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Shakespeare 20th of July, 2010 01:47

[Issue #2] When Needs Must
Six Days Later...

Not for the first time, Pantherine began pacing. Her paws, spreading wider as she placed them one before the other upon soft grass, etched a route through the greenery by means of flattened blades; the trees surrounding her whistled, their leaves disturbed by the blustering late evening winds; the surface of the water nearby rippled and danced in the corner of her eye, distracting her as she listened to the sounds of the city.

She wanted to hear when Conduit returned. If she returned. It was a disturbing thought, that Pantherine's mutant companion might never be seen again, but it wasn't without merit: the girl had been spending a lot of time away recently, vanishing without word and then reappearing almost as suddenly. She offered no explanation as to where she went, but rather brushed off any questions with a laugh and a wave; if Pantherine pushed, Conduit's demeanour shifted to annoyed and she'd retire to her room and her gadgets and remain there until the following day.

A sound nearby caused Pantherine to stop, her front paw poised before her. Her ears twitched and -- though her hearing was far from what it should've been in such a form -- she managed to recognise the tread of nearing footsteps. Without meaning to she growled, recognising the footfalls to be too heavy to belong to her companion; she darted off out of the clearing, making for the shadows of the Los Angeles Zoo's outer walls. There she waited, watching from the dark as a couple of rambunctious, staggering youths made their way up the path, past her, and then back down the other way. She watched them long after they had vanished from human sight, and didn't remove herself from the shadows until she was certain that she was alone.

"Waiting for someone?"

Pantherine paused, her ears flattening against her skull as she looked upwards; there was Conduit, balancing upon the peak of the Zoo's outer wall, her lime green hair gleaming as it dangled earthwards. Her outfit for tonight was form-fitting and flashy, but it was mobile enough that she was able to keep up her free-roaming antics. Upon her brow sat a pair of googles; a weathered backpack hugged her shoulders and side.

Slowly, Pantherine withdrew from the shadows, and then waited for Conduit to dismount. It hadn't surprised her that Conduit had managed to sneak up on her -- the other woman knew that her audio range was not as potent as her visual or scent, and she also knew enough to approach from down wind.

"I told you not to wait up," Conduit said as she dropped down from atop the bars; they sparked and gleamed with electrical currents as she dismounted, and then fizzled dormant a moment later. "You're lucky I decided to come back early, or you'd have been waiting all night.

"Got some news for you," she continued, not giving Jill a chance to interject. "It's about Calvin." Pantherine became still -- Calvin, she knew, was Conduits on-and-off fling and, sometimes, connection with the grapevine. He hadn't been in contact for the better part of four days, and as a result both women had been forced to donate more leg-work towards the effort of gathering together the components Conduit needed for her various experiments and trinkets. Her "amusements", as she liked to call them.

"I went to his place, and it's in a state. Food's old and covered in bugs, and the house cat's dead, probably from lack of food." She glanced towards Pantherine, as though considering how this news might affect her; but then she continued, evidently uncaring either way. "From the state of the place, I'd say that it's been neglected for longer than three days. And Calvin's been acting strange for a while now, so it's not hard to imagine him suddenly neglecting to feed his precious puss.

"But where's he gone now?" She asked the question aloud, turning away from Pantherine as she glanced around at the treeline, at the depths of Griffith Park, and the shadows that lay beyond. After a long moment she growled to herself in angry submission, and then waved Pantherine onwards. "Come on... I'm tired."

They didn't share another word that night.


Eight Days Later...

"Look out!"

With a less-than-child-friendly exclamation, Toxin back-flipped over the flurry of bullets, and landed gracefully against the blown-open vault door of the City National Bank. He looked between the three armed individuals, and then settled his gaze on the one closest to him -- the one who had very nearly put a bullet between his eyes. With one fluid motion, he ensnared the man's handgun with a stream of webbing; one hard yank sent the weapon flying right into the face of the other robber who, shocked by the impact, blew a few new holes into the ceiling.

Offering an appreciative nod towards the bank teller who had tried to warn him of the barrage of bullets, Toxin leapt from the vault door towards the third criminal, and plowed into his waist, the bull-rush carrying them both to the far side of the room. Winded, the criminal cried out and flailed, but was quickly silenced when the Symbiote used the tackle's momentum to plough the man into a nearby table, breaking it -- and the man's stream of consciousness -- in one, satisfying expression of violence.

