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LightBringer 8th of June, 2007 00:17

Is the World Really so DARK
I'll have the start of IC later.

LightBringer 8th of June, 2007 06:35


Erin/LG "Agent, assassin for a tech company? Was it BioTech? Hmmmmmm....."

As I'm processing that information I absentmindedly reach to try the door but shake my head before I touch it. Walk around to the back, watching for cameras and traps and... everything! I know they are too, but I do look to make sure they're alert.

Cassandra "No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't BioTech. Probably a related company though." Of course there are cameras. There's one on every corner. Traps, well you'll have to wait and see if you spring one.

LG Right. All is normal in other words and you know I'm declaring I'm on alert. Okay, to the back door.

LB Erin, Anthony and Cassandra make their way to the back of the house. You have never seen this side of the house before. The lawn is expertly manicured, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. The flower beds display a variety of the most amazing colors. Even the in-ground pool is built to replicate a fantastic waterfall. You almost have a feeling of serenity as you move through the yard. You come to the back door which is also locked. Anthony, using his old school techniques, makes quick work of it though and pushes it open. The house is quite. Erin you catch a scent of lavender as you step into the kitchen. It is a large kitchen with very modern appliances. With a quick check behind you, you continue on. Anthony and Cassandra follow as you make your way through the house. It is very quiet. You come to the study, and a picture of Jackson's dead body runs through your mind. It is as quiet as a tomb.

Just as you search for those words a noise that seems to explode from the wall startles you. Part of the wall slides away, and exposes a large screen. Suddenly Jackson's image fills the screen. "Hello Erin. I knew you couldn't stay away for long." He smiles as he continues, "I see you brought some company with you. Ahh, voyeurism is sooo naughty." He pauses again for just a second then continues, "In all seriousness you have shown up quicker than I expected. I imagine my lawyers haven't even finished all the paperwork. Oh well, no sense in waiting. As you will come to find out, I have left almost all of my assets to you Erin, including this house. I'm sure you'll think about burning it down, but that would be a serious waste. The lawyers will go over the details of those things with you. What they won't go over, and have no idea of are these things. For my payment to you, for my freedom, I have made sure the details and all samples of Concord have been destroyed. Also, with my death, all traces of any foreign elements I introduced into you and your companions died as well. I know, I know, I'm so easy, but it is the least I could do for you, after all you did for me. Well, ta ta for now." Jackson smiles and the screen goes blank.

LG/Erin I look at the blank screen and that smile and just stare, dumbfounded. "What the ****?!"

I turn and look at Anthony and Cassandra. "What's he talking about his freedom?! What are you talking about!!!!" I have turned back, am yelling at the stupidly blank screen. This is seriously disturbing. Why is he thanking me for killing him? I like this less than I liked killing him. I ... shoot. I don't know. I guess I sit down and gape for a minute.

LB When you turn to Anthony and Cassandra they have that same dumbfounded stare you are having.

LG/Erin After a minute or two, I shake it off and stand up.

"Okay, well, a few things he's said have made sense now. I ... I thought he might have wanted me to kill him, but this isn't at all... I guess Yami has pulled out completely then. On.... his orders? Uh, oh, yuck, um... shoot, let's see what we can see."

I suppose I'm going to be looking through the house now. I have no idea what I'm looking for, but now I doubt I'm going to find it anyway. But, let's see the damn house.

LB Erin, the three of you wander around the house. As you suspect there is nothing of importance concerning Jackson or Yami here. So you wander around a large 10 bedroom, 10 bath, not including the huge master bed and bath, fully furnished mansion. The library is still loaded with books. There is a game room with a billards table, dart boards, and a couple older standing arcade video games. The kitchen as mentioned is quite large and fully stocked. Everything is very elegant and very expensive. Is there anything in particular you are interested in?

LG Yeah, there's a few things.

I want to see if there's any traces of Yami left -- her wardrobe, etc. I want to see if the spear is still there. Oh, yeah, while I'm at it that mind ready device too. Are all the traces of wyrm just gone? Actually the other three can help me figure out if there's any thing of any significance too. Is any of his personal bookkeeping there, day planner, etc. Searching the desk in particular for that, of course.

AND searching for the surveillance system so I can watch the pull out after we left. That's a lot of stuff, so it should do for now.
Erin, There are no clothes of any sort in the house, closet or dressers. The spear is no where to be found, neither is the mind reading device you speak of. The three of you poke around and find that there is no more trace of the Wyrm than any other house in this area. In fact some Wlyd spirits have begun to hang around in the forest area behind the property. His desk is as empty as the closets, although it is very clean. There is no dust anywhere to be found.

