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Megamieuwsel 28th of January, 2002 16:21

The great big OOC thread
Here goes the Out-Of-Character babbling.

Cadogan Trahem 30th of January, 2002 04:21

this will be my first freeform so if anything is the matter feel free to point it out to me. :)

cappucina 30th of January, 2002 19:24

blundering around in here
I also have no idea what is going on, but I figure I will just dive in and give it a try.

Megamieuwsel 31st of January, 2002 04:13

some clarification , I hope.....

There you'll find the last remains of the previous "RolePostingThread"
Maybe you can extract the gist of it from that.
To me , an example always works better that just a description.
(And yes: I did adjust the guidelines a little...)

Gralhruk 1st of February, 2002 02:50

What the hey . . . looks like you could use a brawler.

Megamieuwsel 1st of February, 2002 03:27

Cardogan :
So you're that other Sorc , eh?
Good thing , I haven't found that sheet yet ; Now I can just make anything else out of him.(And edit the introduction , for that matter; Still no impact on the story)

Gralhruk: Obvious a fighter-type , but which one exactly?

Cappucina: Nothing mean meant here , but would you like a few tips on "writing-stile-development"? Your style is rather "list-like",with all the "she does...she goes....she says..." etc. The content is good though.

And to all: Don't bother posting stuff like Alignment etc if you think it's more fun to express it in the story.

Gralhruk 1st of February, 2002 03:37

Barbarian 2 / Fighter 2

Probably mostly barbarian over the course of his career, though.

Cadogan Trahem 1st of February, 2002 03:39

Being so very disabled as I am I might prove more of a comical relief then any real help, but damn tootin' it's going to be sweat role play! :D

Crito 1st of February, 2002 07:33

Another sorcerer
I just couldn't resist making sorcery Crito's "hidden" talent. Nothing else seemed to fit well enough. :)

cappucina 1st of February, 2002 18:28

reply to Mega
Aw. Mainly my posts are actions and reactions. I'm no plot developer - I just play a character. Kind of selfish ones too. I think that is what I am best at. I see what you are saying though. You want some flaring up of my flair.

Let me take you through my though processes. Life for a halfing is tough. I have to take you through a laundry list of things I must do to compensate for my size just to see things from your tall perspectives and respond to your posts. So, now that I finally can see amongst the crowd with out all the legs blocking my sight, I can describe the ambiance of the bar.

Oh hey. Never worry about calling me on anything. At first I thought your "need a lesson" comment was pretty harsh, but I smiled at it anyway. I have incredibly thick skin and I think highly of myself, so criticize my writing style all you like. It just gives me stuff to think about.

I did think about it. And I will try to adapt a little better to not having a DM and work in more descriptive styles. More adjectives like.

Megamieuwsel 2nd of February, 2002 04:00

Heheh.. Cappucina: Just tried to be helpful.
I really didn't mean to be harsh on you , or "teach you a lesson".
If I were up to that , I could easily have just edited your post , to get the point through.
And yes : I know , an action like that would cut this game short very fast.
Not my intention.....

Cadogan Trahem 2nd of February, 2002 04:56


Sorry Mega if I -pushed- your character into the tavern ahead of whatever you had planned, if you want I will go back and remove the last few lines.

Megamieuwsel 2nd of February, 2002 07:15

You've read my edit to the guidelines.
Then you've also read that itsy-bitsy phrase : "No problems so far.."

I just was reminded , I should've included it in the first place.
So many First-Time Free-Formers here... I almost forgot , that the first RPT was my initiation to free-forming.

I'm sure more thingies like this will need to be added to "the Rules" , that I haven't thought of/remembered.
But remember : they're only guidelines , not set in stone and such...
Basically , Free-Form depends entirely on mature behaviour , common sense and respect for the other players.(But feel free to screw over their plot-ideas ;) )

Note: In FF all players have equal say in all matters. I just initiated this game. (And got mod-status to take care of possible "Jokers" that try to screw over the game.)

Kelemyn 4th of February, 2002 23:31

This is cool guys. I hope you don't mind if I join you. Later today I should be able to post a character sheet for Elanor. She works in the town magic shop - or one of the town magic shops; I don't know how big this town is!

I had an idea, by the way. Whenever somebody posts a description of a place - like Cappucina's description of the inn - you should copy it to a special thread. That way, when somebody wants to see what the place is like, they won't have to go searching back through all the old game posts.