"Stay still freak!" came a shriek from behind. To which Toxin answered by plastering the man to the wall with his own black, sticky barrage. He cried out in shock and anger, and thrashed against his bindings, but he was unable to free himself. But his mouth still worked unhindered, or, at least, it did until Toxin saw fit to seal it with a second stray of webbing.

"Freeze! Police!"

The cry came from the front doors, to which the remaining robber looked with a wide-eyed look of near-hysteria. He dropped his gun and threw his hands up in the air, muttering to himself as she looked between his two companions -- one unconscious, one stuck to a wall. He didn't look at Toxin; then again, neither did most of the others.

With a nod towards the few police who didn't offer him scornful, distrusting looks, Toxin made towards the bank's entrance, stepped into the glowering sunlight, and then readied himself to move on. Before he could leap away, however, a pressure upon his arm caused him to turn; standing before him was the police Lieutenant, the one who had been interrogating Evan over a week ago after the bus crash. Toxin blinked behind his mask: the man was even more imposing and formidable up close than the teenager remembered.

"Toxin," the man said slowly, tasting the name on his tongue as he observed the hero closely. Toxin felt his stomach tighten as he waited for the Lieutenant to speak further -- since the warehouse incident, the police had stopped throwing accusation after accusation his way, but that didn't mean that they had begun singing his name to the heavens. In fact, the majority of them ignored him, or at least tried to when they weren't glaring at him distrustfully.

"This isn't New York. We don't have superheroes here, and that's how everyone likes it." He glanced towards his subordinates as they rushed into the bank, preparing to move the robbers, and make safe the many bombs that they had brought with them in order to get through the bank vaults. "Things are simpler when you're not bombarded with the unknown, when the threats we face aren't beyond comprehension."

His dark eyes locked upon Toxin, and he took a step nearer. But his tone, whilst unwavering, wasn't as oppressive as the teenager had expected it to be. "I'm not blind -- I know that first-impressions aren't always correct, that you're a good person trying to do good works -- but I can't congratulate you. You're a vigilante, just like the others, and if I ever have it in my power to bring you down, I will."

The Lieutenant turned away, and started towards the entrance to the National Bank. Before he vanished from sight, he looked back at the Symbiote and added simply, "Thanks for getting here in time. Now get out of here."


Her movements were curious, drawing his attentions like a flame does a moth. Agile and quick, she danced over the rooftops like a dancer, and he followed from above as silently and dexterous as he could manage. But tonight, like the previous nights, it would always end with her evasion, with her vanishing into the dark, into some secret place that he had, of yet, been unable to find.

If anything, her skill at remaining beneath the radar only drew Igneous to her more. Of all of the young supers, Conduit was by far the most enigmatic -- she didn't go to school, didn't work, didn't socialize, didn't smoke or do drugs, and yet she somehow managed to remain upbeat and determined, somehow managed to survive the harsh jungle of concrete that was Los Angeles. How, without a benefactor, did she accomplish this?

Setting down atop the balcony of the Saint Vibianas Cathedral, the gargoyle lost himself to his musings as, once again, the girl vanished from sight. He could pursue her, go to ground level and begin scouring the buildings, but tonight was alive with activity down below -- he'd be spotted, the police would be called, and that would birth a confrontation that he didn't desire. No, now was not the time to hunt the young woman -- he could feel the call of the ebbing sun, and the cracks that formed in his body told him that he was long overdue for his merging time with Stone.

And then came a scream. Igneous' head turned so quickly, so sharply, that he rained pebbles down on the balcony's edge. His wings extended, and he took towards the source of the noise -- the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens -- as quickly as he could.

But he was too late -- he knew that even before he had made half the distance. His vision, potent as it was, allowed him to watch the woman, sickly and frail despite being no older than twenty, mount the edge of the Hotel's roof. He felt his body quake with an emotion that he didn't understand as the women threw herself over the edge of the building, her body racing towards the ground, and the array of onlookers who had assembled there to watch her plummet.

He heard the thud -- wet, sickening, weak -- and he knew she was dead. He hovered in mid-air, ascending so as to reduce the chance of being seen, and then looked towards the police department. Even now he could see a flurry of movement, as officers on foot raced towards the scene of the disturbance.

Igneous remained for as long as he could. But eventually, as it always did, the call of the Stone summoned him home.


Nine Days Later...

"What the hell is happening to this city?"

Evan looked up from his text book, fixing Johnathan with his gaze as the older student of Stark Highschool peered angrily at the front page of his newspaper. Silently, Evan decided that the pose, the expression, all served to make Johnny look older than he was. Then again, given that Johnny was prone to rants about injustice and the need for change, such posturings were common.

