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Church 8th of June, 2013 00:55

Forum Move
To the Powers That Be,

I'd like to hand my "Edge of the Empire" game over to the player morrisyman. Please could you give him moderator rights, and move the game over to his own section of the site?

Please find enclosed an orchestra of virgins, ripe for sacrifice.

Church 8th of June, 2013 01:03

I've sent a PM to all my players, notifying them of my request for the board to be moved. They shouldn't, therefore, log in and be confused by its sudden relocation.

itches 8th of June, 2013 01:04

Gral will be right on it!

Gralhruk 8th of June, 2013 01:05

I'd like confirmation from morrisyman that this is good and that he still has players before I delegate this to BRR.

Church 8th of June, 2013 01:14

Okay. :) I'll post as much in the game thread.

Morrisyman 8th of June, 2013 01:35

I agree fully to Church's request.

We have three players, not including myself, and I am ready to take over administration of the game.

Gralhruk 8th of June, 2013 01:36

Excellent! BRR will take care of this as soon as . . . well, at some point.

itches 8th of June, 2013 01:40

As soon as he promotes someone new to Team Admin and gives the job to them?

Church 8th of June, 2013 02:06

Many thanks. :)

Gralhruk 8th of June, 2013 02:07

Did he hire someone already? I have to say, the new guy really needs to get with the program. We can't be fulfilling requests with that sort of alacrity or the users will start to expect things.

itches 8th of June, 2013 11:27

I suggest a swift banning.

Tashalar 8th of June, 2013 17:23

Banning? That's why you became admins in the first place, right?

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