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crueldespot 18th of April, 2006 11:41

Jiangu OOC 4

Exarzun 19th of April, 2006 08:23

Woo! First post!

I dont think i need to edit my post to say Flarrgj follows Fugen...

Black Plauge 19th of April, 2006 23:07

Unless Termix has any knowledge of possible traps, Fugen'll take the lead.

If Termix suspects traps, then Linus should take the lead.

Kierna will hold position near the front door where she can see both up to the higher floors (to provide covering fire should it be needed) and outside (in case something happens out there that the rest of the group needs to know about.

Mercutio 19th of April, 2006 23:39


If Termix suspects traps, then Linus should take the lead.

Black Plauge 21st of April, 2006 00:47

CD's post was unclear about who was in the lead, and Termix, Flarggj, and Gizerak's positions in the order haven't yet been determined. Also Linus's position hasn't been specified beyond first if there might be traps.

To be more specific I suggest the following orders:

If traps:
Linus, Fugen, Termix, Gizerak, Flarrgj

If no traps:
Fugen, Linus, Termix, Gizerak, Flarrgj

I figure that Flarrgj, being the largest, has the highest chance of having the floor collapse under him. By having him go last, if that happens, the others won't have to deal with the hole he left (at least not until they want to go back down). For a similar reason, I also suggest that there be at least 5' between each party member. That way if some one does fall through, there's less chance he'll take some one else with him.

Oh, and my IC post is the same regardless of marching order. Fugen is much heavier than Linus, so even if Linus is going first the fact that the floor supported the halfling is not a reliable indicator that it will support Fugen.

Exarzun 21st of April, 2006 10:47

Heh ya Flarrgj probably ways about as much as the two halflings combined at his hefty 240lb area... I'm cool with that marching order, though he's gunna have to jump the others to get to the front of combat...

trendel 24th of April, 2006 21:39

Just a thought, but since we are past the treacherous burned out portion of the tower, perhaps we should rethink our marching order to put Flaargj closer to where the likely fighting is?

Black Plauge 25th of April, 2006 00:45

How can Fugen "just barely" make a 5' long jump? His jump modifier is high enough that he could make that as a standing jump on any skill roll. With a running start he can clear 15' without fail.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on Kierna's character sheet.

generaljimX 25th of April, 2006 05:43

Armor check penalties? Medium or heavy load? Uneven terrian(does this even affect it?)? The need to get height in the jump?

crueldespot 25th of April, 2006 19:58

Generaljim, Are you casting read magic to read the runes? Because that is the only way.

generaljimX 27th of April, 2006 10:14

Might as well. What other magic am I going to need to read today? Besides, we might get something useful, but only information or more, from up here.

Mercutio 27th of April, 2006 14:02

Yikes. You guys might want to stand back and be prepared to save Linus' ass when he fails his Disable Device check.

Black Plauge 27th of April, 2006 22:54

Might I suggest using your action dice?

Black Plauge 28th of April, 2006 00:52

CD, the door that's currently being examined is the one between 100N/210E & 95N/210E, right?

Mercutio 28th of April, 2006 04:37

Good call. I always forget about action points...

treehouse 28th of April, 2006 05:03

Hey, everyone.

I'm taking over Kierna from Andorax, but I'm still reading over things to get a feel for the character. I'll be post-ready before too long, but there's a lot of backstory here, and today is the first day I have free to begin reading the archives.

If in the next few chapters Kierna seems confused about who she is and what she's doing, gently remind me out of character what I should already know :fun:

This looks like a lot of fun.

Black Plauge 28th of April, 2006 05:23

Well, I've put Kierna out of the way for a bit in order to make things easier while I was playing two characters. That gives you some time to figure things out.

generaljimX 28th of April, 2006 05:30

Welcome aboard, Treehouse. It will be a pleasure playing alongside you.

As we go through this tower, I can't help but think that Mikon is still alive, or possibly just undead. Termix' thoughts echo mine, and it keeps coming back to him.

Black Plauge 28th of April, 2006 05:33

Then maybe we should knock first?

generaljimX 28th of April, 2006 05:39

Ha Ha, very funny. If you want to go ahead and touch the symbol of pain, go ahead. Anyways, its something thats in my/his head. I thought I'd put it out there, for the better or the worse.

crueldespot 28th of April, 2006 06:42

Backstory, my ass. If I was him I would keep reading the backstory until Y'all were through messing with that door.

