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nightinverse 21st of April, 2005 01:35

OOC Thread
This is the basic OOC thread, where we can discuss different things. Enjoy.

nightinverse 21st of April, 2005 01:43

I am leaving for the day, but I will be back to begin setting things up tomorrow. Feel free to jump in on the OOC. Current players are: ShadowDawn, Doomsmile, Shadow_Link and The Hive Custodian.

Others who post in the OOC may have their comments removed.

nightinverse 21st of April, 2005 02:20

In the event that somebody wishes to join this game (Example: Takk?) you (The Players) will have a say in whether they can or cannot. I just want to put this out; you retain some powers within the administration of this game.

Takkaryx 21st of April, 2005 03:23

Hey, I'm in.

The Hive Custodian 21st of April, 2005 06:30

Wow... you got the forum a lot faster than I did.

So, about magic and psionics. I think you'd better allow them at the beginning, or not at all; it would take a lot of explaining for them to spontaneously appear in the world out of nowhere.

And about character creation: As fabulous as Coordinate/Inspiration/Greater Inspiration is, I'm not really in the mood for a Charismatic Hero at the moment, so if someone would cover that, it would help us all out a lot.

ShadowDawn 21st of April, 2005 06:48

Spontaneous appearance of magic can be good, provided he's willing to work it into the overall world... if other people have it at the beginning and it's just the PC's that don't, it may just be a matter of experience...

I'm probably going for an elven gunman. Yes, I know, typical- "+2 Dex and a fast hero, ooh" but I'll do everything else I can to make the character as nontypical as possible. I think I've succeeded.

Takkaryx 21st of April, 2005 09:33

I can do the Charismatic/Smart skill whore/face. I'll probably go into negotiator later.

The Hive Custodian 21st of April, 2005 09:58

About the un-shadowized Shadowkind: many of them have the bonus feat Archaic Weapons Proficiency. Is this how you're going to run it, or are they going to get something else instead? Also, I'll look for my tweak of the Wealth System to prevent the infinite wealth loop.

nightinverse 22nd of April, 2005 08:00

Magic and psionics exist... you just can't have them as you start. I have to run through some things before I implement them.

On the Shadowkind... I'm not sure, but I think they shall get a crappy feat of their choice: like Cautious, or Deceptive... let me figure that out. Also, they don't just dissappear at death anymore.

I'm still really headachey, so stuff is a little muddled.

nightinverse 22nd of April, 2005 08:23

I am considering turning off signatures in IC threads. This means that I, personally won't really care how big your sigs are otherwise.

Also, I may get a proxy account for a rotation of people you don't know to play NPCs in this game. I'm thinking about injecting other personalities through this system into NPCs so I can focus on a handful and not entirely neglect the development of others...

If I do this, the proxy will have a temporary voice whenever whoever it is on and I may want you to treat the unknown Assistant GM as you would each other.

The Hive Custodian 22nd of April, 2005 09:23


Originally Posted by nightinverse
Magic and psionics exist... you just can't have them as you start. I have to run through some things before I implement them.

Eh... in any case, we can't get advanced classes until 4th level, so it should be fine for a while anyhow.

So... what things are we not allowed to take? We don't have to worry about advanced classes yet, but what equipment do we not have access to? I assume cybernetics and any related items/skills/feats are unavailable? Same with robots, and anything else beyond PL5? Can we take Mutations to represent wierd lineages? Are we going to use the Occupation Points system that I put in Custom Rules? If so, how many points?

Speaking of the Mutation system, some combinations are quite interesting. Look at this one:

Blood Hunger (-1), Fangs (+1), Light Sensitivity (-1), Ultraviolet Allergy (-3), leaving 4 MP of your choice... it's a vampire!

I may have to come up with a new feat to go with the mutation system... now, how many MP is equal to one feat... looks like 2 MP a feat (or so).

And how's character generation going to work? Point-buy or rolls?

As for my character, I think I'm going to play a biological scientist.

nightinverse 22nd of April, 2005 09:40

1. I'll work out illegal stuff on a case by case basis.
2. Nothing past PL5, only TWO restricted licenses each.
3. Ummm... yes on mutations, but subject to my approval.

Okay, so essentially everything is case by case...


Oh, and I am currently locked out of my GM Database, so I may be delayed in setting everything up.

The Hive Custodian 22nd of April, 2005 13:34

I have a feeling that I'm going to make a Feat that gives MP, and then Doomsmile's going to blow his first 7 feats into making his character a half-dragon or something.

Doomsmile 22nd of April, 2005 13:55

I was thinking more along the lines of 1) the inpire-o-matic, 2) the robot-maker with a sword, 3) a ninja (with a sword), or 4) the person who owns a chopper (if that is feasable. The chopper chewed up most, scrathc that, all of the character). With magic in the mix, though....

nightinverse 22nd of April, 2005 14:27

Yes, but no starting magic, so...

Doomsmile 23rd of April, 2005 03:08

I kinda' went a bit overboard with the mutation table late last night after a stroke of "inspiration"... Would it be acceptable to play a centauroid, insectoid character? (Exoskeleton, claws, mandibles, tail, wall-walking...) If that would be okay, what kind of weird looks/discrimination could such a character expect? (I spent no feats, but based it off of the dragon-blooded human shadowkind, so have a level penalty of 1...)

Takkaryx 23rd of April, 2005 13:34

Um..People would probably shoot you. On sight. Out of sheer terror.

nightinverse 23rd of April, 2005 13:46

Unwarranted Humour Thread
For jokes. Because you jokers need one.

nightinverse 23rd of April, 2005 13:47

You could expect to die as a child, and not be a character. Okay? Please... try for a humanoid!

Doomsmile 24th of April, 2005 02:31

Dang. Back to da' humies...
I just noticed: whenever I get inspiration late at night, it always ends up badly....

nightinverse 24th of April, 2005 08:44


ShadowDawn 24th of April, 2005 09:38

Yeeeeeeeah... mebbe not such a good plan.

Shadow_Link 24th of April, 2005 11:32

Yo yo dizzle nizzle...McKizzle?Can anyone help with finding some old radio detective scripts?

nightinverse 24th of April, 2005 11:54

Nah, site I used for The Shadow was banned.

nightinverse 25th of April, 2005 14:38

Okay, so it's taking me a lot of time to actually do anything... I'm having some issues, as usual. However, I'll get this to work!

After two re-creations by LeecheSS, I still lack access to my GM Database.

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