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elmer_jok 10th of July, 2009 03:56

Drawing Board
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For saving works in progress or completed works of imagery before revealed to the players.

elmer_jok 30th of September, 2009 10:58

Prologue: Falling Stars
Coming soon.

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 10:03

Revival from the ashes of dead games
I now have the time to return to writing, designing, and all the other fun RPG action I came to love and enjoy.

I still have kids and a busy life, but I am now free of the bonds of on-call based management of retarded staff. I had to step back and free up some time in my life else be consumed by it.

Haphazard notes to follow shortly....

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 11:19

Fates are decided, and ages reborn. Heroes die andlegends are born. With an end comes a new beginning.

The realms remade...
Attention needed on the following...

1. Gods - what happens overall? New divinity?!
2. Cataclysm - what is the nature of it?
3. Races - how is each race affected (overview)
4. Knowledge - what survives and what is extinct?
subnotes > misc...
- Timeline (how long? new age stage of events)
- New maps (new unearthed continents with ancient tech)
- Evolution (new races, classes, magic and abilities)
5. Planes (mix it up, throw a wrench in this - have fun!)
6. Morganti - (Sentient items as a powerful race)
7. Ancients ( A new immortal race unlocked from their sleep from previous cataclysm)


elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 11:20

Gods, as they were before cataclysmic last days...

Heavenly Court
- Geraldin
- Pessana
- Draved
- Aven'Dorsa
- Ka'Prok (cast out of heavenly court)

Abysmal Halls
- Maximar
- Ariathol
- Lexor (Dead)
- Bel'Zhor
- Sithmar (Dead)

.................................................. ..............................................

Demi/Quasi Gods in the end times.... (Q = Quasidiety and D = Demigod)

Q Timmy 4 Fingers McGraff (A brief gift of divinity lost then regained)
Q Prince Fronkus (? Enhanced Epic Fey creature)
D High Cleric Marcoman (Eventually unlocked his mortal bonds, later slain by Ar'Ganon in a epic duel.) (Turned Evil at end)
D Ar'Ganon (Raised by divine spark given by Ka'Prok)
D Cinder (Becomes a half-dragon paragon Arch Mage and... [Bahamut and Tiamats' divine sparks consumed])
Q Ammett (Balor - Becomes powerful mover in end... *See later notes - Survives end times in a new form)
Q ????????????? ( A powerful gith lord - struck pact with Ariathol)
D Desayeusses (Freed by Marcoman and given divinity back by a ceremony put on by Geraldin and Pessana)
D 'All Father' (Geraldin's Morganti Blade gone mad - has trapped Geraldin's Divine Spark)
D 'Sliver' (Stole Timmy's essense and went mad)
D Aven'Dorsa splits after being raped by Bel'Zhor and giving birth to Demon/Gos-Spawns.... more to be thought out later)
^*Note: Aven'Dorsa splits her essence and causes mayhem on the Prime...

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 11:30


Humans - Mostly killed off - guided by the elves to help rebuild their nations
Elves - Moved themselves to a magical realm and their existance now is only by magical projection *(Or maybe not... figure out later)
Dwarves - Made deal w/ demons to survive. Only one clan of pure dwarves thought to survive
Gnomes - locked themselves within secret vaults in the underdark. Some scattered families survived with the other races.
Halflings - nomads and herders, secretive and traders on the Fey Way
1/2 Orcs - Made deal w/ devils to survive. Orcs become strong nation in new era

Others (important ones) - *not inclusive list* more to follow in future.

Dragons - Secretiveand elusive. none really known to the world at large to have survived
Giants - Lord over a lot of lands now and have close ties to Ariathol and mastery over the dead.
Githyanki - They tried to come to the humans rescue at the last days of the End Times, but are now mortal enemies again.
Celestials - Have split into different orders except those that serve Draved and his Half-Gods
Other demihumanoids... Many races are extinct or misbreed w/ others to form new races.

*Ancients - newly unearthed immortal race * Can still be killed, but not from old-age... bodies stay forever young and strong.

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 11:37


The events of Bastion of Light adventures come to pass the...

The soul totem is stolen by the Cathezar (who was wished back into existance by one of her personal followers who isn't an agent of the Demogorgon) and fled to the Bastion of Unborn Souls herself to see if Ammet had truly been slain.

Meanwhile - Demogorgon did not give up, he too sent more agents to the Bastion and rendevoused with the Cathezar. They entered and searched for Ammett. What they found was a trap set by the abominations made by the trapped souls of Ammett and Ashardalon. The agents of the Demogorgon were tottally unprepared for what had become of what Marcoman and his crew left behind. The Bastion had been corrupted by the evil and became something of more evil than ever seen before.

