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BigRedRod 17th of August, 2004 22:42

OOC Chat
*Dons DMing Shorts*

Well we're up
I'll start to get the background information posted, whack up some chargen and then ypu kids can dance to my merry tune and post your sheets

BigRedRod 17th of August, 2004 23:40

You have your concepts and I have a world to flesh out. Time for the details

Starting XP : 1200 (that places you at level 2 to begin with. Up to an extra 250xp is available for a caracter sheet that is pretty, complete and contains a solid backstory that expands upon your concept)
Starting GP : 900 (Which is the Standard. No more than half on any specific item. Prices as per the books)
Stats : 4d6 discard lowest (Use this, my email is
Books : Ask (I have a large collection of D&D sourcebooks. The Core 3 present no issues, but older books tend to be rather sakey o nthe balance and the 3->3.5 shift made it worse)
Bonus Stuff : A choice of either :
  • +4 Points added to your attributes in any way you fancy (no scores above 18 without racial adjustments)
  • A single feat (I'll be very nice here. You can take the free bonus feat at either level 1 or 2. This means it could potentially be a "1st level only" feat or a feat which has requirements you only reach at second level)
  • A magic item worth up to 2000 gold pieces (This option will require more work on your part, the item would need to it's own backstory and description that allows me to weave it into the plot. The 2k limit allows you to buy any +1 magic weapon or armour. The cost of the base item may be taken out of your normal funds, the 2k is just for the magic.)
Did I miss anything?
Either way, whack your sheets up in the character forum (not the NPC one) with the title as the character name. We aren't in a rush here as I'm in Japan from the 22nd to the 31st. So go for quality and ask questions now

SponkleofInfini 18th of August, 2004 10:03

Hmm stupid dice says how many times do you wish to repeat the dice roll not how many times total it should be a good 5 rolls to :( Anyway sent both to you.

BigRedRod 18th of August, 2004 16:46

Yes, that is rather an odd system
Oh well, now the other players know


You got a 17, quit complaining :)

SponkleofInfini 18th of August, 2004 17:48

I will get my character up within the next couple of days.

elpresidente 19th of August, 2004 07:26

Ooooh shiney new OOC thread. Bit late to be rolling dice right now, probably get to it friday as im rather busy tommorow. Probably get to posting it a monday

AllTogether Andrews 19th of August, 2004 10:08

ok, you just got 3 lists of dice from me for the swires character. The first was accidently 7 rolls, the second had an average of a 9.3 average and qualified for a hopeless reroll, the last one has a max modefier of +2 but I can live with it. Sorry about the slew of E-mails.

BigRedRod 19th of August, 2004 17:18


It's ok, waking up to larger wodges of email makes me feel special

Hmm, no Alcotroll yet
I'll dispatch the atomic monsters

The Alcotroll 20th of August, 2004 06:10

*Pauses to catch breath*

I'll get to it, but my hatred of technology makes me wary of this dice-rolling contraption.

Gaz, read my goddamn E-Mail before you post your sodding character!

*Carries on running away from atomic monsters*

The Alcotroll 20th of August, 2004 06:13

Done it. My rolls were feking shite.

Big surprise there.

BigRedRod 20th of August, 2004 06:22

Yes, I encourage plot weaving to be commenced beteen the two of you
And you managed to roll seven times :)
We'll just ignore the last to save time

Just Gaz to drop off his rolls now

On a side note as you seem to rolling fairly poorly I may offer some kind of additional jazz
Most likely a choice between four stat points, a feat or say a single magic item of value up to 2k (the magic item route would require a big wodge of explanation as to how you ended up with it, and a good history t the item's creation. Herditery items and so forth are all fine. But I'd be seeing it as an additional plothook and expect you to work with me.)
Does that seem fun and fair to you people? Or am I just baiting the powergamer within which would have horrific consequences?

The Alcotroll 21st of August, 2004 06:13

Well it's not the stat line of a King's bodyguard, but then again, you know damn well that I always roll poorly. I'd just like enough strength that I can actually carry my armour and weapons without passing out.

Gaz has apparently lost his E-Mail account or somesuch, so I'll have to PM the cunning plot to him. I'm trying to persuade him not to be a rogue/sorcerer. The last time I saw him do that was a disaster; the only useful thing he could do was sneak attack. We already have at least two magic users I think, and we're severely shy on the theivin'/sneakin'/bluffin'/openin' front that every party needs.

