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hedgeknight 26th of June, 2006 23:13

OOC: The place for cackling!
Whoohoo! We're up and running! :P
Thanks BRR for getting us started and thanks to all who viewed and posted their interests in the character acquisition thread.

This week, burlyjr and I will be adding basic content about creating characters, posting actions, basic house rules, and our version of the Realms in which the scenarios will take place. Be thinking of a 3rd edition, first level character using just the basic core rules. Keep it real simple, folks. :nod:

We are looking at having the first scenario up and ready to roll in less than a week. I already have it typed up and have the initial map ready.

Much more to come....

akiko 27th of June, 2006 00:28

Cackle. Cackle.

Ok, so I am just finished generating an Earth Mephling Druid (Manual of the Planes) because I always wanted to make one. Or I could use a Dream Dwarf instead. Or if it comes down to it, a halfling because I already have one of those too. Looks like I am pretty solid for a druid.;)

hedgeknight 27th of June, 2006 00:37

:O Er...:eek:
Stop it! You're scaring me!
What the hell is a Mephling anyway?
Whatever it is...I'm gonna kill it! :yum:

Core rules only, my friend. Just started a thread on character creation - check it out.

akiko 27th of June, 2006 00:47

I figured as much. But I wanted to be the first to cackle and I was looking at this book not too long ago. A mephling is like a little mephit from the planar handbook. The not so evil runts of the mephit family.
From left to right: Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

BigRedRod 27th of June, 2006 00:51

I've just realised that this may be one of the few situations where AD&D is actually superior to 3e. The problem with character creation for these little adventures stems from how much a character can be customised when really you just want people to play a thief or a fighter.

Not that you should change. It just made me think.

hedgeknight 27th of June, 2006 00:55

You're right BRR - and I have always thought AD&D was superior to 3E - but that's an whole 'nother discussion in a whole 'nother forum. ;)

I knew you were joshing akiko - I love Mephits! Use 'em in my games occasionally with fun and sometimes devastating effect. :D
Nice pic!

BigRedRod 27th of June, 2006 00:57

Please do start a thread about that. This is pretty much the only time I've seen value in AD&D, the thought of somebody thinking it superior is quite intriguing.

hedgeknight 27th of June, 2006 01:10

I'll start it, but I gotta run some errands right after.

You can field the scathing remarks and dodge the sling stones, eh? :D

Noocytx 27th of June, 2006 01:12

That was fast.

YAY! Combat and more combat to come. Going to have to run off and make some quick characters to run through it all.

Might as well throw a quick question at you, by core it's PHB, DMG, and MM right. You're not including the Expanded Psionics Handbook?

burlyjr 27th of June, 2006 01:17

Lots of combat to come Noocytx and your right we're not including the Expanded Psionics Handbook.

Linklegacy77 27th of June, 2006 02:30

How come Burlyjr gets to be the one to help huh? WHY WASN'T I INVITED!??????????????????????????

hedgeknight 27th of June, 2006 03:24

Are you whining?!?!?

There is no whining in gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Er....well actually, sometimes there is a lot of whining. Heh. :D

Johnny and I have been gaming buds for over 15 years. I thunk up this idea and ran it by him and he nearly fell all over himself to get to do it! So, here we are!
My name is Gary, by the way. You can call me coffeesucker, Coffee, or you can refer to me by my Native American name: Three Tracks in the Snow ;)
I'll answer to any of 'em.

Linklegacy77 27th of June, 2006 04:16

Sure thing, you can keep calling me Link.

Belkregos 27th of June, 2006 07:24

still room in here?

BigRedRod 27th of June, 2006 07:49

I think the idea is that there is always room.

Belkregos 27th of June, 2006 07:52

cool! :d

hedgeknight 27th of June, 2006 09:25

I was wondering when you were gonna show up, Bel!

There's room for all!
Well, until we put out a call for players, then it's first come, first, I mean served :)

What we want folks to be doing now is creating a character or two (see the Character Creation thread) and get ready to chime in when we post the scenario - we are aiming for Sunday evening to kick off the first scenario and invite the first five players.

Thus, if you have your characters ready, you can jump in and we can post combat right off the get go!

Belkregos 27th of June, 2006 14:34

ive been ready!
lets do this!

burlyjr 27th of June, 2006 14:40

Sounds like we got at least 5 ready to go. Be checking in on Sunday evening(EST) and lets see who the first group will be.

Noocytx 28th of June, 2006 10:48

How long do you plan on the first quick post to last?

I know you said you're going to start Sun (night), but you expecting more than a week long?

If so, I think I'm going to be sitting the first one out sadly. Don't want to hold back the quick post at all. Going to be leaving on the 8th of July and won't have internet access for a week.

Do wish I could be part of this though, especially the first run.

My Fellow Gamers 28th of June, 2006 11:38

We can always join later " mini-sessions" right? Right?

Noocytx 28th of June, 2006 11:43

Yep, which I plan on doing. Just wish I could be part of the first. Kinda be part of that elite group. I don't know.

I just wanna play :\

hedgeknight 28th of June, 2006 11:49

Mini sessions - right! Jump in whenever you can.
As for how long the first one will last - I'm think it won't last longer than 10 rounds - if it does...that means that the "bad guys" are skinning the "good guys." :D

I'm gonna be out of town on the 8th too. But Johnny is gonna run it for the weekend should it last past the 7th. But if we can post once or twice a day with two to three rounds of action per post, we might be done by the 7th.

Jump in Noo - you won't hold back the quick post - we'll just move on without you - note the "skinning" reference I made earlier ;)

Linklegacy77 28th of June, 2006 11:51

So, when do I get to hold one?

Noocytx 28th of June, 2006 12:07

No holding here, just not holding the party back come the 8th that all. Just hope I'm home Sunday night so I can get a character in.

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