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Mercutio 9th of July, 2011 03:43

Indentured Adventures OOC
I'm going to post the example combat and example Fireball in the next two posts just to keep them in closer proximity to the actual game.

Mercutio 9th of July, 2011 03:45

Example FX
Here's how I'd build a Fireball at PL3. Note that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do this.


Fireball - Damage, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Long), Full Power, Minimum Range
Damage is 1 per rank. Area adds 1, and Increased Range adds 2. Final cost per rank is 4. For Rank 3, it's 12 CP minus 1 for Full Power and 1 for Minimum Range, for a total cost of 10 CP.

To make it more like D&D (Reflex save for half, rounded down), you can apply the Additional Resistance to two ranks of the FX.

So Rank 1 costs 4 CP, and Ranks 2 and 3 cost 3CP each, for a total of 10 CP, minus Full Power and Minimum range for a total cost of 8 CP.

That's how I'd create Fireball. There are some sample FX that Jackelope King created, and Fireball is one. His doesn't have any of the limitations (Full Power, Minimum Range, or Additional Resistance), meaning you could throw the fireball anywhere you want, and not use the full effect, if you wanted to.

Note: the above is assuming an attack bonus of +3 which limits Damage effect to +3. If you wanted more damage at a smaller attack bonus, you could buy additional ranks of the Damage, so long as Attack Bonus + Damage Bonus doesn't exceed PL * 2.

Also, Fireball is a descriptor. That means if you went up against someone that has Immunity to Fire, he wouldn't take any damage, or if someone had Vulnerability to Fire, they'd take additional damage.

Mercutio 9th of July, 2011 03:46

Example Combat
Combat is actually very much simplified.

I'll use Trav for an example.

I attack with Trav's Energy Sword. My Melee Attack total (Melee Skill + Strength) is +2, so I roll a d20+2 and compare it to the Defense of my target, which is 10 + Defense Resistance (Defense Skill + Dex + Other modifiers like Feats ). If I get a hit, I then roll for Damage, which for Trav is +4, and compare that to my enemy's Toughness, which is 10 + Toughness Resistance (Toughness Skill + Con + Other modifiers like Armor).

If my damage total beats the Toughness, then depending on how badly I beat the Toughness DC, certain effects take place. The most basic is something called Injured, which is simply a -1 cumulative penalty to Toughness Resistance. If my damage beats Toughness by 5 but less than 10, the enemy gets Injured AND Stunned (losing one action on the next turn). If my damage beats the enemy by 10, the enemy is Injured AND Staggered (losing one action every turn). If the enemy is inflicted with a second Staggered result, he gets knocked out.

I'll use Trav versus hypothetical Mook. Trav is using Energy Sword (Attack +2 and Damage +4) and Mook has Defense +3 and Toughness +3. We'll skip Mook's attack for simplicity.

Round 1 - Trav Attacks and rolls an 11, for 13. Mook's Defense is 13, so Trav hits. Trav now rolls Damage, and rolls a 10, for 14. Mook's Toughness is 13, so Trav Injures Mook. Mook's Toughness drops by 1.

Round 2 - Trav Attacks again, and rolls a 6, for 8. He misses.

Round 3 - Trav attacks and rolls a 13, for 15, and hits. Trav rolls for Damage and gets 14, for 18. Mook's Toughness is now 12 (he's Injured), and so he is Injured AND Stunned, losing another 1 to Toughness and losing 1 action next round.

Round 4 - Trav attacks and rolls a 14 for 16 and hits. Trav rolls for Damage and rolls an 18 for 22 damage. Mook's Toughness is 11. Mook is now Injured AND Staggered, losing another 1 to Toughness and losing 1 action a round for the rest of the combat.

Round 5 - Trav attacks and rolls a 20, for 22, and is a Crit. Trav rolls for Damage and rolls an 11, for 15 + 5 from the Crit and totals 20. Mook's Toughness is now 10, so the damage hits him for Injured AND Staggered (again), and Mook is now Unconscious.

Obviously combat will be a little more fluid and less linear, but that's an example.

