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itches 9th of November, 2012 20:47

Voices in my Head Theatre
What is this? Do you remember when Spotlight was just a thread of me posting random shit that shouldn't go elsewhere? Then do you remember how everyone else started using it and people suck and I didn't want the stupid thread anyway!

So yeah, this is my new random thread. Can't wait for the stickfigure chatlogs.

Context Free FictionI was having my usual sit around with Elicia late this afternoon when I noticed that there was something off about how she looked. I put down my book to examine her, ignoring her continued glances at me while she sketched. Then it hit me, she was wearing lipstick.

Amicula: Are you wearing lipstick?
Elicia: No.

I examined her closer, taking in the whole appearance. It wasn't just the purple stain on her lips, she was wearing some faint eye-shadow, her hair was brighter like she had recent;y redone it, and she had changed out of her uniform into one of her rainbow outfits, not unusual in itself but this one was high hemmed enough to show off some leg down bellow, and somewhat unbuttoned up top, which could not have been comfortable with how cold it was getting. All in total, she was dressed up rather fancy, like she was about to go out on a date.

Amicula: Are you going on a date later?
Elicia: No, drop it.
Amicula: Well you're dressed up all nice, sorry for asking.
Elicia: Compliments now little shadow?
Amicula: Well you're not being very subtle, you're pretty much falling out of that dress. Or you would be if you actually had anything to fall out.
Elicia: And so end the compliments, thanks.
Amicula: You know, I don't think I've ever seen you wear make-up before, you really want to some effort. Are you sure you're not going on a date later?
Elicia: Getting kinda awkward now, would you stop?
Amicula: Did I touch a nerve? Did you have a fight with your secret boyfriend?
Elicia: I do NOT have a boyfriend.
Amicula: That's the spirit, don't dwell on the past. And heading out to find a new new guy so soon? Slut.
Elicia: For the love of ... shut up! Why does it have to be about guys? Why must it always be guys? Aren't I allowed to just like … to just dress up because I felt like being pretty? Just for one day I wanted to feel pretty. I just wanted to pretend for a little while that … that …

I sat, shocked at her outburst while she trailed off, mumbling too quiet for me to hear. I'd never seen Elicia like this, she always seemed undisturbed by things around her, like she was in command of her own reality and things only happened because she willed them too, and any attempt to get around that were just amusing distractions. I wasn't sure what to say, and some instinct warned me away from touching her, I waited until she quieted down enough to hear me and spoke.

Amicula: That's not true.
Elicia: What isn't?
Amicula: That you have to pretend. I wouldn't hang out with someone who was ugly after all, I have standards.
Elicia: You like the make-up?
Amicula: Yes, but you're always pretty rainbow girl. And I don't think that's the real reason you did it.
Elicia: Do I need a reason?
Amicula: No, but you have one. And that's okay, you don't need to tell me, I'll go ahead and assume that you went to all that effort just to impress me.
Elicia: How very big of you.
Amicula: Also, whomever your 'Not-Boyfriend' is, he isn't worth it if he's getting you this upset. Dump his arse, come be lonely with me and - and are you blushing now?
Elicia: No!
Amicula: You are! That's adorable! Or you're just flushed because you're walking around half naked in the cold.
Elicia: It's starting to get late, I should go.

She stood up, smoothing out she skirt as she did so, then tore out a page from the sketch book she had been working and handed it over to me. I knew that Elicia drew, but I had no idea she was such a good artist. She pencil sketch was of a women, she was beautiful with her face half obscured in shadow so you could see almost none of the features except for the dark lips, wavy hair framing her face, and in the middle of the darkest patch of shadow, a pair of piecing eyes, peering straight out of the picture and into the viewer.

Amicula: What's this?
Elicia: A gift.
Amicula: She's beautiful. Who is she?
Elicia: It's you, idiot.

I laughed and looked up at her. She was standing close to me, having leant over slightly to give me the sketch which meant the front of her unbuttoned dress had fallen forward to reveal all sorts of interesting things. The flush from earlier still clung to her, but her face was stone locked into a serious expression.

Amicula: I don't look anything like this.
Elicia: You do to me.

I looked back down at the drawing. It really was very good, she had somehow convey the impression of half seen features in the shadow. Examining it carefully I was able to make it out, and there was something there, the shape of the face maybe, that made her resemble me, like a distant cousin. But this mysterious woman with her powerful eyes? Maybe it was how I wished I looked, but I knew that the reality was nothing like it.

