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Vash The Stampide 19th of May, 2007 11:30

After the whole entering Techtide and getting knowed out and so on, I later make an opointment to do interview with J.M. Willams. At the meeting he seemed a nice round guy but dont feel right, after when leaving he ask his securtary to check me out to see if im a part of the Tong. Then that night dog tags made a vist with me at my hotel room. After knocking me out he caged me at a random location later to be a school. When I escape i run away and ran across to the beach and ran up on a crowd passing out. Meet up with Mary Ann the libarian, she helps me look up on some connections. We go to the oringal place the big fire started, and found some things that i could see. Then we ate lucnh the next day and then she droped me off. I wentt to Techtide oncew more to make another opointment with J.M. Willams. But after i went on my way to go back to the school i was kidnapped from, but a crack addict tried to do high jack but shoot him self hitting me and then well trying to stop the slowly moving bus we get broad sided by SUV. and passed out while trying ad the bus driver.

Quest thus far:
>Came to 1st visions location
>Vision on a fire from 1906, trailed to J.M. Williams
>Anscestors told me of starting at the roots, found them
>Found roots that told me about J.M. Williams's ancestor and what started the fire
>Chinese girl seeming to cntrol the flame that J.M. is trying to put out, she is saying in chinesse "My your ancestors die in flame" mubling it to herself.

Chars that are inmportant:
>Dog Tags
>J.M. Willams
>Mary Ann a.k.a. Libarian
> Tong- the oraganzation

3 Hospital vists in 11 days :\

Vash The Stampide 26th of May, 2007 11:54

Waking in the hosptial the hot doc told me everyone but the gunman was ok and that i looked ok a then went to my "apartment" and now sleeping

Vash The Stampide 2nd of June, 2007 09:13

After waking I went to my appointment with JM Willams. Ask him what his connections with the ting might be, and he referenced the tong to being like a African Monkey trap, they have it out there and the people take it but he is there to move it. After i went exploring i came across a cops chase i throw rock at window cops talks i fight i hear someone talk to the cop and then i passed out and wake up in a jail.

Vash The Stampide 8th of June, 2007 09:48

When I awoke in the jail I meant some short asian looking person, I mean short. He seemed to be the person that I heard as I was attacking the cop.
I was later pulled out of the jail and told that the cop was restaining me because i "was a danger to myself". But also found out I had a restrianing order taken out on me by JM Willams. I was set free after getting the court order and need to go fix my jewerly that the cops ruined:(. But it was a haspanic man elderly, that help fix it for free. But he wonder about my totem on my necklace. So he called Rose which is like his necie or something. She took me to her moms house and eat breakfest with them. After the feast the mom, Maria, asked me about the totem, after telling her she calls Mary Ann and we all end up going to lunch.

I let them know "alot" and the older man has the same visons i have but a little diferent. We returned to the scene of the crime and find a large large piece of the puzzle.

Quest cont.
>Found out that the tong are in JM's way and moves them out
>Found another who sees my visions
>Found out that the chinesse girl could be JM's ancestors daughter
>That the chinesse girl is an ancestor of mine
> JM and I maybe related
>Found that the chinesse girls words were meant for someone else
unknown to me

New chars
>Rose- Maria's daughter
>Maria- teacher at SFSU
>Werid asian short aka unknown to me "Ben/Zak"

Chris Chandler 19th of June, 2007 12:42

Papi, Maria, Mary-Ann, and you get taken back to Mary-Ann's by Rose, and the two of you are dropped off. Maria informs you that she'll be in touch if need be, and the two old friends (Maria and Mary-Ann), continue a conversation in Spanish. Both laugh, and the family heads out. It's been a pretty long day, and Mary-Ann will be glad to take you back, but as it is, she's pretty tired (as are you, for that matter!).

Before you get back to your motel room, is there anything you need to do at this location? If not, you'll be greeted at your door by a note - a telephone message from the front desk.

Vash The Stampide 19th of June, 2007 15:44

Ill go back to my room and if the person at the front has a messege and gathers my attenction,
"Yes, What is it. You have something for me?"
Then Ill aproach the front counter waiting on what he has to say or she.

Chris Chandler 19th of June, 2007 22:04

The man behind the desk looks through a folder and hands you a piece of motel letterhead - the message is scrawled in horrendous handwriting, but you can make it out.


Please call JMW at your earliest convenience.

Vash The Stampide 20th of June, 2007 03:42

" Thank you sir." Ill take the note and read it. When I get to my room Ill look at the time nd if its past 10 o'clock Im not going to call but if its before Ill try and call him.

Chris Chandler 20th of June, 2007 04:02

It's before, and you do so -

You call the number he gave you, and he answers immediately -

Ah, Mr. Okomi, excellent. There's a little something that I may need to explain to you about our peculiar legal arrangement starting today. I had some... Public Relations backlash because of your antics in the last week. I'm not telling you, "stay away". Rather, I'm keenly interested in you, and your journey. We need to be more... discrete, though. Do you understand?

Vash The Stampide 20th of June, 2007 05:53


" Ah yes I understand what u mean. Would u care to meet up somewhere 'discrete' because I have some more Id like to discuss. I would discuss them now, but Im tired at the moment and would like to rest." While Im talking to him Im going to set up the floor for me to sleep on and Im going to meditate before going to bed. Meditation=12 rolled 9

Chris Chandler 20th of June, 2007 10:50

Mr. Williamson agrees and tells you that he'll send a messenger in the morning.