SinbadEV 9th of July, 2011 05:03

@Mercutio, maybe I'm misreading your sheet but did you actually spend any of your 25 equipment points? Or did you spend them + more from using CP on gear? Sheet looks good BTW.

Mercutio 9th of July, 2011 05:06


Originally Posted by SinbadEV (Post 398655)
Or did you spend them + more from using CP on gear? Sheet looks good BTW.

This. I spent the 25 (the sword, blaster, and armor) and an extra 3 CP (equipment is 1 to 5 CP to EP. Devices are 3 to 5 CP to EP) on the rocketpack.

Captain Gavis 9th of July, 2011 11:55

I just wanted to say I am working on my character it's just slow going as I try to learn the ropes

EDIT: any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. The aim I have for my concept is (as I realized today while mulling it over) pretty much a WoW Shaman. powers I'm looking to include are as follows: minor healing, Damaging Elemental attacks (fireball, lt. bolt, etc. [especially lighting bolt]), spirit communion. I'm thinking Striker role would be best suited for this concept.

Mercutio 9th of July, 2011 22:44

I don't play WoW. I can help with the things you listed, but starting at 15 CP, you may either not get all of those, or they'll be fairly weak (like a fireball.llightning bolt that does 1 damage, or something like that). There is a nice feature to the game called Alternate FX, which allows you to purchase, say, Fireball for full cost, but Lightning bolt for only 1 CP as an alternate to the Fireball.

Let me take a hack at it today, and I'm sure I can come up with something pretty quickly. I assume the damaging attacks are more important than healing and communion (and what exactly do you mean by that? Is it an attack, or something more like talking to spirits like a detective?), so I'll build them higher in value than the healing. As for healing, do you mean self-healing, healing others only, healing in a radius around your person, etc? I just need a little bit more granularity on that since I don't play WoW and don't know exactly the kind of thing you're shooting for.

In any case, I'll get lightning bolt/fireball up in a few minutes.

Captain Gavis 10th of July, 2011 00:59

I was actually wondering if the Alternate FX feat did that (basically let you have the same attack in different flavors without having to purchase them at full price).

specifics (in order of perceived importance):

(elemental) attack spell: medium range, single target, many different flavors (ice,fire, lightning, force, etc.), possible additional effect (stun, freeze, etc.), late levels becoming an AOE possibly

Healing: starting at self and gradually increasing to the point of AOE

Spirit communion: kind of like a sixth sense where the guardian spirits "warn" of upcomming sort of like precognition

Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 01:05

Okay, here's what I wrote up without knowing the specifics you were looking for. I'll tailor something to your specifics in a bit.

It's not listed on the website, (or the source book Jackelope King took it from, Mutants and Masterminds' "Ultimate Power", but Arrays cost 2 points per rank, and grant you FX rank x 2 CP to spend. Each additional FX costs 1 CP (Alternate FX) instead of the full cost of the FX itself, since it's simply an alternate way to use the "same" FX and can't be used in the same round. The total cost is the Array cost + Alternate FX feats. So, in the following example Array of Elemental Control you can use either Lightning Bolt OR Fireball in a round, but not both. I can tack on any other Alternate FX that costs up to 8CP to build and slap it into the array, but I would only pay 1 CP (Alternate FX feat).

Elemental Control - Array 4 (8 CP), Alternate FX 1 (1 CP)
  • Lightning Bolt (Base FX) - Damage 3, Area (Narrow), Increased Range (Close), Full Power (8 CP)
  • Fireball (Alternate FX) - Damage 3, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Long), Full Power, Minimum Range, Additional Resistance (Reflex - Applied to 2 ranks of the FX) (8 CP)

The obvious problem at our level with only 15 CP is that you would now only have 6 CP for Abilities and Skills. Obviously the most important thing to do is buy up the Ranged Attack skill to +3 (3 CP), since Attack + Effect (Damage in this case) can equal PL * 2 (6 in our case). You could conceivably lower the damage bonus (and save some CP) and up the Attack bonus instead. Ultimately, that's your call.

I hope that helps and wasn't as clear as mud.