I looked up to tell Elicia she was deluded, but she was gone.

itches 15th of November, 2012 21:21

I got 25% off my pizza today. About time the universe started treating me right. Now to just wait for the gay supermodel who secretly works for White Wolf to confess that she loves me and thinks I'm a fantastic writer.

It's the next logical step.

itches 16th of November, 2012 21:27

Robyn was in a mood tonight, I may not be the neatest person around, and I could have made more an effort to pick up my clothes, but I vacuum this place more than her and keep things clean, just not very tidy. She was going around trying to clean up and totally over reacting, and it was starting to get on my nerves.

Wampire Wants Bwood!
Robyn: I swear, I don't know how you can leave a mess like this. It's not human.
Amicula: Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you.
Robyn: Is it important?
Amicula: Yeah, I've been trying to find a good time to bring it up and umm, since you mentioned it.
Robyn: What is it?
Amicula: I'm not. Human I mean, I'm not human.
Robyn: So not serious at all then.
Amicula: I mean it, I'm pouring my heart out to you here, don't just dismiss me.
Robyn: Okay I'll bite, if not human than?
Amicula: Funny you should say that, I thought it would have been obvious. Pale skin, sexy, likes cemeteries, mysterious past and general gothic sensibilities?
Robyn: Oh no.
Amicula: I'm a WAMPIRE!
Robyn: A what?
Amicula: A vampire, I mean, a Wampire and Wampire wants your bwood!

A ghost of a smile crossed her face at either my proclamation or bad accent, and I took it as my cue to launch myself across the room, tackling her to her bed and doing my very best to bite her neck while she tried to fight off both me and a fit of giggles. She actually did a pretty good job at fending me off, girl has freakish upper body strength, but the giggles easily won their battle.

Robyn (laughing): Stop it!
Amicula: Come on, I just want a little. Share.
Robyn (laughing): No!
Amicula: You don't need it all. Stop being a blood hog.
Amicula (accent): Wampire needs Bwood!
Robyn: Behave. What would your girlfriend say if she walked in and saw you on my bed trying to bite me?
Amicula: That Ami is a sexy Wampire and she's going to take pictures.

Robyn got a hand free and grabber her pink pillow, bringing it around to thwack into my head with far more force than it seemed possible to get from a pillow. I let go of her and fell away, hissing.

Amicula: Arg, no. It burns! Pink is a Wampire's greatest weakness, how did you know?
Robyn: Now are you going to behave, or do you want some more?
Amicula: No more!
Robyn: Then get off.
Amicula: I can't, Elicia is in a pissy mood at me for some reason and if I took care of things myself while you're still around, she'd get jealous and slit your throat.

With a mock half horrified scream, half outraged cry, Robyn took another swing at me with the pillow, which I tried to dodge, only to totally fail at getting out of the way of the Pink-Pillow-of-Evil while still somehow managing to roll clean off her bed, landing heavily on the ground.

Amicula: Oof. Wampire down! Mercy.
Robyn: Okay now are you going to help me clean up this room?
Amicula: Wampire's don't clean.
Robyn: Then the next time Wampire is asleep, I'll braid pink ribbons into her hair.
Amicula: No.
Robyn: And I'll use glitter.
Amicula: You wouldn't dare.
Robyn: Do you really want to take that risk?
Amicula: Wampire gives up, you win. You're also mean and we're not friends anymore.
Robyn: Says the girl who tried to drink my blood.
Amicula: Wampires need bwood to live! I'll get my revenge for this.
Robyn: Cleaning now, revenge later.
Amicula: Fine. Actually, since I'm helping out do you think that?
Robyn: No blood.
Amicula: Revenge!

I was part way through writing this before I realised that I was writing a pillow fight. I felt shame.

itches 21st of November, 2012 20:44

The only thing I use google search for these days is when I use Image to try and work out fashion related things. I really should turn on custom ads just to take a look.

Need: A summerish dress that can be altered/modified to wear when it's colder. Casual, but nice enough to wear to a dance/date thing. Also needs to not be the following: Too revealing. Pink, black, white, rainbow, or flower patterns.

itches 23rd of November, 2012 19:09

itches 26th of November, 2012 21:15

"They had it on display with a black taffeta over skirt, and a full length black petticoat, paired with (silverish) sixteen-button black silk gloves. The corset was a steel boned, black, over-bust, front and back lacing, with black (of course) satin panels that had celtic knot detailing."

