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itches 27th of June, 2002 18:30

okay this is where we cry for help, and the screams of help can be heard.

but first, did everyone buy food???

Kahluah 27th of June, 2002 21:56

Not yet.... I figure we can sing and perform for the animals so they'll jump right into our campfire for us ... :P *smirks*

itches 27th of June, 2002 22:21

Well you can try . .i mean you have enough ranks for facinate dont you?? and you all took wilderness lore . . .right?

Edit: okay if you guys want, we can start this thing a few days early, just if it comes to rolling dice, i will either do it, via coins or just make the number up. Any objections to the early start?

itches 27th of June, 2002 23:43

one vote for yes is good enough for me. i''l do some stuff, but i shoule be able to start it either tommorow or later tonight (ie 4am Aust EST)

Maeko 28th of June, 2002 00:32

I was hoping we would start early!

Yes, I have food for 3 days (or 3 people) and a waterskin.
Don't you tell me I'm the only one who can cast 'cure light', though, I've just 2 first lev. spells for day, folk!

Kahluah 28th of June, 2002 00:38

I'll buy some rations in a short while and add them in ...

As for us starting early, I'm fine. There's a decent dice roller program on the Wizards website if you're that hard up for dice. just do a search on the main page for 'dice roller' and it should turn up.

Maeko 28th of June, 2002 01:14

Bought 3 more rations, just in case ;)

itches 28th of June, 2002 02:13

whast this?people buying food!?!. what fun will it be for me, if you have enough food?

Edit: well there it is. a 20 word opening.

itches 28th of June, 2002 13:18

i Probly should remind you people, that i have given you a cart and donkey for free, at the moment, someone is driving it, but what you do with it is your buisnes . i mean if you do run low on food mmm donkey meat

itches 29th of June, 2002 17:55

Okay, i'm going to put a limit on how long i'll wait untill for people to post. I will wait a Week, then i will send out a reminder e-mail.

If There is no responce from that, your character will take a short trip to the holding cell, and the game will progres without you, untill you return.

If you are going to be away for a while, please e-mail me, or give me warning, or throow a bucket of herrings my way, so i can either NPC your character for a bit, or have him fade to the background for a period.

Kahluah 30th of June, 2002 11:42

Forgive me for not replying of late ... haven't been online for the past day or two, but am back, and with a resounding vengeance! or something... ummm, well, yeah .... *scuttles back under his rock*

Edit: Also, now having read and posted in the IC thread, I just thought I might point out a couple of PBP-ettiquete type things to keep in mind.

first of all, it's important to try to keep IC and OOC speech separate, otherwise it's difficult for all concerned to try and tell the difference between the two.

An OOC comment is usually in double brackets (()). This just means that it is you speaking and acting, rather than your character. It helps everyone in the game to be able to tell the difference and to keep the verisimiltude of keeping in character.

A second point is speech, action, and thought use. The way I've seen it done in most games, and the way I do it also, is actions is done in plain text, speech is done in quotation marks, and thoughts are done in italics.

Example - Chayse looks about her, lofting the sunrod above her head to try and see what happened to her two travelling companions. Great, where have those two gotten to now? Probably necking behind a tree again, no doubt... As she turns slowly, she spies a freshly tripped pit trap, and a whimpering sound coming from inside its depths. Scrambling over to it and peering over the ledge, she calls out. "Devanna? Rymaar? Are you down there?"

Thats just to help it. Not going to force it down anyone's throat, but thats considered the proper way to post in a PBP game, from what I've seen anyway.

itches 30th of June, 2002 15:11

yeah what Kahluah said. I'm not about to enforce those guidelines, as i tend to brake them more then anyone i know.

Also Cadirus, there are only 2 roads before you, for some unknown reason i told you people about the left road twice. <shugs> i blame the fact that i had been awake for well over 24 hours at that point.

Also i seem to have not said about the little plot device, where the first group to arrive at the Duke's will be paid extra. as it is too late now, never mind, just assume that you didnt hear of it.


They have been summoned to the Duke of Kitch's Daughters 18th Birthday, to perform and provide entertainment as is their lot in lives. A Great reward awaits those who arrive first, for The Duke of Kitch loves is daughter above all else in the land, and desires that this be a perfect event.
HuH!!! i did mention it, just in a criptic way. What ytou do now, well its up to you.

Edit Take 2:

oh and i was poitedly saying anything about ppl being away, we havent even been playing for a week yet.

itches 1st of July, 2002 00:48

okay i did some spring cleaning of the in-character thread, getting rid of one or two posts that were only a sentence, and were of no central importance

Cadrius 1st of July, 2002 02:40

Hmm, pardon my confusion but what were our choices then?

Left road - dangerous through woods.

Right road - longer but travels through towns/villages?

Eh it doesn't matter much either way. Oh and I'm aware that there was a bonus for showing up early, Yavan however firmly believes that once he arrives and demonstrates his talent the Duke will have no choice but to award the money to them.

itches 1st of July, 2002 20:26

hmm, close but not quite, it was left equal long and safe, right equals short and dangerious.

Cadrius 2nd of July, 2002 00:38

Ah well, I wish my lute was enchanted so I could bash people with it. Although that might be a touch bit out of character.

itches 2nd of July, 2002 01:24

yes, and thank you for pointing that out . . .may i ask where that came from?

itches 2nd of July, 2002 02:14

Yes cadirus, and soon the men will come and take you away to the nice place with the padded walls. They have a coat for you, nice and tight. Its called a straight jaket, now wont that be fun

itches 3rd of July, 2002 01:44


Beronas strolls over to the wagon in which Morgan is seated
I'm quite interested how you did that when she is riding a horse.

Cadrius 3rd of July, 2002 01:54

Bah, it doesn't matter. Move us forward!

itches 3rd of July, 2002 02:01

well okay . .what exactly are you doing? is Beronas going with you or staying with the wagons? i assumed that you would take the wagons with you. so what?

Maeko 3rd of July, 2002 02:25

Well, as I got it we are going to the camp and so are the carts, up to a point, I think that Beronas assumed the carts and animals will be kept someplace a bit apart from the main camp site, am I right?
BTW I'm enjoying myself a lot ! :D

Yavan, please, could you edit your first post on page 2 of the role posting thread sobstituting 'Morgan' for 'Maeko'?
I'm Maeko in two campaigns but not this one... ;)

Cadrius 3rd of July, 2002 02:31

Eek. I usually don't make mistakes like that. My apologies.

Maeko 3rd of July, 2002 02:35

Nothing to worry about! :)

itches 3rd of July, 2002 04:49

Okay i'm going to be a bit of a barstard here and ask for something that i should of asked for when we started. Back grounds. I need to work out how you all came to be together as a group. It will have been not long ago. But what i need to work that out is your individual character backgrounds. Anything you can put in from the big day by day accounts of their previous lives, to a simple couple of sentenses would be much thanked.
When posting them, add them onto the end of your characters, in the "This Is You" thread please

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