Oh, and here are three different healing FX.

Healing Touch - Healing 4, Limited to Others (4CP) - Take two actions to grant others a recuperation check against the worst damage condition using your Healing rank bonus, or grant a bonus to resistances against Poison or Disease equal to your Healing rank, or Stabilize a dying character

Healing Aura - Healing 1, Area (Wide), Selective Attack (4CP) - Take two actions to grant whoever you want within your Zone the same benefits as above

Fast Healing - Regeneration (Injured) 3 - (3CP) Free personal Recuperation check once per round

Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 02:11

Here's the more tailored group. I've varied the damage effects so that they aren't all just balls of energy with different descriptors. You're, of course, welcome to do just that if you want. I just figured it differentiated them all, and allowed for different tactical uses.

Elemental Blast - Array 3, Alternate FX 3 - (9 CP)
  • Lightning Bolt (Base FX) - Damage 3, Area (Narrow), Increased Range (Close), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Fireball (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Long), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Cone of Cold (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Close), Selective Attack, Distracting (6 CP)
  • Force Burst (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Increased Range (Perception), Distracting (6 CP)

Healing Aura - Healing 4, Reduced Action, Personal, Distracting, Tiring (2 CP)

Spirit Communion - Enhanced Senses 4 (Precognition), Distracting, Unreliable, Prolonged Action (1 action) (1 CP)

That's 12 total CP on FX, which doesn't leave you a lot for skills, abilities, feats, etc. You should maybe drop Charisma and Dex to get some extra CP, and buy up Ranged Attack to +2 (you can't buy it to +3 as the Cone of Cold has an Effect modifier of 4 because of the Selective Attack. If you drop Selective Attack, you can buy Cone of Cold to Damage 3, but then you risk hitting companions with the damage. That might be something to think about).

Notes: I bought all the FX with Distracting because that's how I see "Magic Users" working, and I think it's the best translation for things like Spell Failure and AoO's against magic users. I figured Healing should be something fairly limited in use, practically, so that's why I added Tiring. And I didn't think Spirit Communion is something to be used in combat situations, and that when you do use it, it shouldn't always work. Otherwise Precognition is potentially game-breaking.

EDIT: Correction, damage on Fireball should be 2. Fixed above.

SinbadEV 10th of July, 2011 05:03

Is it too hard to build "playable" characters with the 15 CP limit? I was thinking maybe those "25 dedicated EP" could be switched back to CP so you'd have 20CP to spend and have to Gear yourself from that pool... this will let Mercutio keep his character as is.

The other thought I has was maybe you could lower the cost of "Captain Gavis" FX by having them require some kind of focus... like a staff or wand or something... that way part of the cost of his FX could be deferred to his Gear (not sure how that would work, but maybe he has a wand that gives a +2 bonus to any "Magic" FX... then you could make all the base damages of his spells be 0 (with lightning being +1)... shrug.


Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 06:08

It's playable. In fact, if you look at the suggestions, 15-30 CP below the "standard" for the level indicates someone has the correct power for the PL, but is a rookie. It also gives you 15 CP of advancement before even thinking about needing to level up the characters to Level 4.

If Captain Gavis is interested, you could build all of those into a device, which gives you a cost break of 3/5. That's probably a good way to do it. He just risks having the Device "stolen" which leave him without much of anything but his equipment.

Now, what this doesn't do is allow for the "Vancian" magic system from D&D. The Vancian magic system has spells "exhausted" after use. You could mimic this with the Fades flaw or "Unreliable - Five Uses" which then requires Captain Gavis to "rest" or some other reasonable condition before he regains the uses of the FX.

Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 06:55

Here's the Blasting recast as a Wand. If you did it as a Staff that was Hard to Lose, it would cost 8 CP, not a big enough cost break. I added a Dazzle Effect to soak up the extra point you gain from the Device.

