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Mercutio 4th of November, 2009 06:46

OOC Thread
Character ideas

Beast Master ranger is currently winning in my head. It's something I haven't done much of before, and I'm interested to see how 4E handles it. The mechanics look decent enough.

Stringbean2142 4th of November, 2009 07:01

I'm still definitely leaning towards the fighter/wizard character. I figure there's the mechanical and the fluff side for building this party, so I'll break things down like that.

Mechanically, I see her (she popped up female in my head, and I'll explain why in a minute) as a sword and board fighter to start, but when she starts using an implement she'll move to one-handed swords and the implement in the offhand. She'll be in the thick of things most fights, using her magic as close blasts and bursts more than ranged attacks. I can give flank to those who may need it as well from up there (avenger, possibly the beastmaster if needed, although beastmaster usually gives himself a flank), but will be limited in range combat, especally to start.

Fluff-wise, the first idea I had was being young, say 17. My dad could have fought beside others in the party, and as a favor to him maybe one of the others in the party is bringing me in on this to teach me the ropes. There could be some great rp'ing there as well, as I learn wizardy powers against the wishes of my father. Beyond that, I'll need to see what else people are pulling in before I have more ideas.

My character concept is one of duality. A fighter and a mage. A woman doing a man's job by holding the line. Going along with that, I think half-elf would work best. But to twist things a bit, my mom was a travelling bard who just left one day, and my dad is an elven fighter who wants me to be the same.If I go with 17, I can play with the added teenager roller coaster, something I just realized I've never dealt with in a game before.

Anyway, that's the brief look at her. Thoughts? Concerns?

treehouse 4th of November, 2009 08:22

I am definitely playing a fighter; his background will be 'knight', and I would really like him to be a beggar knight at first (or 'hedge knight' if you are familiar with George R. R. Martin's work - a landless knight who barely deserves the title, which was probably given in the middle of a battle by some grateful noble). I am not interested in playing a paladin, but the reason my character wouldn't be one is because he doesn't extend his honor code to his enemies. He is a chivalrous defender of civilization and treats his friends like beloved brothers, but can be somewhat brutal and unforgiving in combat (or afterwards).

Mechanically he will be a classic sword-and-board build focused on party defense and tactical superiority.

zachol and I have already discussed having our characters be comrades of sorts. We haven't gotten into the specifics yet. I need at least one more connection.

LeadPal 4th of November, 2009 08:29


I am definitely playing a fighter; his background will be 'knight', and I would really like him to be a beggar knight at first (or 'hedge knight' if you are familiar with George R. R. Martin's work - a landless knight who barely deserves the title, which was probably given in the middle of a battle by some grateful noble).
A Knight Bachelor? Only not knighted by an actual monarch.

Also, borrowing this as a visitor's thread. Hellooo!

zachol 4th of November, 2009 09:18

Argh go away!


Cyril Radegonde Kilyan Corentin du Ile-Vert, 'Ril'
Friend of tree's knight character for some three or four years (since 17, is now 20). Idle noble scion of a distant family, had an argument with his father as a teenager, left home, came to the Vale, quickly made friends with the knight.
Nobody's heard of his family (they're pretty minor, and from far away), most think he's just a poser or something.
Spends most of his time in bars, flirting, serving as entertainment, being a prat. Is running out of money, although it's amazing it's lasted this long.

Ril is the sort who would know everyone in town, and could end up being that guy who acts like he's in charge despite not doing much of anything.
Depending on what BP's thinking for how the party gets formed, he could serve as the glue/catalyst for the whole thing.

Mercutio 5th of November, 2009 05:54

Scales of War starts at level 1, correct? So I don't have to worry about statting up a character to a higher level (since the CB trial only goes to level 3)?

Black Plauge 5th of November, 2009 06:01

That is correct. Level 1 characters all around.

Stringbean2142 5th of November, 2009 06:28

Hmmm, with tree's character a fighter I could see my dame being under his wing. Maybe my dad was a comrade of yours as well?

