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LeeCHeSSS 15th of March, 2004 23:16

Spinning the Web - The Dordryn crypts
You have received an urgent summons to the hall of Lord Randal Morn, ruler of Daggerdale. Randal Morn has governed the war-torn dale for more than four years now. Under his wise guidance, much of the damage done by the decades-long Zhent occupation has been repaired, and the folk of Daggerdale have begun to prosper again. The heroic story of Randal Morn's resistance against the Zhents and the restoration of his throne is widely known throughout the Dalelands.

The Lord of Daggerdale does not stand on ceremony, and he personally greets each of you at the doors of his hall. Leading you to a comfortable study lined with bookshelves, he calls for refreshments. "I thank you for coming so quickly," he begins. "I have a problem that needs solving, and you all have a reputation as resourceful problem-solvers."
"Seven days ago, a band of drow raided several farms and freeholds about 10 miles south of here. A number of people were killed, and the marauders caused much damage. Local militia tracked the drow band to the vicinity of an old set of crypts on the western edge of the Dagger Hills. Rumor has it that those crypts conceal an entrance to the Underdark."
"Three nights ago, the drow raiders returned and caused even more damage. I think the time has come for some experienced and capable adventurers to put a stop to these raids. We haven't had trouble with drow in Daggerdale for hundreds of years, and I have no idea what has stirred them up now. Can you help me?"

Time of day: Early in the morning

Spoon 16th of March, 2004 02:28

"Dastardly fiends does their nefarious endeavours know no bounds? That they would strike out at this beautiful land, a land that has cradled myself in it's womb! Oh Villainy! Fie on't, oh fie!

Aye Lord i'll find these brigands! Should the sun and moon conspire aginst me and the dead rise as one, still shall I as relentless as the waves of the sea and unyielding as earth itself, unleash my wrath upon them! While breath stirs in this meagre body of mine I shall struggle against them!"

(OOC: Just try and get in more exclamation marks :D )

TheDruid20 16th of March, 2004 05:24

Walking into the building with short blue robes and a small blue skull cape with a dark blue cloak, the symbol of the Seven Stars of Mystra very prominent on his neck, he almost seams to crackle with magic. I greet you in the name of the Lady of mysteries may this meeting be one of good things, not ill, that is so common these days.
:: bows ceremoniously::

:: Randal's Speech::

"By the Weave their evil is spreading above ground. This is almost as bad as that sacrilege that is the Shadow Weave. I would gladly help, The Mother of Magic is a benevolent force, which strives to protect all people within her embrace. And any that fight the forces of evil and promote such gloriously civilized lands as yourself know the bounty and protection the Mother may give. I may be able to sort out what is going on rather quickly, fixing it will require more muscle then a few spells I suspect. But as my small "friend" here put so poetically I will help as well. (OOC: DM if my timing is off delete this last bit) Will the foul forces not know when to give up, fist those dastardly shades try to flood or freeze or starve the whole north, now this. Your people are true heroes for surviving it all."

The Alcotroll 16th of March, 2004 08:28

Standing in the corner of the room, leaning against one of the bookshelves, Kalessin clears his throat, straightens and nods acknowledgement to the devotee of Mystra as one craftsman to another.
He is tall and lightly built, his movements confident and sure. Clad in a black silk shirt, dark leggings and black boots of soft hide, dark hair cropped short, a dun grey woolen cloak over his right shoulder and a finely crafted longbow nestling in it's quiver across his back, he looks more like a Rogue than a Sorcerer, in stark contrast to the ornately attired mage who has just finished speaking. Only the little red scaled Dragon perched on his shoulder, inquisitively looking around at it's surroundings, marks him out as a magic user.

Turning to Lord Morn, he speaks in a soft voice that, while quiet, is clearly heard by all present. "It grieves me to see you in such straits my Lord, and it pleases me that you should look to me for aid. I pledge whatever means are at my disposal to the defense of your people and the downfall of these Drow. You have my word."