Wand of Elemental Blasting - Device 2, Easy to Lose (Grants 10 CP--Array 3, Alternate FX 4)--(6 CP)
  • Lightning Bolt (Base FX) - Damage 3, Area (Narrow), Increased Range (Close), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Fireball (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Long), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Cone of Cold (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Close), Selective Attack, Distracting (6 CP)
  • Force Burst (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Increased Range (Perception), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Blinding Flash (Alternate FX) - Dazzle 2, Area (Wide), Selective Attack, Distracting (6 CP)

Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 08:44

Hah, I just saw a way to skimp some more points, this time on the attack side of things. I add the Accurate FX Feat to the Array. I'll drop the Blinding Flash Dazzle and slap Accurate onto it, and all of those blasts have a +2 attack bonus at no extra cost since it's contained within the Device cost.

Wand of Elemental Blasting - Device 2, Easy to Lose (Grants 10 CP--Array 3, Accurate, Alternate FX 3)--(6 CP)
  • Lightning Bolt (Base FX) - Damage 3, Area (Narrow), Increased Range (Close), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Fireball (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Long), Distracting (6 CP)
  • Cone of Cold (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Area (Wide), Increased Range (Close), Selective Attack, Distracting (6 CP)
  • Force Burst (Alternate FX) - Damage 2, Increased Range (Perception), Distracting (6 CP)

Now you don't need to spend anything on Ranged Attack, or Awareness as an Ability. That's awesome. Four different attacks with at least 2 damage, all with +2 to attack, and it only cost you 6 CP. The one major drawback is that without that Wand, you rely completely on Equipment, and I'd suggest melee weapons (a sword would be a good idea), since the Wand covers Ranged attacks really well. I'd also say an armor. I think a Studded Leather +2 for 4 EP is fair. That leaves you with 16 EP to spend on all sorts of other crap. You could make a 9 EP Device and have 1 EP left to buy something like Night-Vision goggles. Ooh! A Ring of Teleportation - Teleport 3, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy (9 EP).

For the remaining 6 CP, buy up Perception to +3 and Defense to +3. I still recommend dropping CHA, and instead of dropping DEX, drop INT. That gives you 4 more points to spread around, and I'd suggest STR +1 and CON +1.

Lune 10th of July, 2011 11:55

I think he meant more that it requires the staff to cast the spell like a focus, rather than the spell actually coming from the staff.

By the way, go ahead and consider me "in" on this. I'm going to get a concept up today and ask for some help in character building. I have a good idea of what I'm looking for here.

edit: Important question: how much are we allowed to gain from drawbacks?

Mercutio 10th of July, 2011 12:09


Originally Posted by Lune (Post 398694)
I think he meant more that it requires the staff to cast the spell like a focus, rather than the spell actually coming from the staff.

I know what he meant. It would require a wand or staff that Boosts the spells, but then you'd have to buy all the spells in the array, and it would be more expensive that way. Right now he's got 10 CP of FX that cost him 6 CP. If you bought all the Damage FX at rank 1 and put them in an array, it would cost 6 CP by itself, and would require a few more limitations on the FX to get them cheap enough to have any kind of cost reduction. And then you'd have to buy the Staff of Boost, for at least another 2 CP. I can try to do that to show you, but ultimately it would save only 1 CP over the original I posted, and cost you 2 more CP than the "Wand of Elemental Blasting." I'm working on something like this now and will try to have it up in 20 minutes or so.

Edit - Actually Boost won't work. All it does is provide a Dice Pool to pick from the higher rolled result. Which is nice, but doesn't actually add to the Damage FX.

Edit 2 - I don't see a way to actually do this. It's not even that it might be more expensive. I don't think it's possible within the rules.

Edit 3 - I see now why I thought Boost was the answer. In Mutants and Masterminds, it WOULD work, but Boost doesn't up Damage directly. Rather it ups the CP. So if Damage costs 2 CP per rank, you'd need at least Boost 2 to up Damage 1 rank, which in this case would cost 2 CP. HOWEVER, Boost in d20 Advanced works entirely differently.

Edit 4 - In the most recent edition of Mutants and Mastermind, Boost doesn't even exist. Apparently it was so game-breaking they removed it completely form the game.

Long story short, while what I did is not what was asked for, it appears to be the only way to do it such that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.


