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Exarzun 22nd of June, 2007 11:41

Chapter 6, Scene 1 Expedition to the Haunted Palace
"Wait... where is the emperor though?" Flarrgj asks a vaugly confused look on his face.

trendel 22nd of June, 2007 23:47

"I think, my friend, that we are going to have to find that out for ourselves."

Gizerak slowly paces around the study, peering occasionally at the maps and notes that Golock had strewn about the lab.

"Perhaps we will find something in these texts here about where Golock thought the Emporer was being held. In the meantime, perhaps Nimdor, you could create a copy of the ritual words that we can each carry. I think this may our most dangerous mission yet, and if the bearer of the ritual were to fall, we would then have other copies."

Looking around for the missing wizard's butler, Gizerak inquires of Barnabus if there is somewhere nearby that he could procure some healing wands, or if perhaps the wizard had some stashed away himself.

Black Plauge 23rd of June, 2007 00:18

Nodding his agreement with Gizerak, Fugen signs that they best make plans and gather supplies for a prolonged excursion to Dian province and the Imperial Palace therein. Golock's notes indicated that the blessing of the Five Martyrs would protect them from the spirits, but there would be more than spirits to contend with in Dian.

The Alcotroll 23rd of June, 2007 04:19

Fugen's suggestion is a good one, and Kirena takes a moment to assess her own inventory.

"I shall need some arrows," she announces in her clipped, precise tones, "but I believe there are some amongst the spoils of our last encounter. I shall take what I need, and the rest is of no consequence to me."

Boomlaor 23rd of June, 2007 06:14

Gizerak's comments spark Takeshi's memory, and he speaks up from the background,

"Golock spoke to me shortly before you returned. He was quite convinced that the Emperor, may his name ever be blessed, was alive and was being held captive. He further believed that the Emperor was most likely still in the palace, somewhere. I've been thinking about it and I think he was right. Where is the one place where people are not likely to find the Emperor? In the heart of haunted Dian province."

Exarzun 23rd of June, 2007 08:10

"Perhaps Golock has some few things in his tower that could be assistance of us as well?"

Providing no one stops him, Flarrgj begins poking around the tower looking for anything that apears like it would help.

Linklegacy77 24th of June, 2007 08:50

"You provide the supplies, I'll make the copies. By the way, Fugen, would you mind giving me the ah... tools of the craft... from the loot?"

Black Plauge 25th of June, 2007 07:10

Fugen indicates that Nimdor should take what he wants.

In the meantime, Fugen goes rumaging through Golock's lab for those plans of the palace that he heard one of the Minister's entourage mention.

Linklegacy77 25th of June, 2007 12:46


Nimdor rummages through the loot, and finds the tools he was looking for. Then, he runs after Flarrgj.

"Mind if I join you? I've got some keen eyes."

crueldespot 26th of June, 2007 18:14

Jiangu! Chapter 6 Expedition to the Haunted Palace
Jiangu! Chapter 6 Expedition to the Haunted Palace

Setting: The Dreaded Tower of Golock outside of Ichiba in ZunYan Province, 20th Morning of Midsummer, 300th Year of the Monkey

Fugen examines the floorplans of the Imperial Palace, while the other heroes conduct a thorough search of the Dreaded Tower.

The tower does not have an armory per se. Each of the sentries has a set of weapons and Barnabus keeps a spare set.

It seems that all of Golock’s valuables were kept in his chambers in a chest which was removed by those who killed him.

The dungeon is not currently in use and is empty.

The search of the workroom is the most time consuming. They uncover many items that Termix may find valuable in the long run, nothing new that pertains to their current purpose.

Barnabus indicates that healing wands can be purchased from several temples in Ichiba

The floorplans to the Imperial Palace are now on display in the Campaign Info and Rules thread. I hope nobody is using dial-up...

I'm assuming that those searching the Dreaded Tower all took 20 on their search checks.

Golock’s workroom has a full alchemical lab, and a spellcaster can make a knowledge (arcana) check vs DC20 to find the material components worth 50gp or less for any arcane spell , no retry.

Canter_shadow 27th of June, 2007 01:25

Termix spends some time searching the lab for any special components, eagerly hoping to find some useful spell information or components.

