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Chris Chandler 14th of May, 2007 03:25

Peanut Gallery (OOC)
So... how's this for a start. I'll put the note on the gitp and we can start on this board, well, now! W00t!

Um... I'll put up an actual IC... something here by tomorrow so we can do... something.

Dalcassius 14th of May, 2007 05:37

YEAH!! NEW OOC THREAD!! It's like freakin' Christmas 'round here!

Chris Chandler 14th of May, 2007 22:30

I can only hope that you can continue view this page from work, Dal. Seriously, you are a big part of why I wanted to move this here. Your post time suggests so, so that's a good deal.

Okay, so this is what I'd like to see. I'm going to put stuff like maps (ha!), historical "documents" and a Q&A about the campaign up in the Campaign information section. I have my own little section so I can keep proper notes and whatnot. We'll have a main IC section, and we have the flexibility here to have various other IC sections whenever we need it. Likewise, if there is a specific OOC issue that needs to be brought up, we can have a separate thread for that, as well. I'll get to work on a "bridge" post shortly, then we can step fully over here.

Don't worry - I'll do my best to archive the gitp stuff and put it into PDFs. I actually have the older threads in that format. I... You know what? I'll put those up in the Campaign information section, as well.

Ojoxsofeta 14th of May, 2007 22:57

We all live in a yellow submarine...

a yellow submarine...

a yellow submarine...

Chris Chandler 14th of May, 2007 22:59

Or, y'know what, they could all be bigger than the 250K limit on file size. If you want them, just ask.

LadyGlutter 14th of May, 2007 23:41

That is my concern, having backups to IC stuff. Could you forward me copies, pretty please? How'd you have to do it? In chunks or what? You know, if I turned Trillian on I could bug you like that couldn't I?


You GOTTA go fix Turmishites. Somehow or another. Disable smilies in text. That's a different level of weird from Turmispoons. Is there a smiley for wombat? No? Hahahaha. I can say the f word, though I erased it. XD

Hmmmmmm, can I really say the f word? to find rules of forum.... while I may be CN, I know our GM is stinking lawful....

YES! The only rules for language I see is no 1337. (Though somehow I want to post a whole bunch of 1337n355 right now but I'll refrain. ;-)) Freedom of speech rocks.

Don't worry, Zora's not a potty mouth, I'll be good(ish). I just wanted to know, you know?

Dalcassius 15th of May, 2007 23:39

I'd love a copy of the IC threads. Thanks Chris.

LadyGlutter 16th of May, 2007 00:06

So I remain confused. If I'm right, then I'm just going to wait because what I see is Kirfah is with me, Sharad, and Breena all at once. (!?) I have stuff I can do but I would make the plot a big fat knot by starting it. Unless Kirfah didn't come with the three of us to cure the little ones.

Dalcassius 16th of May, 2007 01:09

Kirfah helped with the Brewing, then made a dash for home seeing as Brit, Hoylur, Zora, Guther and Agatah could handle the children and the cured adults. When he got home we started two time lines. One is with Bree, they are discussing the questions on Bree's mind, the other is slightly ahead of that where he left Bree after the discussion and finally had the sit down with Sharad he's wanted to do since his brother was put into a coma.

LadyGlutter 16th of May, 2007 01:14

Awesome. That helps lots. Thanks.

Dalcassius 16th of May, 2007 04:52

That's what I'm here for. Well, not really. I'm here to role-play, but I still like to help when I can.

LadyGlutter 16th of May, 2007 05:23

Although Zora didn't hear that bit with your mamma, I like the idea of the war room, Dal. It's not too far contrived and might work some of these kinks I've got out.

(Back to pliés now. Why'd I get this nutty idea I needed to exercise?)

Dalcassius 16th of May, 2007 05:29

Thanks, but its as much Chris's doing as mine. I was just sort of playing with the idea and he really pushed me into getting it done.

Gamebird 16th of May, 2007 23:06

Hey, I'm here. Good stuffs.

Gamebird 18th of May, 2007 01:43

GitP is down again, so if anything has happened there recently, I don't know about it. (Recently as in today, May 17.)

LadyGlutter 18th of May, 2007 01:55

We're supposed to be playing here. Nothing's going on there. We're just waiting on everyone to check into the IC thread I'm pretty sure.

Dalcassius 23rd of May, 2007 05:27

Oh, this should be good. Zora is about to ask Hoylur to put Agatha to sleep with a spell. IF he says yes, she's gonna put up a fight. Most likely though I see a snappy comeback in Zora's future.

LadyGlutter 23rd of May, 2007 05:40

Yeah, well, my dumb ass got him dealing with folks with color spray and sleep mixed up. Grrrr

Chris Chandler 23rd of May, 2007 05:46

Eh, it happens. They have a similar affect among very weak creatures.

Ojoxsofeta 24th of May, 2007 05:02

Yeah, yeah they do.

The thing about the sleep spell is that you can choose who to target. However, enchantments don't work on most undead and some other creatures, and elves have a lovely immunity to sleeep, deep slumber and their kindred.

Speaking of that, I need to come up with a code word or action for y'all to avert your eyes if possible - illusions are going to be a lot of my offensive output for a period of time.

(And before anyone says it, I should be adding more transmutations soon).

And Dal, when is a snappy comeback not on the horizon for anyone?

Ojoxsofeta 24th of May, 2007 05:16

Also, has anyone seen anything about this yet?

This is one of my favorite books that I hate to admit to looking that much (especially to those who don't get that "dungeons" game). Needless to say, I'm stoked.

Dalcassius 24th of May, 2007 05:21

I do remember hearing about this and I'm hopeful that it means the second two books in the trilogy will be made too.

Ojoxsofeta 24th of May, 2007 22:10

Jack Bauer as Raistlin. That's... an odd thought.

LadyGlutter 24th of May, 2007 23:19

Kiefer will do just fine in that role I think. But Lucy Lawless and Michelle Trachtenburg and Michael Rosenbaum.... mmmmm, this looks like a YUMMY movie! Um... or something more appropriate, yay Dragonlance and stuff! :P

Actually I think that's weird, Dawn being Tika and Xena being Goldmoon, because it seems like Goldmoon's going to tower over Tika but I know some people see it that way anyway. Either way, hey, it sounds cool.

Ojoxsofeta 25th of May, 2007 01:04

Well, I suppose I missed the part where it's animated. Which is less awesome, though I'd argue that D-lance probably would work better as a cartoon. The (voice) actors seem less strange.

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