I'm going to get a concept up today and ask for some help in character building. I have a good idea of what I'm looking for here.
If you get an idea up here tonight, I can try to help out tomorrow.

SinbadEV 10th of July, 2011 13:26

@Lune - Glad your leaning towards joining us... I think three will be a lot easier to work with then 2.

Also, thanks to @Mercucio... you are doing a bang up job of being "guy who knows his stuff"...

Lune 10th of July, 2011 13:32

Ok, so here is what I'm going for with the character I would like to play:

In a war-torn future of some earthlike planet humans have come to battle strange beings very strongly resembling Angels and Demons. It seems they have been caught in a holy war and because they wanted to be free from both sides they were instead sought as enemies of both for not siding with either. The humans mostly had taken to hiding deep within well fortified underground bunkers where they depended mostly on technology as an ally in their fight. They also tried to stay out of the fight as much as they could and let the Angels and Demons fight eachother. Seeing that even claiming the victory to survive the war was slipping from their grasp they decided on a new tactic: fight fire with fire.

Their scientists began doing genetic manipulation experiments on using the DNA gained from these Angels and Demons and combining it into a human. The first experiments were very hard to control and were forced into destruction. It wasn't until the inclusion of some devices that they became beings who acted mostly human and were controlable.

My character is a result of one of these experiments. She was forced into being destroyed after successfully completing her first mission when there was some behavior noticed that they deemed unacceptable and were unable to control. The behavior? Devouring her target before it was completely terminated.

So here is what I am thinking mechanically speaking.

Complete Declarative Amnesia: The character has complete loss of all personal memory. This is very likely because she didn't have any memories to begin with. She does have all of her procedural memory intact likely because she was force fed memories similar to how Neo learned Kung Fu in The Matrix, or how Lawnmowerman worked, Azrael in Batman comics, etc. She was artificially grown in a lab, aged to her current state and force fed only the memories that were essecial for completing missions. She was considered a tool or weapon, not a sentient being.

Weakness: Physical addiction: She must consume the flesh of a being that has a soul 1/day or she begins to get weaker. I'm thinking moderate intensity. I'm also thinking that even though the character knows that she must do this to survive that she also hates it and on some subconscious level has major moral problems with it likely resulting in self loathing. In fact I was thinking of taking that as a seperate drawback.

Involuntary Transformation: After not eating the flesh of a being with a soul for 1 day she must make a cumulatively higher saving throw or enter her alternate combat form and be unable to transform back to her normal form until she feeds.

Halo: I want this to be an actual device that works more like an ally but I didn't want to purchase it as an ally as I didn't want it easily targetable like that. Think of this very much like Booster Gold's companion Skeets. Instead of speaking it has a direct mental link to my character's mind. I wanted it to grant a Life Sense type power that senses any type of life that has a soul (obviously DM's descretion counts for a lot there). Appropriate qualities: accurate, penetrates concealment, analytical, radius, communication link, distracting, limited (only living things with souls), noticable (the halo glows when used), prolonged action.

I also would like it to carry certain knowledge skills that it can relay to her when needed but this takes time as it isn't exactly like recalling one's own memories. I'm not sure how to build that actually.

Adrenaline pump: I'm thinking like a Boost FX? Maybe make it like rage and have it cause fatigue when done. This could be added later and for now just be flavor. It could be helping control the character's mental state currently by storing excess amounts of certain hormones and neurotransmitters and using them to keep her "leveled off".

Light Armor Plating: The character is equiped with solid alloy armor plating in the form of bracers, bangles and shoulder pads. Aside from their obvious use (to provide some protection) I was also thinking of including the adrenaline pump in the bracers. I was also thinking of having the adrenaline pump be dependant upon the draining of chemicals from the bodies of other beings. As in a spike could protrude from the bracers and suck out adrenaline and hormones from her victims. It might be needlessly complicated and too hard to stat out though.