After some more communion with Geraldin Marcoman is scolded and sent to clean up his own mess.

Elsewhere in the multiverse...

Ka'Prok takes his plans to the next stage and breathes life and Divinity into Ar'Ganon and begins to train him to do what needs to be done.

Elsewhere still..

Bel'Zhor invades Aven'Dorsa's realm, kidnaps and impregnates her through force and demonic magics. She escapes and her child is born in the Prime and fulfills a dark prophecy to take over dominion of the Prime and defeat the Gods of Heaven's Court. Geraldin prevents the demonic godling child from escaping back to the Abyss where his father awaits him and slays the godling in the process (Ultimately this course of actions poisons Marcoman's soul and causes him to turn evil in the end.)

This causes Aven'Dorsa to split into 4 divine forces, The forces of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire and she stays forever on the Prime. She begins to unleash her fury upon the lands heralding the end of times.

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 11:55

Rough Draft of New Pantheon in new age...

Draved *known by a new name and symbol in new age* is the only God from the good side to survive in their true form and full strength. Geraldin and Timmy's essences survive within their respective Margantis' and Aven'Dorsa's Divinity still exists among the elements of the Prime Material Plane. Cinder also remains active in the divine realm having been given both Bahamut and Tiamat's divinity in the last days.

Ariathol is the only one to remain a God on the evil side, but she keeps the animated remains of BelZhor and Maximar around as her personal pets - Zombie God Corpses!!

Draved goes on to spawn a host of new quasi-dieties (half-gods) in hopes of someday building a strong enough force to rescue his father and Timmy from the new Morganti Gods, 'All Father' and 'Sliver' (Geraldin's Greatsword and Timmy's Dagger)


The new race, the Ancients, Gods to be thought more about later...

More on Morganti Gods later...

elmer_jok 10th of April, 2011 12:08

Power Centers on the Prime Material Plane

Giants - The giants have a massive nation and enslave anything they can and use the unholy unions with Ariathol to control undead. Humans make up the bulk of their slaves, followed by dwarves. Giants will enslave nearly any race it can control, even demons and celestials, but never halfings or gnomes. They deam halflings and gnomes too cunning and dangerous, besides they're so small and weak, they will use goblins (or small halfbreeds) if they need smallfolk.

Orcs - They have risen to a ruthless warrior nation that has its own vast homeland nation. They have many half-devils within their ranks and worship Asmodeus whom they revear like a god. He however secretly has a pact w/ Ariathol to lend her divine power to his worshippers in exchange for use of his devilish forces to serve her own agendas. (She deams demons as generally too untrustworthy or reliable to serve her needs. Only with smaller matters will she use her demonic minions)

Ancients - The ancients have been locked in a sleep since an age long past and worship old far-away gods, but they are drawing their attention back to this world. The ancients are a water-born race and some of their vast cities have come back into the world of light, one such even raising above the ocean's surface.

Humans - A remnant of a remnant was saved by Draved due to a Miracle negotiated between him and Marcoman before the cataclysm. Those of Frosthaven were delivered from the calamities that befell the world around them. After a hundred year storm the people of Frosthave emerged to a world completely remade around them. When the elves started appearing in the world again they helped the humans by informing them of the changes wrought to the world while they were locked away in a protective stasis. They kep the knowledges of metal and stone working as well as the traditional art of magic*

Elves -

Dwarves -

Halflings -

Gnomes -

Goblinoids -


elmer_jok 20th of April, 2011 12:04

A world anew…

What classes have changed? Skills? Feats?
New prestige classes of my own and a new system regarding them
- Available earlier in levels perhaps? Reputation ratings?
- Cover at least one for all the classes. Make a few widely known ones and a few secret.
- Low, medium, and high level. Include power ratings to reflect balance issues. Base loosely on 4E’s heroic, paragon, and epic tiers system.
New divine magic system including half-gods and demonology worship as well as influence of the unearthed Ancients’ magic.
Define new variations of magic and cover what’s no longer allowed from basic spell lists and expand upon what new spells and such there are.
Technology – Assemble lists of new technology as well as price and availability of such items.
Define available races and changes.
Power centers – who rules what lands now and how? How do the races interact? Trade establishments and conflicts…

Background descriptions and traits – based upon the wheel of time and forgotten realms system.

Adventures in the new world…
- Organizations and societies outline.
- Nations and their influence outline.
- Celestials and their agendas. Orders of Angels and Fallen Angels. Demonic influences.
- The role of the half-gods and the wild spirits and the ancients.

A lot to cover… let’s start there.

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