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Exarzun 9th of February, 2006 11:40

Hello all! Welcome to the area, please chat here and work out your charicters as the forums go up.

generaljimX 12th of February, 2006 15:44

I apoligize to all for not posting anything yet. I have been very busy, and worn out as a result. I got Heroes of Battle earlier this week, specifically for this. Unfortunately, my face-to-face campaign has taken up my time, and I have not been able to but start reading the book. I will read it, most likely cover to cover, tomorrow, and start getting the forums up.

generaljimX 17th of February, 2006 03:01

I would like to thank Boomlaor for finding the name generator(though it really doesn't generate anything). It will be a great resource for us all(I hope), and now I can have some way to come up with NPC names. I seem to be talking to only him and Exar, but I hope everyone else is at least lurking around here.

Exarzun 17th of February, 2006 16:12

Indeed, very good... should i do another post looking for more players?

generaljimX 18th of February, 2006 09:10

We could, but I think I'm going to wait till Monday to do such a thing, just in case they ARE lurking.

You guys hear that? Post if you're here!!!

Boomlaor 18th of February, 2006 10:09

Been a crazy busy week for me, have my character about half made, I'll finish him up and post him sometime this weekend.


Gnarsh 19th of February, 2006 05:48

I'm here.

Exarzun 19th of February, 2006 05:58

Yay we have 3 players!

generaljimX 19th of February, 2006 08:03

That's all but one. I'm just glad this didn't go to shit like so many other games. At least, not yet, anyway.....

Exarzun 19th of February, 2006 14:12

If you dont hurry it up it might ;)

generaljimX 19th of February, 2006 15:36

Actually, I think I'm waiting for characters....I might not be...I don't know...its late.....and I'm tired...

Exarzun 21st of February, 2006 05:16

Hey General, you wanna throw up a description thread some where? Also, i assume you got my Char sheet?

Come on people, get those sheets in, i dont think a backround is to necisary, but knock yourself out if you want... If you cant think of anything dont worry, it's quite possible for him to be a normal person who just got sined up, military servus was manditory for the Romans. They had extensive training, which is why we are lvl 5.

generaljimX 22nd of February, 2006 03:31

I did get the sheet. I havn't really had time to check it yet, but I should be able to tonight. Also, I don't know what kind of description thread you want me to make. And, by the way, I don't mind if you guys make threads. Just try not to make too many.

Exarzun 22nd of February, 2006 11:12

Rightio, well come on people, lets get those sheets in, as soon as we do, we can get started!

Exarzun 26th of February, 2006 05:50

Hey! People! Come one!

Boomlaor 26th of February, 2006 17:04

mine's been in for a few days now.

generaljimX 28th of February, 2006 03:30

Yes it has. I feel bad, cause I havn't gone over either of them to look for errors. Man am I lagging behind on this thing. Not like I don't have a lot of time to work on it. I'll sit down tonight and check both of them, probably post Exar's to the forum, and start planning. I know, I know, I should already have it all planned out. I have a rough idea, but nothing concrete...yet.

Gnarsh, you posted you were still here on the 18th, but I haven't gotten a PM or a character sheet, or even a description from you. Are you still planning on playing? I really need to know so I can post for more players if not. I may post for more players anyway.

@Everyone: Do you have some kind of map making software to suggest? I'm going to take a look at Campaign Cartographer tonight(after I check the character sheets), and would like to know of something else that might work if I don't like that.

Wow. I'm going to have a busy night. And that's if I don't have any homework. Who am I kidding? I never have homework.

Gnarsh 28th of February, 2006 08:55

He'll be in soon.

Gnarsh 28th of February, 2006 09:35

Also, a question: Why does infantry get splint mail? Wouldn't breastplates be more accurate?

Boomlaor 28th of February, 2006 09:43

Lorica Segmentata was standard issue for legionaires, it's much more like splint mail than a breasplate.

generaljimX 28th of February, 2006 12:40

@Boomlaor- Vitus is currently built under 32 point buy, taking into account the +1 for level. It is supposed to be 28 point buy. Please fix this.

@Boom and Exar- How did you calculate HPs? I didn't post any kind of method, so I was wondering. If you both used the same method, it will be the one that will be used for all characters.

Boomlaor 1st of March, 2006 02:16

I did full hp dice for first lvl and half the dice rounded up for subsequent lvls. Not real familiar with point buy, I know that you start with all stats at 8 and then add points, but I'm not sure which numbers cost extra. I think 16 costs 2 points, so I've reduced both str and con to 15, I think that takes me down to 28 points, let me know if I'm wrong.

generaljimX 1st of March, 2006 02:32

That seems to be the standard for HPs. I'll look at the sheet when I get home(don't have books on me), and see if you're even now. Should be, or a little under.

generaljimX 2nd of March, 2006 12:06

@Boomlaor: Yep, you're right at 28 now. Didn't actually get to check it till now, but I did check it.

@Exar: Two things 1) could you please post/send a break down of your feat selections like Boomlaor has. I prefer to have it that way so everything is definately in order. 2) How did you figure your HPs?

@Everyone: Do you think I should advertise for more players? I kinda want to, but with everyone here done, or just about done in the case of Gnarsh, it would just delay us starting even more.

Boomlaor 2nd of March, 2006 16:37

Could always start and advertise, and have our unit be wounded and awaiting reinforcements until they are prepared. We could certainly start with just us 3 though.

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