<OOC: Roll for my knowledge arcana check please, I don't have my sheet w/ me.>

Black Plauge 27th of June, 2007 03:29

Looking at the maps, Fugen puzzles over where the Emperor might be held.

Were I trying to keep him from performing a ritual that could defeat my purpose, I'd want him as far away from the Court of Glory, where the ritual must be performed, as possible. That probably means in the lowest levels of the vaults.

On the other hand, the dungeon would already be set up for keeping prisoners securely, so that would be the easiest place to put him even though it's only a level or two away from the Court of Glory.

Then again, if I was less worried about him escaping than someone rescuing him, placing him in that portion of the building which was the least accessible from the outside would make the most sense. For any creature that didn't fly, that would be the Divine Chapel, but with flying creatures in the mix (which we have seen our opponents use) then the dungeon, crypt, and vaults become more inaccessible.

Hmm.... Getting to the dungeon requires entering on level 5, moving up to level 9 to get to the inner wall, then going up to level 17 to get to the inner court, and then finally back down to levels 15 & 16 to reach the dungeons. The crypt is then on the five levels below that.

The vaults, on the other hand require entering on level 5 and going down immediately to get to them. Reaching the Divine Chapel means entering on level 5, going up to level 9 to get to the inner wall, up to 17 to reach the inner court and then up to 27 to get to the chapel.

Given the difficulty of reaching the chapel via the inside, we should definately try to either eliminate it as a viable holding place, or gain access via the outside. One person with the ability to fly could scout it out, but we'd need everyone to be able to fly to free the emperor if he was there.

Hmm... I wonder if there are any passages through the rock or a way to create them? If we didn't have to use the main gates, which are probably heavily defended, and instead could access the dungeons directly, that would greatly ease our entry into the palace. Of course, the palace may be warded against such attempts, but we should check with the ministry of war to see if it is possible. I must consult with Gizerak about this.

Looking up from his study of the maps to find Gizerak, Fugen asks him about spells that might allow the party to tunnel through rock and earth.

Boomlaor 27th of June, 2007 03:44

Takeshi speaks up at Fugen's inquiry,

"Daisuke can tunnel through anything but solid rock, which I can soften with some magic to allow her to dig through it. Her tunnels are big enough that Gizerak and I should be able to walk upright through them, though some of you,"

Takeshi casts an eye to the large foreigner,

"may have to duck a bit."

Linklegacy77 27th of June, 2007 11:17

"What am I, a human?" Nimdor looks quite... irritated that he wasn't mentioned.

"Look, if you need somebody to do some sneaking around, there's nobody better."

Boomlaor 27th of June, 2007 11:49

"I meant no offense, I assure you,"

Takeshi says with a respectful bow to Nimdor,

"I only meant that our taller compatriots may be inconvenienced slightly."

Exarzun 28th of June, 2007 15:29

"I am capable of moving on hands and knee's if needed."

Says Flarrgj with complete deadpan.

Black Plauge 29th of June, 2007 10:37

Shaking his head at Takeshi's response, Fugen waits for Gizerak to confirm his own spell ability falls along similar lines before signing a response. He indicates that what he is thinking of involves tunneling through at least 200 yards (and very likely much more) of ground, a large portion of which is likely to be stone. The would need something more than the ability to simply dig their way through, though that would definately be of use. They would need a way to manipulate solid stone in large enough quantities to create a tunnel through which they all could at the very least crawl.

"Well, I do have one spell that could deal with solid stone, stone shape," Gizerak responds, "but the progress that it would make would be measured in feet, not yards if used to create a passage. To go 200 yards, 600 feet, through solid stone would require me nearly a year, if not more. Even if Takeshi here can cast the spell too, we're still looking at a half-year's work. I do not think that we have that kind of time."

Sighing, Fugen nods his head in agreement. Signing, he indicates that they then need to consult with the Ministries of Engineering and of War. Fugen explains, that if the composition of the ground is right, then with Daisuke's help and proper digging implements, then they might be able to tunnel into the lower levels of the crypt and thus access the palace that way, rather then either of the main gates. The trick would be finding a place where they could start the tunnel so it wouldn't be found by any guards or soldiers that might be emplaced in or around the palace. However, if the Ministries revealed that the ground was unsuitable for this tactic, or enspelled to prevent it, then there was no point in trying to figure out more of the details.