Also, not necessarily a connection up front but zachol's bard could be a source of contention with my character as the game progresses, what with her bard mother abandoning her at an early age and all. Mercutio, did you have thoughts on your character's background?

Mercutio 5th of November, 2009 06:35

No. I'm still trying to nail down a concept. We look to need a straight leader type, so I might rethink something like a Warlord, a background that would be easier to tie to both Brindol and the other characters. Perhaps a young veteran of war who served alongside z and tree.

Stringbean2142 5th of November, 2009 07:05

We have a bard, who fills the leader role. What we are lacking is a straight controller, but I'm sort of handling that with my fighter/wizard character, and honestly controller is the role least needed in a party. Overall, we're pretty balanced I think.

Not trying to discourage you; if you want a Warlord, great! More healing is always nice. But I didn't want you to deep-six your beastmaster if you don't have to or want to.

Mercutio 5th of November, 2009 07:39

I was more worried about healing, but I'll be honest in that I haven't really read much of the bard,

Stringbean2142 5th of November, 2009 07:45

It heals, so we're covered. Bard's not the best healer, but it's more than adequate for a five-person party. Bard actually also has some controller bits, now that I think of it, so not having a dedicated controller is looking less and less problematic...

treehouse 5th of November, 2009 08:36

Got my hands on Martial Power. I am definitely interested in the Knight Protector paragon path.

It seems like I have a lot of options in my available exploits to shift allies and push or slide enemies. BP, are you going to be providing tactical maps for our encounters?

Scythe 5th of November, 2009 16:10

I'm sort of confused on what type of character to build up...

So far, we have a Fighter, a Fighter/Wizard, Bard, and Beast Master? So I'm thinking either Warlock, Pure Wizard, or going with a Ranger type. I don't have access to PHB2, so my options are limited as of right now to the core books and Martial/Arcane Power.


A criminal seeking redemption finds himself on the path of righteousness; seeking for inner peace, he has decided to help those in need. Only through "good" can the guilt that weighs on his shoulders lift up and free his soul from the shackles of his past.
As such, my main idea remains flexible. Any thoughts from our group of merry men on what should be a interesting choice?

Warlock: "Whilst travelling the forest one sunny day, he came in aid to a weakened spirit of nature from wild and ravaging animals. In return for his help, the spirit proposed that they be linked forever together, so that he in return can lend his power, strength from the world of the feywild!"

Wizard: "As he travelled to a small town, he once witnessed the mystical wonders of a skillful arcane user. Goblins had come to disrupt the peace, and with a few mumble words, the Wizard suddenly vanquished these demons from the forest. Amazed from such strength, he begged this interesting figure to become his apprentice, and learn the intricacies of the Incarnum, so that he himself could also bring peace to his surroundings!"

Ranger: "Even though trialed and sentenced, his identity was never forgotten from the faces of his townspeople. Once his freedom was given back to him, the people from his village shunned him outright, never forgotten for the sins he had committed in his past. As such, he had no choice but to live in the wilds, living on his own, away from the civilisation that rejected him. Eventually, through many days and nights, he had no choice but to gain some form of strength to survive. He became a skilled hunter. He tracks his prey with ease, and comes to aid to travellers as bandits raid their caravans. These small acts, even though little, brings him immense personnal satisfaction!"

Mercutio 5th of November, 2009 22:27

Well, the Beastmaster is a ranger build.

treehouse 6th of November, 2009 00:47

If you're asking for input, I would vote wizard out of those. I think it would compliment us nicely.

Since BP's stated goal is to actually have this game go from 1st to 30th level I think I'm going stat out Lorien's progression, at least the basics, somewhere under his sheet. Definitely taking Knight Protector for his paragon path, and I am thinking Eternal Defender (also from Martial Power) for his epic destiny.

