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Erendiox 19th of July, 2004 13:43

Chapter 1: Rekindled Hope
Shaedra and Silver Wind

Just as Silver Wind is about to open her mouth to speak, Shaedra, you sense that something is odd. You turn your gaze out of the cave, to rest on the two beasts making their way toward you. You feel like raising the goremaul in your hand, but a slight twinge of pain in your right arm causes you to hesitate. Your weapon lies limp at your side as you stare, wide eyed, at the giant man beasts. One is wolf-like, with massive chrome-colored fangs and teeth and white hair covering its lupine body. The other resembles a bird of some sort, covered thick in feathers, and has two enourmous wings curled up on its back. They look on you with strangely sentient eyes...

Icarus and Tiden

You both race round the dragonblooded encampment in a wide arc with the speed of bloodhounds and the amazing stealth of the predator. Reaching the place where Icarus saw the injured Dawn last, you quickly make your best attempt to find her tracks. Between your combined efforts, her prints upon the forest were found and followed. You two are truely of luna's chosen.

After a short time of following the Dawn's prints, you find they lead into a cave that resides in the steep slope of the nearby peak. As you approach the cave, surely enough there she is, with another woman as well, standing in the mouth of the cave. Her blonde curls throw soft light against her tan skin and deep brown eyes as her gaze moves slowly from her companion to rest on two massive beasts. The other woman, seeing the wide eyed, open mouthed expression of the the injured Dawn, turns to face you both as well. Her intense and beautiful green forest eyes startle you...

[OOC: Solars, please allow the lunars to post first, as I would like if they had a chance to revert back to normal form and explain themselves before Shaedra gets impulsive and bashes in some heads)

CouchpotatoGOD 20th of July, 2004 00:24

Tiden slowly approaches the solar and her companion. As he walks he starts to change his form from a hybrid wolf beast to a full wolf. From his wolf form he proceeds to change into a tall human wearing a breastplate and cloak that covers most his entire body.

"Greetings. my name is Tiden and my companion's name is Icarus. He and I have come to offer our assistance in this dark hour if you have need of it."

Tiden pauses studying and evaluating the reactions of the solar and her companion as he waited for their replies.

Eternal 20th of July, 2004 03:13

"Yes," comfirmed Icarus, changing into his human form, "we are two of Luna's Chosen. We have followed your tracks here and come to inform you of the Dragon Blooded forces pursuing you. By the looks of it, you are already aware of their presence and in that case, we have come to help defend you against the Dragon Blooded's tainted 'Wyld Hunt.'"

Icarus knelt down before the two beautiful Solars and nodded to Tiden to follow his example. Icarus waited for the approval of the the Solars.

red_dr4g0n94 20th of July, 2004 17:35

Silver Wind quirked an eyebrow as Shaedra's expression changed from worry to downright shock. She turned around to look behind her, half expecting a Dragon-Blooded to run her through with his daiklave after sneaking up on her. She isn't entirely disappointed.

Standing before her are two of the strangest creatures she has ever seen. One is a cross between a wolf and a man, and she is vaguely reminded of all the stories she has heard of the Wolfmen of the northeastern areas. His white hair and chrome teeth make him surprisingly similar in color to her, she realizes, but his cruel, gray eyes gleam with an intelligence that speaks far louder than the figure that stand before her.

The other one is a birdman of some sort, with the amber eyes, feathers, and wings of a bird. However it is bipedal, its features are distinctively human, and its eyes gleam with the same intelligence of its companion. Both creatures are covered with strange silver tattoos, but if they are showing either through their fur and feathers or painted on top of them, Silver Wind cannot tell.

All of this was absorbed in an instant, as the two pairs stared at each other, absorbing the details and figures of the others. Then the Wolfman begins walking forward, and at the same time begins to become smaller, more hunched and wolf-like. Soon, it IS a wolf coming towards her, with the Hawkman similarly beginning to transform into its animal half and walk towards them.

Then they change AGAIN, this time becoming the human aspect of their original forms, the wolf stopping in front of her just as he seems to finish, the hawk an instant later. The first informed them that his name was Tiden, with the second being Icarus. They said they were Luna's chosen, and had come to help them against the Wyld Hunt.

