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Cadogan Trahem 2nd of November, 2002 16:48

·····Subchapter 4a - Crypts and Orcs
After coming down after his preparations and a restful night. Cadogan orders a small breakfast and is joined by Laronar after a short talk the pair are approched by a shadowy man who claims to be a merchant, he explains that he discovered some ancient crypts bellow the City which can be accessed by the sewerways. He went to investigate but was repulsed by Orcs. He explains that he wouldn't tell the guard for fear that panic would spread.

Its common knowledge that Orcs have been massing against the city for weeks now, preparing and organising an attack. Untill now the Palisade seemed like the ideal defense, but should the Orcs swarm into the city on mass the city surely would fall. He continues to explain that he instead choose to find a small number of abled people to enter the crypts and dispose of the Orcs quietly.

"You'll be handsomely rewarded." He smiles, "Come I will show you the entrance."

The pair leave with the man and arrive at the entrace. It smells bad enough with the sewer water but with the added smell of Orcs the place just down right reaks.

"I don't know what is causing to use such organised tactics, but whatever it is this crypt obviously leads outside the city and is now full of Orcs. Please do what you can." The man bows and leaves with a wry smile on his face.

"I don't trust that man, but Orc's are Orc's. And the City is unprepared for an attack, he is right however. Panic would do more bad then good." Cadogan speaks frankly with his companion.

SponkleofInfini 2nd of November, 2002 17:02

"True, our hands are tied. I do not trust him but what if he speaks truth and we do nothing."

Laronar is worried about the town more then anything. He grew up in the forests surrounding the town. He had experienced many things about the town throughout his life. Much change, mostly for the good, he would die before he let anything happen to his second home. He would not let it fall to the likes of Orcs, never would such foul creatures devile the town he loved.

"This town is quite dear to me, I don't trust the man but he is the lesser of two evils at this point."

Cadogan Trahem 4th of November, 2002 21:39

"Into the tunnels then." Cadogan speaks as he leads the way forward slowly into the darkness. After a few meters a stairway suprises the blind man and he nearly falls but manages to continue onward. Down and Down into the darkness it gets, the air gets hotter and heavier but there is a definate breeze making the it bareable.

Finally the stairs cease and the chamber opens up into what feels like a tiled floor. In the near pitch darkness nothing but dripping water falling into a pond can be heared. Judging from the Echo's there is much left to investigate.

SponkleofInfini 7th of November, 2002 12:22

"This darkness.........I am almost as blind as you sir, no offence."

Laronar place his pack to the ground rumaging around until he finds what he is looking for, a small alchemically treated rod. Hitting the worked stone wall beside him the rod glows a bright, deep green.

The room was not a large as Laronar originaly thought, the floor was indeed tiled and the walls are masonry, their age can be clearly deermined by the ware it shows. There is a corridor ahead, and it seems to span quite a distance.

Laronar describes the surroundings while tieing the sunrod to his bow with a thread of twine.

Cadogan Trahem 7th of November, 2002 18:46

"I don't hear Orcs, but there is a definate pung in the air." Cadogan comments. "Although its hard to tell with the sewers behind us." Cadogan takes a step foward and cocks his head.

"Obviously, since there are no Orcs here, we must press onward." He says before he walks onward. Down the halls of the crypt as quietly as he can, after several minutes of silence and non-action the pair reach the end of the hall. A Stairwell stands idle heading downward, tapping at the recease with his stick Cadogan pokes into the darkness of the well.

"It appears there is a level bellow this one."

SponkleofInfini 9th of November, 2002 20:00

"Yes, there is Cadogan........Hmm, the smell grows stronger."

The smell, although hard to differentiate it from the sewers behind them, is still rather faint, but the smell is increasing in odour nonetheless.

Heading down the stairwell, bow outstretched. The green glow from the sunrod creates earrie images within the dark, unnerving Laronar to a degree.

