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Lando The Archmagi 1st of April, 2006 03:29

Chapter 5: Shadizar, The Wicked City
The caravan the party follows comes to the Gate of the Black Throne which leads into Shadizar's Caravan District.

This district is noisy and ordorous, filled with the sounds and smells of sweat and animals. There are numerous colorful tents, and inns along with tons of animal pens and assorted merchant stands all scattered around this huge district. Taverns, brothels, auction blocks, hostels, slave pens etc all around. Also there are some merchant/broker guild shops and businesses as well. The watchers at the gate collect entrance taxes from everyone.

[ooc: they collect 1 silver from everyone]

Darius 6th of April, 2006 06:32

After they pay their coin, Darius turns to the others. "With so many choices, the danger is that we'll just go into the first place we see!" the Corinthian exclaims, nearly overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells.

"So, we talked of a tavern yes? Which one should we spend our coin at first?"

Lando The Archmagi 10th of April, 2006 03:24


Originally Posted by Darius
"So, we talked of a tavern yes? Which one should we spend our coin at first?"

Freya pays her way into the city and checks her gear, securing the saddlebags in front of her so she can keep an eye on them.

She nods to Darius and the others, "A good drink would be nice about now, lots of choices indeed."

There are signs for several places, including one named Tavern of Manetes

[ooc: everyone else jsut going along with Darius?]

slaughterj 11th of April, 2006 04:36

Sekmet pays his silver, and follows Darius to a tavern, suggesting someplace where the animals will be safe and equipment undisturbed.

[OOC: Weird, didn't see this update for days?!]

Belkregos 11th of April, 2006 17:15

Belkregos follows the entry procedures with out ceremony
Once within the city points to the tavern close to them (Tavern of Manetes)
“Not the worst place I’ve seen lets have our drinks there”
Starts to walk towards the tavern

jedric 13th of April, 2006 00:33

Kratos follows the others through the gate and assumes a haughty air as if slightly offended at being inspected by mere guardsmen.

Once through he catches up to the nearest member of the group [not sure who that would be] and asks, "What manner of place is this? Is it a respectable establishment, for all I know it may be the haunt of rogues or bandits."

Lando The Archmagi 18th of April, 2006 01:21


Originally Posted by jedric
respectable establishment, for all I know it may be the haunt of rogues or bandits."

Freya laughs, "Probably is a hive of scum and villiany, perhaps we should ask a local or just keep our blades loose neverless."

She dismounts and grins at Belkregos and company and begins leading her horse there.

slaughterj 20th of April, 2006 12:12

Sekmet will accompany the others to the tavern, to wash his throat of the road dust.

Lando The Archmagi 22nd of April, 2006 01:12

Tavern of Manetes
You all follow Freya and Belkregos as they lead their mounts and arrive at the tavern, which looks much like most other taverns, only this one isn't the finest or largest you've ever seen.

Freya secures her mount and takes off the saddlebags before striding into the place....

The wooden tables are worn and kept in pretty good shape, lots of benches and stools to sit upon.

The crowd is a mixture of those who look down on their luck and the others who are obviously trying to find some luck. Some dice, cards, and other gambling is going on with a few patrons in the back. While others are looking over the abudance of prostitutes and whores mingling around. The stench of alcohol, sweat, and other smells waft up to your noses, but you've been in darker and smellier places, so this isn't so bad.

There is a big fellow wearing a stained apron behind the bar and he looks a little out of shape, but might've been more to him at one time years ago in his youth. He looks over everyone with his dark eyes,

"What'll ya have today?!"

Several of the less drunk (or is it more drunk) patrons eye the beautiful Aesir in her chaimail and move out of her way as she looks for an empty bench to sit on. They eye the rest of you with curiousity, suspicion and malice mixed.

Freya lays her saddlebags on an empty table and sits, adjusting her baldric so its easier to reach as she places her horned helmet on top of the bags and looks around with her piercing blue eyes.

[ooc: this is the tavern most often used by Conan in his adventures]

Belkregos 23rd of April, 2006 16:28

A slight smile on Belkregos as he sees the locals take note of Freya only to back away, apparently they are more intelligent than they look

“A flagon of wine bar keep”
“some food if you have any”

sits on the table with freya and pulls some chairs for the rest of the group

Darius 23rd of April, 2006 22:18

Darius calls out for ale before turning back to the group. He makes sure that his sword is loose in its scabbard should trouble arise.

"This might not be a bad place to put our ear to the ground and see what is happening in the city," he suggests.

slaughterj 25th of April, 2006 04:04

Sekmet will request a flagon of wine from the barkeep, and settle into a chair with his back to the wall if possible, placing his things beside him. "Finally, off the road for a bit. I say we get a day's rest and familiarity with our surroundings before exploring the job opportunity. I myself would like to ask a few questions among the scholar's quarter about our potential employer..."

jedric 27th of April, 2006 19:33

Kratos sits in silence, for some moments before speaking quietly to Sekmet.