The whole time, Silver Wind stood there looking at the two beings in front of her. After stating they were "Luna's Chosen" however, she finally realized that these were two Lunars in front of her. The tattoos, the shapechanging, everything fit. She had barely heard of Lunars, much less actually seen one before. She was shocked. The first man was a literal giant, eclipsing her by nearly a foot, with the second one only a few inches shorter than the first. At least, they would have been if they were standing.

And yet, here they were, kneeling before her like she was the Unconquered Sun himself. It very much made her feel uncomfortable. She stood there, still blinking in shock, until Kheervis snorted a question, asking what they were. The mannerisms of his questions indicated he was as confused as she was.

She crouched down in front of the first one, the one that had changed from a wolf. Cupping his chin in her hand, she brought his face up so that his gray eyes locked with her green ones. Looking at him with a twinge of sadness in her face she said, "You don't have to kneel. We're not any more worthy of it than the Dragon-Blooded are. Please get up." She rose, slowly, when the two Lunars finally decided to comply.

Lyn Nalyr 21st of July, 2004 00:06

Shaedra stares at the two unusual creatures standing before them, with undisguised confusion and just a little worry. The expression on her face turns to one of awe as the creatures change, first into their animal forms and then, of all things, in to humans. After they introduce themselves as Tiden and Icarus, and say that they are two of Lunas Chosen, Shaedra finally manages to understand that they are two of the Lunar Exalted of the Wild.

Shaedra walks over to Icarus, "Please get up, I am not some noble lady, and do not feel that you should kneel to me, if anything it should be the other way around, me kneeling to you because of your timely arrival, bearing news of the Dragon Blooded, and an offering to help us in this difficult fight ahead, if it should come to that, but bowing is not in my nature so I hope you will forgive me if I remain standing", Shaedra says grinning. Shaedra grasps Icarus by the elbow and slowly pulls him to his feet, "My name is Shaedra, and your offer of help is most appreciated, for though I am a warrior of sorts, I am not at my best right now, for we were in a fight, with the very forces that are following us right now, earlier and I have not had ample opportunity to recover from it." Shaedra looks into Icarus's eyes and smiles, all the while giving silent thanks to the Unconquered Sun for sending them help in their time of need. Then she releases Icarus's arm and heads carefully to the mouth of the cave to see if the Dragon Blooded have gotten that far yet.

CouchpotatoGOD 21st of July, 2004 01:40

As Tiden's head is raised he is openly shocked to see a glimmer of sadness in the eyes of the solar. After regaining his composure he becomes angry with himself for being so surprised. He finally stands up but tries to avoid the strange green eyes of the solar as he speaks to her.

"if we are to assist you and your companion I would like to know what name you would have us call you by, and..." he hesitated to take a look around the cave "are you the only ones here or are there others?"

Eternal 21st of July, 2004 03:59

Icarus stood resolutely, nodding to Shaedra and her companion, then looking her companion directly in her mysterious green eyes.

"Before you reply, let me make something clear. Although we were kneeling, it was merely a sign of peace and assurance, not of reverance. We recognize your place in the realm of celestials, but we do not bow before you. However, we do realize your importance - as well as ours - in the fight against the evil plaguing these lands of late" Icarus interjected.

"So we wish to help you, not serve you, and although you are women and Solar Exalted, we consider ourselves your equals. If you are willing to accept our help either for a short time or long, please continue. Sorry for being so frank, but we want to help you as friends."

Icarus smiled and stood beside Tiden, knowing their answers already.

red_dr4g0n94 21st of July, 2004 10:47

Silver Wind listened as Icarus spoke, looking him in the eye as he explained why the two Lunars had been kneeling. She lets a smile come to her face as she listens. The man was either very arrogant or very independent, to explain that her sympathy was not needed. Still, the two of them were obviously traveling together and seemed to genuinely want to help them, a valuable resource given the circumstances.

"I understand your reasons for doing it. It just makes me feel uncomfortable, that's all. I thank you for offering you aid to us." She gives a little bow to emphasize what she'd just said.

Then she turned to look at Tiden, who seemed to be avoiding meeting her gaze. That set off something in the back of her mind. She didn't want to set these two on edge or drive them away. She wasn't sure how many Dragon-Blooded were hunting were hunting Shaedra and herself, but it was probably more than she would like. And there was no telling if the Realm would simply send another, stronger wave next time.

No matter what anyone else said about the Solars, they weren't all powerful. They needed these Lunar's help. Driving them away, or making them angry was probably going to get Shaedra and herself killed. "My name is Silver Wind, and my companion has already introduced herself. My other companion there," Silver Wind gestures towards the horse further into the cave, "is Kheervis. He's actually rather intelligent, so don't treat him as if he was just another horse."