I also hope to post a little description of Caledon's shop sometime soon.

Game on!

Kelemyn 4th of February, 2002 23:33

Dang. This wasn't supposed to be a new thread. I wanted to put my 'hello' post in the OOC.

Sorry. Can someone move it?

Megamieuwsel 4th of February, 2002 23:44

And ofcourse: Welcome to the Funnyfarm....;)

cappucina 5th of February, 2002 04:36

Elanor, Loved your post. I see you have a dilemna about how big the town is. I think that it is however big you want it to be - you just write it up, or someone else may beat you to it, and then that is how big the town is.

Megamieuwsel 5th of February, 2002 05:53

Keep in mind though ; this is a frontier-town/fortress , as per description in my initial post. Those can harbour quite a few different thingies , while other stuff , normal in "common " towns/cities will be unavailable , or even unheard of.
The mountainous area , it's situated in (I came to town from a mountainpass) also tends to limit its dimensions.
Just a few hints.
Elanor , being a citizen of this town , however , appears to be most entitled to make up a description.

Megamieuwsel 5th of February, 2002 06:31

You people are posting , like you have no life! LOL!
Keep it up!
I just added my part , now off to Crito's game I go...

Kelemyn 5th of February, 2002 06:44

Thanks for the welcome.

Thanks Cap for the compliment. I was going to say that I love er, Cappucina - your halfling, that is. (It's weird having our character names the same as our board names!) She is a pretty cool little chick. But I usually like all your characters.

Hmmmm, frontier town. Probably smaller than I thought it was. I was thinking along the lines of a Waterdeep type city, I guess. But that's OK. This can be a branch of Caledon's Magick Shoppe. He mostly stocks spell components and oddities. Plus a few magic items of his own invention, like fire cones.

Kelemyn 9th of February, 2002 01:46

I just realized that I took some liberties with your character, Crito. I assumed that you are wearing your ring of protection. If that's not the case, then let me know and I'll redo my post.

That's one use of DETECT MAGIC for Elanor today....

Crito 9th of February, 2002 03:33

No problem, Elanor. That was a very good assumption. :)

Megamieuwsel 10th of February, 2002 04:31

Elanor: That "places"-thread is a GREAT Idea!
Thanx for starting it.

Kelemyn 10th of February, 2002 06:51

Cappucina -

If your Unseen Servant follows me to the shop, it will hear me say these words: ILUZHN and QUIESCOLEO. Then I take a ring full of keys out of my pocket and use one to unlock the door.

How long will it follow me before returning to you?

cappucina 10th of February, 2002 18:26

I have to check my handbook. It may be out of range completely. I got someone with purple robes meddling with my plans.

Megamieuwsel 10th of February, 2002 20:24

Well , I put up the first part of my description and let's just assume , the word "robes" is used as a general indication for clothes.
My sorc. is no sissy "dress-boy"!!! :)
(My own fault, I admit; I should've posted at least a more accurate description in the first place......)

Kelemyn 11th of February, 2002 01:36

All of my next actions are in my game post. The Unseen Servant probably could have even followed me into the back room, seeing as how my hands were full. I probably had to kick the door shut with my foot.

But if it did follow me in, it's stuck in the shop now till someone enters or exits again. The shop door is closed.

The Magick Shoppe is across the street and down about three buildings, how ever far that would be. (I'm not very good at judging distances.)

Megamieuwsel 11th of February, 2002 02:13

That'll be some twenty yards , if that.....
Still too far for a 1st-lvl spellcaster.(Which Cap. appears to be.)
So , the best it can do is : "hover" at the spells range(25 ft at this lvl) and pick up whatever it can.

Kelemyn 11th of February, 2002 02:35

Oh wow, I had no idea the range was so limited. Well I guess Caledon's stuff is safe for the present!

WhoNAN 11th of February, 2002 06:51

Starting Gold is 450gp right? And we buy equipment out of that. Do we take into account the Profession skill if taken?

Cadogan Trahem 11th of February, 2002 11:10

I used 450gp for starting gold. But later I thought maybe I did something wrong when Crito's Ring came into the story, since those rings cost 2,000gp...