The lower level opens up into a large Sanctum, dedicated to the worship of Heironeous. Large stone pillars line the room, some lie broken, but others still stand........luckilly. although Laronar's sight is limited and much of the room still lies in darkness.

Cadogan Trahem 15th of November, 2002 19:43

The Darkness gives way to the light from Laronar's glowing stick. As the room reveals itself to the Elf, grunts and scuttling sounds are heard from the Darkness.

Cadogan reaches out to Laronar to suggest he remain quiet for a moment. The grunts grow louder and louder, as hurried footsteps draw near. Judging from the Echos there are atleast three, as they rush across the floor towards the pair of adventurers.

"It would appear we have company." Cadogan speaks as he quickly casts a defensive spell preparing himself to ward off any attacks.

"If you have anything to prepare I would do it now." Cadogan says to his companion.

"Now! Now! Do it Now!" Cadogan's familiar mimics the Mage.

SponkleofInfini 15th of November, 2002 20:07

Laronar's keen ears pick up the incoming creatures also. He is unnerved by the warnings, but he stays adament.

The noises grow louder, Laronar continually shifts trying to locate the creatures nearby. The shine from his sun rod catches the shimmer of an eye but it quickly moves out of sight. Laronar lets fly an arrow at the beast, quickly nocking another waiting for one of the other beasts to come within sight. Hearing the gurglish cry of the creature, it falls with a burly thud.

Laronar attacks Orc 1; +10 Ranged; rolls 6 = 16, deals 1d8+1 = 7 damage. (Using basic stats from the MM)

Cadogan Trahem 16th of November, 2002 23:34

Cadogan casts a second spell, an invisible disk shielding his front just in time too as three Javalins fly out of the relative darkness towards the pair, two for Cadogan and one for Laronar. The two Javalins bounce harmlessly off Cadogan's shield spell, and Laronar dodges the third Javalin.

[Orcs Attack +1 each, rolled 7 and 10 making 8 and 11 vs. Cadogan's 22]
[Orc Attack +1, rolled 4 making 5 vs Laronar's 17]

Cadogan speaks.

"How many Orc's Laronar?" the mage speaks as he reguards his next spell carefully as the Orcs prepare to close in after drawing their crude two handed Axes.

SponkleofInfini 17th of November, 2002 00:48

"So far four, I have felled one making three, but I fear more may be upon us."

Laronar lets loose another arrow in the general facinity of one of the javelin throwers. All that is heard though is the clanging of steel on stone as the arrow hits the wall across the Sanctum.

"They hide in the dark, where mine eyes do not fare me. Will you be ok here Cadogan? I will seek another vantage not to far away where I can snipe from cover."

Quickly untieing the makeshift torch atop his bow Laronar drops the sun rod by Cadogan's feet. In an attempt not to hinder the mage and in search of a better vantage Laronar finds a place by a column to the wall 60ft from Cadogan and to his right.

Cadogan Trahem 22nd of November, 2002 03:22

Cadogan prepares a spell and whispers to his familiar. Out of the darkness comes the rattling of scale plates on scale plates. Orcish grunts and curses follow. One by one the beasts appear. First three, then two more. Cadogan waits patiently, blind to the sights which have revealed themselves but fully illuminted to the Orcs because of Laronar's sun rod.
[Cadogan Prepares to Cast Burning Hands]

Two more Javalins fly through the air onto to crash into Cadogan's superior defenses and tumble to the ground broken and worthless.
[Orcs Rolled 11, and 15 +1 is 12, and 16 vs. Cadogan's 22]

Three Orcs come charging forward with large two handed axes ready, one breaks off after Laronar, the elf making it to Cover and turning in time to see the Orc gaining ground on him less then 30ft to go before it will have finally caught him.

