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crueldespot 3rd of April, 2007 09:51

Jiangu! Interlude: Sato Takeshi
Jiangu! Interlude: Sato Takeshi

Setting: The province of Bang Xie, 28th Morning of Early Spring, 300th Year of the Monkey.

Sato Takeshi was born to the Sato Clan, longtime caretakers of the imperial gardens in Dian Province, in the 295th year of the Horse. He was brought up to honor the immense variety of life. In the 297th year of the Dragon, he began his formal apprenticeship under his father's tutelidge, his first step toward, he hoped, one day becoming the Emperor's Head Garden Master. He loved passing the hours of the day tending to the plants and animals who called the imperial gardens home, painstakingly nurturing them and gently managing the chaos of nature to create harmony and beauty. The gardens were renouned even outisde Jiangu for their beauty and serenity, and had been the inspiration for many great poems and other works of art.

Takeshi's world came crashing down when the province, and "his" gardens, were overrun by the undead.

Takeshi was one of the fortunate residents of Dian who was able to make it to safety on the night that the undead swept through. He was away from the Imperial gardens on an errand, and fortunately close to the edge of the province. With his faithful companion Daisuke, Takeshi was able to swim across the Bronze River to Bang Xie Province. Thereby they escaped the fate of the thousands who crowded the bridges, attracting the undead spirits like flies to a picnic.

Takeshi and Daisuke wander until dawn on that terrible night. The next morning, they hear the news from some of the many others who escaped. Many return to Dian the next day, but most of those fall victim on the second night. This is when it becomes clear that the spirits will return every night.

Takeshi finds himself to be a refugee, among thousands of refugees from Dian Province. Overnight prices for food and lodging skyrocket. Disputes arise between the refugees and the locals, as desperate people without money are driven to steal. The refugees begin to spread out away from Dian.

OOC: Note that Takeshi has not yet seen any want ad for Golock. What are his initial plans after the destruction of Dian Province?

Boomlaor 3rd of April, 2007 14:36

Takeshi wanders somewhat aimlessly among the other refugees at first, like them, looking back accross the bronze river longingly. His thoughts are dark, as he tries to put out of his mind the sights and sounds of the imperial gardens in ruins. He winces as he remembers the bloated bodies of the koi floating in an oily slick, or the half consumed bodies of the small antelope herd, strewn among the shattered remnants of the copse of cherry trees they had tried to shelter in.

Before long, however, these dark thoughts are replaced by the dark scenes playing out all around him. He finds distraction, if not true solace, in tending to the other refugees like he untill recently did the gardens. He finds that he is able to help quite effectively, purifying water and food, helping light fires in damp wood, and generally spreading comfort. He makes mental note of berries and other edible plants, and sends children to gather them so that they will have something to occupy their thoughts other than their dire situation. Daisuke too proves quite helpful, assisting with digging shelters for the refugees or doing the labor of a beast of burden under Takeshi's guidance.

The two travel around the province, seeking to encourage harmony and help people wherever they can, and wherever they go, they are greeted with grateful smiles.

crueldespot 4th of April, 2007 02:16

Interlude 2: Spirit Animal
Jiangu! Interlude 2: Spirit Animal

For over a month, Takeshi continues his ministry among the refugees. Because it is not yet harvest time, there is nothing to glean from the fields, but the trees are just starting to produce the first berries. Takeshi's magic can make each berry into a meal, so he and Daisuke stay healthy, and he is able to contribute to the food supply of his fellow refugees.

As the refugees overwhelm each community, the local authorities drive them off, so the diaspora spreads further away from Dian. Some find employment on farms. Some resort to banditry. Soon various factions appear to contest the rulership of the empire, and they begin to recruit able bodied men for their armies.

After more than a month of this life, Takeshi is visited in his dreams by a spirit guide. It is a chipmunk, a creature often associated with gnomes due to their subteranean burrows, hoarding, and cleverness.

"Takeshi, your destiny calls you. Make haste to the Shrine of the Five Martyrs in Miao Province."

It is a simple edict, but clear.

At the time of this vision, Takeshi has wandered to FanRong Province, which has become the headquarters of the Cuanwei "Bloodline faction." It is led by Guanmiyan Cuanwei, a member of the Imperial clan who argues that he has the right to succeed the emperor. FanRong is the garrison of the Third Imperial Regiment, led by Colonel Cuanwei Shuai. This regiment and the Cuanwei militia form the core of the army they are building. The troops are inspired by the Colonel's aide de camp and son, Captain Renge. He is a charismatic leader who inspires the troops, but recently he has departed on some secret mission.

