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Akuma 20th of May, 2011 02:34

Welcome to Mura-cho
After great hardship and long voyages, the group has finally come to the mysterious small town known as Mura-cho. As they settle in, they make their plans on how to deal with their goals.:cat:

qwerty123 20th of May, 2011 09:59

Rummaging through his bag Nevermore finds a small mirror in his shaving kit. He places it on the table by his bed and props it up with a pack of cigarettes.

"You make a good point Adam, we need to figure out just how to deal with her other half. I figure we have some time to do that now - hell maybe we can even make it work to our advantage and turn her onto the bad guys here. I have to turn to your guys," Nevermore motions to Adam and Luo. "You both seems to have a much better understanding of things spiritual than I do." Pointing back at the mirror and the reflection Bunny, "And you too. Any suggestions on what we can or should do to help you be free Bunny?"

Spoogie 20th of May, 2011 10:06

Right now, I don't think were ready for her. I have no idea how to combat bad luck. I can only see it ending badly for us all. The best thing I can come up with is to look for someone who knows more about this kind of thing than we do.

lawwnum 20th of May, 2011 16:10

"Well this IS Japan...communing with spirits is...or at least was practically a national pasttime. Im sure we can find someone to help in that area... once the locals have gotten use to us anyway. But another issue we have is how we are goingto wander about poking and proding without attracting too much attention ourway, at least untilwe are ready for it. "
Looking at Pope..."Soooo what do you say there clayface.. think you can whip up someting to kinda disguse us in a pinch? O r do we just see if we can find the Japanese version of an outdoor store and pick up some ski masks?"
As Nevermore sems to consider Flynn continues.." But we need to be careful for now...DO YOU 2 HEAR ME!?!?! We need to keep low until we are ready. And I know how things just seem to 'happen' around PLEASE try to keep thingslow key. I dont know where the hell we'r going to run to if we bring too much heat down on us too soon here."

Akuma 21st of May, 2011 01:39

In the shaving mirror, Bunny looks distinctly uncomfortable. "I can understand what you are saying, but for me, I have never been able to face ... or even think about facing the other... I have always run away. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I feel that the other... she... she is out there. So far away now, but she will find a way to come. I don't know when, but she will. So far, she has not found a way to come. That is all I can tell you for now. When that changes, I shall tell you.

qwerty123 21st of May, 2011 10:16

Nevermore looks hurt at Flynn's comment, "Hey, I can't help it if I am a dynamic person!" The smile spreading across his face makes Flynn almost want to smack him. "I say ski masks are the best bet, I can do some stuff but you all would have to stay pretty close for my illusion to hold, and I don't even want to think about growing you some kind of pseudo-flesh mask - that is just gross even for me."

Looking back at Bunny he continues, his voice loosing the sarcasm that was there a moment ago, "Don't you worry your pretty little tail off. You have never had a master like me, and I aim to be your last master. I promise you we will find a way to help you."

lawwnum 21st of May, 2011 15:49

"Ok then...lets just see if we can make it thu the night wihout a firefight. Go to work tomorrow and try to figure out what the hell we are suposed to do. And do ALOT of snooping. I figure as the 'New People' we have at least a week of basic good will before they start to get used to us here and have a chance to walk around without being mobbed. Luo and Adam... they will expect you 2 to speak or at least kinda understand the language, and will be careful what they say round you 2. Nevemore tey know you are clueless and I hve tried to put that image out as well soo. Garou stay together and Nevermore your with me whenever we get the chance to do some scoutin.

Shiva help me

This way we should hear the good stuff they wont say around someone they think might understand. We will also needto identify a good door to use for going to the 'Motel Podunk' it might be odd if all 4 of us go into the bathroom together. We're not going to get things figured out in a day oor 2 here and it is a nice location, so lets just take our time and do this right, we might even enjoy ourselves a little before all Hell breaks loose."

Spoogie 22nd of May, 2011 00:25

Good plan Flynn, I think we should get to know the town. See what resources we have locally. I'd also like to find a black market.

OOC: Also, where is the highest point in the area. Adam would like to go there to get the big picture.