The two Orcs make it to Cadogan, and Shrivel gives a cry. Cadogan completes his spell just as the Orcs swing their axes, and all three are engulfed in a blinding flash of light as Cadogan spell does its best to lay waste to the creatures.
[Orcs Rolled 12 and 14 + 0 is 12, and 14 vs. DC 14 - Burning Hands]
[Orc 1 take 4d4 - 3, 2, 3, 1 = 9]
[Orc 2 Saved for Half and takes 9/2 = 4]

Through the flames both Orcs swing their axes in a depeserate attempt to stop Cadogan casting his spell, however neither are able to penetrate the Mages mystical defenses. His invisible disk blocking the blows easily.
[Orc AOO Rolled 15, and 13 +5 (+2 Charging?) is 20, and 18 vs. Cadogan's 22]

As the flames die down only one Orc is standing, and it defiantly grunts and takes a swing at the Mage its Brutish Axe cleaving through Cadogan's Shield and Mage's Armour and finding the Spell casters side. Biting deep Cadogan recoils and puts his hand down to his side feeling the wetness as Blood seeps through his clothing.
[Orc Attack and Rolled 20 (Critical Threat) +3 is 23 vs. Cadogan's 22 - Automatic Hit]
[Critical Thread rolled 9 + 3 = 12 vs Cadogan's 22 - Failed Critical Hit]
[Damage 1d12+3, rolled 4 + 3 = 7]
[Cadogan took 7 Damage]

With one Orc dead, another badly wounded, one charging towards Laronar and two more preparing to enter Melee with the pair. Yet more Orcish grunts can be heard further back in the darkness...

SponkleofInfini 25th of November, 2002 18:51

Laronar makes it to cover, but finds he is being chased by one of the Orc's. Bearing in on Laronar's position he nocks an arrow and looses it upon the Orc, striking the Orc in the throat. It drops to the ground with a muffled gurgle, dying, lying in a large pool of it's own blood.

Seeing another Orc, injured, and attacking Cadogan Laronar quickly nocks another arrow and fires it at the Injured Orc, striking in it's side. Turning, a disdainful gaze exchanged between the Orc and Archer, its gaze is now firmly fixed upon Laronar.

[laronars Attacks vs Orc 3 and 2: 15+9=24 vs Orc 3's AC 15; 6+9=15 vs Orc 2's AC 15]

[Damage Rolls vs Orcs: 7+1=8 points of damage to Orc 3, 0/8 HP, Dying; 1+1=2 points of damage to Orc 2, 2/8 HP]

With the grunts grwing louder and drawing closer, the charging Orc that lays dying in a pool of it's own blood and another standing by Cadogan, injured, gaze fixed upon Laronar. Two Orcs stand in the distance away readying to enter the fray axes drawn, another two Orcs rush into the room.

Cadogan Trahem 2nd of December, 2002 19:03

Cadogan goes into the arts of casting a spell and sparks of electricity jump though the air Cadogan finishes his spell with one final movement of his hand, however instead of Cadogan's hand Shrivel errupts into a spark of electricity.

"Shrivel Go!" Cadogan calls to his familiar and the bird takes flight towards the Orcs who stumble as they see some sort of demon-bird glowing with a blue magick aura. One Orc raises his axe and tries to swat Shrivel out of the Air, but the bird gracefull as ever dives under the lumbering swing and continues to the Orc, swooping around behind its body where a crackle is heard. The Orc screams as electrical energy discharges through its body. Shrivel comes out one side and the bird makes its way back to Cadogan who waits paitently.

[Orc AOO missed at 5+3 = 8 vs. Shrivel's 14]
[Shrivel Touch Attack 15+4 = 19 vs Orc's Touch AC 10]
[Damage 1d4+1 electrical, Rolled 3+1 = 4 damage to Orc]

The Orc recovers from the charge and angerily races after Cadogan's bird, his companion follows. The two Orcs who enter grunt at each other before one rushes back down the hall into darkness and the second draws its Javalin and prepares to throw it.