But he was a good man, for his few annoying habits. He had been friends with Evan even before the encounter in the caves, and had stuck by him throughout his heroic rebirth into the public limelight. When others had condemned him for allying himself to a mutant, he had merely shrugged their comments aside, or ignored them altogether. And when Evan's other followers showed up -- his adoring public -- and became too much, it was Johnny that distracted them long enough for Evan to get away. Not that Johnny didn't get anything out of it, of course: the added attention was enjoyed, even if he didn't admit it.

With one aggressive motion, Evan's companion threw the newspaper down on the table between them, and pointed accusingly at the header. "See that? That's another suicide -- six in as many days!" Johnny sat back in his seat, crossing his arms with a frown as he shook his head. "Ain't right."

Evan leaned over the newspaper and began reading. As his friend had noted, the suicide -- that of a young woman who had thrown herself from atop the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens just the other night -- had brought the recent death toll up to six. Men and women from all over Los Angeles, all ending their lives without hesitation; none of them had any prior signs of depression or psychological deterioration. It didn't make sense. But then what did these days?

Leaning back in his seat, Evan exhailed and looked towards his friend, who was watching him closely from atop his glasses. He wasn't plain, but had yet to grow into the good-looks that his bone structure promised; his broad shoulders worked well for him on the football field, which was the main source of his popularity outside of his role of 'superhero's friend'.

"Ain't right..." Johnny said again, the sadness of his tone oddly sincere. And then, suddenly, he sat up, and gestured towards the door to Evan's rear, to which the young hero looked: glancing their way was a tall, balding man in a sharp suit. The figure approached purposefully, and then set down an envelope in front of the General; before he could be asked who he was or what he wanted, the man turned on his heels and sped away through the corridors and out of sight.

A moment of silence. A union of raised brows. The two teenagers looked over the envelope and then, slowly, Evan sheared it open with his finger. The contents pooled out into his hand, and he looked them over curiously: the first item was a bundle of tickets, six in number, laced together with an elastic band; the second was a piece of paper, folded in half down the middle. Evan opened it.


Evan looked towards Johnny, but his friend was as stumped as he was.


Eleven Days Later...

Eddie glanced sideways, his steps quickening inadvertedly as he led the way down the street. Beneath the sunlight he felt warm and relaxed -- states of being that Ashley's presence seemed to heighten increasingly. She kept pace with Eddie as they started the walk home after school, and she resumed her ongoing conversation with him about the sudden emergence of supers within the city limits. It was a topic that she had not tired of yet nor, Eddie thought, would she, at least not for another month.

"I told you he was a hero," Ashley said, grinning as she, once again, proclaimed Toxin's innocence. Eddie didn't mind -- the smile she offered whilst thinking of the costumed hero was certainly something that he didn't mind being subjected to again and again. "He stopped a bank robbery three days ago; saved a bunch of people from a mugging shortly after.

"Oh, and did you hear about the crates they pulled out of the warehouse?"

Eddie slowed very slightly his pace, and braved a more full-on glance at Ashley -- this was something she hadn't already said to him. Being new information, he found himself curiously drawn to her every word.

Satisfied that he was eager for her news, Ashley continued, "Apparently the police say that the crates were full of weapons." She paused, and Eddie blinked: weapons? But hadn't Stark Industries stopped producing weapons ages ago? As though mirroring his thoughts, Ashley nodded. "Police won't comment, and Stark Industires aren't saying anything about it. But what if it's true?"

There was a long pause, and the teenagers used the moment of reverie to continue on their path. The city was alive with movement all around them, and yet the background noises didn't seem to linger on Eddie's ears; he was thinking of that night, of the dangers he had faced since then, and of the troubles that would no doubt arrive with the future.

And so it was a surprise when Ashley asked, "Hey, do you want to come and see Final Bastion with me?" When Eddie frowned, expressing his confusion, Ashley pressed. "Final Bastion. It's a band from the east coast; they've started touring Los Angeles, and my brother's got me some tickets. I've got enough for you too, if you wanted to go?" She fell uncharacteristically silent, and seemed to find new interest in the horizon straight ahead.

But then he nodded. Ashley smiled, tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and then said softly, "Good."


Fourteen Days Later...