Cadrius 11th of February, 2002 11:28

Hmm, Cadogan has a point. I'm really intrigued by this and want to get in but I've got a few technical questions. Money? How much do we get? Basic starting money would top out at what? 240 gp for a fighter?

Hit Points? Max at first? Half thereafter? Two thirds? Eh? I did check out the old thread but after checking out some current characters I can't figure out the specifics.

I've already got a character cooking in my head that I'm desperate to get out, I'm just a bit curious about this stuff.

Cadogan Trahem 11th of February, 2002 11:33

Starting gold was half Maxium for Second Level Which was 900/2 = 450 by me. As for HP, I rolled for mine, as we (the players) are supposed to do all the rolls ouselves with some maturity.

Crito 11th of February, 2002 11:36

Oops! I picked up on the 1/2 max for gold, but I missed the fact that it was 1/2 max of 2nd level - I used 1/2 the max amount for 4th level. Should I lose the ring of protection or just let it stand?

Cadrius 11th of February, 2002 11:37

Hey sounds fine by me.

Oh, it's 30 point buy correct?

Cadogan Trahem 11th of February, 2002 11:40

28 point buy wasn't it?

Cadrius 11th of February, 2002 11:47

Hmm, I seem to see a mixture between 28 and 30 somewhere in there. Unless of course I'm a total moron and didn't do the math properly...which is definitely a possibility. The old rules say 30, but 28 works just as well. I just don't want to jump in only to have done something wrong.

Kelemyn 11th of February, 2002 13:12

I misread the post about starting gold too. I started with the full amount for a 2nd lvl character. Oops. I could give back my scrolls or something.

No Crito! Your ring figures into the story now... you can't give it back.

It was 28 point buy, plus the 1 point gained at 4th level. I hope I added my points up right!

Megamieuwsel 12th of February, 2002 00:42

There seems to be some confusion ' bout the points to spend , so for ease's sake ; let's all pump 'em up to 30 to spend.(Like in the old rules)
Not that it really matters , but just to even the field.
Will edit the "Rules of Conduct".

And no worries 'bout that ring ; There are plenty ways to solve that problem storywise. :devil:

WhoNAN 12th of February, 2002 11:07

Question #2, are we keeping track of XP??? I noticed you downed a few orc but no one added any XP to their Character?

WhoNAN 13th of February, 2002 05:13

Question #3: Should we start a "People" thread for NPC descriptions?

BigRedRod 13th of February, 2002 05:51

now you've done it
despite my board name i'm gonna play :)
i'm thinking of a psion/rogue
and yes he may well be a pirate, or an ex-pirate at the very least

actually yes
The ex-pirate
i'll go get a sheet done

Megamieuwsel 13th of February, 2002 06:36


Question #2, are we keeping track of XP??? I noticed you downed a few orc but no one added any XP to their Character?
10 orcs downed by , what? some eight pc's? Not exactly a cartload of xp , I think.
Since this is FreeForm , exact numbers don't matter that much. "Feels about right" is more the standard procedure.


Question #3: Should we start a "People" thread for NPC descriptions?
Suit yourself. Anything to fill your needs ; You think it's helpfull? Then go for it. I think it's a good Idea.

BigRedRod 13th of February, 2002 06:54

i know psionics are different but are we using the almost standard rule tweak that defence modes last for the entire turn (but the psi could chnage with each attack if he wants too)

just curious this one is so common that some take it for granted

Kelemyn 13th of February, 2002 13:30

By the way Cadogan, I keep forgetting to tell you this: Elanor is not a halfling.


Megamieuwsel 13th of February, 2002 16:20

Cadrius: No horse there. A mule it is and Megamieuwsel isn't riding it but trots along.

Cadrius 13th of February, 2002 16:55

Argh, how in the world did I get the idea that you were riding on a horse? My bad, I'll fix that right away.

Megamieuwsel 13th of February, 2002 16:58


Argh, how in the world did I get the idea that you were riding on a horse?
just look at the date?:eek:

Cadrius 13th of February, 2002 17:31

Hmm, as I'm extremely new to this free-form sort of game I've got a little question. Did I handle that little bit with the Wyvern properly?

My description and writing style is still a bit off for my tastes. It's still a little too Cadrius-centric, but am I getting the general idea across? Didn't do anything too out of line?

Megamieuwsel 13th of February, 2002 18:47

Cool beans....

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