As you meditate you are overcome with a sense of peace and focus. The events of today, with Papi and his family, really put you at rest, and can sense that your ancestors, likewise, are assuaged, at least right now.

You wake up completely refreshed and ready to take on the world. You'll have time for a little breakfast before the messenger arrives. Anything else you want to do beforehand?

((any HP that you might have lost have returned))

Vash The Stampide 21st of June, 2007 01:42

Ill eat my breakfest and wait on the messenger. When he arrives Ill go to the location to where he wants to meet.

Chris Chandler 21st of June, 2007 03:03


Good morning sir. How can I... help you?

The messenger is another beauty, dressed as one of his security personnel. She's tall with long raven hair, olive-skinned with deep green eyes, and a trim, athletic figure. You know what to do.

We'll have to see what happens here before we continue.

Vash The Stampide 21st of June, 2007 07:00

He should know better, rolled 7 will=14.
"Hello beautiful, What do you have for me?"
of course Ill watch them...ah I mean listen to them...ah I mean listen.:KO:

Chris Chandler 22nd of June, 2007 01:39

Nice -

She smiles and rolls her eyes a little then pulls out a small card.

Mr. Williamson requests that you meet with him this evening over dinner to discuss your evolving partership. He's reserved a table at Butterfly this evening at 8:00. I can -

She snorts and stops reading the card, and looks back up at you -

I'll be by about 7:30 to pick you up. Do you have a... suit? It's a shirt and tie kind of place. Mr. Williamson is a little preoccupied to notice details like that.

Vash The Stampide 22nd of June, 2007 04:15

"Ah no I dont have a suit why would I? Would you care to help me get one?"
The second part is said in the up most respectful way *cough*.

Chris Chandler 22nd of June, 2007 04:36

She pulls a PDA off her hip, goes through a few screens and smiles.

Well, come on, we don't have all day. I've got somewhere to be at 2:00. I'll take you to Brooks Brothers. They'll have something for you.

Vash The Stampide 22nd of June, 2007 11:41

"Ok, lets get moving then, Im interested in this never wore a suit."
All with a smile.

Chris Chandler 26th of June, 2007 04:20

The messenger (she does not introduce herself, so you don't have a name for her) takes you to her matte black Hummer, and heads downtown. You park on a crowded street lined with many shops - most look rather high dollar. She walks you over to a conservative storefront with mannequins wearing tailored suits.

Alright - so what's your style? Conservative, or very conservative?

She opens the door for you and immediately hunts for an associate - an older man in a white shirt and floral tie, his steel gray hair slicked back with Brill Cream. She speaks with him for just a moment, allegedly so you can't hear her -

I've got an investor from out of the country here and we need the whole spit and polish. I'll expense it out on the American Express, okay?

Yes Ma'am.

He heads over to you, armed with a tape measure and a smile.

So - what would Okomi like in a suit?

Vash The Stampide 27th of June, 2007 05:53

Looking around the store,
"Ah, Ive never worn a suit. So lets ask the beautiful lady there what she thinks."
Looking at the messenger jestering the the open hand, slight bow.

Chris Chandler 29th of June, 2007 22:33

The beautiful lady rolls her eyes, and walk you and the tailor through the store, pointing at fabrics, and asking a few questions about cut. It really doesn't take long, and the old man is on you with his measuring tape. He marks down all his measurements down in a little notepad.

The woman smiles as he finishes -

Now, Henry. I know that under normal circumstances, I could expect this suit later in the week. I need it this afternoon. Make it happen, please. Your commission will reflect your timeliness.

Oh, yes'm. Consuela and Xochitl are both here this morning. Come back by five.

So - you've got the middle of the day to play.

Where to now, Mr. Okomi? We have some time before my appointment.

Vash The Stampide 7th of July, 2007 16:56

Afterward I stuck around and watched the other man wearing the suits trying to get a feel for them. When the suit was finished I meet with JM and gave him an update on the visions but also he told me that he was trying to make are vists out of public and more private. He then stated that he would give me a notebook after asking me if I was formilar with comps.

I also recieved the info on the illemate child of his ancestor-being chinaese girl. And got the loction of her grave. I went there and got the feeling of another and he forced me of the graveyard, after returning he had manifested into something foul.

Vash The Stampide 7th of July, 2007 17:00

As I stare at this manifestation I get a replay of the visoin in the cellar from before- I want to say the same phraase that the girl said before

"In chinesse-'My your ansectors die in flame.'"
saying this and pointing the same way as she did.

Vash The Stampide 21st of July, 2007 16:52

After fighting and defeating the foul manifested ghoul, the spirit thanked me and told me the answer lies with her father,- returning to Mary Ann she helps me out and to the point we are now heading to London, but always there is my trouble- in iceland i get lost :D

Vash The Stampide 10th of August, 2007 01:04

In Iceland i went to Valhalla, fought a few things and meet up with Baller or something of that nature, meet a nice girl and went to london. In london we reach up on where J.M Williams my have burned and died, first place we vist isnt it but run into some trouble. Guys with guns, not more has to be said right, well we fight them and they run we run and now we are stuck at a park with me nude again.

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