgotten realms setting so that I may test-drive the system, but I definately don't have the time to learn and explore a new system on top of designing my own adventures from scratch. I only had one preliminary adventure mapped out and ideas on a long string of follow ups. The ideas were grand, but probably unrealistic for a PBP campaign anyway. I will stick with the 3.x versions... go with what you know right?

elmer_jok 20th of April, 2011 12:04

Oh wow I didn't realize I published my notes. I don't mind sharing the rough sketch behind the screens stuff with you for now LeadPal, but not on a public thread... yet. It all needs polished and nothing is set in stone yet.

I have moved them LeadPal, but let me see if I can grant you permission.

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