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Francis 24th of April, 2010 19:03

Chapter One: The Tower Shop
This will be our main rp thread. More to come.

Francis 29th of April, 2010 01:39

You all know each other well, since you're with the thieves' guild.
You may in fact be friends.
Rory, Badger and Grakul have not been idle the last few months.
Each of them has collected a few treasures.

Rory, the halfling rogue has lately ambushed a human cleric of Pelor, stealing a magic wand and a carved bone statuette depicting Pelor. He doesn't know what the wand is, does, yet.

Badger, the dwarven ranger has had a fight in a dark alley with a gnoll guard of Nerull's temple, which went in his favor. Leaving the guard unconscious, Badger took his greatsword, which proved to be magical.
This also provided a chance at ambushing a cleric of Nerull, who bought his freedom by giving Badger his fine gold chain with a fire opal pendant on it.
Badger: magical greatsword + fire opal pendant on fine gold chain.

Grakul managed to pass himself of as a dwarven guard of Moradin. Thus he managed to get access to a temple complex of Moradin, where he quickly looted one of the appartments of the clerics. He got away with a ceremonial electrum dagger with a ruby in the pommel, and a blue magical rod with a button on one end. So far he hasn't dared to press the button, not knowing what will happen.
Grakul: ceremonial dagger of Moradin, blue magical rod.

Francis 29th of April, 2010 03:20

Grakul looks closely at the electrum dagger, and estimates its value at 550 gp.
It will be hard to sell, however, because it will be clear to almost everyone that this dagger belongs in a Moradin temple.

Francis 29th of April, 2010 17:11

The Thieves' guild/ the Coffee House
The Thieves' guild is quartered in a tavern in the south western part of Marash Pul. The tavern is called "The Coffee House".
The head of the guild is an old female halfling called Batbilba. She is also the tavernkeeper. She always has coffee ready: it comes from an old coffeepot with an unlimited amount of coffee. No one understands how it works, only Batbilba.
Here is an image of the tavern/guildhouse (there is a second storey with bedrooms):

Explosive Cheese 29th of April, 2010 21:49

Badger uses some of his time off to attempt to gauge the value of his new finds.
His keen dwarven senses give him a clue as to the pendant's value, but he knows little of either swords or magic, so he is unsure of his decision about the Greatsword.
So he decides to consult the appraisers of the guild, in an attempt to discover its value and magical properties.

Francis 29th of April, 2010 21:51

The thieves' guild is located in a part of town where mainly ratmen and halflings live (and of course a few dwarves, they're everywhere.)
The guilds' upper level members are mostly incarcerated because the religious institutions have been active in arresting and judging thieves.
Thus, the guild now consists mainly of low level (lvl. 1-5) thieves led by a high level leader, Batbilba.
Batbilba is a very friendly hobbit, who has two main rules:

- we steal, we do not murder;
- we steal from the rich only, and from the powerful.

The stolen goods are brought to the Tower Shop, led by the fence Nocturnus, an old half-orc. They are not sold directly by him, but rather he trades them with a few merchants from other cities. There is an exchange between the stolen goods from those other cities, and the goods of this thieves' guild. Thus, people from Marash Pul will never see their own stolen goods in Nocturnus' Tower Shop. This is a rather safe way to avoid detection by the authorities.
But there is a price for this: travel outside Marash Pul is very dangerous. And the merchants are also afraid that their trade of stolen goods will be discovered by a guard at the gates of the city. So they exact a high percentage (how high depends on the nature of the goods to be sold).
Moreover the merchants wish to remain anonymous, being afraid of betrayal. So they deal only with Nocturnus. If a rogue tries to deal with these merchants directly, the consequences may be dire....:dead:

Francis 29th of April, 2010 22:22

Badger thinks the gold chain with fire opal is worth 1600 gp.
He can see that the greatsword is masterwork quality, so he estimates its worth at 350 gp. Batbilba has told him that it is magical, but she can't say which magical properties it has. Probably, its magic will make it much more valuable. "Perhaps you should wait with selling it, until you know more about it", is her advice.

Dumari 29th of April, 2010 23:08

Rory has been living with the Guild since his father was sentenced. Fearing reprisals by angry religious types at their family home, he felt it wasn't safe there. Batbilba, who had always been more of a mother to him than his real mother, insisted he stay at the Coffee House until the worst blew over.

Rory sits in his room, upstairs, pondering last nights haul. Throwing aside worthless trinket after worthless trinket, he comes across a bone statue of some Sun god. He examines the statue and concludes it can't be worthless. At the very least, it looks heavy enough to knock someone out if used correctly, or violently.

It's at this point he remembers the cleric that gave up the statue, also handed over a bizarre looking stick. He pulls it from the sack behind his bed, reserved for anything that could explode - safety first - and bites it. "It's definitely a wand" Rory concludes with uncertainty...

