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LeeCHeSSS 18th of October, 2006 07:11

"Let there be dice!"
And so it came to pass...

I am now happy to announce that I finished adding this much-requested feature to the boards. I have added a die-roller in the form of a bbcode:
This notation is a familiar and standard die rolling notation used in many RPG books. Where
  1. X is the number of die to be rolled (1 if omitted)
  2. Y is the number of faces of the die, and
  3. Z is a modifier which could be positive or negative
  4. F is a special feature only available to GM's. F is the desired result that a roll should have. This is also referred to as fudging a roll.
For example,
  1. d4 or 1d4 means roll 1 four sided die
  2. 3d6 means roll 3 six sided dice and add them together.
  3. 3d6+2 means roll 3 six sided dice, add them together and then add 2.
The roller also will support a couple of standard shortcut notations as well, for instance,
  1. 4d6b3 means roll 4 six sided dice and only sum the best (highest) three dice.
  2. d% means roll a percentage roll, equivalent to 1d100.
The number of sides and number of dice are essentially unlimited (depending on how big an integer this particular machine can handle, but that's beyond the scope of this article). So, using the [roll] bbcode, you can enter dice rolls into your posts.

Following are some example die rolls and their resulting output:
[roll]4d6[/roll] : [roll0]
[roll]d%[/roll] : [roll1]
[roll]1d20+5[/roll] : [roll2]

A few more - and rather important - notes:
  • Due to the layout that dierolls have (dotted underline with tooltip), it is impossible to mimick them with already existing bbcodes.
  • You can't add rolls to an existing post.
  • You can't use preview the roller.
  • Posts can easily be edited without affecting existing rolls that are in the post.
  • When you remove rolls however, a message will be appended to the post indicating there is an inconsistency.
  • In order to prevent people from rearranging the rolls or use one roll multiple times within a post, each roll has a numbered prefix in the tooltip that appears when you hover over the roll. This allows GM's to spot any such attempts at cheating.
This results in a pretty decent cheating-free feature that should've been part of this board from the beginning...

Enjoy and I appreciate any feedback.

treehouse 18th of October, 2006 07:19

You and your site rock hard, Danny. This is a feature I've been wanting for a while.

Linklegacy77 18th of October, 2006 07:19



Skidrow 18th of October, 2006 07:22

Sweet, this thing rocks. I am going to be using this feature alot.

Thumbs up:D

Benicus 18th of October, 2006 07:38

I shall abuse this much my good Admin :D.

No, really, thank you so much. Makes it easier on me:).

generaljimX 18th of October, 2006 07:49

I as well thank you for your contribution to the site. I'm sure everyone is going to have fun with it for a while, just to make sure they can if they ever want to REALLY use it. I, for one, will be using it on a regular basis, as it prevents me from having to open another window when updating my games.

Mercutio 18th of October, 2006 08:36


nightinverse 18th of October, 2006 08:39

Is it possible to chain multiple forms of dice in the same "roll"?


Evidently not... well, it was worth a test... thank you regardless, now I can allow some more rolls to the players when they request such.

omni-roach 18th of October, 2006 09:14

This is pretty cool, I'll be sure to use this if I ever decide to DM any games here (which I probably will do, sooner or later :))!

itches 18th of October, 2006 14:05


Benicus 19th of October, 2006 06:33

LeeChess thank you for incorperating a complete DM screen even over the magical internet. Now no faries may see my rolls ;)!

elmer_jok 20th of October, 2006 14:33


a test...

EDIT: further testing...


elmer_jok 20th of October, 2006 14:38


ah, bold all, sorry about the triple posts back to back

And thanks for incorporating this feature into the site. I know alot of people will use this feature, in my games and others.

My Fellow Gamers 22nd of October, 2006 01:01

Great addition, thanks.

BrianL03 22nd of October, 2006 12:45

LeeCHess, is there any way to have there be multiple die rolls in the same roll bracket, but not sum them?

[roll]d6 d6 d6[/roll]

BrianL03 22nd of October, 2006 12:47

Apparently, I didn't do my roll right. Test:


[roll]1d6 1d6 1d6[/roll]

akiko 22nd of October, 2006 13:52

That would be 3d6 brian.

Kahluah 22nd of October, 2006 15:53

Akiko: I think Brian meant it as in getting the individual results, rather than a sum of the rolls (for example, rolling 3d6 would give 4, 6, and 1, rather than 11).

Brian: If you mouse over the result in the box, it does come up with the individual roll results.

Cool feature, btw, LeeCHeSSS. Just going to test it out myself..


Kahluah 22nd of October, 2006 15:53

Cool, you can change the color and size of the roll results aswell *grins*

zachol 22nd of October, 2006 17:29

Hmm. Interesting.

While I like it, I won't use it as a DM, because... well, because I have a thing about online rolling vs. real dice.
It's not that it's not random enough, but rather that it's too random and open.

If I want real results, I'll either do it myself, or trust that my players will roll and truthfully relate what they get.

However, I suppose if I ever do a "hard" game, this will be useful.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate it (I would), but I won't be using it.

Although, come to think of it, this might be good in Atropos, when I expect to have a lot of rolls that can be perfectly random and ruthless, so I will likely use it then.

As a side note, it would be nifty if [roll]1d6+1d10+3[/roll] or similar things were incorporated, for certain damage rolls and such.

Edit: Also, I may just be unaware of some mischief inherent in not using this rule, but what is "You can't add rolls to an existing post." needed for?

itches 22nd of October, 2006 22:24


Also, I may just be unaware of some mischief inherent in not using this rule, but what is "You can't add rolls to an existing post." needed for?
People could change roll results, removing the original and adding in new ones until they get something they like.

LeeCHeSSS 22nd of October, 2006 23:39

zachol, I think you want to be able to fudge rolls, right? That feature will be added soon.

Brian: Is there any reason why you couldn't do "[roll]d6[/roll] [roll]d6[/roll]" etc?

zachol 23rd of October, 2006 01:08

Well, maybe.

I'll think of it, it's just that my initial reaction is neither positive nor negative.

BrianL03 25th of October, 2006 05:20


Originally Posted by LeeCHeSSS
Brian: Is there any reason why you couldn't do "[roll0] [roll1]" etc?

No there really isn't, it's just that with the code already put in to roll multiple dice, I was just curious as if I could get the results without them adding together. Granted, now that I think about it, this wouldn't work that great anyway with the system I have in mind due to the exploding die. Okay, consider my point mute ^^

The Hive Custodian 25th of October, 2006 15:54

In the beginning,
Back in nineteen seventy-three
Man didn't know 'bout no D&D
And the core books three
The SCA had the acting,
The wargames had the rules,
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Gary Gygax had the news
He said, "Let there be DM,"
And there was DM
"Let there be players,"
And there was players
"Let there be swords,"
And there was swords
"Let there be magic,"
And there was magic
"Oh, let there be dice!"

And it came to pass
That D&D was born
All across the land, every adventurin' band
Was blowin' up a storm
And the fighting man got famous
The magic-user got rich
And in every catacomb there was a cleric
Who had become a lich
There were fifteen million fingers
Learnin' how to play
And you could hear those fingers rollin'
And this is what they had to say:
"Let there be players..."
"Oh, let there be dice!"

One night on a website called ORP
There were forty-two games of D&D
And the posts were good and the posts were tall
And LeeCHeSSS turned and he said to us all
"Let there be dice!"

-Based off "Let There Be Rock", AC/DC

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