LB It takes a little longer to find the security area, but with Anthony's know how and some persistence, you all find it behind the panels of the library. Once in there, you see the back of the panel that Jackson was on not so long ago. Again there is nothing in here. Everything has been removed. Well almost, there is one slot with a flashing light, and a piece of dvd protruding. When you touch the keys of the that panel a small screen comes to life with the word 'Deleted' on it. It is the only disc in the room. With the flick of a couple more switch's Anthony turns on the rest of the system, and the monitors light up showing you the outside property.

LG/Erin So, just out of curiosity, does it share a wall with the kitchen?

"Well guys... I don't really know what to think. We can't find any place where he could have controlled the panel from, can we I don't know if I'm being watched for real, what with that voyeurism comment, or he just had a timer on that thing, so that if I showed up early I'd get that message... or what!? And does it even matter? Did he just do that to plant a seed of crazy in my mind... we should be able to track it and figure it out. I bet that's this DVD, and it had a self-delete some something or another, and he's trying to give me the gift of paranoia from beyond the grave. Well, we can take it and try and find out." I do reach for the DVD, but otherwise I'm seriously looking at my partners for any thoughts at all.

Nope it's down the hall from the kitchen.

You reach for and take the DVD from it's slot. When you look over you see Anthony has sat down and begun messing with the security system. His fingers run over the keys as he keeps his eyes on the screen, although he does answer, "Nice gift!"

Cassandra is looking at the room in more detail. She seems to be examining the walls.

LadyGlutter 8th of June, 2007 23:34

I glance at Anthony, shaking my head and chuckling. "Yeah, he never does anything half ass. You do realize I haven't decided if I'm accepting it, right? So enjoy your playtime." I smile at him and walk up to Cassandra, trying to see whatever she's looking at. "What do you see?"

LightBringer 9th of June, 2007 12:30

Von: I just keep lookin at him with that "OH just grow up and take responsiblility" look.
"Really now."

I just keep lookin at him.

LB/Welks: "Really, never heard of him." As he frees himself and brushes himself off.

Von: i get closer, almost up to his face. and talk to him in a low but threatening tone.
"You Sir, have knowledge that could benefit you and you choose to be out her everyday on the streets scrounging for food. Everyday looking for a place to eat, sleep, and even ****. Everyday ducking cops for lortering in spots too often. Dont you think its time to stop acting like a ****ing child and take responsiblity. Take control of your life, make it better. Solve puzzles to make a better community so others dont have to live like this day to day. Why dont you grow up and be a man, not some cockroach hiding beneath the cracks of society. Mr. Stephen Wilks."
i stay up in his face. IM pissed.

LB: Von, He just looks at you. Then when you finish, "Is that all. Fine you said your bit, get out of my face, and go stuff yourself." He pushes past you to go back to the line.

Von: He doesnt contribute any good to the society, hes not doing anything to help himself out or anyone around him, i dont even see why he should exist. If he wasnt so important id murder him right now.
looks like im gona call marcus and see what we cant pull up on this guy.

LB: Von the phone rings but you get Marcus' voice mail.

Von: "Oh your supposed to lead these few down a certain path so they MIGHT awaken."

pfffttt. I'm as willing as anyone to help these guys out but first they must help themselves out. They all act like undisciplined 6-year-olds. If they were to awaken right now they would probably just do stuff to better suit themselves.

......Man this job sucks.

What gives an executive freelance hooker and an irresponsible middle aged man mental stability? uuggg.

Ok Amanda might change if she contacts her sister...maybe. But Mr. Wilks, ive no clue what will change his mind. Ill just follow the guy. Its not like he has anywhere to go. Lets just see what he does. It's like these people im supposed to save just want themselves to just waste away.

LB: (Kebler you crack me up. That post soooo describes Von. )

Von watches Stephen eat his dinner from across the street. Then follows him after he leaves. Wilks is very paranoid and looks back over his shoulder quite often.(Give me 3 shadowing rolls to follow unseen. Unless you don't care if he sees you.)

Von: 9, 11, 12 are my rolls I dont think von had any stealth, BUT i know for a fact that he has this ability where people and things just dont pick him up or notice becuase "the camera doesent focus on him" or people just look him over. I dunno what that give me for shadowing but ive got it. I dunno if it works on everything or just machinery.

