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Explosive Cheese 1st of May, 2010 10:33

The Forbidden Place - OOC
Welcome one and all to my first game here at Orp! I hope we all have a great time as I learn the art of GMing.

Since I expect the OOC to be relatively unused by the players themselves in this game, this thread shall double as a visitors' thread. Anybody who wants to can post their thoughts here.

As for you my players - I strongly recommend you consider whether or not your post would work as IC before you post here.

treehouse 1st of May, 2010 11:57

-throws popcorn at the screen-

...well that was stupid, now I have butter on my laptop.

Explosive Cheese 1st of May, 2010 12:20

Dammit tree! I'm not cleaning up your litter!

And shouldn't you be telling Naraknah what she won over at RotR?

Explosive Cheese 1st of May, 2010 12:47

To my players:
You have free reign over concept, both as to the Character and the Player. Keep in mind that Character background will take a (probably) take a backseat to Player background, since the Player's mind is in control of the Character's body. Of course, Character background could still be important if you're playing the kind of Player who has to be careful about being 'In-character' when playing their Character.

Confused by that? Check the rules forum for the terms I'll be using in this game.

Grimtina 2nd of May, 2010 00:06

Gnome sorcerer here.

So where do we post the concepts?

Explosive Cheese 2nd of May, 2010 00:51

Start posting concepts here (for your Player too), we still need to decide a standard format.

Do you guys want to use hosted pdfs (I have a pretty good one), or just formatted text?

Grimtina 2nd of May, 2010 08:59

I'd prefer PDF.

Concept for the player:

Theresa, started gaming because her then boyfriend claimed girls wouldn't get it. Is good enough in playing, but very bad with creating sheets. Even worse with maths (kinda like me there lol) . Likes to try to get others to play their PCs the way she thinks they should ("You know, a princess would never even look at that guy" "A gnome should say something funny at least twice per day. Can't we make that a race requirement?" etc)

Theresa always played females. This time, the other players got her to create a male gnome ("Do the funny talk yourself") and thus her gnome will, unwanted, take on some female traits and probably appear gay unless someone keeps reminding her it's a male.

Explosive Cheese 2nd of May, 2010 09:19

Nice concept Grimtina! I like it a lot (gender equality is a big pet peeve of mine, so this should be fun).

Feel free to start working on your sheet, and posting your thoughts here.

We have one vote for pdf so far. Once I hear from one or two of the others, we'll have a decision, and you'll be able to start posting your sheets.

Explosive Cheese 2nd of May, 2010 13:22

I'd like each of you to look for an image for your Character (your Player too if you want, but it's not as vital). I'll probably use them to make tokens for use with MapTool. (Tree, if you're reading this, I'm basically stealing everything for this game from you, except the basic concept.)

treehouse 2nd of May, 2010 23:37

I'm pretty sure everyone does that :) (not steal from me, just steal - I know I do)

Explosive Cheese 3rd of May, 2010 00:54

It's the same basic philosophy as I employ in perl (sometimes - other times I purposefully ignore this philosophy): Why reinvent the wheel when you can steal something perfectly good from others?

Merbak 4th of May, 2010 02:24

I was going to build a halfling summoner, lawful good character, with Napoleonic 4'11 player who thinks that halflings are the most oppressed race in fantasy, and wants to take over the world. That being said, keeping track of a character, a player, an eidolan, and having summon monster as a spell like ability 8+ times per day (not county spell slots for it) is a logistical nightmare and I refuse to let myself do that. I'm working on something less prone to cause migraines and anneurisms.

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 03:41

I liked your player concept, but I think you're right about not going the summoner route in this game: You'd end up having enough personalities to make a schizophrenic look at you funny.

Take your time coming up with something you think you can handle, but I'd like to know soon: Do you prefer working with a hosted pdf or plaintext posts for character sheets? I'm fine with either, and Grim has already expressed a preference for pdfs.

Merbak 4th of May, 2010 03:42

Alright, I think I have one that will be fun, and possible to actually do the paperwork for.

Ronny is an exceptional guy. Not only does he hold a gamer who holds a PhD in Chemical engineering, but he's actually incredibly charismatic. His penchant is for playing characters with massively gimped mental and social stats, and 'role playing' his way around them. "Sure, my ranger has no ranks in craft(alchemy), but if he takes these roots, this type of mineral he happened to pick up because it was shiny, some pure water, and mixes them in this randomly chosen amount, you're going to say it's not a poison, because he has no ranks?" Similarly he would use his ability to fast talk to avoid rolling social rolls with barmaids, peasants, nobility, really whoever he want. Grog is in no way an unusual character for Ron. He's a human raised by half-orcs, who carries a big axe, with the brains of a snail, and the charisma of... well, someone raised by and learned manners from a half-orc. What Ron didn't expect was that while he can still think of excellent plans, he can no longer express them intelligently, or even act on them the way he means to. Further, while he can imagine the right words and tone to sweet talk the pretty lady, all Grog will do is stare, drool, and perhaps growl something obscene.

Merbak 4th of May, 2010 03:43

I'd prefer plain text, but if the pdfs don't require me to have anything beyond acrobat and an internet connection, I'm willing to try converting to the dark side.

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 03:56

In principal, acrobat and internet should be all you need, as long as you don't mind editing the sheet yourself and attaching it. I see advantages both ways, but plaintext is admittedly more direct to work with, and allows me to quickly edit something if I need to.

I'm considering just saying plaintext, but first, Merbak, care to take a look at this pdf?
If you like it, maybe we'll just use it.

Also, I'm really digging the character concepts here. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to get going.

Merbak 4th of May, 2010 04:43

I can deal with the pdf, no problem.

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 05:54

Okay, so go ahead and start work on your sheets guys. When you've got it, make a post under your Player's name in "The Player's" forum, with Player/Character background, and the pdf attached. If the pdfs get cumbersome, we can switch to plain text (formatted, naturally).

On an unrelated note, I tweaked the opening post slightly so that it reflects a bunch of physical gamers, rather than PBP gamers. The post is a bit less fluid, but I would rather have these players know each other face-to-face. Details to come on the GM soon (in The Players, forum), and also a little bit on the groups history together (we can collaborate on this, and it will go in The Backdrop forum). Mechanics of the GM God still to come.

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 08:59

Okay, GM and God info is up. Group history discussions should be done here.

Edit: I've got nowhere in Golarion in particular in mind at the moment for the start of this campaign. If anyone has a favourite or a suggestion, feel free to step forward. I'll probably use the first suggestion, unless it doesn't look like it'll work with the campaign.

Grimtina 4th of May, 2010 17:27

I should be done with my character shortly.

What about starting somewhere in the wilderness around a campfire, probably with a weird plot hook that got us all there?

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 23:07

Well, if you read the first post, you'll see that you all start around a clearing, just after being sucked into the game world. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to where in Golarion this clearing would be. I'm looking into it, but until I decide, I'm open to suggestions.

treehouse 4th of May, 2010 23:19


Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 23:29

...Why don't we just cut to the chase and have it right outside Sandpoint?

treehouse 4th of May, 2010 23:35

I have some notes for you, then. But you need to cross your heart and hope to die promise that you won't metagame in RotR.

Explosive Cheese 4th of May, 2010 23:43

Wait, I thought we were being sarcastic here? Curse you internet.
Wait, are you being sarcastic now?
Down this road lies madness.
Tree, I'd rather not have this game set around Sandpoint - I don't want to be seeing the RotR stuff ahead of time, for my own sake.

Although, if we wanted to get truly crazy, and I had this game start somewhere in Varisia, we could always have the groups meet up. It would be... strange, to say the least. Yeah, let's not do that.

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