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zachol 2nd of April, 2012 02:04

Dice Request
I was wondering if there could be a way to roll a series of dice and have them display as a line, instead of having them automatically sum.
I've been looking at some other game systems and for many of them deal with dice in a way that isn't just "roll a few, add them up, compare to a target."
For example, [roll]6d10[/roll] gets you [roll0]. When you mouse over it, you see the six different rolls. It would be nice if you could have a different notation to just get that series of dice rolls, instead of having to hover. Obviously, you can do the same thing with just [roll1][roll2][roll3][roll4][roll5][roll6], but that's kind of silly.
While I'm making stupid requests, it would also be nice if there was a way to have them automatically ordered, and maybe also a way to handle exploding dice, maybe?
So something like [roll]6x10[/roll] would get you a series of six d10 rolls, while [roll]6x10o[/roll] would have them in order from lowest to highest, and maybe [roll]6x10e10[/roll] would have the 10s explode?

I mean, you can definitely do all of this manually, it would just be cool if there was a way that was integrated into the dice roller.

itches 2nd of April, 2012 10:24

Beyond my capabilities to go into the dice roller and change things. I'm a convict, not a coder. If I could I would have already made it more White Wolf friendly, as it is my game system of choice.

zachol 2nd of April, 2012 10:36

Could we maybe get someone else to do it? I remember some snippets of code being thrown around in the dice thread.
I mean this is super low priority and I'm not going to demand someone do it, obviously. Just if it was possible and someone felt like it.
Or something, I dunno. Maybe I've jinxed it.

e: I have no clue about the feasibility of any of this and it's probably a dumb idea just thinking aloud.
Well not aloud but you know what I mean.

Lune 2nd of April, 2012 12:37

No snark intended but is it really that hard to just do 1d10 six times and just copy and paste the code? As far as amount of typing and time is concerned I think it would be as efficient as the alternative code your refering to.

zachol 2nd of April, 2012 15:06

Look I don't actually have much to do besides bother people about inane things.

e: For serious though, something like [roll]6x10oe10[/roll] would be nicer than [roll]1d10[/roll] six times, then another post if any of them come up as 10s (possibly multiple times if you're lucky), plus some futzing around with reordering them, even if it's just in your head.
It's super extra low priority, but it would still be pretty nifty.
e2: Alternatively, maybe a way to edit in rolls, as long as its explicitly noted? I think this is really just my OCD flaring up or something.

Lune 2nd of April, 2012 21:08

Wait... wouldn't you still have to make another post if you got 10s?

itches 2nd of April, 2012 21:27

He wants a function that will detect a 10 and automatically roll another die for it in the same post.

This is what I get for giving him the strikethrough, it just encouraged him.

zachol 2nd of April, 2012 23:33

I am very needy.

Black Plauge 4th of April, 2012 02:20

It would take me all of a handful of minutes to write up the code to do this sort of thing in python. I don't suppose that the current dice roller is written in python though, is it?

Gralhruk 4th of April, 2012 05:27

PHP, and I'm investigating the intricacies of how these things are shoe-horned into the bulletin board software. It isn't as straight forward as writing the die roller code.

Linklegacy77 5th of April, 2012 14:20

It's not that difficult to do this, but it would be to do so with the roll tags.

Just create a new function command that rolls dice in the fashion that he's asking for, assuming someone is interested in doing it, that's separate from the [roll] command.

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