Alternate form: She has the ability to assume a combat form. In this form she grows black claws from her fingers (Damage FX), develops subdermal plating (toughness FX?), grows black feathered wings (Extra Limbs, Flight FX), loses charisma and the use of her beauty power and enters a rage unable to make decisions that don't have to do with combat, or use any skills or abilities not related to combat (not sure how to stat that out).

Unnatural Beauty: She isn't just attractive. Her beauty has actual psychological effects on anyone who sees her. I want to base this off the Mind Control FX but make it severly limited. It would use Alter Emotions with Conscious (in the sense that they do not know they are being mind controlled), Area, Limited (only Lust), Sense-Dependant (sight), noticeable (she is fuckin hot!!, c'mon!). I was also thinking of giving it: Limited (must be scantilly clad or at least wearing form fitting cloths to use this).

Stigmata: She is able to heal the wounds of others but takes damage when doing so. This would be based off the Healing FX with Empathic and Limited to others.

Regeneration: I actually was thinking of doing this with two seperate FX. The first would only work when devouring the flesh of a sentient being using the Source flaw.

The other would be normal regeneration. I didn't understand the bit about Power Level Penalty and how it affects toughness. I think it means you can't put as many ranks into toughness because you are already tougher because you have regeneration? I'm not sure how balanced that is if thats what it means.

Lune 10th of July, 2011 13:49

From an RP standpoint I was going to have the character very cute and not purposefully manipulative. Also, her Unnatural Beauty FX should also have a flaw along the lines of permanant or always on as she doesn't have any control over it. So she isn't purposefully charming everyone but rather it just happens automatically when she is viewed.

She would come across as very niave and innocent which makes her lusty figure and of course consumption of flesh all the more disturbing. Aside from her subconscious moral self loathing of her dependancy she is almost completely devoid of a sense of what is considered socially acceptable and is prone to fall back on her natural instincts. She lacks any amount of social skill due to her amnesia and often even has problems with simple conversation as she speaks with no shame or even the smallest amount of lack of honesty much like a child would.

I'm going to have to figure out how to stat out these abilities as I can't seem to wrap my head around the difference between an FX Drawback and an FX Flaw. I also don't yet understand the dice pool system or completely how combat works so I will need to read up on that. I don't know how many points I will have left for my basic abilities, feats and skills. I don't plan on taking any skills that aren't related to combat although her Halo will have some.

If I have spare points I might give her a prehensile tail too. I'll have to come up with a suitable picture too. Hm. Hot redheaded girl with horns, a halo and a tail. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Although, I might have to search harder for a pic thats actually PG-13. lol!

Oh, and I was going to make her a controller role.

SinbadEV 10th of July, 2011 13:53

Wow... I'm having difficulty seeing all that managing to fit in the Power Level and available CP/EP...

... as far as consuming souls or the flesh of the sentient... at first I was like "Just No" but then I was like "Thamco has access to a seemingly infinite source of sentient beings and has the ability to resurrect so maybe they are willing to trade off a few 'less useful' sentients if you prove useful."... so I'm willing to see how it goes... are you thinking eating a brain or heart of do you need to consume the entire body? or were you thinking about just "sucking the life" out of them, like metaphysically.

Lune 10th of July, 2011 14:53

The actual action would just be eating some flesh. I don't think it would have to be a heart or a brain, although I could definately see her going for a meaty organ like a heart. But the more spiritual side of it would be like consuming a portion of the soul.

I did think about the problem of Thaumco, but came up with a pretty good solution:
Hydra-Burgers! No one said that eating the flesh of the living required them to be dead. Ugh. Creepy, I know. But hey, maybe thats why Thaumco wants to get rid of her in some dungeon stock full of food, er... baddies for her to kill and take their stuff to pay off her life debt.

edit: Hm, I wonder from that perspective if that means Hydras and Trolls regenerate their souls too when they regenerate flesh.

SinbadEV 10th of July, 2011 15:25

It really depends on your definition of the soul which isn't something I feel like needing to work out as a gameplay mechanic... :P

I would say that a Hydra would regenerate "life-force" but that their soul (if they have one) would be, by definition, "immortal"... so you could take a piece of it or consume it(and have it trapped within her)... but you wouldn't be able to "exhaust" it... I will say that anyone she "feeds" on would be a lot harder to resurrect... and we can call it their "quicken" (like in Highlander) to differentiate it from the "soul".

