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Erendiox 10th of July, 2004 13:37

Snowsilver Sanctum (OOC)
Hey everybody. Welcome to our new forums.

Ok. Im hoping to start the game sometime soon. Lyn has informed me that she will be gone until sunday so that is theoretically as soon as we could start. Before we can get going, of course, I need everyone's character sent to me by email for a thorough inspection :worry: and then posted in the Exalted subforum.

Here is everyone's status:

Eternal - Still waiting for your char to be sent to me. Get it to me as soon as you can dust :)

..............or else :dead: :evil: :dead:

Red - Still waiting for your char as well. Im almost tempted to just let you post yours in the char section without me looking at it (im assuming no problems from you)....... but no, send it to me first just for the sake of procedure. ;)

Lyn - ive got your character. After careful inspection and deliberation my final decision is........... :angry: you're fired:angry: ......... Just kidding :fun: . Your character is great. One minor problem. After counting your skills and BP useage (several times :) ) I keep counting you one too many skill points over. It actually could be one BP if you had spent one to raise a caste/favored ability. If you could just correct that by subtracting one point from one of your skills, you can then go right ahead and post it in the char section.

CouchpotatoGOD - Im sitting right next to you as I type this. No need to tell you anything encouraging loozzer. *little brother proceeds to cry eyes out*

And there is one mysterious stranger with no forum name as of yet. I will make sure he gets one and posts his char soon.

red_dr4g0n94 11th of July, 2004 02:15


Originally Posted by Erendiox
Red - Still waiting for your char as well. Im almost tempted to just let you post yours in the char section without me looking at it (im assuming no problems from you)....... but no, send it to me first just for the sake of procedure. ;)

Yeeeeah :paranoid: I'll go get on that now. I'll try and get it to you today.

Lyn Nalyr 12th of July, 2004 08:48

oops my bad, sorry Dan. ;) I'll fix it.

Erendiox 12th of July, 2004 09:47

Ok. Another update.

Lyn, Red, Couch, your characters are posted and you three are squared away. Eternal will hopefully post his character soon, I prompted him to last night. The mysterious unnamed person must be hunted down :) , but his character has allready been approved by me so as soon as he has a forum identity, his character is going up.

Also, the solars, Red, Lyn, and the mysterious man, must come up with a little backstory on how you met up with each other. Either you guys do it or I can do it if you like. I would prefer it if you guys could figured it out on your own tho. I think it would be better that way, since they are your characters after all. The same goes for the two lunars, Couch and Eternal. If one of you from each group could send a paragraph or two explaining how you all met up (either by email or PM), then I could include that in the opening post for both groups.

Btw, Red and Lyn, if you could just work the story out between yourselves for now, im going to get the myserious stranger online as soon as I can so he can talk with you two.

Gimme a message back soon guys. As soon as this is done the game starts!

RelentlessNight 15th of July, 2004 15:03

Hmm, any chance I can join your merry troupe? :)

Erendiox 15th of July, 2004 22:44


Originally Posted by RelentlessNight
Hmm, any chance I can join your merry troupe? :)

Always a chance my friend :) . Would you mind if I asked you to be a non-full moon lunar? Right now the count is 3 solars and 2 beefy full moon lunars. If you really dont want to then you can certainly be something else if you wish. Im not going to force you.

RelentlessNight 16th of July, 2004 14:29

I wish I could be a Lunar but... I can't due to not owning E: tL. I was planning on creating a night caste pickpocket and thief to join your band. I havent played a night caste before so I thought it might be something different :)

Erendiox 16th of July, 2004 14:50

The problem is I have a night caste solar in here allready :( with a very simliar concept. Id love to have you in the game but I really want to avoid having two of the very same kind of characters. Especially if they are the same caste.

Erendiox 16th of July, 2004 15:24

Ok. All my players, I need your attention. :S

Before we all go get ourselves killed, there are 2 very simple house rules that I would very much like to use in this game. Of course, this is everyone's game and if someone has a big problem with either or both, then we can just forget about them. I always thought they were nifty. Here they are:

#1: If you are attacked after declaring and performing actions, you may make parrys at a cumlative -2 dicepool and Dodges at -1 dicepool. Basically, if find yourself out of declared actions, there is no need to die a horrific death because you miscalculated something and have no declared actions left. Combat shouldn't have to be a frusterating guessing game where you can be caught completely off guard by making the wrong decision. This basically means that you have defense rolls until you run out of dice.