Starting to ruminate on a background story as well. It involves a life of low debauchery and public disgrace followed by a battle he took part in, where he became an unlikely hero in some desparate last stand, gaining his knighthood in the process. He has come out the other side changed personally, but to outward appearances he just looks like a thug who has somehow acquired plate armor and a sword. He is at 'square one' on his path to greatness, which will play out in-game (or not). He doesn't have a crest or tabard yet, he doesn't own land, he can barely afford lodging for himself so he hasn't taken a squire, etc.

So perhaps anyone interested in being linked could collaborate with me on some details of the off-screen battle? I was thinking something simple and appropriate for 1st level characters, like defending a vulnerable township from goblins, or protecting a noble's daughter from vicious highwaymen.

Mercutio 6th of November, 2009 01:12

I like the second idea. That could put Taraka in the neighborhood of the fight. I envision him kind of like Rambo in the First Blood movie. Disenchanted with war, a n00b to the army (unclassed), when his tour was up he slipped out into the wilderness. As a shifter he was already predisposed to being a loner, but a chance encounter with a tiger (the last of its family group, Taraka found it standing watch over the corpses of its brothers, fending off the hunters who were after its pelt. Taraka stepped in to help, and earned the trust of the tiger) engaged his nurturing side for animals.

He learned the ranger trade along the way, using sledgehammer he had found at an abandoned shack as a weapon when necessary. One day while scouring the forest for a band of highwaymen he had been tracking, he heard a scream of a young woman. He and Corbin raced to the scene where the bandits were assaulting a coach carrying a young noblewoman. Perhaps Lorien had taken on the job of the escort as a means to earn money for ale and wenches, and proved himself a hero despite all that, with a side of help from an aloof hunting shifter.

Just brainstorms...

treehouse 6th of November, 2009 01:24

That could definitely work. To tie zachol's bard into it, perhaps he's a drinking buddy of Lorien's who took the escort job as well.

For my own part, Lorien doesn't actually have to be the hero of the fight, but he does need some moment where he places himself directly in harm's way (perhaps taking an arrow for the young lady or something like that) to protect the innocent. She ends up recounting this to her father afterwards. The father pays everyone involved (including Taraka), which explains how we have a pretty decent amount of gold/equipment for level 1 nobodies, and because Lorien took a grave wound during the fight (he arrives at the manor on a stretcher) the noble gives him a knighthood. It's really just an honorary since there is no land with the title, but it causes Lorien to have a kind of awakening. He is still a surly loser drunk when he goes back to Brindol with his friends (now including Taraka), but as he recovers from his wound he begins thinking that perhaps there is more to life than booze and wenches.

Edit: There is really no reason why everyone couldn't have been at the escort job. We just increase the theoretical number of bandits accordingly. So String, Scythe, if you want to get in on this background story and make things super easy just jump right in.

Mercutio 6th of November, 2009 01:32

Nice. Sounds like it's coming together.

Stringbean - your dame's father could have served in the same unit (of whatever...still kind of nebulous) as Taraka. Kind of like the Colonel Trautman character from Rambo.

zachol 6th of November, 2009 01:38

That could probably work.

Ril could've easily been drawn into it because of the noblewoman, not really thinking about the combat part of the job. He probably did "surprisingly well," which could lead to him thinking he's a better fighter than he actually is.
For the most part he's pretty lame at combat, though. Not an especially bad shot, no more than anyone else, but not really "adventurer-level."

Scythe 6th of November, 2009 01:54

Treehouse, what role does your character occupy? Fighter/Wizard is kind of vague for me.

treehouse 6th of November, 2009 01:57

Oh, my guy is a straight up sword-and-board fighter, focused heavily on the defender role.

Stringbean is the fighter/wizard, I am not sure what his angle is.

Stringbean2142 6th of November, 2009 01:59

Hmm, this highwaymen fight is suddenly sounding a lot more like a full-scale party engagement. What if Miriam's dad was on the job as well, along with Torien and Ril? Perhaps it was on the way to his home, and he figured he could get a paying ride home. Then the fighting starts.

