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qwerty123 18th of August, 2011 00:43

Forum Request
Game Title: Time Enough At Last

Game Description: Follow the adventures of the Time Lord Corsair and her plucky crew of companions as they run amok and have adventures in time and space in the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space system. See what I did there... I want to follow the source material very closely.:cool:

Game Players: lawwnum, angel of music, and TocRat05

I don't need a sub forum, just one nice empty forum should do nicely to fill with our ramblings.

Now I am fresh out of virgins, it was a busy weekend after all. So as to not anger the Admin - gods could I sacrifice someone who only had sex once?

Tashalar 18th of August, 2011 02:00

There's a saying "once doesn't count" (it does sound nicer in German though), so... what kind of one-timer are you offering?

qwerty123 18th of August, 2011 05:32

Most things sound better in German. How about a small dog that only had one shot with the fellows before she was fixed?

itches 18th of August, 2011 18:14


could I sacrifice someone who only had sex once?
Just for that, I'm giving you a used forum.

Edit: You're up. Let us know if there are any problems. Sorry about the stains.

qwerty123 19th of August, 2011 00:17

Used is fine. I can use handy wipes to clean it and lots of sanitizing gel.:fun:

Oh and thanks you very much, the forum is used, but only gently.

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