The band was called Final Bastion, according to the header on the tickets and, judging by the price listed in the bottom-right corner of the piece of paper, were fairly popular. Sold out, the bouncer on the door had told them, which wasn't hard to believe, given that the cue to the chosen building vanished around the corner, and circled around towards the street's far end.

Evan looked up at the building and frowned: it didn't look that big, especially not given the number of people that were huddled against the wall in waiting, but he couldn't argue with what was laid out before him. He offered a glance over at Johnny, who was grinning in anticipation as he adjusted the zipper on his jacket for the third time.

"So yeah, these guys are popular in Washington," the teenager was saying. "Don't know why they upped and moved though -- apparently this is a one-off gig, so we know they're not touring." He shrugged then, and grinned. "Still, should be a good night out, right?"

Evan had to agree: so far, it was a good night out. Wearing a hat and other assortment of well-chosen garments, he was able to avoid being recognised by those outside of the venue. It was strange, being able to go outside without fear of being mobbed; he couldn't deny that it was a welcome relief, even if it was momentary.

Fidgetting in the growing shadows, Johnny checked his watch, and then grumbled audibly. "How much longer we got to wait?"


The sound of combat boots striking stone announced Conduit's presence to the waiting panther. It didn't surprise Jill that, for once, Conduit hadn't tried to sneak up on her: since finding out what had happened to Calvin, she had been far from herself. She had become adamant in her work, and humourless in all else. Her hair, still purple, rippled in the rush of the late evening wind, and her eyes narrowed as she surveyed the line of eager metalheads down far below.

"He's in there," Conduit said simply, "the guy Calvin met the day he killed himself."

Pantherine leaned in closer to the edge of the building's edge, and purred softly to herself as she looked from face to face. It was hard to make one person out from the other given the size of the congregation, but it didn't matter; they knew he was here.

"He's expecting you at around midnight," Conduit pressed, adjusting the strap on her self-constructed gauntlet; "he'll wait for you by the bar, and will be wearing a light blue sweat-shirt and sunglasses. He won't be hard to spot. When you find him, I want you to find out what the hell he did to Calvin."

Pantherine turned her gaze upon Conduit, and studied her for a long while. Though she took pains to hide it, the woman was hurt by the death of her on-and-off lover and contact; she had been eager to go forwards with the plan herself but, as Jill had pointed out, it would only result in violence or worse. Conduit was unstable, and her friend had been quick to adjust the other woman's plans: she would meet the contact, this Patrick Lipman, and she would find out what he knew.

"Don't frighten him off," Conduit was instructing, turning her back on the scene below. "If he doesn't talk, get him somewhere private and make him."

The mutant said nothing else, but instead started back the way she came, eager for the embrace of the shadows and the oncoming night.


Ashley gripped Eddie's arm tightly, the excitement of the upcoming show making her fidget and grin and look around herself frantically. In any other place, at any other time, passersby might've thought her damaged or disturbed, but here she was just like so many others who were waiting in line.

"This is going to be so cool," Ashley whispered eagerly. "Thanks for coming, by the way."

Eddie nodded, offering her his own smile; before he could say anything, however, something caught his eye, and his body stiffened. He looked up past Ashley's shoulder towards the building across from him, and the large, misshapen figure that was perched upon its edge. What the hell was it? He squinted, and tried to make it out -- he was certain it wasn't just a stone ornament, for he was certain that he had seen it move. Was it a bad guy, come to ruin his one night of non-heroing? That'd be his luck.

But then something else caught his eye -- another figure, on the roof across from the one he had previously been studying. And he saw... a cat? Yeah, it was a cat. But it was one big cat. He swallowed, ignoring the frown that Ashley offered him having finally picked up on his sudden change of demeanour.

"Eddie? What's wrong?"


Editor's Notes: Okay! Sorry for the abrupt end to this post, but I'm going to give you all a chance to a) expand on what details I've given of the past two weeks of in-game time with your own designs, and b) get back into things before I move the game on.

Incase the above isn't clear, I'll summarise what's happening to each character:

Evan: You've got six tickets to the Final Bastion gig. I made the assumption of saying that you took Johnny with you; who the other four are, if anyone, are up to you.

Jill: Conduit found out that Calvin had taken his own life, and since that time has been... different. She dedicated herself towards finding out why her friend took his life, and her efforts were rewarded with a name -- Patrick Lipman, a shady figure who Calvin had been meeting the day he died. In order to prevent Conduit from killing the man in a fit of rage (as Pantherine assumed she would), you offered to take her place in the interrogation.