Example (if you completely didnt understand the above paragraph :fun: ): Solar Dawn is being attacked by several guards. He splits his dicepool 3 ways, wins initiative, and attacks 3 times. after his attacks, the guards who were not attacked make their move against Dawn. Since Dawn's last action was at -5 (three actions is -3, -4, -5) he could make parry/blocks at -7, then -9, then -11, until he ran out of dice. He could also make dodges at -6, -7, -8... until he ran out of dice. The rules for aborting to a defense still holds as normal if you are attacked before initiative except for the abort to parry rule. Instead of only one parry, you get parries just as above, at -2 cumulative dicepool.

and rule #2, which is quite a bit simpler than rule #1:
When rolling for damage, take into account the number of successes achieved.... If only 1 success is rolled, calculate damage as normal, and the player does 1/4 dice in final damage. If only 2 successes are rolled. The player only does 1/2 dice in final damage. 3 successes provide full damage and the rules stay the same from that upward. This, in my opinion, prevents what I have seen before, people splitting their action into a million attacks, in the hopes of garnishing a success and doing huge damage with a very powerful weapon (not that I think you all would do that :) but I like this rule anyways). I think it makes a nice noticible gap between a skimming hit and a solid blow.

Once again, if you guys arent cool with this stuff, then we can forget about it. Also, just remember, not only are both rules good for extending your lifespan, but it will do the same for your enemies. These rules are double edged swords :) .

Eternal 16th of July, 2004 21:18

You are rolling and regulating action sequences for us, right? If that is that case (and I can't see it working any other way) than how will battle sequences and stunts work?

Erendiox 17th of July, 2004 01:30


Originally Posted by Eternal
You are rolling and regulating action sequences for us, right? If that is that case (and I can't see it working any other way) than how will battle sequences and stunts work?

I dont quite understand what you're asking. Action sequences go like this:

- Combat starts
- I explain the situation and roll initiative, telling you what order you will go in.
- You post in that order, declaring you actions and rolling your rolls beforehand.
- I post all the results and give you the next initiative.

Its really that simple. If you dont completely understand, heres a good example of combat ive been looking at:

Oh. And also, stunts work like this. Whenever I feel you action deserved stunt dice, I will roll those dice seperately and add any successes to you initial result.

PatrynXar 18th of July, 2004 08:40

I wish to join you in this woderus farse. Merely tell which is needed an any details i need to know and i will get a character together. Thanks.

Erendiox 18th of July, 2004 10:23


Originally Posted by PatrynXar
I wish to join you in this woderus farse. Merely tell which is needed an any details i need to know and i will get a character together. Thanks.

Well then. Im glad to have prospective players step up to our door ;) . If I could ask you to play a specific type of exalted, that would be great. It would balance things out if you were to play a non-full moon lunar. We allready have two full moon lunar warriors and it would be great if we had a lunar character that embodied some stuff 'sides killing things (no disrespect to the full moons intended :fun: ). If you dont think you can play a char like this or you really dont want to, I wont force you. We still have two more solar exalted castes that are not taken: Zenith, and Twilight. You could be either of those as well, allthough being the lunar would help things alot. Your choice really. Get back to me whenever you can and ill squeze you in somewhere. :)

red_dr4g0n94 18th of July, 2004 14:06

Say, Erendiox? How much Essence have Silver Wind and Shaedra spent? And do they have any side effects (*cough*anima banner*cough*) from any such expidentures?

Erendiox 19th of July, 2004 11:36

Thats a good question Red :fun: . In the beginning it didnt matter really, but since you seem to be on battle's doorstep, its something that needs to be clarified. To be perfectly honest, I didnt map out exactly what you did during the battle :cool: so im going to leave this matter up to my wonderful friend, the 10 sided die. Understand the battle was brutal, you left no quarter with your combat charms. You have both spent 20 +2d10 essence. That subtracted from what your max pool is, will be what you have at the moment. And tell you what, ill even roll it for you ;) .