[OOC: Appraise (+6) checks on Statue of Pelor and unknown wand]

Francis 29th of April, 2010 23:47

Loryn hasn't been idle either.
He has been secretly spying upon the nobles who surround the City Mayor every day. He has been listening at the door of their conference room in the Town Hall, and discovered that they were going to move some kind of very important item to one of the nobles' houses, apparently because they were afraid that the town hall was too open for rogues and burglars.
Together with some other rogues, he then set up an ambush in one of the streets where the "important item" would pass. And indeed they came. Tripping one of the guards, he got hold of a well-locked box and he got away, while his friends gave him cover with crossbow bolts.

Together with the help of his friends, he managed to open the box, and found a jewelled gold crown, which he immediately recognized as the ceremonial item with which the King crowns a new Mayor. An event scheduled for next year (every 4 years a new Mayor is appointed by the King). His friends wouldn't even touch the crown, so afraid were they of this famous crown. These friends took the other jewels in the box, which, though less valuable, would be easier to sell.

Studying the box again after his friends left, Loryn found a double bottom, beneath which two scrolls were hidden. Taking them out, he sees that there are signs of Wee Jass on it and that each scroll contains 3 spells.

Loryn's treasure: famous jewelled gold crown + 2 divine scrolls with 3 spells each.

Francis 30th of April, 2010 00:07

Looking at the carved bone statuette of Pelor, Rory estimates its value at 80 gp. Many clerics and devout followers of Pelor have similar icons. So it shouldn't be too hard to sell without rousing suspicion.

Looking at the wand, Rory estimates that if it is fully charged with a divine spell, it might well be worth thousands of gp. How much exactly, depends on the spell stored in the wand. And he doesn't know which spell.

Dumari 30th of April, 2010 01:11

Cursing his luck at mugging the poorest Cleric in the city, and with his own personal in depth analysis complete on the wand, to little sucess, he takes it with him to see Batbilba in the Tavern.

"Batbilba, I found this wand last night and was wondering if you could give me any insight into what might actually do? I think it belonged to a Priest of Pelor.

If it's useful, do you know anyone who might part with some coin for it? I'll throw in a statue of Pelor!"

Francis 30th of April, 2010 02:02

Batbilba hesitates. I may be able to figure it out, or I may not. But either way, that may be dangerous. So you're asking a favor, eh?
Would you do something for me, if I ask you to?

Dumari 30th of April, 2010 02:07

Rory agrees to Batbilba's request, adding "You've allowed me to stay here rent free Batbilba, whatever you need, within reason. What would you have me do?"

Francis 30th of April, 2010 02:27

Batbilba responds: nothing at the moment. But you see, sometimes a member of our community goes missing, or something is stolen within this house, and then I need a group to sort it out. Can I ask you such a favor in the future?

You know, there is a skill which many rogues learn as they gain experience. It is called "use magical device" by some. Normally such a wand works only if you know the spell trigger. But that skill lets us use the item without knowing the trigger.
It just happens that I have some experience in this field. I have learnt to use several different wands. So if this is a wand in which the same kind of magic is stored, I'll discover that by merely feeling the wand, atuning myself to it.
In fact, any real spellcaster who knows the spell stored in this wand, can discover its use by handling it for some time. I am not a spell caster myself. I merely use the wands I have learned to use with my skill.

But if it is another kind of wand, I might still try to use it, once, using the skill. But that's dangerous, the magic could go wrong.
Do you want me to try?

Dumari 30th of April, 2010 03:19

Rory replies, "I'll speak to my friends about your request, but it seems as though, with the clergy hitting us as hard as they have been, we need to stick together."

Rory hands Batbilba the wand, and looks around for the nearest door, in case something goes wrong.

"Please, do what you can to find out what this wand does, just don't point it at me!"

Explosive Cheese 30th of April, 2010 03:27

Badger looks up from his latest pint at the commotion. "Aye, and that goes double for me."
"Rory, c'mere. You mention something about friends and a request?"

Dumari 30th of April, 2010 04:45

"Ah, Badger, good to see you buddy. It's nothing at the moment, but Batbilba may want to put a group together soon, for certain, undesirable tasks. I'm sure your expertise would be needed, if you have the stomach for it."

Rory heads back to his room before Batbilba sets anything on fire with the mystery wand, but shouts back after Badger... "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what she needs us for..."

Merbak 30th of April, 2010 05:16

Meanwhile, Loryn approaches Nocturnus when he has a moment. "Good day, Nocturnus!" He says in an unusually cheerful voice, refraining from even making a crack about the 'nocturnus' and 'day' he used in the same sentence. "I'd like to have you do your thing with an item I have... if you're up it, and I won't hold it against you if you're not up for this size of an item."

With no further ado, Loryn pulls the crown from an otherwise empty sack and shows it to the old orc.