"And actually, we were just about to find out if we were here alone or not. Shaedra thought she heard a man shouting something just before I got here. And this cave seems to be just one in many, all of them connecting together in a tunnel network that extends throughout the mountain. I think it's safe to say that staying here is probably the safest idea in the short term, but the Dragon-Blooded already have their troops combing the forest. It's only a matter of time before they get here and start searching the tunnels. And once they do, it will be very hard to get away from them. We should probably leave now, through the tunnels so we're not spotted climbing the mountain from the forest."

She looked over at Shaedra as she finished speaking, who had gone over to the entrance of the cavern, probably to check to see if anyone had seen the Lunars and their somewhat odd entrance. "Do you see anyone Shaedra?"

Eternal 21st of July, 2004 10:59

"We set out about an hour before dawn and circled around the Dragon Blooded encampment to arrive here a short while ago. While we were travelling we noticed not a single mortal or Terrestrial soldier were active in the forest. We arrived here without any problems or delays... fortunately, I don't think that the encampment would have even fully been aroused yet. The only reason for worry would be the appearance of scouts or another force which is out of the question at the moment, for I have scouted out the area by air."

Icarus turned his gaze at Shaedra, who still had not uttered a word or moved. Why is she just standing there still? I could swear there is no possible way any mortal threat could reach us given the speed Tiden and I were travelling...

"Do you see anything, Miss Shaedra, or would you like me to scout the area again as a hawk or strix?"

Erendiox 21st of July, 2004 13:14

Shaedra creeps cautiously toward the mouth of the cave to peek outside. She sticks her head out into the humid outside forest and takes a look around. Seeing nothing but the slowly rising sun between the trees, you turn back into the cave, shaking your head to the others. "I can't see anything..."

Then you all hear something with startling clarity. There is no mistaking that something is happening within the catacombs of the mountain. Another monstrous yell echos out the dark passage. You can just make out the words of a man shouting in anger...

"No! How could you all do this to me? After all we've been through! We've shed blood and tears side by side, for 3 long years! DON'T TELL ME THAT ALL MEANT NOTHING! YOU FILTHY BASTARDS!!!"
You all look down the passage that leads into the mountain. The light from outside illuminates a mere 30 or so feet inside. All you can see beyond is darkness...

CouchpotatoGOD 21st of July, 2004 14:04

After Tiden heard the words of anger that seemed to come from the inside of the catacombs he gave Icarus and his new found companions a quick glance of excitement. It seemed as if he may be able to test his skills in battle soon. Tiden started heading in the direction that he heard the voice trying to pinpoint the location as he proceeded.

Lyn Nalyr 21st of July, 2004 17:14

Shaedra turns back to her companions in the cave after looking out, "Well I don't see anyone, and I didn't realize that you had already scouted the area Icarus."

When the shout rings out, Shaedra's gaze quickly shifts to the back of the cave, and she lifts her Goremaul so that it is resting in its customary place on her shoulder. "Well it seems that Tiden is ready to go," she says smiling at his impatience, "and I agree that we should head out, though neither Icarus or I saw anyone, Silver Wind followed a couple of the Dragon Blood's soldiers as they came near here, they also found some caves, and she thinks that those caves may be connected to this one." Shaedra hoists her pack further up on her shoulders, resettles her Goremaul on her shoulder, takes a breif look around to make sure that she isn't inadvertently leaving anything behind, and looks at her companions in turn, clearly wanting to leave soon.

Eternal 21st of July, 2004 22:01

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Icarus says as his body begins to widen and shorten, sprouting feather and huge round eyes. The strix, giant owl of the eastern forests stood before them. With these eyes I should be able to see almost anything in here, without the risk of being suprised or lost. That should help our pack... our group a lot, thought Icarus to himself wistfully.

red_dr4g0n94 22nd of July, 2004 16:02

Silver Wind whirled at the shout that came from deeper in the cave. The anger, the sheer hatred and power of the words is enormous. She couldn't comprehend the situation she would have to be in to have that kind of hatred and anger in her voice.

She stared further into the cave, but past a few tens of feet, she couldn't see anything. Still, that didn't seem to stop any of the others. She wasn't all that surprised that Shaedra was willing to go into the darkness and investigate. But that the two Lunars would so willingly do so, in the face of the danger and the still oncoming Wyld Hunt, was a little of a shock.