SponkleofInfini 4th of December, 2002 17:40

The Orc that stands down by the far end of the sanctum, by the other entry point. Draws back his Javelin and throws it at the sorcererwith considerable strength, grunting while doing so. But the tough exterior hides a frightened warrior, the lightning bird which attacked filled its heart with apprehension.

The javelin though bounces of the powerful magic field which protects Cadogan. The Orc joins the other two by the back of the cavern in preperation of a melee assault.

Orc 5 attacks Cadogan; 16+1=17 Ranged vs cadogan's AC of 22

Laronar draws another arrow, aim affixed upon the lone standing Orc, injured near Cadogan. It's gaze turns from hate to fear as Laronar lets fly and arrow which strikes true, striking it in the chest, it to falls to the ground.

Laronar atacks Orc 2; 5+10=1 Ranged vs Orc 2 AC of 15

Two of the Orc's from the back of the cavern charge forth, 20ft away from Cadogan, Axes raised high they are only moments from attempting to strike down the sorcerer.

The Orc who remains to the back of the cavern surveys the sanctum, eyes firmly fixed upon Laronar it prepares to attack. Deciding the mage to be to strong maybe more luck will be had at the sniping archer.

Cadogan Trahem 9th of December, 2002 07:41

Cadogan hears all the commotion around him and presses his thumbs and hands together ready for a spell. The Orcs charge towards Cadogan axes poised to strike but Shrivel caws and Cadogan screams incantations. There is another flash as burning sparks shower the Orcs in a painful displace of the Arcane Arts. Both drop their axes and prepare to flee back where they came from.

[Cadogan Casts Prepared Spell Burning Hands]
[Orcs fail saves with 11 and 13 + 0 = 11 and 13 vs. DC 14 Ref for half]
[Orc's take damage 4d4 or 3, 2, 1, 1 = 7 vs. 8 hp = 1 hp ea. left]

The Orc at the rear raises his Javalin and throws it towards the Elf, The Javalin seems true to its path however Laronar has other plans as he ducks behind a pillar using its cover to help him. The Javalin passes where the elf was standing only seconds before and hits the way snaping clean in half.

[Orc Attacks 13+0 = 13 vs. Laronar's way better then 13 AC with Cover]

SponkleofInfini 9th of December, 2002 08:49

Ducking behind the Pillar mere moments before the javelin strike, Laronar afixes his attention upon the weakened Orcs by Cadogan. Nocking an he fires at the first striking it true in the chest. Quickly firing another arrow at the other wounded Orc, all are shocked to see the true ferocity of Laronar's arrow as it roars through the creatures skull.

Laronar's Attack vs Orcs; 8+9=17 vs Orc AC of 15; 20 [critical threat, rolled 17+9=26 vs Orc AC of 15, critical hit

Damage rolls; 5+1=6 damage vs the first Orc; 5+1+4+1=11 damage vs second Orc

Cadogan Trahem 11th of December, 2002 00:31

Seeing his companions felled the remaining Orc flees from the pair of hardy adventurers back into the deep dark recess of the cave. Silence befalls the adventurers as they are left alone with nothing but chared, smoking and bloodied Orc bodies laying around.

"If we press now we might be able to retain much of our suprise." Cadogan speaks into the darkness around him hoping that Laronar was not foolish enough to charge off on his own.

SponkleofInfini 11th of December, 2002 00:38

"You are correct Cadogan, should we press on we may still harbour a surprise for the Orcs within these here ruins."

Making his way back beside Cadogan as speaks.

Cadogan Trahem 11th of December, 2002 01:01

Pressing down the hallway as quietly and fast as he can, Cadogan feels a sort breeze blow against his face. Laronar too feels the breeze. Such a breeze would indicate an opening somewhere ahead.

Turning the nearest corner Laronar is shaken at the ammount of light being released from the chamber, especially for an underground crypt, but things soon come to light as the elf spots several tents, both Orcish and a more traditional Human style tent, although clearly Orcs now inhabit them.

