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Megamieuwsel 18th of March, 2003 05:13


Originally posted by Black Plauge
Are you saying that your character just appeared in the bar?

I'm a little confused.:?

He is ; Like a freshborn baby.
That is : Stark-naked.(But full-grown nonetheless)

Gralhruk 18th of March, 2003 05:20

Me: I wish people would stop trafficking with gods :(.

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 05:22

Cadogan- that's about what Blarth's reaction is going to be. :)

Gralhruk 18th of March, 2003 05:23

Oh, and does anybody have a problem with LeeCHeSSS joining? Technically, he was approved before the new rule changes went into effect, but since he went through the trouble of following procedure we might as well test it out :).

Cadogan Trahem 18th of March, 2003 05:26

I dunno.. he looks shady... Just look at those feet! :)

My only concern is his heritage, the only "Dwarven" thing the group has encountered was an ancient abandoned Dwarven copper mine in which Cadogan collected some strange and exotic cube-like key.. I mean Toy! Toy!

So he might need to fleash out the Dwarven side somemore and perhaps introduce a new region to our world.

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 05:36

I think a proper character history is in order. And saying "I can't tell you much more or I'll ruin a nice plot twist," doesn't cut it in my book.

I think all the players here are reasonable enough to not take advantage of information contained in an applicant's character history that hasn't been revealed in game. Requiring every applicant to post a full character history would be a good way of getting a feel for their posting style and compatability with the game.

itches 18th of March, 2003 05:38

I disagree, Not every person has a full character history when they start playing.

Personaly, when I start, I like having a general back-story, and to flesh it out as I go along.

Cadogan Trahem 18th of March, 2003 05:48

Maeko: Check my entry in the places thread, "Hidden Citadel of the Brotherhood" it might help you out somewhat.

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 05:55

True. I'm obviously used to my own style where I write out a complete character history for every character I play (and some that I don't).

However, I think people should be required to post something a little more than "A dwarven rogue. He's a mercenary really," to explain their character concept.

Perhaps an application post in the visitor's thread. Something like the first post Itches, Maeko, and myself made when introducing our characters. Or at least the beginings of those posts, before the characters began interacting with the others. This way we can get a feel for the player's posting style before they begin actually posting and at the same time they can give themselves a leaping off point for introducing their character.

Oh, and LeeCHeSSS, don't think I'm picking on you or anything, you just happen to have been designated the guinea pig.:P

Cadogan Trahem 18th of March, 2003 06:10

By the way;

Does anyone know whether or not Sorcerer and Wizard level stack when determining the power of a Familiar, or does the Character just get two familiars of varing power?

Im sure its the former, and I sure i've read it somewhere, but I can't find that somewhere, and whats worse is I can't find anything to confirm that its the latter either.


Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 06:12

They stack.

You can never gain multiple familiars without the feat (which isn't in one of our allowed sources anyways).

Gralhruk 18th of March, 2003 06:34

Forgive me if I refrain from posting; my head is still spinning. I need a moment to regroup :).

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 06:52

Spinning like Blarth's or spinning from like Nicos'?

Gralhruk 18th of March, 2003 06:54

Most definitely like Blarth's, although I could use a little of the Nicos variety.

Megamieuwsel 18th of March, 2003 07:14

Confused?:KO: ...
You will be ;
There's more to come.....:fun:

Checking the "Sheets"-thread , I noticed , that "The Lone Paladin" entered as a lvl5 character.
Has there been a level-up , somewhere?
I admit , I haven't read all of the story, due to my *ahem* extended leave from this board.

itches 18th of March, 2003 07:30

he didn't enter as alevel 5 charatcer. He leveld up in-game.

If you look, Shade, Cadirus, Cadogan and Maeko are alos all level 5 charaters

The rest of us are level 4

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 07:34

All those damn Gnolls!

itches 18th of March, 2003 07:49

no no

If you check my spelling, you will find that half the time they were Knolls :)

Gralhruk 18th of March, 2003 08:34

Enigma: Sorry about that, but I only want players posting in the game threads.

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 08:57

That is after all why there is a visitor's thread.

Black Plauge 18th of March, 2003 09:01

No there isn't. Look again.

SponkleofInfini 18th of March, 2003 09:01

So many many posts.

LeeCHeSSS 18th of March, 2003 10:17

Well, I'll break the rules by posting here, but I'll write the background for sure. My desired point of entry can still be kept secret easily...

Cadrius 19th of March, 2003 02:37

Whoa, whole lot of OOC posts to catch up on.

Lee - I'd like to know a little bit more about this rogue. Not because I don't trust you or think you won't be a fine addition, just because I'm curious. Don't need to reveal much but some personality traits, a physical description, etc would be nice.

Levels - It really wasn't so much the gnolls (stupid "knolls") as it was that we had felt we'd been playing long enough and had accomplished enough to warrant a level. It's virtually impossible to award any ad hoc RP or misc exp in this game and straight combat exp makes it boring. So I don't bother keeping track of experience until it's time to level.

Besides, leveling too quickly would lead to a very boring game.

Edit: Mega, would you mind refreshing my norse mythology for me? I was under the impression that Hel was usually in charge of the dead unless they went to Valhalla (I should presume that Mega was there). But was Heimdall really guardian of the dead? I thought he was just there to watch over Bifrost? But my knowledge of this is quite rusty.

Moreover, where do you see the norse gods fitting in? Are they worshipped in this area? Or is there a norse culture somewhere else in the world? Just wanted to know so I could keep that in mind when I start posting.

Megamieuwsel 19th of March, 2003 02:49

I was just going by recall about those gods. Might be in need of some "freshing up" myself.....
And No ; I didn't mean to imply , those gods are worshipped here. "Megamieuwsel" has travelled a long way , before he arrived in this peculiar li'l hell-hole....
(Gotta explain the first four levels somehow.)

If anything , this sorcerer is a traveller and not very prone to stay long in the same place.

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