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hedgeknight 17th of August, 2010 08:52

Looking for a game from years ago
When I first signed in here back in March 2006, I joined a game that featured monsters (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Gnolls) as characters. It was great fun until the DM disappeared to never return.
Any idea how I can find that game thread? I've looked through all of the current games on display and most of those don't even go back that far. I know you periodically delete(?) or archive games and threads but I was hoping it was still around somewhere in cyberspace limbo.

And I know it would be helpful if I could remember the name of the game or even the DM but I can't. I do remember my character's name, Grumpnik. And I've searched on that name and looked through all of my posts, but they only go back to 2008.

Any help? I'll dig up a few virgin sacrifices...promise!

itches 17th of August, 2010 09:25

I'll have a dig in our stockpile of deleted games. But for something that far back, if it isn't archived on the main index, the chances are low that we'll have it and your best bet would be hitting something like the wayback machine.

hedgeknight 17th of August, 2010 10:11

Wayback machine?

hedgeknight 17th of August, 2010 10:14

Figured out the name of the campaign - "Against All Odds, the Underdogs of War" if that helps.

And I found this list of players from a file I copied about the game:

My Fellow Gamers
coffeesucker (me, hedgeknight)

Are any of those still around?

itches 17th of August, 2010 10:41

Oh, this game. Sorry, it's long gone. The wayback machine is an archive of internet sites.

Mercutio 17th of August, 2010 10:50

Except that doesn't help because the links themselves don't work.

hedgeknight 17th of August, 2010 11:41

Yep, that's the game. But like Mercutio stated, the links don't work. :(

Thanks anyway for digging that up for me. I had an inkling of doing a similar game in either Greyhawk or the World of Aihrde using the Castles & Crusades system. At least you found the recruitment thread - that way I can glean some info from that to give me an idea or two.

Dang! Too bad those links don't work.

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