Around the room are atleast three fires, various crates, and barrels, along with a small company of Orcs, atleast a dozen. The Orc which fled kneels before a large battle scared Orc who listens intently to the other's grunts. The larger Orc seems agitated before finally it raises its spiked mace and brings it crashing down on the "weakling's" head killing the Orc instantly.

Throughout the chamber there is a great rally cry as the Orc's prepare for battle.

"Hearing the cry Cadogan shifts his position fearing that they had been spoted. Now would be a good time to make a move, if any." The mage speaks in hushed tones to his comrade.

SponkleofInfini 29th of December, 2002 10:52

Blood soaked mace drips dark cloated blood, perhaps the inards from the skull also. As they rally Laronar tries to see how many have gathered. With the comotion Laronar is not spotted, he counts six not including the chieftan.

"Six and then there is the Chieftan."

Says Laronar in a hushed voice.

Cadogan Trahem 3rd of January, 2003 19:01

"Hmm.." Cadogan ponders, "You draw their attention this way and I'll ambush them as they draw closer with a spell." Cadogan prepares to cast his spell before he speaks again.

"Im ready when you are." He says in the direction of the elf before crouching low hidding behind a rock outcropping.

SponkleofInfini 4th of January, 2003 08:48

Laronar nods, as he nocks an arrow. He looks a couple of the Orc's in the eye, shooting off a wry smile before firing off an arrow. Striking the Orc in the chest the arrow pierces deep but does not cause a fatal wound.

laronar makes haste back around the corner where Cadogan lay in wait to put his magic's to work. The Orc's yell in anger, beginning their thunderous pursuit of Laronar, the Chieftan remaining behind, awaiting his troupes return with Laronar's head upon a plater.

Cadogan Trahem 7th of January, 2003 13:50

The Orcs charge blindly towards the trap, turning the corner expecting to see Laronar's fleeing form instead they see Cadogan with a smile on his face and flames on his hands.

The sparks shower over three of the five remaining Orcs dropping two and badly wounding the last one, the two Orcs fortunate enough to be trailing their comrades step forward and with the help of their wounded Orc they try to lay waste to the Mage before them. All but one attack is deflected by Cadogans protective magic, the last attack is light but still bites into Cadogan's upper left leg.

Cadogan took 5 damage

SponkleofInfini 7th of January, 2003 20:07

Standing 20ft beyond Cadogan, Laronar halts and draws his bow string taut launching a two arrows in quick succession. Flying close by Cadogan's head, his magic throwing the quivered missile into the wall the other striking one fo the Orc's on the eye, blinding it, unfortunately not felling it.

Cadogan Trahem 10th of January, 2003 19:36

Cadogan casts another spell, weaving not only his hands but his body in a hope to confuse the Orcs long enough to keep their onslaught back. Another explosion of flame errupts from his hands, killing the wounded Orcs. Only one Orc remains badly wounded, He swings weakly at Cadogan before dropping his axe and turning to run back to its leader.


Over the ridge out of sight the leader hears the explosions of flame and makes a brutal choice. Picking up a torch, he kicks over a barrel of human alcohol, probably hidden here for safe keeping by the humans he followed to this cave.

The Alcohol spills across the floor covering many other such barrels, some with powder some with liquid. The large Orc walks towards the exit, only a few feet from safety turning one last time he sees his fellow Orc making a mad dash from two figures in the distance. He smiles and throws the torch before running.

The Entire chamber errupts in flames as the cavern is blown clean of any air from the explosion. The barrels of alcohol light up bright igniting the barrels of blasting powder which in turn explode and jump across the chamber shaking is very foundation bring down tons up tons of rock to cover the exit.


The two adventurers are blown back off their feet from the explosion. As they strain for breath air weakly, the intense heat of the cave blows against their skin. Laronar opens his eyes to see an inferno ahead of them only getting closer and closer...

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