Treehouse asked me to summarize the story thus far. You survivors feel free to contribute.

Once upon a time, the imperial capital was plunged into chaos. Undead spirits appeared suddenly, killing many of the residents and driving the rest away. Noone knows the fate of the emperor. The spirits disappear during the day and roam the capital province at night. They do not harm evil people. This has allowed the capital province to become a refuge for bandits and scoundrels.

At the same time that the undead struck the capital, the tower of Mikon the Evoker was destroyed by a summoning that went awry. His apprentice Termix was able to escape. Termix went searching for his grandfather, the wizard Golock.

Golock is a mighty wizard who lives in the town of Ichiba, across the river from the capital province. Termix discovers that Golock is hiring henchmen to help him discover the fate of the emperor and run other odd jobs for him. He enlists his grandson Termix as one of his new henchmen.

There were many other henchmen, most of whom are dead now. The only other survivor is the elf Kierna.

For their first task, the henchmen were sent into the capital province at dawn to rescue a group of refugees that had taken refuge in a cathedral. The spells of hallowing and forbiddance on the cathedral had saved them thus far. The henchmen were able to lead them to safety across the river before sundown.

Next, the henchmen were sent to accompany one of the rescued refugees as she went to join the School of the Four Academies. Along the way, the henchmen discovered that the warlord of Aikou province was taking advantage of the chaos to conquer surrounding territories, and he was being resisted by the Four Academies.

The Aikou army arrested the henchmen since they were bound for the Four Academies. They were questioned by the warlord's second in command, who suspected them of spying or carrying messages. The henchmen overcame their guards, took the officer captive, and escaped the Aikou fortress through a secret passage.

The henchmen evaded the Aikou forces overland. They were pursued by hunters and aerial scouts, and suffered casualties before they arrived at the Four Academies. As they arrived, the scholars mounted a surprise attack against the beseiging forces, routing them.

At the Four Academies, Fugen and Linus joined the henchmen. The leaders of the four academies thanked the henchmen by teleporting them back to Golock, saving them the return trip. Back at Golock's dreaded tower, Flarrgj the barbarian arrived to sign up as a henchmen. Fugen and Linus also were hired. Termix and two other henchmen were not teleported. They set off for Mikon's tower on foot.

For their next mission, the henchmen (minus Termix) were sent back into the haunted imperial capital to retrieve some books from the imperial library. They were forced to contend with the evil manager of the library. In addition, they killed henchmen of the lich Nakigara, who were also there to fetch books.

Immediately on their return, they were sent to rendezvous with Termix and the others to explore Mikon's tower. Unfortunately, Termix lost one fellow henchman to battle and another deserted. He had a tough time travelling on by himself to the rendezvous. The other henchmen discovered enroute that Flarrgj is wanted for a crime he (supposedly) didn't commit.

Termix and the other henchmen finally caught up with each other in the village below Mikon's tower. The villagers told them that the tower was infested by a gang of goblinoids. On their way up the mountain, they encountered and slew one squad of goblinoids. They massacred the rest of the goblinoid platoon at the tower. They took some captives, who are bound in the outbuildings. They discovered that the goblinoids were a mercenary platoon of Lord Aikou's army, preparing for an impending invasion. One goblin escaped, and they chased after him but were not able to catch him.

They rested overnight and entered the tower itself. Kierna stayed outside on sentry duty.

What did I leave out?

Exarzun 28th of April, 2006 14:10

Hmmm nothing as far as i can see but, as the story tells, i've only been here for the second half.

Anyway, welcome Treehouse! I play Flarrgj, it will be a pleasure to play with you!

Black Plauge 29th of April, 2006 08:01

Okay, new idea! We make a whole in the interior wall to gain access to Mikon's chamber. Since the door is trapped, why mess with it. I believe that CD said the walls are made of stone. Its tough stuff, but we could make a hole in it manually. Even better would be if we could get ahold of a scroll of stone shape. Then Gizerak could make said hole easily.

Speaking of scrolls, has anyone had a chance to examine the scroll we found amongst the hobgoblin cleric's stuff? He was high enough level to have that spell and we might get lucky.

generaljimX 29th of April, 2006 11:11

That is actually a very feasable course of action. Now, if only we could get through really easily.

crueldespot 29th of April, 2006 11:36

I'll hold off the next installment till Y'all figure out what to do.

Question for Merc: Why are you using an action point if you roll low (when it won't help) but not when you roll high (when it might)?

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