OOC: FanRong is 40S/20E of Dian.

Boomlaor 4th of April, 2007 07:39

Takeshi wakes, feeling the bittersweet mix of joy at having received a visit from a spirit guide, and ache at waking to find that the guide is no longer with him. Nevertheless, the chipmunk's message is burned indelibly in his mind. He begins his morning prayers, excited to have a new purpose, certain that the appearance of a chipmunk, of all creatures, must be a good omen. As he completes his devotional, his eyes lite upon a bit of driftwood washed up on the shore of the Bronze River near his camp which looks surprisingly like a chipmunk. He places it in his haversack, hoping it will bring him good luck and continued guidance from the spirits. Be packs his meager belongings and casts an eye over his campsite, ensuring that he has left no impact on the land. His last act before setting out is to plant an acorn which had landed on a large flat rock in soft soil and pour some water on it. He mounts Daisuke and the two head upstream, looking for a city or town at which he can hire passage up the river

crueldespot 4th of April, 2007 08:12

Jiangu! Interlude 3: Fees for Passengers

FanRong is one of the most heavily populated provinces in the empire, located at the intersection of the Bronze River and the Shining River, in the "Rice Basket" of the Imperial Heartland. The capital of the province is a major river port, with barges moving up and downstream regularly.

The fees for passengers are set by the riverboat guild at one silver coin per mile. For Takeshi and his mount it will cost 9 gold coins and 6 silver to return to Bang Xie Province.

Boomlaor 4th of April, 2007 08:43

Takeshi winces slightly at the thought of paying so much for travel.

Much suffering could be eased with these coins. I suppose that the riverboat men and their families need sustenance as well though.

He hands over the fare only slightly begrudgingly, though the matter is soon forgotten as the boat sets off. Daisuke naps lazily in the sun on the deck at Takeshi's feet, and Takeshi retreives the piece of driftwood he found, and sets to work with a small knife, enhancing the aspect of the chipmunk while trying to ensure that it still appears to be unaltered as driftwood.

crueldespot 4th of April, 2007 09:29

Interlude 4: Totem
Jiangu! Interlude 4: Totem

It is a very slow ride upstream. The barge moves about half a mile per hour against the current. At the end of the first day, the barge pulls up the the shore and is tied off to trees on the bank, after travelling about five miles.

As the crew forages for clean water and prepares dinner, the driftwood chipmunk in Takeshi's hand comes to life. It looks up to him and says "I have inhabited this totem that you have wrought for me. You are moving too slow, Druid. Your destiny will pass you by."

OOC: Travel speeds as per PHB p164

Boomlaor 4th of April, 2007 13:53

Takeshi stares for long moments at the chipmunk, scarcely believing his eyes. Spirit guides have often been known to visit the caretakers of the gardens in their sleep, but a waking visitation was truly a great blessing. He glances up at the nearly full moon and estimates that he has about four hours before it dips below the horizon. He quickly gathers up his belongings and saddles Daisuke with an appology and a small piece of candied ginger.

"I'm sure you feel the call as I do, Daisuke. We'll travel for a bit longer tonight."

Takeshi speaks briefly with the captain of the barge, thanking him for his assistance, and offering to fill the barge's water barrels with pure water. With a grateful smile and a bow he accepts the two rice balls offered by the crew and tucks them into his belt. The small gnome atop the large badger set off toward the imperial highway, anxious to meet with the destiny the spirit guide has foretold.

With only slight urging, Daisuke scampers along at a brisk pace, the pair stopping only once, when Takeshi's sharp eyes spot a chipmunk diving into its hole in an old stump. Takeshi briefly dismounts and places one of the rice balls reverantly onto the stump to give thanks to the chipmunk spirit. As they continue on their journey, he rests his hand lightly on the driftwood chipmunk, drawing energy and inspiration from it.

As the moon sets, the companions pause and a tired Daisuke digs a small burrow for them to rest in about a hundred feet from the highway. Takeshi gives Daisuke ample water and some berries which he has imbued with nutritious and healing properties. He eats the remaining rice ball, and the two fall fast asleep, planning to rise early and travel on in the morning.