Lune 10th of July, 2011 16:05

How about just Sentience instead? Thats probably easier to adjucate.

Lune 10th of July, 2011 18:03

I'm going to try to price these out to see if I'm doing it right. Lemme know if any of them look off.

Complete Declarative Amnesia: (common, minor) +3 CP

Consume the Flesh: (Weakness: Major -1 to all abilities, 1/day, affects Con) +4 CP

Gear: 20 EP = 5 CP
Halo: (Indestructable +2, Restricted +1, Device, +2, Hard to lose +1, Mental Link +1)
Skills: (Each affected by Increased Action Flaw for 2 steps, making it take 2 actions to use these skills) 9 skills/3 Flaw = 3 EP
Academics 3
Science 3
Technology 3
Life Sense: (Accute +1, Penetrates Concealment +4, Radius +1, Communication Link +1, Noticable -1) Limited (only sentient life) /2 = 3 EP

Light Armor Plating: Enhanced Toughness 3 (6 equipment points, +2 subtle) = 8 EP

Adrenaline Pump: Boost 3 (3 points/rank to benefit all Damage FX, -1/rank Reduced range) = 6 EP

FX: 12 CP
Container formula: FX cost = (components + extras flaws) x rank + (feats drawbacks)
Combat Form: Alternate Form FX Container: (8 Components -3 Involuntary Transformation*, -1 Noticeable) -1 CP/rank Increased Action for 1 Step) = 2 CP
*Involuntary Transformation: If she hasn't met her Consumed the Flesh Drawback she must make a DC 15 Will save each 24hrs or change to her Combat Form.
Claws: Damage FX (3 ranks, +1 Mighty 1, +1 Split Attack) 5 CP
Flight: (3 ranks to fly at full speed and not lose Dex, 2 points for Fast Flight at 1 rank, -1 Minimum Movement, -1 Reduced Load: Medium) 3 CP

Unnatural Beauty: Mind Control FX: Alter Emotions 3 Ranks (+1 Mental Link, +1 Instant Command, +1 Conscious, -3 FX Loss, -1 Noticable) +1 CP/Rank Area, -1 CP/Rank Limited to one command "Lust for me", -1 CP/Rank Sense Dependant: Sight = 1 CP
*FX Loss: When in Combat form she loses the ability to use this FX.

Stigmata: Healing FX 2 Ranks (+1 Stabilize, -1 Empathic) -1CP/Rank Limited to Others = 2 CP

Consume Flesh: Healing FX 1 Rank (2 CP/rank, -1 Source, +1 Personal, + Restoration, +1 Regrowth) = 4 CP

Regeneration: Regeneration FX 3 Ranks = 3 CP

Lune 10th of July, 2011 19:05

Unless I did something wrong there (read: likely) I should be at a total of 5 CP for just my Gear and FX minus the Drawbacks I chose. I'm not quiet sure what to do for ability scores and feats because I don't totally understand dice pools and how the combat system works. I'll probably need help with that the most as I never really worked with JK on those parts. I was mostly helping with FX Limitations, FX Feats, FX Drawbacks and FX Extras. This system actually closely follows the Heroes system so it was pretty easy to wrap my head around.

As for Feats the ideas I had were:
Accurate Attack (I think that works good with the Controller's Jab ability?)
Attack Specialization (claws)
Improved Critical (claws)
Uncanny Dodge
Attractive (This works well with Unnatural Beauty)
Barreling Assault (Works good with the Controller's Takedown ability?)
Clear the Room
Quick Stunt (perhaps using a distract type maneuver rather than a stunt?)

As for abilities I think I would do something like this:
Lower Int to -1
Lower Str to -1, but raise it with enhancement to be higher. This is to represent that her normal strength is low, but her enhanced (FX) strength is high.
Raise Dex
Raise Con

Yep. Thats about all I got until I get advice on where my CP priorities lie now.

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