"I am sorry but I have no knowledge of this city, and very little of Zamora as a whole, my departure from Koth was somewhat unplanned and hasty to boot. As such I have a small supply of coin, but not enough to last beyond a day or so, is there any likelihood of my finding employment do you think? I have some skill as a courtier, but little else I fear."

I wonder, do they need a man such as I, a vagabond, a ne'er-do-well, a con man?

Lando The Archmagi 2nd of May, 2006 01:59

Tavern of Manetes
Everyone joins Freya at a large table up near the northwestern corner of the tavern, Freya unslings her warsword, hooking the baldric on her chair and sets her saddlebags on the table with her horned helm upon them. She watches as the rest of the party gathers around her at the table. She grins at the bar wench hustling around the tables, noticing the abundance of whores working in this place.

She waits until everyone has joined her to offer up her own requests for drink and food. The barkeep nods as the bar wench returns shortly with several flagons of ale and of wine for the party.

Also a hunk of vension is brought with a plate of potatoes and vegetables.

Freya listens to the discussion about finding work as she sips the ale and rips off some vension with her dagger, eating away.

Harith 2nd of May, 2006 21:59

Here in Shadizar, Harith now feels more lost and isolated than ever. So different here than home is... was...

If there is any manner of food or drink that might remind him of Shem, Harith orders that. Otherwise, with a sigh of resignation, he has whatever the rest of the group is having.

He eats and drinks slowly, focused mostly on the other patrons. He watches with a mixture of suspicion and sadness.

slaughterj 3rd of May, 2006 02:27

Sekmet will indulge in some food and drink while speaking with Kratos, "we are here for employment ourselves, Freya has some information on an individual looking to hire some people to acquire something for him, I believe. We will check it out tomorrow, though I suspect there may be risk in that, as well as the job itself..."

Darius 3rd of May, 2006 05:59

Darius smirks at Sekmet's words. "No more dangerous than simply travelling through Zamora, surely," he says. "My ribs are still sore from that last engagement, though I'm ready for a fight if it comes to that."

Darius looks around the establishment, reassuring himself that there is no one looking to give their group any trouble.

Lando The Archmagi 4th of May, 2006 01:28

Tavern of Manetes
As you sit and eat the offered food, the tavern does seem to have a variety of clients, some are obviously not Zamorian or native here.

There is a mixture of most of the Hyborian races, some from lands further away (possibly Shem) and elsewhere. All look like they've had better days for the most part, or they're just staying low.

Several of the scantily clad whore come by, running fingertips over Darius's shoulder and the other male party members, giving each a bird's view of their wares.

There are quite a few patrons staring and gawking at lovely Freya and the well armed Belkregos near her, a few glance over Darius, Harith and the others.

Their are murmurs concerning the Stygian in your midst (Sekmet) and obviously your mixed group has attracted some attention.

Harith do you ask the barkeep about anything from Shem?

[ooc: spot/listen checks for those who wish to do so, also gather info or the like is possible]

Harith 4th of May, 2006 01:34

"I have traveled long and hard, and I wonder if you have any food or drink from Shem. I long for a taste of home."

Darius 5th of May, 2006 12:11

Darius pulls one of the whores on to his lap as he takes a long pull from his tankard. "Ahh, these are sweet rewards indeed, aye comrades?"

[Spot: 1; Listen: 16]

jedric 5th of May, 2006 23:10

Kratos watches the whores with an open mouthed expression and a slightly stupid grin. As he does so his eyes scan quickly around the room.

[Spot 3, Listen 4, Sense Motive 3, Gather Info 7 - these are mods not rolls by the way!]

slaughterj 6th of May, 2006 05:51

Noticing the additional attention, Sekmet contemplates giving the evil eye, but then thinks better of it, best to not draw further attention.

Harith 6th of May, 2006 23:33

[ooc: Spot 17, Listen 19, Gather Information 17, Sense Motive 9]

slaughterj 9th of May, 2006 23:41

"So, does anyone need to do anything before following up on the job? I suggest we get an evening's rest, tomorrow explore the city a bit to get our bearings and find out more on our potential employer, and then go to the location," Sekmet offers.

Lando The Archmagi 10th of May, 2006 01:27


Originally Posted by Harith
"I have traveled long and hard, and I wonder if you have any food or drink from Shem. I long for a taste of home."

The barkeep wipes off the bar with a towel, looking at you intently,

"Aye, I have seen some of your peoples come this way, we have some bread we bought from one of your caravans would you like a loaf?"

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