[ooc hustle for 4 hours, traveling 24 miles, Daisuke taking 7 lethal damage and becoming fatigued. Takeshi casts goodberry to get [roll0] magical berries, which he feeds to her. Rest for 8 hours and travel on

edit: absent an intervening event such as an ambush or further counsel from the spirit guide, they will travel on at a normal pace (24 miles/day) untill they arrive at the shrine.]

crueldespot 5th of April, 2007 09:35

Interlude 5: Checkpoint
Jiangu! Interlude 5: Checkpoint

It is slow going at first, as Takeshi is setting out from a riverbank away from any major road or settlement. He finds his way around rice patties until he reaches a farm trail, and eventually works his way back to the highway.

As he leaves the province heading northwest, the sun is setting behind the ridgeline of mountains that seperate the lowlands from the upper Bronze valley.

In the gloom he approaches a checkpoint on the border. It is an improvised operation that has been established at a bridge over a small stream. Takeshi passed this way a few weeks ago heading south, and there was no checkpoint at that time, so it must be very new.

A fence gate has been lashed to the end of the bridge, and a tent nearby serves as the guard's quarters. There are three guards on duty, and apparently two or three others in the tent.

A corporal orders "Halt! The lands beyond here have not yet recognized the right of succession. What is your business travelling this way?"

guards CR1. Corporal CR2. Current location: vicinity of 5 W/ 30S

Boomlaor 5th of April, 2007 13:46

Takeshi dismounts and gives a respectful bow to the corporal.

"I've not seen my father these many weeks. His health was not well before all of this chaos started, and I have grown very concerned for him among the refugees. I am traveling to the shrine of the five martyrs to implore the spirits to look on him with favor."

[ooc spells prepared:

0th create water, create water, guidance, flare, purify food and drink
1st: magic fang, shillelagh, cure light wounds, goodberry
2nd: heat metal, bear's endurance, barkskin ]

crueldespot 6th of April, 2007 09:56

Interlude 6: Denied
Jiangu! Interlude 6: Denied

The corporal shakes his head. "Could be...but more likely you're a spy for the bureaucrats in Ichiba. 'Shrine of the Five Whatevers' sounds fake to me. We'll let the Heir's Appointed Court figure it out."

The corporal suddenly lashes out to grab Takeshi's arm.


interlude 6 (1d20=9)
interlude 6 sense motive (1d20=18)
Interlude 6 Initiative and other rolls as required (1d20=9, 1d20=4, 1d20=3, 1d20=5, 1d20=17, 1d20=20, 1d20=13, 1d20=12, 1d20=10, 1d20=20, 1d20=15, 1d20=4, 1d20=3, 1d20=11, 1d20=18, 1d20=17, 1d20=14, 1d20=11, 1d20=11, 1d20=15)

Unmodified initiative rolls: Takeshi 9, Corporal 4, other sentries 3.

Takeshi wins initiative and goes first.

Round 1
10 Takeshi 0E/0N moves next
05 Corporal 0E/10N flat footed
04 Sentry 1 5W/20N flat footed
04 Sentry 2 5E/20N flat footed
04 (remaining sentries in tent) 30E/50N[/i]

Boomlaor 7th of April, 2007 01:38

"I'm affraid I shall have to decline your invitation. I've no time to waste, and for your safety I advise you not to attempt to delay me."

Takeshi springs back onto Daisuke's back and urges her forward, invoking magic he has rarely had cause to use as a caretaker of the imperial gardens.

"Either way, mind you don't burn yourselves."

Attempt to quick remount Daisuke as a free action, cast heat metal targeting corporal and guard 1 (will dc16), order Daisuke to "defend" me as a free action, direct Daisuke to move to 0n,5w; 5n,10w; 10n15w; 15n,20w; 20n,20w. If the quick remount fails (remount is a move action), instead of above move, 5' step to 5s,5w.

crueldespot 10th of April, 2007 12:50

Interlude 7: Bridge Battle Round 1
Jiangu! Interlude 7: Bridge Battle Round 1

Takeshi is able to leap into the saddle, cast his spell, and lead Daisuke around the guards. The corporal and his men are able to intercept them. Daisuke claws the corporal, and one of the guards stabs Takeshi. The victims of the spell do not yet realize the pain that awaits him.