Akuma 22nd of May, 2011 01:29

OOC: MMMM about the highest point. Your location is on the side of a river surrounded by mountainous terrain. The road you took to get here was winding along the side of the mountains. Basically, there are steep hills surrounding the town. Most that have good sunlight are covered by tea bushes (yeah, like India). From the first glance, you would need to be a billy goat to climb them. They actually have these pipe-rails that run up the side of hte mountains, and a kind of micro-train.... its a lawnmower engine that pulls two to three cars up along the pipe like a train/elevator into the hills for the workers to ride and put their tea. They look rickety as all heck, but somehow they work. That's what you saw thus far.

But you were also told about a temple further up in the mountains on the other side of town, that they would take you to sometime soon.

OOC: Give me a bit, I will try to draw up some quick maps of the town for you guys. I started last year before I moved, but god knows where that got too...


Akuma 22nd of May, 2011 01:31

OOC In the meantime, shall I assume that you 4 are going to hang loose till dinner is called? If yes, then let me know when you finish your conversation/plans and I'll fast forward time to then. Its maybe 2ish now. Figure dinner will be around 6pm. JUST FYI.

Spoogie 22nd of May, 2011 06:31

Well, 4 hours is far too long for me to want to sit around. I might as well get a head start on seeing what there is to see in town.

qwerty123 22nd of May, 2011 10:03

Nevermore will hang loose until dinner. Maybe a nap in case some late night snooping is called for.

lawwnum 22nd of May, 2011 17:32

Flynn will go with Adam "IF" Luo doenst..God kkows he needs soomeone to watch him

Akuma 23rd of May, 2011 01:41

OOC: Okay, 2 votes for exploring to one of staying around the homestead. I will take this as majority, having not heard from Thanos. Thus this main thread will go with Adam and Flynn. If either Pope or Luo want to do anything on their own, it can be posted in the personal's section. If Luo wants to join Adam and Flynn, please state so. If no answer, I'll assume he's meditating in his room.

That being stated, Where do Adam and Flynn want to go?

Spoogie 23rd of May, 2011 06:39


God kkows he needs soomeone to watch him

I was thinking walk the town from end to end. Check out the shops, anything esoteric, old book shops. Being in Japan (and what little Adam knows of the culture) Adam knows that there is a strong belief in the supernatural. Adam would like to learn exactly what this means. Maybe there is a shop that deals with this kind of thing. Ask around.

While we are on walkabout, keeping his senses searching for traces of kinfolk or other supernaturals.

Depending on how much time we have, and if we can find a place to do it, step sideways to see what the Umbra looks like. Probably wait till after Supper to do that though.

qwerty123 23rd of May, 2011 10:28

While the others leave, Nevermore grabs the laptop and fires it up. The soft glow of the screen illuminates his face in the darkening room.

OOC: I will use some of the time before supper to go over the computer with a fine tooth comb. I would also like to hit it with a forces and prime scan to see if it is a normal computer or if it has any extras.

lawwnum 23rd of May, 2011 15:42

Looks like im going with Adam, and (I hope i dont regret this) unarmed.

Akuma 23rd of May, 2011 18:22

OOC: I'll say this: The whole town has a feeling of supernatural... not superman supernatural, but as if the whole town is filled with 'Kin.' Both the landlord and the interpreter have the smell of kin... the interpreter girl, Karen more so. She has a lot of potential, like she could have become something, but didn't for some reason.

As to the town from end to end... as i said, there are a lot of people with varying degrees of special feelings to them. I don't want to start listing everyone or going block by block.

Let's start with just one or two things, shall we? You mentioned you were looking for a book store, and there was one along the shopping street running from the station. Let's start there. Okay?

Akuma 23rd of May, 2011 18:31

OOC: The pc does not have any special abilities. It appears to have little other than the encription set for werewolves and the files listed on it. One thing that will be of interest is the notes taken by the werewolf who was here before. the one who died. Apparently, he tried to take notes about the various people who live in the town that he found interesting in some way or another. Nothing greatly detailed, but if you are looking for info about some of your neighbors, you can find it here.

For example, the pc says that the landlord runs a gravestone making shop next to the apartment, and is also a part-time priest for the temple up in the mountains.

It also says that the interpreter, Karen, is his daughter, but they don't always get along, and she is not interested in the supernatural, despite his feeling that she could be a were-being of some kind. The notes only say that he will try to talk to her about it.

So if you want to know some blurb about some person or another, let me know and you can get some info from the pc.