Walking over to Kheervis, she stroked her friend's nose and spoke in their native tongue of River-speak, "I am sorry for not answering you sooner friend. I needed to deal with the current situation first. These two newcomers are Lunar Exalted, the Chosen of Luna as I am the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun. They have offered their services in helping us. We have accepted them, for the time being."

Looking up as Shaedra hefts her golden hammer, Silver Wind ponders her next course of action. She didn't have much essence left, and she had never been much of a fighter to begin with. Perhaps she could serve another purpose though. "Shaedra, I'll stay behind her with Kheervis. I'll make sure that nothing sneaks up on you or anything."

Giving a little wink to the other woman, she said, "Don't worry, I'll be here when you get back. I just don't have quite as much fun fighting as you do is all." She feels a small bit in her stomach form at those words. She HATED fighting at all, and killing someone was completely out of the question. She worried that, perhaps there was simply too much of a difference between her companions and herself.

Lyn Nalyr 22nd of July, 2004 17:04

Shaedra’s expression of anxiousness changes to one of surprise at Silver Wind’s statement, then she walks over to her. “My friend I believe that you are making a grave mistake, you yourself said that the Dragon Bloods had found caves near here. Caves that you believe are interconnected to this one. If that is indeed the case then it will not be long till they find this cave, if you stay here then you will be discovered. I can see that you are tired and from the way that your Anima was flaring earlier I would say that you don’t have a lot of essence left at your disposal. I just hope that it is enough to protect you long enough for you to escape and get yourself and Kheervis to safety,” Shaedra says quietly to the woman who has come to mean so much to her in so little time, “In the meantime I am going to go with Icarus and Tiden and try to find a way out of these caves, if we happen to find the source of the despair echoing in these caves, so be it, but my primary concern is finding a place where I can rest and heal in safety. I believe that traveling through these caves may be our best option for this, it will prevent the Dragon Blooded from seeing us for now, and it gives us ample opportunity to lose our pursuers, as we will not be betrayed by the light of torches or essence, instead relying on Icarus’ eyes to guide us through the dark.”

Shaedra looks deep into Silver Winds eyes, hoping that it will not be the last time that she sees her and says, “I beg you to reconsider your decision, but if you still feel that this is the path you must take, then I will not argue this further. In my home village you would be long past the age at which you are trusted to make your own decisions.”

Then Shaedra goes over to Kheervis and says, “Please be careful and watch out for her as well as yourself. Which maybe a needless thing to say, seeing as how you and she have come so far together already.”

Looking back at Silver Wind, Shaedra says, “I hope that the Unconquered Sun will watch over you both and if we fall without seeing each other again, mayhaps we will meet again in our next incarnations.” Then Shaedra walks to the back of the cave, ready to go, but just before she leaves she turns around, hoping that Silver Wind will change her mind and come with them still…

red_dr4g0n94 23rd of July, 2004 13:11

Silver Wind listens as Shaedra tries to convince her to come along. She looks at the other woman, her eyes pleading for Silver Wind to come with them. In her heart, Silver Wind is torn. On one hand, she agrees with Shaedra. She herself had said many of the arguments the other woman was using, and staying here could be the last mistake of her life.

But on the other hand, these three were obviously prepared to face something in the cave, and to defeat it if they could. From the voice from inside, whatever was in there was most likely sentient. Silver Wind could kill, if she thought the being truly deserved it, but very few beings actually deserved to die in her eyes. If she went with them, she would feel obligated to keep them from killing anyone, which could in turn get them killed.

That had been one of the reasons she had always traveled alone. One of the reasons she had tried so desperately to avoid the Wyld Hunt. One of the reason she had challenged that God-blooded.

But if they ran into something sentient, wouldn't it be better if she went with them, to negotiate with it if possible? Shaedra had been right, she could feel her energy to power her charms was all but gone. If she got into a fight, with anyone, she probably wouldn't have anything left afterwards.

Silver Wind had no intention of dying, but at the same time, she had no intention of letting anyone accompanying her kill anyone else. It would seem then, that escaping with these people might be best. Maybe she could convince them not to kill anyone while they traveled. She could be very persistent when she wanted to, and so far, since her Exaltation, very few people had refused her.