He would have been the old sergeant type, just putting in the time. Then his leg is ravaged in the fight (crushed knee or something, heck with his age maybe he just landed wrong on it during the fight) and he can't fight anymore. Fighting's all he knows, and he's used it to support himself and his daughters. Miriam, the oldest, joins the group in his stead, intent on moving beyond her father's shadow while sending part of her plunder home to support him and her sister. It gives me a chance to play the rookie of the team.

Could also have had him serve with Taraka. It would explain why Taraka sticks around after the fight (his friend is there, and hurt) and Miriam may have met him if he ever visited her father to reminisce on old times. That gives me a weak connection to Lorien and Ril, and a stronger one to Taraka. And if Scythe goes wizard or warlock, that explains where Miriam's is getting arcane training from. Wizard works a bit better for that, but warlock would be fine as well for it.

Scythe 6th of November, 2009 02:26


Originally Posted by treehouse (Post 358247)
Oh, my guy is a straight up sword-and-board fighter, focused heavily on the defender role.

Stringbean is the fighter/wizard, I am not sure what his angle is.

Sorry, I haven't yet had my quota of coffee this morning ;)

Wizard seems to be the best choice at the moment. I'm still wondering which build to focus on... Control/Illusion seems to be pretty interesting!

As for background liaisons, when your knee was crushed Stringbean, your superiors could have put you simple guard work at first, until your knee healed back up, where you could have met me for the first time in jail as an inmate. Since I didn't seem like the normal folk that would be imprisoned, maybe we started talking together. I would have told you my story. Maybe your influence helped my getting released earlier, and as a token of my appreciation, I showed you the basics of arcane usage.

Stringbean2142 6th of November, 2009 03:17

Not my knee, my dad's. Miriam's my character, but my in with the others flows through my pure fighter dad, who's not happy his oldest girl is mixing it up with the arcane.

However, I do need her to have a proper job prior to this. Perhaps she was a guard? Or better yet, she cleaned the jail cells, and struck up a conversation with you. Avoids the woman guard with male prisoners kick. So at home dad's teaching me my sword work, but in the jail I'm sneaking lessons from you and helping you find a way to be released at the same time.

Let me know what route you're going with your wizard's powers, and I'll tailor my girl to have some sign of your influence in hers.

Just to recap, we have as a suggested group history:

Taraka and Miriam's Dad served together in the army years ago, and may or may not have kept in some contact after during which Miriam would have met Taraka. Three or four years ago, Cyril and Lorien became good friends. Miriam met Wizard while he was imprisoned, and helped him get released earlier. In return, he tutored her in the arcane.

Lorien, Cyril, and Miriam's Dad all took jobs as escorts for a noblewoman, whose carriage was attacked by highway robbers. These same robbers were being tracked by Taraka, leading him to the attack as well. In the fight, Lorien sacrificed himself to save the noblewoman and Cyril, against all expectations, proved he knows to point the sharp end of a sword at the enemy. Miriam's Dad was hobbled when he landed bad on his knee and had an MCL and ACL tear. Taraka may have saved his friend here, if Mercutio wants a heroic moment.

After the fight, a loose bond forms between the victorious team of Cyril, Taraka, and Lorien. Miriam takes up the mercenary way in place of her father to put food on the table, and the party accepts her as a favor to Miriam's Dad. Miriam possibly is the reason Wizard is with them at the start of the game (traveling together for a time, perhaps), which brings us to Brindol and the tavern. Is this maybe the first time all of us are gathered at the same place?

Did I miss anything? If not, it sounds like we've got a pretty well-knit bunch. We've got the outsider (Wizard), the buddy team (Cyril and Lorien), the veteran (Taraka), and the rookie (Miriam). The only character without a deep connection to the group is Wizard, but either we can add in more from his pre-jail time (who caught him to start? were any of the other party members around for it?) or we can move back his release so there's things after jail he did that connects him to the party. Thoughts?

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