Hearing the venom in his master's voice at the mention of the loathsome Dark Elves, the little Dragon hisses, barbed tail twitching and wings stretching.

TheDruid20 16th of March, 2004 10:22

"Such a cute little familiar. The Lady has yet to bless me with one of his power. But I am gifted in many other ways."
::hands a shiny copper piece to the small dragon (they like shiney over expensive)::

Cadogan Trahem 16th of March, 2004 17:19

Hard to go unnoticed two men adorned in heavy armour stand on the outskirts of the room quietly listening to the progression, mumbling some comments to themselves before finally one man stands forth to add his comment. Standing just over six foot tall, his black hair is cleanly cropped and his tanned face shows years of exposure while his eyes seem to shine with inner battlefield experience.

"I am Captain Rolithan, and your words trouble me deeply. While it is not uncommon to hear the tales of Drow in Daggerdale these recent attacks worry myself, and my superiors much." He begins. "I was sent - at your request - by both my Order, and my Nation, to access the immediate danger and circumstance surrounding these recent drow activities. These attacks are clearly becoming more devastating and sophisticatedly planned - nothing less of the drow reputation." The man pauses and addresses the room. "To not address the problem at its source as soon as possible would prove to be a devastating mistake. As such I concur that a mission into the underdark would prove a wise decision."

TheDruid20 17th of March, 2004 06:07

"The Wise are rarely hasty. We should do our best to find out what the Lord here knows and prepare ourselves properly for such a trip. Many men have died from hunger thirst or natural predators because of simple lack of planning. Lord Morn, do you have any additional information about the number and armaments of these Drow? Where they mainly martial attacks or magic or a mix? What did they seam most interested in taking? Do you have any locals who have been into the Underdark we might talk with to better prepare?"

The Alcotroll 17th of March, 2004 07:42

The Pseudodragon chirps politely as it accepts the glimmering coin in it's mouth. With facial muscles attuned by years of practice, Kalessin supresses a smile at his Familiar's indignation. Cute! He thinks of me a pet, fascinated by shiny toys! comes a small voice in his head. Calm down Ged, he means well. he replies, reaching up to scratch his familiar's smoothly scaled neck, He will learn soon enough that you are more intelligent than your wild cousins. For now, be patient.

Mollified slightly, the Dragon transfers the coin to the grasp of a claw and continues his scruting of the room.

Speaking to Lord Morn, Kalessin speaks up in agreement to his fellow magic user; "Aye, information of any kind is always useful. What can you tell us of these fiends and their actions my Lord?"

[OOC; If it's alright by the DM; to clarify my posts a little then anything said by my dragon will be in dark red, italic if spoken telepthically to me, Bold if you can all hear/feel it.]

LeeCHeSSS 17th of March, 2004 20:16

Lord Morn nods approvingly at the sudden stream of questions, "From what we can tell, perhaps a dozen drow on foot were responsible for the massacre. It all seems unusually savage and pointless; very little loot was carried away, and no captives were taken - as if the drow were bent on mindless slaughter!"

"I do not know much regarding the methods used to bring an end to these farmers' lives..."
Obviously uncomfortable with the details, he shrugs; "You'll likely not find anyone who has been near the crypts, safe for a few goatherds. And even they did not enter them, let alone the Underdark."

TheDruid20 18th of March, 2004 03:30

"This may sound disturbing but have the bodies been buried or the farms been cleaned? Either of those can help in discovering what we are up against, either through magic or more traditional methods. Any scraps of hair, clothing weapons or even skin from under the nails of the victims, could help us find those responsible and find the cause. Drow are not orcs, they act with more planning and logic then random chaotic raids. They are a smart crafty foe."