Akuma 23rd of May, 2011 19:31

Walking out to the station, Adam and Flynn pass the landlord who is raking leaves in the front yard. they pass by the gravestone shop where some young men are chiseling away at some statue of Buddha. Past the shop is a couple of ordinary houses, and at the end of the street is a small newspaper delivery shop. there are two old men wearing traditional-looking summer clothes though they both have long sleeves under the cotton short jackets. they seem friendly, nodding and smiling from under the awning of the shop as you pass by.

As has been stated, this small town hidden in the mountains is very Mayberry in how everyone knows everyone. Finding your way to the station isn't hard, and you can locate a supermarket along the way, though it seems less busy than the street with the small mom-and-pop shops on the "main" street.

The book shop is close to the station itself, and has an open front with young and old standing around perusing comics and other magazines. But the interior is stacked from floor to ceiling with tons of books... people going in have to squeeze by each other to get to one shelf or another.

But for Adam, there is something much more important next door. Lying in front of a flower shop is possibly the oldest living Lupus Uktena werewolf, Adam has ever seen. The big old dog is lying on a mat with a bowl of water and food nearby. It mostly sleeps, but occasionally, young children come and pet its nose or head. Then the wolf opens up its eyes and lets its tongue loll out.

When the Wolf sees Adam, it just eyes you, but makes no overt moves.

Meanwhile, standing around, Flynn is likely also taking in the sights sounds and smells of a marketplace.... when his nose picks up a very familiar smell of curry and other traditional Indian foods being made likely from some shop nearby.

Spoogie 24th of May, 2011 01:36

Adam bends down close to the Wolf and pets him gently on the head and whispers "After sunset I'll be outside the temple, I'd like to talk to you." After a moment or two, Adam stands up and rejoins Flynn.

Akuma 24th of May, 2011 02:10

OOC: I will post the newly finished (for now) map shortly. Suffice it to say, the temple isn't near where the wolf is, and a wolf as old as this one appears to be won't be going far.

The old wolf's woof could be a belch and a big old paw comes out from under the head. The nails are still there, but the paw doesn't look as strong as what it should be.... age has caught up to this one.

At the sound of the Wolf, the owner, an old woman who smells of Kin comes trundling out. Maybe some 40 or 50 years ago, she was a knockout, but now she's just an old woman like the wolf. She says something to the wolf, and its possible to catch the name Carl. The wolf raises his head towards her then back towards you then its back down.

She looks at Adam and cackles something, then goes back into the shop.

Spoogie 24th of May, 2011 08:38

Not wanting to have a perplexed look on his face, (inside his head thinking was I just insulted...probably don't want to know) smile and nod, smile and nod. Then turn and walk away.

OOC: Adam's sense about things in that the Old Wolf is going to want to talk to him just as much. Likely be good to see if he can still move. Have a feeling the he is tougher than he lets on.

Once we are alone, Adam will ask Flynn if he had any Idea what the old lady said.

lawwnum 24th of May, 2011 16:26

IC: Flynn follows his nose to the source of those enticing smells.

Akuma 25th of May, 2011 01:14

OOC: Apparently, Flynn is more interested in curry than in old women and big dogs... likely no translation for what wasn't heard.

Flynn follows his nose down a side street, then stops short as he sees the very distinctive Pakistan flag in front of a small but popular restaurant. There are stools outside where three business men are waiting for their turns to go into the restaurant.

The front door opens and... Ken-chan and Taka-chan come out looking satisfied. Although Immortals have ungodly abiliities in fading into the background when they try their best, Flynn still stand above and apart from everyone else in the crowd... just as any basketball player would stand out in a crowd of school kids (most Japanese are about 5'5" or so and westerners stand out at being close to 6 foot or more).

Ken-Chan and Taka-chan come over, hailing Flynn loudly in English.

"who-LRin-chan!" (Japanese sound of Flynn). "I am lucky finding you. I forgetting to introducing you. We have one from your country, yes? You will meet and be happy fiends." Ken-chan announces loudly.

Taka-chan seems to agree wholeheartedly, and ducks back into the shop, calling out to someone he calls "Aku-medo-masta."

And then the shop owner comes out. a jovial middle-aged pakistani man in jeans, a flannel shirt and stained white apron. he is wiping his hands on his apron as he comes out, asking in Japanese what the urgency is.

When he turns towards Ken-chan and meets your eyes, both of you feel your blood run cold. you know each other.

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