Interlude 7 (1d20=18, 1d20=6, 1d20=1, 1d20=18, 1d20=1, 1d20=14, 1d20=6, 1d20=10, 1d20=9, 1d20=4, 1d20=2, 1d20=19, 1d20=20, 1d20=5, 1d20=9, 1d20=20, 1d20=20, 1d20=8, 1d20=2, 1d20=5)

Round 1
10 Takeshi 20W/20N. 18/24hp. Fast remount 18+mods. Succeeds.. Corporal and sentry 1 rolls 6 & 1 to save. Both fail. Handle animal auto success.
05 Corporal 15W/15N Draws weapon while moving in. Triggers readied action from Daisuke. Daisuke hits with an 18 for 5 pts of damage. Corporal misses with a 1.
04 Sentry 1 15W/20N. Attacks Takeishi. Hits with 14+mods for 6 pts of damage.
04 Sentry 2 15W/25N. Moves and attacks. Misses with a 6
04 (remaining sentries in tent) 30E/50N. Start to rouse.

Boomlaor 10th of April, 2007 13:54

"Are you so anxious then to fertilize these fine strong trees? Very well, then you shall!"

5' step to 25n,25w, cast bear's endurance, sharing with Daisuke, as a move action push Daisuke to ready an attack against guard 2 when he comes into range, as a free action drop down in the saddle to take cover behind Daisuke.

crueldespot 11th of April, 2007 10:17

Interlude 8: Bridge Battle Round 2
Jiangu! Interlude 8: Bridge Battle Round 2

Takeshi leads Daisuke away from the sentries and casts a spell of endurance on himself. The corporal pursues and suffers a viscious bite from Daisuke, just as his armor gets hot from the previous spell. He collapses, unconscious. His men continue their assault. One of them is able to draw more blood from Takeshi, despite the druid’s best efforts to hide behind Daisuke in the saddle. The other sentry starts to wriggle as his armor gets hot enough to burn him.

Interlude 8 (1d20=4, 1d20=20, 1d20=13, 1d20=11, 1d20=16, 1d20=20, 1d20=14, 1d20=9, 1d20=1, 1d20=1, 1d20=4, 1d20=9, 1d20=7, 1d20=20, 1d20=5, 1d20=2, 1d20=11, 1d20=8, 1d20=16, 1d20=8)

Round 2
10 Takeshi 25W/25N. 24/24hp. Moves. Casts bear endurance. Gains 10HP. Fails to push companion with 4+mods. Takes cover. Corporal and sentry take 2 pts of damage from heat metal. Daisuke continues former command to guard and readies an attack.
05 Corporal 20W/20N Steps in and triggers attack from Daisuke. Daisuke hits with a 20 and confirms with a 13. 10 pts of damage. Lost 5 pts in round 1 and 4 pts in round 2. Unconscious and bleeding.
4 Sentry 1 15W/20N. Steps and attacks Daisuke. Misses with 11+mods. 4 pts of damage in round 2.
04 Sentry 2 15W/25N. Moves and attacks Takeshi. Hits with 16+mods (inc cover). 4 pts of damage.
04 (remaining sentries in tent) 30E/50N. Roused.

Boomlaor 11th of April, 2007 12:31

Takeshi grunts as the guard's weapon bites into his side. Trying to flow with the momentum of the blow, he hops off of Daisuke and begins casting a more complicated spell.

attempt to quick dismount into 20n,30w, order Daisuke to full attack guard 1 as a free action, sacrifice barkskin to spontaneously begin casting summon nature's ally II for 1d3 wolves into (in order of preference) 25n,15w; 30n,0e; 25n,0e.

crueldespot 12th of April, 2007 08:52

Interlude 9: Bridge Battle Round 3
Jiangu! Interlude 9: Bridge Battle Round 3

Takeshi slips from the saddle and starts his spell while Daisuke savagely bites one of the sentries. The same sentry screams in pain as his armor glows white hot. He collapses, cooked. The other sentry fences with the badger. Meanwhile, two more sentries emerge from their tent and rush towards the fighting.