Gnarsh 18th of March, 2004 08:21

"Indeed. The drow are a dangerous foe, and any information you can give would likely aid us," A soft voice practically whispers from the corner. The elf, Faelar, has been silent up until now, and those few that noticed his presence disregarded him. He pulls the hood of his cloak down, revealing a fairly handsome face covered in a multitude of scars. "I will aid in this hunt; these followers of the Dark Seldarine sill soon know justice, or I shall fall attempting to teach it to them."

LeeCHeSSS 18th of March, 2004 23:04

Lord Morn raises his eyebrows, "While your investigation might benefit from researching the remains of the farmers, I cannot allow you to intrude in the mourning process of the people involved. Is there anything else I can provide you with to aid you in your task?"

TheDruid20 19th of March, 2004 05:02

"I understand. Perhaps anything left or dropped by the Drow. As well as a good map of the area with the locations mapped and the belived direction of the attacks. Also where there any survivors? Did any of the Drow fall in the raid."

LeeCHeSSS 19th of March, 2004 05:28

Lord Morn turns for his desk, "No no no. No simple farmer could ever hope to wound or even kill a drow; you know this as well as I do."

He motions for you to stand next to him: "This here shows where the two raids took place", his index finger tapping twice on the map before him. The lord then slowly shifts his finger towards what obviously represents a cemetary: "Our soldiers have tracked the drow back to the area surrounding the crypts I already mentioned..."

Still looking at his own finger absentmindedly, Randal confirms what each of you already expected to hear: "There were no survivors."

TheDruid20 19th of March, 2004 05:43

"Tis a great shame. This Darknesss must not be allowed to blot the landscape."

From the map does it look like there is another obviously place they will attack?

"We will do our best to find the source of this then stop them. Would you be so kind as to write a letter of introduction to the High Priest of Lathder at Lathander Light. I have an idea that could very easily tell us what is going on here and how to stop it, but I may need his help in recovering from such a powerful and dangerous spell."

The Alcotroll 19th of March, 2004 05:52

"For my part I ask only that you provide stabling for my horses should I need to leave them. They will not wish to journey into the darkness with me, and nor would I ask them to. I have no other needs than that."

LeeCHeSSS 19th of March, 2004 06:10

"My influence within the different temples of Daggerdale is not big, so I'm afraid that such a letter would not result in much but a laugh from the high priest. However, the church of Tyr will welcome you and aid you with healing or other spells. I will personally pay for any such aid, although I cannot afford to go above fivethousand gold coins."

"As for your horses, they will be tended to without cost."

TheDruid20 19th of March, 2004 06:36

"I was simply asking for an introduction. The Morninglord and the Mother of Magic are in a common war versus the Darkness that is Secret. I have many friends in the Hierarchy of The Dawns Church I suspect I may do better there. Shall we all meet up at the Inn in about half an hour? I have several spells that could help us gain information, and an upperhand versus our foes."

The man in blue smiles at the small dragon and walks off once the others nod or agree.

Spoon 20th of March, 2004 00:13

"I have heard tell of Drow raiding elven camps for a variety of reasons including initiation rights, but farms? What would they have to gain? It is my understanding that the drow are usually caught in their own affairs, rarely do they venture to the surface...... Aye something is rotten in the state of Daggerdale. What nefarious plans have they set in motion? Alas that we do not know more, yet this bodes ill regardless of the form. Though they be strong and deceit doth show, nought but death and destruction they shall know."

Cadogan Trahem 20th of March, 2004 03:55

"Magic is not a toy, diplomacy and tact are better tools. Why forcefully extract information? To earn distrust? If people understand our plight the information they hold will freely come from their mouths." Rolithan says sternfully towards the Magi of Mystra. "I will not be involved in your deceptive games for information I could earn through trust."

Rolithan turns to Lord Randal.

"The steeds of both my companion and I are capable of many things, as such we shall not require any commitment upon your part for stabling. Should the underdark prove too much of a task to keep them with us, we shall send them back to grassy plains with Helm blessing and call upon them whence the watcher deems we need them most."