LB: Von, You are correct you do have that ability. It does effect people as well, so whether you have shadowing or not with those rolls..... Von it's as if everytime he looks back, someone steps in front of you, a car drives between the two of you, or something else impedes his ability to really notice you. You follow him for about 20 blocks. He then goes down an alley way and climbs into a cardboard box, pulling the lid shut.

LB: We are now waiting to see what adventures Von shall take us on??

LightBringer 9th of June, 2007 13:32

Lin and Vash

CC: So, I just need to know what Lin needs to do to help Romeo to get Lin and Vash to Mongolia.

LB: Lin, Romeo has everything under control, but unless you have some names and regions of origin already picked out, he is going to need a few hours for some research.

CC/Lin: A few hours is just fine. I can get where I need to once there.

LB: Romeo has your papers ready in about two hours. Your passport is that of a Chinese businessman. Vash's passport is that of an American tourist. He has all of the papers required for you 2 to make the trip. Romeo has also booked a flight out. It departs at 6:30 in the morning, has a transfer in California, then Hawaii, then Japan, to Mongolia.

I let Vash know that I was waiting on some input from him, and he said that he'd actually tried a number of times to "get onto giant", but was thwarted. I don't know how hard he tried, and Outlaw_Elf did echo the thought - tried to get onto Giant, but unable. They actually seemed interested. I don't know what the deal is, though.

Lin -
Hop the plane, and enjoy the layovers - how much time will we have between individual legs of the trip? If we have a long stop in Tokyo, there's someone I'd like to pop in on. If not, no big deal. I'd like it if we could get to Ulan Baator earlier in the day rather than later.

LB: Lin, Your flight is early in the morning so you go and pack and plan out your trip in your mind. (Lets wait and see if you actually make it to 6:30)

CC/Lin: Then I get everything procured, secured, and stowed. I will go to Romeo specifically, and let him in on the deal with Vash's arm.

So, Romeo - what can we do about that? I'm not thinking I can get him on much of anything with a vulcan cannon built into his elbow.

LB: This certainly takes Romeo by surprise, "Well I guess there goes those tickets. Well maybe not, has he ever been through a metal detector that you know of?"

CC/Lin: I really couldn't tell you. He's a stray I've... been assigned. He seemed to know something about that damn fool Atamus, but past that I've really got nothing. Is there a way to mask it?

Vash: Vash-
After a long zone out,
"No one is going to touch me. But I dont know a whole lot about Atumas, Ive been wanting to know the verdit he was given after his time up?

Vonapier 9th of June, 2007 13:45

i just walk up to the box, and stand there for a minute.

"Now really, in a cardboard box...Living your a Ya know, you are so much better than this. So much better. Why do you want to live like this? Why do you put yourself down day after day? You could be living a much better life! comon, take pride in yourself.

this guy is starting to piss me off.

LightBringer 9th of June, 2007 14:05

He is, really?? Well I guess the fact that he doesn't answer you doesn't make it much better. :angry: :evil:

Vonapier 9th of June, 2007 14:53

( guys sorry but im gona have to go, company is just too much with this goin on. ill catch up tomorrow)

LightBringer 11th of June, 2007 11:48

Cassandra, looks at you, "These walls seem wierd. I'm not sure... I can't figure ..." she starts to focus again.

LadyGlutter 12th of June, 2007 02:02

I'll go and look at the walls then. "You see anything, Stick?"

LightBringer 12th of June, 2007 05:00

Erin, Stick 'looks' at the wall, "Nope, don't see anything." Cassandra runs her hand along the wall, "No, it's not Wyrm, it's more like.." "Weaver!," Anthony finishes. "The walls have sensors in them, as does the one with the sliding panel. That's more than likely how it knew to activate when we walked in."

Vonapier 12th of June, 2007 11:33

I grab the box ripping it open, seeing the scared pathetic little man shivering there. Grabbing Wilks head, i punch him in the gut then knee him in the face, grabbing his body as he starts to crumple to the floor. I throw his body against the brick wall and toss him on the ground, i get on his back and proceed to bash his head in using the rock that was close by.

and after i stop day dreaming i walk away, pissed as can be.

"Ill deal with him later."

lets see what contestant #3 has in store for me.