When I started I thought it was be good fun to write a story with a primary cast of women. I mean, lesbians! Lesbians are fun right? Everyone loves lesbians. Only as it turns I needed to dress these characters, and when you put a bunch of (even fictional) women together they sometimes talk about clothes. This meant I needed at least some knowledge about female clothes and fashion, which meant I had to do research.

I thought I was prepared, in high school I dated a girl who's mother was a very blunt midwife. I already had knowledge that make most men flee in terror, I thought I was prepared. But now I know things, things that sear my mind, things that haunt my dreams, things hound my waking thoughts.

I know things I can never unknow.

zachol 27th of November, 2012 01:43

itches is your name ross

also are you a knight

itches 27th of November, 2012 06:29

The internet says so, and you should always believe what the internet says.

Also you're allowed to post in here. The thread is about keeping my shit out of spotlight, not you people out of my shit.

itches 3rd of December, 2012 21:49

Dad: And a Poodle!

SPOILER: Dad: And a Poodle

Babies. Always ruining those touching moments.

itches 10th of December, 2012 20:09

My Christmas comic. Sadly it won't be posted on here because of the content.

Gralhruk 11th of December, 2012 01:36

Your packages are anatomically correct. What gives?

itches 11th of December, 2012 06:23

They looked wrong when flat.

itches 17th of December, 2012 21:49

Step 1: Turn off plugin.
Step 2: Play Florence + The Machine.
Step 3: Don't mention it to anyoneohshit

itches 25th of December, 2012 00:00


Wait, why would they lie about the Stork?

zachol 25th of December, 2012 07:21

the bastards

itches 29th of December, 2012 11:54

Lessons Learnt from Day One of: Far Cry 3
1: Never forget your sniper rifle.
2: If you forget your sniper rifle, go back for it.
3: Just because you lured all of the enemy out of a base, doesn't mean you now own it.
4: Don't stop to check where that grenade is going to land, run.

itches 30th of December, 2012 21:09

Lessons Learnt from Day Two of: Far Cry 3
1: If you hear growling, but see nothing, a tiger is about to eat you.
2: You can not stab a tiger to death.
3: If the pack of dingos are growling and fanning out to surround you, they're not friendly.
4: Jumping off a cliff edge is a perfectly valid way to escape from animals.

Gralhruk 31st of December, 2012 03:42


Originally Posted by itches (Post 416007)
4: Jumping off a cliff edge is a perfectly valid way to escape from animals.

And vampires, actually.

itches 31st of December, 2012 21:37

Lessons Learnt from Day 3 of: Far Cry 3
1: Yes, you can jet ski down a waterfall.
2: No, you can not jet ski up one.
3: Shooting Sharks with a turret gun is both fun and profitable.
4: Check for more sharks before diving in after a kill, and your doctor will thank you.

Eh, these are getting kinda stale. Have a comic instead.

Did I get the lyrics right? I wouldn't know, not being a fan.

zachol 1st of January, 2013 01:00

itches tbh that joke is also p stale
the lyrics are a nice touch though

itches 1st of January, 2013 15:19

Final thoughts.

Lessons learnt from Day 4 of: Far Cry 3
1: The campaign is stupid.
2: You shouldn't play it.
3: The rest of the game is fun
4: Just play that instead.

itches 2nd of January, 2013 20:11

itches 5th of January, 2013 23:32

I found this in my notes. I don't remember what it's from.


Her? I adore her. She is my heart. My centre. I'll soak her in blood, she'll bath in the death and murder.
Past me is creeeeeeepy

itches 9th of January, 2013 01:41


itches: you're due in Eidolon
itches: and bards
itches: and one of BRR's games maybe?
Gralhruk: Bards?
Gralhruk: I posted in Bards.
Gralhruk: Kel is up. Or you.
Gralhruk: Or Cad.
itches: *quietly checks*
itches: fuck
itches: fuckity fuck fuck
Gralhruk: Hah!
itches: that's it, I'm shutting Orp down
Gralhruk: I do sometimes regret my genius.
The last Bards post was in May.

Tashalar 9th of January, 2013 04:04

We're all waiting for the return of the Kel. Right? :nod:

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