Captain Gavis 30th of April, 2010 08:05

At the moment Grakul was beard deep in a tankard of good strong ale, the fifth one of the night to be exact. He takes out his newly acquired rod and ponders it through a fine drunken haze "Wunder ho' mush tish ish wort? Wash thish bluuu buttin' do? Shhuld I presh it? Bah! Not nearly drunk 'nuff fur that." He then returns the rod to his belt pouch and takes a deep swig from his tankard. so deep in fact he tips backward and falls on the floor with a loud thud.

Francis 1st of May, 2010 05:00

There are a few strands which I need to answer.
This is about Rory's request to identify the wand:

Batbilba receives the wand willingly, feels it, and says: I don't feel anything yet, I think I have to carry it around for an hour or so.

AFter an hour, she says: no, still no clue. I am fairly certain that this wand is not identical to one I have. I'll go upstairs and try to use it on myself.
She disappears and reappears after a few minutes: sorry, no success. No mishap either, I am glad to say. Sorry, can't help you with this. You have to seek a spellcaster in our guild. There are a few, but I can't tell you who.
Looking for spellcasters outside our community is dangerous; they are all in league with the clerics and with the authorities. Shouldn't try that.

Batbilba then returns the wand to Rory.

Francis 1st of May, 2010 05:33

OOC:This is an important strand, because it involves everybody. Remember, this is just the preamble to the real adventure.

As Loryn takes the crown out of the sack, Nocturnus gasps in shock. "You took that? Such a famous item? What were you thinking?", he says. He then touches the crown and quickly casts a spell on it...

Meanwhile at the guildhouse
Shortly after Loryn has left for the Tower Shop, Badger notices something strange in the guildhouse (intelligence check, natural 20). There is an unnatural disturbance high up towards the ceiling. "I think someone is scrying this place", he says.
As the others are still wondering what this might mean, Batbilba seems to know what to do, for she's already standing at the stairs, waving to Badger, Rory and Grakul to come up. Following her advice, you quickly follow her up the stairs. You've just gotten upstairs, when you hear the doors of the "Coffee House" slam against the wall, hard and loud. A commanding voice says: "Nobody leaves. We've got this area surrounded. Resistance is futile."
Batbilba and you move silently upstairs towards a wall with a secret door. She opens the secret door and gets you into the closet behind it, you with all your recently stolen goods. Before she closes the secret door, she waves a wand (previously hidden in her clothes) at each of you. "Nondetection", she whispers. At the last moment, she adds: "wait 3 hours; then go to Nocturnus; this place is done .. a new hiding place. Nocturnus."

As you're waiting in the secret hideout closet, you hear voices from below. A lot of people seem to be downstairs, a lot of yelling as people are disarmed and bound. The same commanding voice speaks: "We'll take you all for questioning. We'll turn this place upside down. An important object was stolen, the City-Mayor is furious. ..."
"Why us?" you hear Batbilba asking. "Why here?"
"... has been located ... area surrounded ... will not escape"

And now the adventure is starting for real. Ssved'Karr has been arrested downstairs. Loryn is at the tower shop. What will Rory, Badger and Grakul do? (Loryn please wait until this situation is resolved)

Captain Gavis 1st of May, 2010 08:43

After a few heaves and rolls Grakul managed to achieve a standing position once more. Once standing was attained Grakul turned his attention to the chair. Oblivious to the commotion around him he grabbed the chair firmly by the back and uprighted it even more firmly and with a groaning of the wood it was made of. "And shtay there!" he warned the chair waging a sausage like finger at it to emphasize the point. Satisfied that the chair will not betray an unsuspecting sitter Grakul stumbles up the stairs and into the closet and claims the most comfortable corner for a snooze.

Dumari 1st of May, 2010 19:53

Rory looks over at Badger... "They're after that bloody great crown Loryn was waving around earlier. No doubt about it."

"We'll have to sit tight for a couple of hours, then head to Nocturnus' and warn Loryn. You've got to reason, if they knew to hit here, the Tower Shop will be next of their list. Hopfully, the guards surrounding the area will have dissipated a little."

Rory poses the question, "Should one of us sneak down to see how many guards there are in an hour?"

Francis 1st of May, 2010 20:16

OOC: there is no obvious connection between the "Coffee House" and the "Tower Shop". In fact it is 15 minutes walk (1 mile) to get from one to the other.
Batbilba and Nocturnus have been careful to avoid such a public connection between them.
So there's no reason to suppose that the authorities will hit the Tower Shop next.

Explosive Cheese 2nd of May, 2010 01:05

"Aye, if I've told him once, I've told him a thousand times, don't go for the famous items! And now he's got the entire guild paying for his mistake. Still, I doubt the Tower Shop is in much danger until one of the grunts here squeals. Batilba and Nocturnus were smart enough to keep things separate."

Settling himself into the corner opposite the other dwarf, Badger prepares himself for a few hours of cramped waiting. "If anyone goes down to check in an hour, it'll be you. Your skills are more appropriate to this situation."

Closing his eyes, he murmurs to himself, "I hope spike is okay..."

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