Chris Chandler 12th of June, 2007 22:59

Lin -

As far as I know, Sparky's still out there. You know of anything, Romeo?

LadyGlutter 14th of June, 2007 05:11

I think for a second, because that's really interesting, but I'm not sure what to make of it. And then I ask them, "Show me, I'm not sure I understand how you mean that."

LightBringer 14th of June, 2007 05:46

Anthony gives you a look, but smiles, "Okay. The walls have sensors in them. It looks like heat sensors, and possibly more. The system was reset to all it's defaults, so nothing is active right now, and it will take me more time to find everything, and by time, I mean lots of time. The heat sensors I'm pretty sure about, so if the system was running it probably detected you and initated the message. Then, like we're figuring, it deleted the message, and reset itself. Basically this house has been cleaned down to the last detail."

LadyGlutter 16th of June, 2007 01:32

I nod. "I see now. Hmmmm... Well then, wow, ok.

Do you guys have anything more to do here right now? I don't think I'm going to find out any more til I speak to these lawyers, honestly. But if you want to keep searching through the computer, I can find something to read in the library. Or play some pinball."

((Actually, I'm already wandering off towards the library anyway, because I didn't ask what kinds of books Jackson had stocked. I meant to ask when we searched the house. But my ears are out for an answer, and if they're wrapping their searches up I can too.))

LightBringer 19th of June, 2007 00:17

Romeo shrugs with a slightly confused look, "Nope, not sure what you're referring to." Then he retrieves a portable detector from the van. He walks over to Vash and statrs running the scanner up and down him. It does go off when it runs over his arm.

Von, you leave the alley and head toward's your next target. What's the plan?

Erin, Anthony turns, "No, there's nothing there. At least information wise. Just the nuts and bolts of the hardware, and software. I'm ready." Cassandra quickly follows suit, "No, I'm more than ready. This is a little to creepy for me."

LadyGlutter 19th of June, 2007 02:06

"I agree. It's creepy. So let's jet."

We'll head out. Is it fully dark now?

"Ok, now, I have one final thing on MY agenda for today. So if there's anything else anyone else wants to do first, I want to go to Tabitha's place tonight. We can wait for a bit, until the night's really flowing, if you guys have anything. I just haven't seen it since it has been up and running. I'll see if I can get her to sing." I smile, waiting for any other suggestions. Tabby singing would be nice, heck, more than nice. I want to see her anyway, and I've not been able to pin her down because I've been too busy.

LightBringer 19th of June, 2007 04:47

There is a moment or two of silence as they look back and forth at each other, then Anthony shrugs, "Should we check in with R?"

LadyGlutter 19th of June, 2007 05:07

Well, let's see. Is it fully dark yet? :fun: I mean, that's why I asked it. It's New Orleans, and 7 o'clockish I figure, but I wanted to be sure I was on schedule, which means, "No, there's light outside still" if I'm right about the time. Heck, I'll go with my gut. It never fails to screw me over somehow interesting. :)

I nod. "Sure, let's drop by the penthouse on the way there."

LightBringer 19th of June, 2007 07:48

Hmmmm, what month was it?

Chris Chandler 19th of June, 2007 12:46


Originally Posted by LightBringer (Post 263555)
Romeo shrugs with a slightly confused look, "Nope, not sure what you're referring to." Then he retrieves a portable detector from the van. He walks over to Vash and statrs running the scanner up and down him. It does go off when it runs over his arm.

Lin -

See, 'bot? That's what we mean about touching you. If we don't have a means of masking that, then we need to have means of removing it, at least temporarily... Hmm...

I ponder for less than a moment -

I know it's all Inspector Gadget and everything, but do you think you would work up a... new arm for our man? You know, we can have his "walking around arm" for everyday, then his "covering fire arm" for more formal events.

LadyGlutter 20th of June, 2007 01:50

I suppose since we're on the first page I'll make it big, bold, and readable.

It is Sunday, June 8, 2008.

LightBringer 20th of June, 2007 04:53

June huh! Then it's not quite full dark yet. Things should be getting moving by time you get to the hotel though.

So you get to the hotel, and shoot up to the penthouse. You aren't there long before Romarus comes out to see you all.

Lin, (I'll wait to see Vash's reply until tomorrow.)

Vonapier 20th of June, 2007 06:20

Lets locate Peter Hanks. Lets find the reason why he has such an extreme use of drugs. Im lookin for family issues, bad influence friends, death of someone close, picked on? anything.

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