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Greyroar 15th of June, 2009 10:44

Chapter I: Rituals
The Kagus-Fer ritual began with a bang, both figuratively and literally. After traveling the ten miles along the Kagus-Ra, up the face of Kagus-Vor to the apex, a burning pit of swirling, fiery chaos, the Kagunite priests began the ceremony to pay homage to the father of all goblins, Kagus. The ceremony itself was nothing to cause a stir, a couple of ritual dances and some fireweed pipes passed, it was the offerings that the borderline zealots brought to offer their god. The content of these offerings were varied and quite volatile, just the way Kagus liked them, and caused a cacophony to be heard for miles. But for the most part none stood out among the offerings, that was until a young goblin named Jaa-ak stepped up.

Phidoe 28th of June, 2009 04:12

"Behold the offering of Jaa-ak," he calls out to the mountain," It is the rare and newly invented fire tree." Jaa-ak hold his offering above his head. "It shall never stop burning, ever" And with a ceremonious toss he throws it into the valcano.

Greyroar 5th of July, 2009 02:12

As the fire tree fell into the volcanic chasm a deep rumbling began. The rumble grew in intenisty untill it became a roar, and as the noise grew it also became apparent that the sound did not eminate from the volcano but from beyond it; toward a dark clound Jaa-ak had seen earlier which was drawing nearer at an alarming speed. As the awestruck watchers marveled at the cloud's approach the cloud began to grow larger and angry red lightning bolts began blasting the landscape it passed over.
A cry rang out from the crowd "It is Kagus' wrath come to destroy us all. Jaa-ak has angered the great Kagus." With that a great panic overwhelmed the previously joyous celebrants and they stampeaded over one anther racing donw the mountain side.

Greyroar 29th of July, 2009 05:33

Soon the lightning bolts begin to strike the volcano's peak itself which causes the whole thing to explode in a fiery conflagration sending rocks, magma, and patrons flying down the mountain side, Jaa-ak and Edur included. The tempest continues for a few more minutes causing a black smoke to cloud the peak when it ceases and the smoke clears a strange blue-purple glow eminates from within the destroyed volcano mouth.

Phidoe 5th of August, 2009 06:14

Jaa-ack quite proud of the explosion he has seemingly produced begins calculating how it could be reproduced. He finds he is missing some factors of the equation and begins to climb up to the blue glow like a moth to flame. Searching all the while for vairable in his equation.

Greyroar 18th of August, 2009 05:27

As Jaa-ak aproaches the mouth of the volcano he notices something very odd... the temperature has dropped drasticly from a raging inferno to a much cooler temperature, which sends a chill down his spine, both literaly and figuratively.

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