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HeadHunter 4th of January, 2010 10:57

Visitor's Thread.....
This is for anyone who stumbles upon this game and would like to join or comment. Please post in this thread.

Shakespeare 2nd of February, 2010 07:03

Game's looking good so far Headhunter. Have fun and game on -- if you hook me in as much as I suspect you will, you'll no doubt end up making my resurrection of Resident Evil from a definate thing.

HeadHunter 3rd of February, 2010 09:38

Thanks for the encouraging words Shakespeare.....

Then I guess I better start working overtime!!! ;) - Would definately love to see RE-Part 2. As I've said a million times it was definately my favorite PbP game I was EVER in. That's quite a feat in itself. Anything I can do to convince you to start it, considered done. You are always welcome to joining in any capacity you wish on this board too.

Oxymoron 15th of April, 2010 09:00

heya guys,
seriously interested in joining into a game if possible. Who do i speak to and how do i go about this?

lotuscorpse 17th of April, 2010 05:40

Hey Oxymoron,

This is my brother's game, HeadHunter. Right now the game is at a stand still due to some family issues that had come up. But just keep checking on the game and contact headhunter and you'll eventually get a reply from him. Sorry for the game not being up and running at the moment. I'm sure my brother is upset that this hasn't quite panned out how he'd hoped it would when starting the Game.

HeadHunter 17th of April, 2010 10:29

YES!!! I'm quite upset its been over a month. However, good news is here. FINALLY have HSI at my home. However, I will need the weekend to review things and catch up on some other things. If all goes well, by Sunday I will try to move things forward.

As for the new guy, send me a personel message and let me know what you want to play. Concept, Idea, a brief Background idea. We can exspand on it as we work on it.

Thanks everyone for being patience through this. I'm READY to get ROLLING.


Oxymoron 19th of April, 2010 19:11

Hey HH,
i just PMed you and i will organise a character tomorrow if needed. let me know what else you would like.


inhumanundead 23rd of August, 2010 02:23

I would like to join. I love zombie movies and games, especially Resident Evil. Are sign-ups still open?

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