Interlude 9 (1d20=16, 1d20=7, 1d20=9, 1d20=8, 1d20=19, 1d20=11, 1d20=10, 1d20=5, 1d20=19, 1d20=14, 1d20=4, 1d20=9, 1d20=12, 1d20=17, 1d20=19, 1d20=20, 1d20=19, 1d20=8, 1d20=13, 1d20=1)

Round 3
10 Takeshi 30W/20N. 24/24hp. Quick dismount 16+mods. Success. Handle animal 7+mods success. Daisuke attack on guard 1: 9 misses, .8 misses, 19 hits for 5 pts of damage. Takeshi starts spell. Heat metal does 5 more pts of damage. That is enough to finish sentry 1.
05 Corporal 20W/20N. Lost 5 pts in round 1 and 14 pts in round 2. Unconscious and bleeding. Roll to stabilize 11/20 fails. Takes 6 more pts from heat metal.
4 Sentry 1 25W/20N. 4 pts of damage in round 2. 10 pts in round 3. Unconscious and bleeding. 10/20 to stabilize. Fails.
04 Sentry 2 25W/30N. Moves. Attacks Daisuke. Misses with 5+mods.
04 Sentry 3 05E/45N. Moves
04 Sentry 4 0E/40N. Moves.

Boomlaor 13th of April, 2007 01:44

Takeshi completes the casting of his summoning spell, and immediately goes into another spell.

"I wouldn't play with Daisuke if I were you. She tends to be kind of rough on her toys."

[roll0] wolf appears in 40n,5w. Cast magic fang on Daisuke, instruct Daisuke to full attack sentry 2 as a free action, instruct wolf to full attack sentry 4 as a move action.

crueldespot 13th of April, 2007 09:53

Interlude 10: Bridge Battle Round 4
Jiangu! Interlude 10: Bridge Battle Round 4

Now enchanted, Daisuke rakes one of the sentries with his claw. The two guards that were sleeping in the tent have roused themselves and moved forward to join the fray, but are impeded by the sudden appearance of the summoned wolf in front of them. The wolf starts to fight with one of the reinforcements, while the other circles around and reaches the fray around Takeshi and Daisuke.


Round 4
10 Takeshi 30W/20N. 24/24hp. Casts magic fang (on claw #1?). Daisuke attacks sentry 2 claw #1: [roll0] for [roll1] damage. Claw #2: [roll2] for [roll3] damage. Bite: [roll4] for [roll5] damage. Only claw 2 hits.
10 Wolf 05W/40N. Summoned until round 8. Attacks guard #4 [roll6] for [roll7] damage. Roll to trip if hit [roll8] vs [roll9]. Wolf misses.
05 Corporal 20W/20N . Lost 5 pts in round 1 and 14 pts in round 2. Unconscious and bleeding. Roll to stabilize [roll10]
4 Sentry 1 25W/20N. 4 pts of damage in round 2. 10 pts in round 3. Unconscious and bleeding. Roll to stabilize [roll11]
04 Sentry 2 30W/25N. 5’ adjusts and attacks Takeshi. [roll12] to hit for [roll13] damage. Misses. 7 pts of damage in round 4.
04 Sentry 3 05E/45N. Attacks the summoned wolf. [roll14] to hit for [roll15] damage. Misses.
04 Sentry 4 30W/30N. Double move, avoiding the wolf.

Boomlaor 13th of April, 2007 14:34

"Just one, huh, and he seems to be fairly ineffective," Takeshi says to himself, looking at the newly arrived wolf, "Well, you know what they say. If you want something to be done right you must do it yourself." He steps away from the fray and casts a spell, causing his walking staff to grow and bristle with power.

5' step to 15n,25w. Instructions for both animals remain the same as the previous round. Cast Shillelaugh.

crueldespot 16th of April, 2007 12:55

Interlude 11: Bridge Battle Round 5
Jiangu! Interlude 11: Bridge Battle Round 5

As Takeshi casts his spell, Daisuke finishes off another sentry. The summoned wolf exchanges blows with the furthest opponent.

The prone corporal and his fellow have now finished cooking as the spell to heat their armor has run its course. The smell of burnt flesh is too much for the other sentry that faces Daisuke. He turns and runs away to the west through the forest.

