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itches 4th of May, 2008 23:04

History of Online-Roleplaying
This is fairly pointless and something that I could be doing in private, but what the hell I figured I'd do it here. I've been meaning to put together a timeline of the history of Orp, as I keep forgetting what has happened and in what order, so by putting it down on digital paper it will peserve the memories of The Spam War, The Aussie Admin Epoc, The Great Domain Change, The Illegal Years and others.

Some of you are old enough to remember and contribute. The rest can just watch and gnash your teeth.


December - LeeCHeSSS registers his account


January - Opening of Online-Roleplaying.commodities, LeeCHeSSS and WhoNaN as Team Admin
January - 1st 3ebb migration begins
January - Eidolon, longest running and flagship game of Orp is Founded
April - WhoNAN wins the first annual Coolest Avatar Award
July - Orp Goes Legal
July - Orp Goes Brown
October - Orp Gets Chatroom 1.0
December - Orp switches to from


Janurary - Orp undergoes a mysterious change
April - itches wins the second annual Coolest Avatar Award
May - Online-Roleplaying.commodities webmail is opened
August? - Cadogan Trahem evolves and begins the Aussie Admin Epoc


January - ORP [doesn't] get pixellated characters
Feburary - After a terrible transporter accident, Cadhulk is born.
March - LeeCHeSSS reaches 666 posts
March - Disabiling signatures in a thread was granted to much celebration
March - Chatroom 1.0 is removed after no one used it
April - BigRedRod wins the third annual Coolest Avatar Award
July - The Cultists move in


Feburary - WoW eats Cadogan
March - BigRedRod pulls a sword from an anvil and is proclaimed king
April - LeeCHeSSS wins the fourth annual Coolest Avatar Award
May - itches gets rid of his godawful signature
October - 2nd 3ebb migration begins


March - Orp moves to a dedicated server
March - Online-Roleplaying.commodities webmail is removed.
April - itches wins the fifth annual Coolest Avatar Award
July - Cognitive Yammering was added to the Public Commonness All Stars.
July - CyberNations finds Orp
October - itches steals some ambrosia from the admin breakroom and becomes a god
October - Forum dice are introduced
November - The Spamwar begins


January - The Spamwar ends in victory for Team Admin
April - Noocytx wins the sixth annual Coolest Avatar Award
April - Private threads are invented
April - Orp gets Chatroom 2.0


January - The scourge of CyberNations is finally stopped
April - Gralhruk wins the seventh annual Coolest Avatar Award
October - Spamwar II Begins, leading to the Closure of Registration
October - Registration is Reopened with moderation turned on.


Feburary - Spamwar II ends
Febuary - Gralhrulk stows away on the HMS Team Admin
March - itches takes ownership of Orp. Promises of pixelated characters to battle with are not fulfilled.
April - itches wins the eighth annual Coolest Avatar Award
April - No new Private Subforums are available
November - New private subforums are re-enabled
November - 18 hours of posts go missing. Team Admin blames witches.


April - jiffypop wins the ninth annual Coolest Avatar Award
March - The Best-Post-Ever is made.
September - Orp begins to receive spam advertising Produce. As in, from a farm.
November - A Strikethrough option is added to the format code.


April - red_dr4g0n94 wins the tenth annual Coolest Avatar Award™ in a nailbiting sudden death victory.
April - Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.
June - Vikings Raid the server farm Orp is hosted at. After a long day of battles they were repulsed.
November - BigRedRod gets his degree and is hereafter known as Doctor BigRedRod


April - While attempting to upgrade the forum software, itches broke the front page. [Spoilers] It was later fixed.
April - Tashalar wins the Eleventh Annual Coolest Avatar Award™, in a year of disqualifications and shields.
May - A Spoiler tag turns up. Finally.
July - After months of borderline unfriendly debate, Team Admin reveal a brand new feature, Grids

BigRedRod 4th of May, 2008 23:10

I'm old enough to have forgotten.

zachol 5th of May, 2008 04:47

Well this looks like a fun waste of time.

Tashalar 5th of May, 2008 04:58

2006: July - Tashalar joined ORP


LeadPal 5th of May, 2008 08:15


The Illegal Years
I didn't know ORP used to be Family-run.

Linklegacy77 5th of May, 2008 10:08

By immigrants no less....

itches 5th of May, 2008 13:26

Updated it a bit. Things I still need to do:
  • 3EBB migrations
  • Date of new Admin
  • The Recession
  • When we finally got :P

Any other suggestions?

zachol 5th of May, 2008 15:53

I think that one of the 3EBB migrations (at least the one I remember being on account of the ezBoard crash) happened in the summer/fall of '05.

itches 5th of May, 2008 16:09

You're right, the original foundation of the site could technically be considered a 3ebb migration too.

zachol 5th of May, 2008 16:12

Well you always talk about two for some reason.

LynMars 5th of May, 2008 16:23

Nice, the Cult gets its own entry. Huzzah!

We are watching you, you know.

itches 5th of May, 2008 16:26

That's alright, we're watching you watch us.

Gralhruk 5th of May, 2008 22:37

ORP [doesn't] get pixellated characters!

itches 5th of May, 2008 23:22

Hmm you're right, that should go in. Maybe who won the avatar award each year too.

Tashalar 5th of May, 2008 23:44

Definitely. That's the only yearly event ORP has, so it has to be mentioned.

BrianL03 6th of May, 2008 01:34

In fact it pretty much was. I know I was brought over during one of those, but I think it was mostly because of Second Talon and itches.


Originally Posted by itches (Post 309675)
You're right, the original foundation of the site could technically be considered a 3ebb migration too.


Originally Posted by zachol (Post 309674)
I think that one of the 3EBB migrations (at least the one I remember being on account of the ezBoard crash) happened in the summer/fall of '05.

omni-roach 6th of May, 2008 04:07


Originally Posted by Gralhruk (Post 309701)
ORP [doesn't] get pixellated characters!

I'm too new to know what the obsession is with pixellated characters. Could it be possible for someone to make sense of it, or is it an insider joke and I'm just out of luck?

BigRedRod 6th of May, 2008 04:17

Becomes a God!? I'm hurt.

It came from this thread, omni.

Tashalar 6th of May, 2008 05:45

Haha! That's one hell of a funny thread.

I especially like this post. See itches? There are females online. LOL

Gralhruk 6th of May, 2008 06:32

I love that thread like I love my pinkie toe - it's quite useless, but hard to part with for sentimental reasons.

The Alcotroll 6th of May, 2008 07:27

I joined nearly five years ago!

I feel really old...

Linklegacy77 6th of May, 2008 09:35

Over 2 years ago... I don't feel AS old....

omni-roach 6th of May, 2008 12:24

See... I feel really... Not old because the latest thing on that list I remember are the dice. And sadly, I only vaguely remember the "spamwar." And that was only because of this poll. Must have been one of my offline times...

itches 6th of May, 2008 12:47

Yes the Spamwar was mostly a continual shadow war that for the first time grew intense enough to spill over into the open where everyone could see it. Even then the average lifespan of Spam was about 30 seconds.

Updated some more. Things still to do
  • Find the date of :P
  • Find the date of the 3EBB migrations
  • resist the urge to make it all about me
  • Find when Cadogan was made an admin
  • Find the date of the Recession

Other suggestions?

zachol 6th of May, 2008 12:56

The ezboard crash happened on the 30th/31st of May.
It's likely that the migration occurred over late June/July.

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