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hedgeknight 2nd of March, 2007 01:39

Out of Town &/or Unplugged
New thread here fellers and I'll be the first to christen it:

I'll be out of town and unplugged from Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4.
Back online late Sunday night or early Monday morning.
Hope you fellers have a jim dandy (or Jim Beam :cool:) weekend.

scbeachbum 2nd of March, 2007 14:52

glad you started this thread. I will also be gone those same days. We have a massive tournament and I will be working from 8am to midnight those three days. So, with that said, I will be unplugged also. I have tried to get in a quick post in the other sections for you to read and reply to. Hope all has a great weekend.

hedgeknight 24th of March, 2007 05:24

Fellers, I will be out of town and "unplugged" on the following dates:
  • Saturday, March 24
  • Saturday through Tuesday - March 31 to April 3

elmer_jok 24th of March, 2007 05:35


scbeachbum 24th of March, 2007 16:00

I will also be out of reach on Saturday, the 24th. Also, probably won't be able to be back on till Monday. Have a great weekend.

elmer_jok 25th of March, 2007 07:11

I'm nearly always out of reach on sundays, except sometimes in the morning, and don't get back to a computer until usually pretty late mondays. This is when I play my f2f dnd sessions. My dwarf wizard has come upon some hard times due to prejudice and has once again become an outlaw of his hometown. There's dwarf tax throughout the lands in this homebrew campaign and there's a rumor of a dwarven plague that keeps them down. All that combined with the fact that their patron diety has turned his back upon them and trolls, duergar and undead now populate their original homeland make it hard to be a dwarf in this campaign, especially a dwarven wizard. I'm confident in my ability to survive though, I know a couple tricks for 3rd edition, like... can we say, haste?

hedgeknight 6th of April, 2007 04:47

With the Easter holiday this weekend, is anyone gonna be "unplugged" or out of town? Saturday the 7th is gonna be a busy day for me but other than that, I'll be in town.

And whether you celebrate Easter or not, peace to you and your family!

elmer_jok 6th of April, 2007 05:02

I'll have to see what my plans are for the weekend. I'll be able to check in friday and saturday at the very least, but may be unplugged sunday. I'll let ya'll know.

akiko 6th of April, 2007 05:53

Sunday will likely be hectic for me. As will Saturday (hosting a First Time Home Buyer Seminar at the church). Friday I am in a play and won't be home until late. I will be burnt this weekend. So tomorrow during the day I will catch up here. Tonight is the final dress rehearsal.

Babelson assents to whatever doesn't involve his ass or his possessions.

hedgeknight 6th of April, 2007 22:57


Originally Posted by akiko (Post 249883)
Babelson assents to whatever doesn't involve his ass or his possessions.

Now THAT'S funny! LOL

No problems, brother - this weekend is gonna be busy for a lot of folks. It will be "post-light" for much of the time with an official prologue to Scenario 8 coming sometime Sunday evening or early Monday.

elmer_jok 28th of April, 2007 14:06

I may be incomunicado for a bit. I don't know how long but I'll make every effort within my power to keep up. My living situation just went to hell and I'm scrambling to find a place to stay. I'm driving over a hundred miles tonight just to find a place to crash. You know how Almego does it, but if need be, play him a bit braver and more willing to take risks than he usually is.

Belkregos 28th of April, 2007 17:11

wow jok
good luck man

hedgeknight 28th of April, 2007 21:50

Don't worry man - we got you covered - just keep us posted.

Speaking of out of town and such, now is a good time to talk about summer vacations and stuff. Do any of you have plans to be out of town this summer? I know I'm gonna be taking a few weekend trips - June 14-17, a couple weekends in July, and another in August.
If a bunch of us are gonna be traveling the same month/week, then we can put the game on hiatus until everyone gets back in town.

akiko 28th of April, 2007 22:05

Not sure on the summer yet, but today I will be gone except for the next few minutes. If at all I will be back on at 10PM-ish. but not likely. More likely that I will crash.

Noocytx 28th of April, 2007 22:33

I will be gone today after 2 (Central Standard Time) and won't probably be back on until sometime tomorrow most likely.

As for the summer, I will be taking off a week in July (July 8th - 15th I think), and will be out for various weekends in June / July / August. They just kinda sprout up and happen, can't guess at which ones yet.

hedgeknight 12th of June, 2007 10:27

I will be "unplugged" this Friday until Sunday (June 15-17); scbeachbum will be too - cause he'll be with me! :D

scbeachbum 12th of June, 2007 10:33

Yea baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hedgeknight 21st of June, 2007 21:21

I will be out of town and "unplugged" Thursday - Saturday, June 28-30; back online Sunday, July 1.

Noocytx 21st of June, 2007 23:35

Just to make it official, I will be out of town July 7th - July 15th.

Belkregos 22nd of June, 2007 06:45

same here, i'll be out from the end of the week (june 23) to next (june 29)

i'll be up in the sierras back packing and looking for the spirit of uthgar

Belkregos 24th of June, 2007 03:29

Coffee, i leave in the morning and will be back by next Friday, you know how Mirko rolls :cool:
just let him do what he does best, he'll get to work :D

hedgeknight 7th of July, 2007 14:20

I'll be out of town for part of next weekend, Friday, July 13 and Saturday, July 14.

hedgeknight 13th of July, 2007 21:13

I'll be leaving town today around 1:00 pm and will be back late Saturday night; next post from me on Sunday/Monday.

elmer_jok 19th of July, 2007 14:40

My connection will be spotty over the next week but I got my phone hooked up so i can check in through it. I can really only do ooc posts, nothing of quality, but for now that should be good enough right? I'll try and get him leveled up as my next priority. Did you ever roll hp for me? I'll be training in sorcerer of course!

hedgeknight 24th of July, 2007 03:37

Unless I can somehow get out of it, I'm going out of town Saturday, July 28 and returning sometime on Monday, July 30. I'm not happy about the circumstances of this's not worth getting all fired up over...again. :disa.ed::tired:

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