Looking up at the retreating figure of Shaedra, she saw the other woman stop and look back at her, most likely looking to see if Silver Wind would follow them.

Sighing at the lack of good choices in front of her, Silver Wind took Kheervis' reins and turned to follow Shaedra. Before she got too far, she pulled next to him and pulled out a torch, which she preceded to light. Following the other Exalts down into the cave, she had one hand holding Kheervis' reins and the other holding onto the torch.

Erendiox 24th of July, 2004 02:34

The four of you step boldly into the darkness. Icarus, with no room to fly, makes his best effort to walk in his enourmous bird form, leading the way. Silver Wind reluctantly follows close behind the group, guiding Kheervis along. She has a lit torch in hand just in case. The passage starts out quite small, about 10 feet high and wide but is opening up fast. Soon you find yourself in a huge 50 by 50 foot tunnel. You all can just vaguely make out a soft light source ahead. Icarus, you can see very clearly and very far. A huge chamber lies up ahead, and the light source comes from there. As you approach closer, you all can see it.

A massive chaimber, most likely more than 300 feet in all dimentions, marks the end of this particular passage. The light source turns out to be a rather large green crystal fused with the rock in the center of the chaimber, emitting a soft green light. The room is dome shaped, relatively flat on the bottom and rounded on the top. Walls and floors of the cavern are now also lined with small green crystals as well, well illumnating every other passage. There are three other passages at ground level, each the same size as the one you were just in, and each going off into different directions. Even with the crystal lightning, you still cant quite make out what lies at the end of each one. As you all take in the huge room, you all notice something odd. Two other passages, the same size as those at ground level, extend from the ceiling upward, at odd, unclimbable angles.

Before you have time to think much on that, you hear sounds again, this time much louder and clearer. There are no words, but the crashing of bodies and the ring of blades echos strong from the center passage toward the center of the mountain. A cry of pain, ending with a gruesome, muffled scream sends chills down your spines. You are beginning to think that time is running short. Whatever is happenening at hand is winding to a close. Something about this says you had best hurry if you want to make a difference.

red_dr4g0n94 25th of July, 2004 14:15

Silver Wind followed behind the others, guiding Kheervis along and making sure he doesn't throw another horseshoe in the gravel-strewn floor. She watches the almost comical nature of the Lunar Icarus as he walks with them, but she knew there was nothing funny about Strix. One of her few friends had tried to help capture one so the man who’d hired her and her companions could train it as a mount. A force of 15 went into the forest to, and only 4 had returned, empty-handed, her friend thankfully one of them.

Still though, more of Silver Wind's attention was on the cavern than her companions. She looked at the widening nature, the odd light; everything seemed to indicate that this mountain was like the Southern equivalent of Gethamane up in the North. And this cavern was HUGE, though not so large as to stand on one side and be unable to see the other. Still, it was so empty; it felt like the place was simply going to swallow them up.

Then the sounds come. At first, she is unable to identify the clanging she heard. She figured out that it was the sound of steel clashing when a scream rings out, piercing into the woman's body and stabbing her in the heart. A scream of death. This was not people fighting simple animals. This was people fighting other people, killing each other to the best of their abilities.

She couldn't allow that, not if she could help it in any way. Years of dealing with horses, and the past several months of fleeing the Wyld Hunt with Kheervis, had taught her at least one major lesson of the saddle. There was a time to get into the saddle carefully so you didn't fall out later, and there was a time to get in as fast as you could so you could make a difference. Now obviously fell into the latter category.

Tugging on the reins oh so gently, Kheervis came up beside her in an instant obviously made alert by the noises as well. She put one foot into the stirrup, and with one hand still clutching the torch, was up upon the saddle in a flash. She strained her hearing for an instant, augmenting it by using her connection with Kheervis to use his hearing as well, to find out from which of the passages the noises were coming from.

After figuring it out, she pointed Kheervis towards the passage. Letting out a quick shout, and poking her spurs into Kheervis' side twice, Kheervis was soon speeding towards the entrance of the passage as fast as the great Finest could. Silver Wind still clung to the torch, desperately hoping it wouldn't puff out in their rush, her other hand hanging onto the reins as best she could.

She wasn't being foolish she told herself. Lives were at stake here and she wasn't just going to sit by and let them die, by the light of the Unconquered Sun.

