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itches 22nd of August, 2002 23:34

out of curiosity, what the box symbols with a line through them?

Doors? Traps? Traped doors?

Gralhruk 22nd of August, 2002 23:35

Doors. Probably locked, probably not trapped, but as always you can make it up as you go along :).

The gnolls added them in when they discovered the place and decided to use it as a holding pen. The workmanship is crude but effective.

Cadrius 22nd of August, 2002 23:46

Ugh, the last thing poor Cadrius needs is a trapped door. "Here Cadogan let me just open tha-*FWWOOOSH*"

It should be interesting though, now that we have an actual spellcaster along. It ought to alter the gritty, no magic feel at least a little bit.

Gralhruk 23rd of August, 2002 00:03

I'd say he definitely doesn't need that. Unless it's trapped with some kind of healing spell :).

At any rate, I'm going to be away for a long weekend, so after today I probably won't be posting until Monday or so :(. Things are moving along so nicely here, you all can NPC Shade if you need to.

Maeko 23rd of August, 2002 04:32

Well, Itches

your choice of words just turned on my 'mystical' streak...

itches 23rd of August, 2002 05:13

'mystical' is good. It gives inspiration for the reveling of Itches' inner character. Yes thats right Itches has an inner character, i finaly worked it out.

And he has a deep dark secret!!! Yes thats right people, Itches is not what he apears to be ... no well he sorta is... hey its complicated, just watch and see what happens LOL

Cadrius 23rd of August, 2002 05:19

Itches, I must admit normally I just gloss over spelling mistakes, or at the very most they irk me...but for some reason I find your's extremely amusing.

"reveling of Itches' inner character"

So, he's having a party on the inside?

That's about as good as the one you first made when creating Itches a while ago. What was it? Something about a manger?

itches 23rd of August, 2002 05:25


I usually spell check everything I post, but lately I have just been too darn lazy.

And yes there is a party in Itches, but after that your no longer invited. If you will return your Party-Hat and Lolly-Bag please

LeeCHeSSS 23rd of August, 2002 20:03

Say..., how long has it been since we actually saw Mega in this game?

BigRedRod 23rd of August, 2002 20:42

he hasn't posted in the game (IIRC) since we had that time when the game just stopped moving and you posted to whether anyone was going to carry on with it

Cadrius 24th of August, 2002 01:58

He did post once, about a month or two ago whereby he set up the return of his purple panted character but he never came back.

Gralhruk 27th of August, 2002 01:39

Lone Paladin: Thanks for NPCing Shade, you did a nice job of it. Is my characterization so transparent? ;)

Cadrius and Cadogan, I know that the lock is gone but Shade doesn't. I thought it would be somewhat amusing for the door to open in her face.

Gralhruk 27th of August, 2002 02:44

Hey, there isn't any torch around. Shade is a little too worried to risk a light, and the others haven't caught up to us yet. I could have her light one in response to getting whacked in the head with the door but, all things considered, I'm not sure that she would.

Well, on second thought, leave it in there. I don't want to lose the description of Cadrius and his various wounds.

Cadrius 27th of August, 2002 02:49

Do gnolls have darkvision? If they don't it might make sense to have one or two hanging out on the within the large passageway. Not much light, and still enough to hide but enough to see as well.

Cadogan Trahem 27th of August, 2002 02:58

Yes they do, 60ft Darkvision.

Gralhruk 27th of August, 2002 03:02

Screw it, she lights a torch. She has to be reasonably certain by now that they are alone in here anyway.

Gralhruk 27th of August, 2002 06:33

I'm assuming that the others have entered the complex by now. We should be bumping into each other shortly, so everyone feel free to post at will.

LonePaladin 27th of August, 2002 16:20

Posting done. Of course, it's liable to start an argument, but there you go.

By the way, where's Maeko been? It's awful quiet on that end...

Gralhruk 28th of August, 2002 02:42

She has mentioned elsewhere that she'll be going on vacation soon, returning Sept 9th but that she is quite busy preparing for said vacation.

Maeko 28th of August, 2002 04:57

Sorry everybody!

Hope I'll be able to post tomorrow. Please, feel free to NPC Maeko.

itches 29th of August, 2002 03:15

opps almost forgot about this place. Must read what i missed and POST

Cadrius 29th of August, 2002 04:35

Hey everybody, I'm beginning to move into my new apartment in two days so my posting might become more and more sporadic until I get settled in. Feel free to NPC Cadrius it should be easy to do just remember his three characteristics: morbid, moody, melancholic. Easy as pie.

Gralhruk 29th of August, 2002 04:41

And us looking for the gnoll stronghold . . . where's Minsc when you need him?

LonePaladin 29th of August, 2002 05:07

Heh. "Butt-kicking for goodness!" :fun:

Maeko 29th of August, 2002 06:27

An hurried little post but here it is.
and, before you ask " drawing legs to the serpent" is the Chinese equivalent of " gilding the lily" :)

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