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Daedalus 14th of June, 2014 08:03

Something a bit different
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I also can't think of where the proper place to put it might be. See, I'm starting up a new game. I've already got all the players for it, sorry, but I want to try something, and I need your help. Whose help? All of yours, anyone who's interested.

See, I want to try something new. The setting for this game is an Eclipse Phase orbital all-digital city inspired HEAVILY by the game Transistor, and one of the major aspects of life in this city is direct democracy and deciding things by voting. To that end, I want to make this subforum completely public:

What does completely public mean? It means I want a city of more than just me and my players. I want anyone who wants to to vote on any of the polls, comment on any of the polls with a character name, and even make any poll they feel may be of interest to the citizens of the City.

All I ask is that any comment or poll you make be made under a character name, along with two Declarations, single words that describe what that character wants to be publicly known for. So a rockstar might list themselves as Screaming K : Music, Fame, while a schoolteacher might be Ms. Johnson : Education, Discipline. Declarations are part of that character; they don't change from post to post. Additionally, if I like that character, they might appear in the narrative of the actual story.

Thanks, and sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

itches 20th of June, 2014 13:10

So, what are your feelings on vote rigging?

Gralhruk 20th of June, 2014 23:04

Perhaps these polls should go on the portal - you know, because so many people vote in the portal polls :).

Daedalus 21st of June, 2014 07:11

As much as I love corrupting democracy with a flood of false votes (who doesn't?), I would like to keep this process at a one-vote-per-person basis. But I will keep this vote rigging option in mind for the future...

itches 21st of June, 2014 11:14

Okay, okay. I think I've got it. Just one quick question.

one-vote-per-person, is that per real person? Or are votes being distributed to fictional people too?

Daedalus 21st of June, 2014 20:22

For now, per real person. I'll post up when and if fictional people get to vote, depending on how things go.

Danilo 16th of May, 2017 17:51


Originally Posted by itches (Post 424002)
So, what are your feelings on the wealthy affiliate vote rigging?

Who would be sad enough to do that?

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