The Paladin spoke, and put his armour clad hand on the man next to him who in turn bowed respectfully to the room. "Should we run into a situation we cannot remedy, I will send Kabien here to retrieve appropriate supplies. I would be greatful and willing to part with extra gold to ensure that such supplies are easily on hand and ready for quick dispatchment. Delays may prove fatal." Rolithian explains to the Lord.

TheDruid20 20th of March, 2004 05:59

"Trust a drow? Ask one of those foul beasts their intentions; the sun hath baked your brain you fool. The Art is no toy, it is a Joy, it is life here on Toril. Do not tell a Dweomerkeeper when it is proper to use magic; I am among the most blessed of the Lady only surpassed by the Chosen themselves. I have sat at the feet of Elminster, read the books of ancient Nethril, debated Halruaan mages, danced with the Lady of Silverlymoon. I am no mere conjurer of tricks Helmite, I am the real thing, Master of magic arcane and divine. I will go conduct my research when you find a drow to ask for directions let me know."

:: Storms out in a huff::

The Alcotroll 20th of March, 2004 06:19

Frowning to see discord amongst the group so early on, Kalessin holds up a conciliatory hand to the hulking, armoured figure of the Paladin.
"Sir Knight," he begins, his tone respectful but firm, "In all matters of tactics and war I defer to your judgement, but in matters arcane I beg you at least take heed of those experienced in it's craft."
"While in this instance I would agree that the use of magic would serve us little better than kind words and carefuly considered questions, such is not always the case. It ill befits a gathering of such powerful and enlightened individuals to squabble so early."

Still, comes a whispered, wry voice in his head, It is better for us to have our disagreements here, than in the fathomless depths of the underdark.

Kalessin looks round at his companions with a reconcilliatory smile. "Now, are there any more arrangements you gentlemen wish to see to, or shall we convene and discuss our strategies over a cooling drink? I, for one have had a long journey, and a flagon of good ale would do wonders for the workings of my mind."

Cadogan Trahem 20th of March, 2004 12:40

::Guy Storms out in a huff::

"Worry not brother Watcher, his understanding is limited by his clouded thoughts." Kabien says, to Rolithian "His arrogance too disguises the true meaning of his words." Kabien shrugs as his only hope to convey his feelings on the subject.

"The gap between the followers of the Watcher and the Lady grows greater with time." Rolithian adds much to the agreement of Kabien.

"Sir Knight," he begins, his tone respectful but firm, "In all matters of tactics and war I defer to your judgement, but in matters arcane I beg you at least take heed of those experienced in it's craft."

"Your words are true, but I will not stand idle as a Magi - even experienced ones - use compulsive magic to interrogate the people of this region for whatever small information they may have on the matter." the Paladin speaks, "Even the most experienced field marshal must heed the words of the lowliest of soldier at times."

"Now, are there any more arrangements you gentlemen wish to see to, or shall we convene and discuss our strategies over a cooling drink? I, for one have had a long journey, and a flagon of good ale would do wonders for the workings of my mind."

"There is no need for those who don't wish it to remain here. Kabien and myself will remain with the Lord and gather the nessesary information and make preparations before we set out." Rolithian pauses, noting that he almost took command of people he doesn't even know as though they were soldiers under his command. "That is not to say none can stay and discuss with us, I was simply stating my intentions."

Gnarsh 20th of March, 2004 12:53

"I shall stay also. It is likely my experience with the dark ones may come in handy. As for interrogating one of their kind, it is pointless to even try. The captive would either lie or merely keep his mouth shut. Someone should go catch up with the fool that left and inform him of this."

The Alcotroll 20th of March, 2004 20:02

Kalessin shrugs indifferently. So much for oil on troubled waters.

"If you think there is more information to see and preparation to be done, which would be better achieved now, then I will stay, at least to observe if I do not contribute myself. As for the mage; I think his tantrum will not last. He will realise soon enough that such childish temper is unseemly in one of his station."

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