Lyn Nalyr 25th of July, 2004 14:46

Shaedra smiles gratefully when Silver Wind decides to come with them, it was a relief to know that she would listen to reason, at least some of the time. "I wonder if I should point out to Silver Wind that using the torch merely hinders out passage through these tunnels," Shaedra thought to herself, "No, I don't want her to think that I am trying to boss her around, if it makes her feel better, she can carry it."

Then Shaedra's attention was distracted by the caves widening. She stares in awe at the massive green crystal softly glowing in the center of the room. Then when she finally manages to tear her gaze away from it, she examines the rest of the room, green crystals in the floor and walls, and three passages on the other side of the giant room, with, oddly enough, two more passages near the roof leading upwards at too steep an angle to climb easily. Shaedra's gaze then returns to examining the crystal once more, its sheer size and beauty making her wonder, if she could cart it off what price it would fetch.

Once again Shaedra's thoughts were interrupted, but this time by the sounds of fighting, coming from the centermost passage across the crystal chamber. Shaedra listens trying to gage the number of combatants, and if they were Dragon Blooded troops. Shaedra bites off a muttered startled curse when, of all people, Silver Wind rides by on Kheervis's back, intent on reaching the source of the painful sounding fight. Shaedra mutters another curse and takes off after her friend, readying her Goremaul. Praying that Silver Wind is actually thinking and not just reacting, and that she isn't going to get herself, Kheervis, Shaedra, the Lunars, or any combination thereof killed.

CouchpotatoGOD 27th of July, 2004 04:07

Tiden is amazed at the immense size of the chamber and the glowing crystals that illuminate it. Also the holes in the ceiling make Tiden think that the area has mystery's just waiting to be solved. Tiden's examination of the chamber is cut short when he hears the sounds of battle up ahead. There did not seem to be much time left. Tiden runs toward the sounds of fighting as fast as he can following Silver Wind and Shaedra as they leave wondering why they are so eager to go towards a fight in there obviously weakened states.

Erendiox 27th of July, 2004 14:40

The four of you, alert and stoked for combat, race down the center passage, the sounds of combat getting closer and closer. Silver Wind leads a good distance ahead with Kheervis' speed. The rest of you trail behind, desperately hoping she doesnt go and get herself killed before you all can reach the battle with her. The passage seems to go on an eternity, when finally another chaimber comes into view. From the look of it, this one is even larger than the last, but seemingly less lit. Silver Wind is the first to arrive at the end of the tunnel, taking in the sight before her. Small, green crystals line this room just like the other, though more dim and less numerous. The shape of the room is more box like, with rounded edges and the tunnel enters the room high off the ground, leaving a rounded decent to the floor. As the other chaimber, More passages of the same size exit the chaimber. There is one on the wall to your left, one on the wall to your right, and one going straight up from the celing.

In the center of the chaimber, a wooden post stands upright, rooted in the stone floor. Surrounding the post are shattered metal chains, covered in blood. A few feet away is a man on his knees, his hands clutching the cold stone floor. He stares down at one of the many slaughtered men scattering the floor. A dozen men lie dead around the kneeling soul. Blood and weapons are strewn everywhere. What also surprizes you, aside from the situation, is that this man, although of a somewhat darkened version, is pulsating with the light of the Unconquered Sun...

The man speaks, somewhat more exausted than he sounded before. His gaze never turns from the floor...

"You... This is your doing isn't it? ... How could you?!?"

A voice returns from high up on a far corner of the cavern, unlit by the crystals. It carries a deep, raspy tone, echoing frighteninly as it fills up the room.

"Understand, your friends brought this on themselves by seeking this place out my friend .... They knew of the sacrifices they would have to make for treasure .... but you .... YOU have emerged the victor in this amusing little game. Forget not .... that the spoils are now yours."

The man gets to his feet, wiping the tears from his eyes. As he does, a large sheet of rock shifts, opening up a small tunnel on the opposite end of the chaimber. The hallway sized passage emits a soft white light.

"Go ahead.... claim what is yours......"

The man, after hesitating for a moment, starts to walk toward the passage. Kheervis makes a soft whine, expressing her dislike of the situation, as well as her sense of danger. The others have now caught up with Silver Wind, and you all look down upon the scene of the bloody battle past, wondering if you should interfere. The man still blazes with light. As he moves closer to the passage, he lights up the edge of the unlit corner, where the other voice is coming from. And you can all just make out..... webs.

red_dr4g0n94 29th of July, 2004 06:50

Kheervis bursts out of the passageway into the chamber, Silver Wind holding on for dear life in the saddle. She pulls on the reins, bringing Kheervis down from a gallop to a trot, to take in the scene before her.