Interlude 11 (1d20=19, 1d20=15, 1d20=4, 1d20=17, 1d20=5, 1d20=11, 1d20=7, 1d20=11, 1d20=5, 1d20=13, 1d20=7, 1d20=1, 1d20=14, 1d20=12, 1d20=7, 1d20=7, 1d20=10, 1d20=13, 1d20=15, 1d20=3)

Round 4
10 Takeshi 25W/15N. 24/24hp. Casts shillelagh. Daisuke attacks Sentry #2. Claw #1 hits with 19 for 6 pts of damage. Claw #2 hits with 15 for 4 pts of damage. Bite misses.
10 Wolf 05W/40N. 6/13hp. Summoned until round 8. Attacks Sentry #4 with 11+mods. Hits for 5 damage. Roll to trip 7+mods vs 11+mods. Fails to trip.
05 Corporal 20W/20N. Cooked to death
4 Sentry 1 25W/20N. Cooked to death
04 Sentry 2 30W/25N. 7 pts of damage in round 4. 10 pts of damage in round 5. Unconscious and bleeding. Fails to stabilize 5/20
04 Sentry 3 70W/30N. Attacks wolf. Hits with 13+mods for 6 pts of damage. 5 pts of damage in round 4.
04 Sentry 4 00E/40N. Withdraws.

Boomlaor 17th of April, 2007 00:16

"I suggest you follow your friend," Takeshi calls out to the man on the road, "It would be more enjoyable, I think, to live, than to feed Daisuke." Urging Daisuke with caution, Takeshi walks slowly back toward the road, and with a slight motion, the wolf dissappears.

free action to speak,
free action to order Daisuke to "defend" me,
move to 15n,5w,
standard action to dismiss the wolf.

crueldespot 17th of April, 2007 10:21

Interlude 12: Bridge Battle Aftermath
Jiangu! Interlude 12: Bridge Battle Aftermath

Realizing that he is the sole remaining defender, the wounded sentry takes advantage of the wolf’s disappearance to flee eastward.

Takeshi and his badger are left at the checkpoint alone, except for the corpses.

The deceased corporal wore a chain shirt and his subordinates wore scale armor. All carried spears. Their purses and the tent contain a combined 11 pounds of coins, mostly silver, with a total value of 200 gold pieces.

Each sentry: Scale mail (50 gp, 30 lb), Spear (2gp, 6lbs), Dagger (2 gp, 1 lb), Backpack (2 gp, 2 lb), Flint and steel (1 gp, 0 lb), Waterskin (1 gp, 4 lb), Whetstone (.02 gp, 1 lb), Winter blanket (.5 gp, 3 lb), 40 gp and 100 sp (3 lbs).
Corporal: Chain shirt (100 gp, 25 lb), Spear (2gp, 6lbs), Shortsword (10 gp, 2 lb), Backpack (2 gp, 2 lb), Flint and steel (1 gp, 0 lb), Waterskin (1 gp, 4 lb), Whetstone (.02 gp, 1 lb), Winter blanket (.5 gp, 3 lb), 80 gp and 200 sp.(5 lbs)

400xp earned.

Boomlaor 18th of April, 2007 01:08

Takeshi wraps each dead man in a blanket, tucks a silver coin under his tongue, and, with Daisuke's help, rolls the bodies into the river. That done, he puts as many of the coins he found as will fit into his haversack, and remounts Daisuke to continue his journey. As they cross the bridge, he feels a pang of remorse that he had to kill, and places his hand once again on the driftwood chipmunk for reassurance.

The companions travel on, a sense of urgency driving their pace. They travel for 10 hours a day, Takeshi feeding Daisuke magical berries each evening to ease the strain on the dire badger's body, then rest each night in a small den dug by Daisuke about a hundred feet away from the trail or road they are traveling on.

crueldespot 18th of April, 2007 08:45

Interlude 13: Approaching BangXie
Interlude 13: Approaching BangXie

Takeshi avoids pursuit. They sleep in a burrow offroad dug by Daisuke. At dawn they wake to cross the mountains. Before any pursuing force could be mobilized and catch up to them, they have reached the other side of the mountains and are approaching BangXie Province, which is controlled by a rival faction calling itself "The Interim Government."

A ferry is the means to cross the river into BangXie Province. The ferry is moored on the far side. As Takeshi descends from the last mountain ridge towards the riverbed, he has a good vantage point to see that the Interim Government has established a detachment of soldiers on guard there.

Interlude 13 (1d20=15, 1d20=13, 1d20=16, 1d20=18, 1d20=20, 1d20=19, 1d20=13, 1d20=11, 1d20=16, 1d20=14)
Survival 15+mods. Hide 13+mods. Success.

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