There's also a clever spin on your 'Gaz's character will be Craig's character's bitch' plan.

BigRedRod 21st of August, 2004 06:19


There's also a clever spin on your 'Gaz's character will be Craig's character's bitch' plan.
An integral part of me picking you and Gaz was that your characters meshed together so well and easily (the proud son setting out to find the cause of the world's problems and his less-than-a-woman servant who the household have decided to both get rid of and provide the son someone to do his washing). If you screw up that meshing I'll hunt you down like dogs

The Alcotroll 22nd of August, 2004 05:16

There's better meshing. Far better. None of that 'less than a woman' business that no-one but yourself seems to understand. It all hinges around Gaz actually reading that E-Mail, however, so don't hold your breath.

BigRedRod 22nd of August, 2004 21:45

Yay, I found an internet terminal in the airport lounge. Really I Should ask when and where my flight is. But this seems more entertaining. I need to locate myself a drink first too

My idea for meshing you together was very simple. Craig, I Think we can assume you were alone in not understanding

-) The Aart are a male dominated society
-) The Aart are a household dominated society
-) A boy becomes a man when he is sixteen and returns from a period of survival in the wilderness. He then becomes a man of the household
-) A woman belongs to her father at first. When she is married (again age is sixteen here, although there is no need for a trial) she belongs to her husband
-) A boy who both does not belong to a household and does not spend time in the wilds is not a man. He isn't even treated with the respect a boy would be. He is in fact less than a woman
-) A household may keep some disrespected outsider for some unknown reason (performing tasks that would even dishonour a woman possibly)

Bam. Simple.
Gaz's concept seemed to fit the less-than-a-woman servant slot perfectly

The Alcotroll 23rd of August, 2004 06:15

A little bit of shuttup from you will do perfectly.

elpresidente 23rd of August, 2004 08:03

And gaz did sit infront of the mystical gateway to his email account and chanted of the mystic pasword, the one problem being he can't remember it.

The oddesey continues

elpresidente 23rd of August, 2004 08:33

ta da! a nice 17 but two 7's, first time i rolled it managed to sneak an extra two rolls in there, and using my astounding necromantic powers i ressurected an email address thought dead for centuries, that being ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION CRAIG?

The Alcotroll 24th of August, 2004 05:46

Cheers. Now read the two PMs while i re-write all of my plotsy goodness.

The Alcotroll 26th of August, 2004 06:09

BRR; what am I doing with these here stats. They're not low enough to justify a re-roll according to the good book, and it's not fair on the others if I get preferential treatment. However, I'd rather not be playing a fighter with them: As the group's only meat shield, I'd be taking a lot of knocks, and I won't even be strong enough to wear decent armour.

If I'm keeping them then I'll play a Rogue or suchlike

SponkleofInfini 26th of August, 2004 10:56

That reminds me...I should probably get off my arse and make up my character. Diablo 2 is just so addictive however :evil:

BigRedRod 1st of September, 2004 13:55


Originally Posted by alco
Moan moany. Whiney whiney. I'll make a rogue

It seems odd that you'd want to make a rogue wen they arguablly requite better stats to do well. and it unrelated to your concept
Other than that I'll take your little rant as a "Yes Tim, we'd love the option of +4 stat points, a free feat or a magic item with plenty of backdrop". and then you can get back to making your mighty Aart Jarl :)

I get back and see no characters. this makes me a sad panda. Talk to me people. Then we can get this party started

BigRedRod 1st of September, 2004 14:07

Quite a nice set for ElP

SponkleofInfini 1st of September, 2004 15:38

Well my character is who has been a good little boy :)

BigRedRod 1st of September, 2004 19:07


Prohibited School (Enchantment, Necromancy)
No dice Sponkle
I'll let you focus elsewhere but I expect your wizard to have a healthy complement of necromancy spells. not all mages from Hollowfaust need be necromancers, but you can't totally deny the school
But well done on making more progress than anyone else. Help yourself to a kudo from the bowl

Oh and Sponkle, you are missing out on possible bonus xp with your sheet layout. Use the post formatting tools to make it more readable and feel free to spread your character description and brief background into multiple posts in your character thread.
If anyone has any character elements which they want me to know but not the players just PM me

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