The chamber was a lot like the one before, if much larger and not quite as flat. There was a passageway in the roof, leading up at an angle that made it near impossible to climb, and two other passageways besides the one she had just came through were in other walls of the chamber. Small green crystals still dotted the floor, providing what little illumination was present.

But the differences were what had Silver Wind's attention. There was no larger crystal in the center of the room, instead a wooden post, starkly out of place in here, stands rooted to the floor, a set of bloody, metal chains dangling from it.

And there were bodies. Dead bodies, with blood all around them, weapons strewn about, all of them lying around a man engulfed in a golden aura. It was obvious that the source of all this death and destruction was the man, and yet there he was, glowing with the light and power of the Unconquered Sun, just like herself a few months ago. WHY? WHY would the Unconquered Sun choose a...a...a BUTCHER like him!?

The man was moving towards an opening in the far end of the chamber that had appeared. She couldn't just let him get away, not that easily, not after he'd simply slaughtered a dozen people.

Vaguely she notes the arrival of her companions, but their arrival is not at the forefront of her mind. As Kheervis' whine penetrates her mind, she spurrs him out of his trot and back into a gallop. She aimed towards the man, intent on intercepting him before he got to the passageway.

Lyn Nalyr 29th of July, 2004 09:29

Shaedra comes to a stop beside Silver Wind and Kheervis as they gallop off towards the glowing man, looking around in shock at the carnage before them. She is vaguely aware of the fewer numbers of crystals in the floor and ceiling and the passages leading off the central chamber. What dominates her attention is the wooden post jutting out of the chamber floor and the chains and destruction around it. Then her attention is drawn to the man who was kneeling on the floor, surrounded by fallen bodies, and who is glowing with the light of what she hopes is the Unconquered Sun, but she has never seen it that color before… As the man gets up and starts to move to a passage that she hadn’t noticed on her arrival, and his light illuminates the formerly unlit corner of the room, Shaedra starts to walk towards the webs wondering what is concealed within them. Shaedra stops under them and looks up trying to see what lairs within them.

[OOC: Shaedra has never met another Solar besides Silver Wind, but she has heard stories of them.]

CouchpotatoGOD 29th of July, 2004 12:47

As Tiden enters the room his vision falls upon the solar observing the glow of the unconquered sun showing his superiority over mere mortals. Then he stares at the many dead bodies with little surprise.

If they did not want to die than they should not have faced such a superior being...

Killing a dozen pathetic mortals is a very simple task for any lunar and Tiden knew it. This was no great accomplishment but he was still interested in how strong the solar really was. Suddenly Tiden remembers the strange voice that had come from the corner of the room and realizes that this solar was the less dominant next to the creature that resided in the webbed corner.

After I am done with the solar I am going back for you...

Tidens thoughts are interrupted as Silver Wing rides to intercept the solar.

Silver Wind is being foolish racing in without realizing her drained state. She should not be rushing into a potently dangerous situation like that. But this will not stop me from getting what I want...

Anxious to meet this newfound solar and eager to find out what this strange creature is Tiden races into the fray.

Erendiox 30th of July, 2004 11:39

Shaedra, Tiden, and Icarus

You run after Silver Wind, who neglects to wait for you, as fast as you can. The smell of blood mixes with the mildew, making you want to gag every breath you take of the cave atmosphere. Silver Wind and the stranger lock eyes...

Silver Wind

You sprint into the center of the chaimber, determined, despite obvious great risk you are taking. You can feel the faint glow what little essence you have left, a constant warning of the trouble you could be getting yourself into. Getting up closer, all the carnage you saw from far away is far far worse close up. You resist the urge to gag at the strong smell of blood and the sights of men with their necks and limbs sliced open savagely. Somehow pushing that impulse away, you press toward the center of the room.

The man, hearing your approach, turns slowly toward you. A dark skinned man, with brown, sandstone eyes meets your gaze with his. Long, messy black hair flows down behind him, adding even more disorganization to his ragged tan clothing. You expected to lock eyes with a murderer. A savage beast without a soul. Surely someone capable of the horrendous deed before you could be nothing but such a man. But what you see in his eyes is Pain. Despair... a broken soul.

[OOC: Tolvai gets the next post]

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