Shaedra - [2, 6] = 8 + 20 = 28 spent essence

Silver Wind - [8, 7] = 15 + 20 = 35 spent essence

There you go kids :fun:

Oh. btw, your anima banners have had plenty of time to cool down, even now to the point where the lv 1 mark will not linger, so you're both safe.... sorta :\ :) .

red_dr4g0n94 22nd of July, 2004 15:09

Heh, thats a LOT of essence for Silver Wind. She's only got 4 essence left in her peripheral pool, and nothing left in her personal pool.

Speaking of essence, our friendly Luanrs have been spending it like crazy shapechanging and stuff. ;) I hope you boys have been keeping track of it.

And on a semi-related note, Here's hoping everyone can communicate, no? Silver Wind speaks River-speak and Low realm, and I know Shaedra speaks Low realm, but what do our friendly Lunars speak in?

CouchpotatoGOD 23rd of July, 2004 00:53

Sorry bout the essence drain red :fun:

And the languages..... hadnt thought of that....

Well, I just spoke with CouchpotatoGOD about what language he knows. It occured to him that since he was raised in an orphanage, he knows low realm, but he has had plenty of time with the lunars in the east to learn forest-tongue, so he has made a small change to his character to add 1 lingusitics. So Tiden knows low realm and forest tongue, but Icarus has no linguistics score, and was born and raised in the deep east as a barbarian, so im assuming he knows nothing but forest tongue. As far as the last few posts where we had talked to eachother..... I have no idea what to do. It would be frivelous to go back and edit everything to account for the fact that the lunars would probably have started taking in forest tongue, or the fact that Icarus does not know the language the solars speak in. I suppose we could just go on and forget about it. That would be best. Everything will be in low realm, and Tiden will have to translate for Icarus. That keeps things simple.

Eternal 23rd of July, 2004 02:51

Dude, if you recheck my sheet, you'll see that I have one in Linguistics and two in Lore. You have me a mistake my friend! :cool: I never make a Lunar that can only talk one language and is illiterate.:yum:

Erendiox 24th of July, 2004 00:38

OH! Im sorry for assumng you a stupid illiterate lunar killing machine Eternal :P. I just took a glance at your wisdom skills and I didnt see linguistics there, so I assumed you had none. I dont know why the hell the game designers put linguistics under LIFE skills, makes no sense to me. So I assume you know low realm and we can put aside this whole language problem?

red_dr4g0n94 28th of July, 2004 08:10

Dammit Erendiox, you just love throwing Silver Wind in for a loop don't you? I was hoping she'd get there in time to at least save someone, but it looks like she was a few seconds too late.

Kinda regretting not taking tha Fiery Arrow charm right now...

And on a more biological note, Kheervis is a he, not a she. :D

And it seems we will finally be forcing this mysterious person to post.

Erendiox 28th of July, 2004 11:21

Kheervis = he got it

and btw, who says you're not in time to save someone.....:worry:

red_dr4g0n94 1st of August, 2004 04:42

I sorta assumed that Indurian speaks River-Speak in my last post, since it says in his sheet that he was born and raised in Nexus. That and the fact that he doesn't have any dots in linguistics means he would have had to shout out in that.

;) He's just lucky the person he shouted out to actually understood it. Otherwise we might have had a misunderstanding involving bloodshed that would probably have to be solved post-humanisly.

And on another note, if Indurian does become part of the party, it seems Silver Wind will have to play translator between them. That may play out rather interesting, depending on how this little confrontation plays out.:O

Eternal 4th of August, 2004 04:59

Hi I'm grounded from the compy, so don't tell anyone I posted!

Erendiox 12th of August, 2004 14:23

Hey guys. Im leavin tomorrow (thursday) to go down to florida with the family. Im gone for about 2 weeks. I honestly dont know if im going to be able to get access to the internet while im there so things might come to a halt while im gone (not that they havent with Tolvai around. Forgive him, hes a buisy guy :fun: ). So hopefully I will be able to post, but if not ill see you all on monday 2 weeks from now. Cya!

red_dr4g0n94 13th of August, 2004 06:32

Yeah, it's okay. ;) At the rate we're going me and Tolvai might actually have this conversation done by the end of the month...:\

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