Turning to Termix (though with Gizerak still translating), Fugen asks him if he, or those supplies that were left here in his grandfather's laboratory, that would enable at least one of the group, if not all of them, to access the palace through the air, unseen.

crueldespot 29th of June, 2007 14:27

Jiangu! Chapter 6:1 The Mountaintop

Experts from the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Engineering reveal that the mountaintop on which the palace sits is composed of solid unworked stone.

Termix' search of the lab reveals components that could be used for spells to move through the air and/or invisibly. He doesn't find any scrolls, potions, or other magical items that could allow for those effects to occur. Smeone must already know the spellcasting rituals in order to use those components.

Black Plauge 30th of June, 2007 02:34

Disappointed, though not exactly unexpectedly, by what the experts from the ministries have to say, Fugen asks Termix if he can aquire the necessary knowledge to go with the components he found, and if so, how long would it take and how many people could he affect at one time.

Linklegacy77 1st of July, 2007 08:58

"As I said, if I don't want to be found, I'm not. If you need somebody to sneak around the place, let me give it a try."

crueldespot 3rd of July, 2007 12:26

6:2 Termix's Abilities
Jiangu! Chapter 6:2 Termix's Abilities

Termix frowns. "I am an evoker. I harnass the power of the elements. My abilities do not include spells of deception. I could study to learn a spell that would enable someone to fly for several minutes. I could only affect one person with the spell, and I could cast the spell twice per day."

Time passes as the heroes continue to plan. The sun rises on the 21st morning of midsummer.

OOC: Termix is linkdead. Apparently Canter is continuing to suffer connectivity issues. So Termix is in "suggestible" mode.

Linklegacy77 3rd of July, 2007 23:56

"That doesn't sound particularly useful for an insertion, considering our lack of information. We don't know where the Emperor is, so how can we trust one guess out of many? We need to scout the place, and discover where he is."

Black Plauge 4th of July, 2007 04:05

So we could get someone up to the chapel to check it, but we would still have to enter the palace by one of the gates to actually stage a rescue.

Replying to Nimdor through Gizerak, Fugen indicates that while some sort of scouting would be useful, one person alone in the palace could run into more sentries then they could possibly handle and end up dead very quickly. That was especially likely if the individual was unfamiliar with the palace layout and got lost and given that only Fugen and Takeshi had been in the palace before and even they were likely to get lost if they strayed out of the areas they were familiar with, it might be more practical for the entire group to enter as one. Any scouting ahead might then be confined to a small enough area that no one would get lost and backup would be close at hand should something go wrong.

Thinking of something for the first time, Fugen instructs Gizerak to ask Barnabas if he and Golock's remaining guards would be willing to escort the prisoner that had brought for Golock to interogate back to Merak Hoi.

Linklegacy77 4th of July, 2007 05:46

Nimdor smirks, and then gives a shit-eating grin.

"Ah, you understand then, what kind of infiltrator I really am. I do not work by myself very often, and my skills are especially useful for working on a team. I have significant experience in this sort of thing from Haigang guild wars, and the Emperor's palace will be hard pressed to have tougher security than a full-fledged thieve's guild. We need to individually lay our cards out on the table, and see what we've got collectively, and from there we can figure out how to infiltrate. My skills lie in moving undetected, locating and disabling counter-infiltration devices, and tricking and convincing people of things that are not true in the least. Fugen, you can clearly climb, and are very fast. You also have other talents that I am unaware of. I don't know much of magic, so Termix and Gizerak will be our suprises. Flarrgj, you are our strongest warrior, so that's where you fit in. Kierna, you are very good for suprise strikes, and I hope can move along silently as well. If we combine what we have, coming up with an infiltration strategy should be a piece of cake. Takeshi, I'm afraid I don't know much about what you can do. Please, inform us of your talents."

Boomlaor 4th of July, 2007 06:21

"My skills lie primarily in the natural world. It has been said that I have a way with animals, and I can wield a fair amount of magical control over the natural world and over the elements. I can also Summon reinforcements quite readily for a short period, in the form of animals willing to fight for me."

Indicating his striped companion he continues.

"Daisuke here, as I've already said, can dig extremely well. She is also a fierce warrior."

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