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BigRedRod 22nd of July, 2002 05:49

OOC Chat
Well we'll need one of these at some point
Now seems a good time to get it made
Feel free to jabber here about the game, your RL probs, whatever

just keep the game thread (when it arrives) free of any long OOC comments :)

BigRedRod 22nd of July, 2002 20:57

Sponkle is that the first version of the sheet you posted?
You still have common listed as a language on it

Hmm looks like the other two both have Kinth as theor common language so you're gonna need that, (unless you want to have a game with no common language, which happened in my last one :) it was quite funny the monk could speak to only one of the other players i think.)

I'll go through the sheets in more detail before the game starts

Just waiting for 2 backgrounds and Beids character sheet
Beid and Josh assure me they will be with me shortly :)

SuperJosh 23rd of July, 2002 03:54

OK BRR, I just emailed you my character's background. Let me know if there is maything else I need to do.

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 04:38

I don't seem to have recived the email

you sent it to right?

SuperJosh 23rd of July, 2002 05:00

Yep, I will try again.

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 05:13

and then both arrived at once :)

Thanks for the re-send anyways :)

I think trillian had crashed or something, so when i actually decided to check my mail rather than rely on it's auto-alert thingy i found 2 copies :D

Those changes are fine
I'm happy for you to speak tribal and the lnaguage translation thingy works both ways so you have a reasonable chance of understanding jabbbering in Raik

nice plot :)

SuperJosh 23rd of July, 2002 05:31

Glad they both got there. I was worried that my email might have crashed or something. I will make those changes now. Glad you liked the background.:)

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 05:35


Glad you liked the background
hmm you don't seem to have developed the "When the DM is happy my character is going to be injured" instinct ... yet

I'm not happy with how you spell instinct
that kinda kills the drama :)

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 06:40

next week i'm holiday
or more next monday i set off :)
so from monday the 29th to august 6th i'll be out of the country and any posting is unlikely :nervous:

just letting you know so i don't suddenly dissapear, and you think i've abandoned the game

Yeah I know this is bad timing, pausing the game before it gets into full swing :P
but I expected the game to get going alot before this
Still you should be able to get some good gaming done and i'm only away for a week :dead:

SuperJosh 23rd of July, 2002 10:37


hmm you don't seem to have developed the "When the DM is happy my character is going to be injured" instinct ... yet
An uninjured character is a bored character.:)

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 20:27

Well if you manage to ocnvince yourself that then all the better :)

Now we're just waiting for beid

BigRedRod 23rd of July, 2002 21:00

Ok i've looked over your sheets (with help from TFF) :)
I've posted any problems on the end of your sheets

SuperJosh 24th of July, 2002 12:09

Cool, any word on when we can expect Beid's character sheet, so that we can start?

BigRedRod 24th of July, 2002 20:58

he claims soon
i'll whine at him next time i see him online
but i want to get started as soon as possible

so Beid hurry the hell up

SuperJosh 25th of July, 2002 05:15

As long as you know what is going on. I am just antsey to play, and was in a bitchy mood yesterday, and it would be nice to get underway before your vacation.

BigRedRod 25th of July, 2002 06:27

Well I claim to know whats going on
Beid just needs poking with a stick
a bloody big stick :angry:
and yeah i want to get the game started before i'm on holiday

Beidamon 25th of July, 2002 08:02

Sorry, got a new HD when i got my new computer and thats hindering the process a little. I should have things sorted out soon though and have my charecter all finished up.

BigRedRod 25th of July, 2002 09:11

well as long as there was an actual reason :)

Just get it done soon as possible so we can get this show on the road

BigRedRod 28th of July, 2002 21:01

Well looks like we will start when i get back
Which i think is the 6th
Beid you had better have your sheet posted, and fully correct and your background waiting in my inbox when i get back

Sorry for the very slow start guys :P

SuperJosh 29th of July, 2002 07:17

It is OK. Sometimes these things happen. Have fun on your trip.

Dust 29th of July, 2002 15:50

Have a good time Mr. Rod. Bring back lots of pictures :cool:

Beidamon 29th of July, 2002 20:30

Have a nice trip BRR

Wait a Second, I posted something


*Beidamon runs away*....

*Beidamon runs back*


*Beidamon runs away again*

*Beidamon runs back*

*Catches breath*

Ok, caps lock off and....

Everyone strole away at a leasurely yet brisk pace! Runing is to tireing....

*Beidamon stroles away at a leasure pace*

*Stroles back back and looks at his watch*

Darn world is taking long enough to end, if you need me im going to strole at a leasurely pace over to there and have a nap.....

SponkleofInfini 30th of July, 2002 15:07

Our world ain't ending, but yours is.....:) **Proceeds to kick Beids head in until his barin oozes out of his ears**. Hurry the hell up with the character boy.

SuperJosh 30th of July, 2002 17:59

*Sees there are four characters posted*

*Drops dead from a heart attack*

*Wonders how Roth is going to communicate with Durn since Durn speacks no languages.:)*

Beidamon 2nd of August, 2002 14:17

Its simple, Durn is so smart he speaks all language and i didn't feel the need to post them all :)

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