Eddie: You're there with Ashley, using the tickets her brother got for the show. You've just seen Pantherine and Igneous, but Ashley hasn't yet. If Evan made a point of telling you about Jill and Igneous, then react accordingly; if your screening of his calls means that he didn't get the chance to inform you, then, again, react accordingly.

Igneous: You've been following Conduit again, and have finally tracked her to this gig, where she's met with Jill.

For the sake of the story, you can all spot one another, if your characters have a reason to be looking hard enough. It might also be worth detailing what else you've been doing in your downtime, since such details will help keep the others in the loop. (This might be important; an example is in the case of Eddie, and his screening of Evan's calls.)

I don't think I've missed anything, but I can never be sure. Everyone be sure to post up their Lines of Experience into their C.A.D.s before they post here.

If there's any questions, post them in the OOC Thread.

Krypton 20th of July, 2010 12:32

Evan looked at Johnny with a goofy smile on his face, "What, you eager for the night to end or something, dude. Look at those girls, if you're bored." Then, Evan did as he was instructed, and took in the leggy California beauties who'd all but jumped with joy when he'd invited them. Aubrianna Carr and her three friends would have been any of the Stark High guys' first choices for a weekend date. Popular, pretty in the California way - tall, blonde and tan, excepting the stunning Miri Mulhoney's gorgeous red hair and freckled skin - the girls' social calendars were always full.

A month ago, Evan wouldn't have even thought to ask them out, even with tickets to a great show like the Final Bastion promised to throw down tonight.

Indeed, they hadn't even been his first choices. After school on the day Stark's man had dropped off the show tickets, he'd called up Eddie, trying to get in touch with the Wallcrawler for the umpteenth time since they'd stopped that robbery at Stark's warehouse. Just like the rest of the times, Eddie hadn't answered his phone, or responded to any texts. Nor had he called Legion when he'd gotten wind of that bank robbery he stopped either.

Next up had been Jill - the girl was quiet, reserved, and didn't seem to have a lot of friends, even before she could turn into a cat. He thought she might like the night out, and a little fun. But, of course, he'd forgotten about her hearing aids. He'd been horribly embarrassed when he asked her to come with, and she'd gotten quiet and pointed out her hearing loss (I assume this is a reasonable response for Jill, based on the insecurities she's shown as a human, so far - if not, I apologize).

But, as disappointed as he was that he couldn't share the tickets with the guy who'd helped earn them, or the shy girl who was the only one who really understood the pressures he'd had thrust upon him by his abilities and was quickly becoming a pretty good friend, when she showed up to school, neither of them had hurt as much as the look on Tasha Auburn's face when he'd asked her to go to the show with him. Her blue eyes, so pretty and blue, had boiled with cold hate, and she'd stalked away, without so much as a word, edgewise.

Johnny, though, had mentioned that Evan had gotten the tickets to Aubrianna in their Chem class, and the plans for the night had quickly fallen into place. Evan, Johnny, and Aubrianna and her friends, Miri, Corrinne, and Brittney had come to the show.

Looking over at the girls, Evan had a smile on his face until he saw Eddie over Aubrianna's shoulder. He was here with a girl, who had him involved in a deep conversation, and seemed to really have the webslinger's attention.

Mumbling apologies, he stepped around the group of girls and made his way over to his... partner in stopping crime, "Hey, Eddie. Dude, where've you been? I tried to call you, but I guess Stark hooked you up, too, huh?"

Then he glanced at the girl Eddie was with, "Oh, sorry. I'm..." (If she recognizes Evan, feel free to have her interrupt him if she gets all fangirl-y. Otherwise, fill in the ellipses with 'Evan.')

Haraphen 21st of July, 2010 08:05

The last week had been pretty hectic for Eddie First the bank robbery followed by the mugging. The talk with the lieutenant and conversations with Ashley all enforced in his mind that he was doing the right thing. But it had all tired him out Patrols followed by homework followed by school. It was odd for Ashly to ask him to the show, she rarely spoke of her brother and Eddie had never met him but somehow he got a ticket to come here. But it was rumoured to be a big show. It was why Eddie was looking forward to tonight a night off from the hero gig. It was also why his heart sank at the two odd sights on the roof top. 'Not tonight! Its my night off. I should join a union.' He was about to reassure Ashley that nothing was wrong when he heard a voice he recognised from his voice mail. He was shocked to see Evan here but he was quick to grab him by the arm and drag him away from the crowed before he could introduce himself. "What are you doing here?" He let go of Evans arm when they were far enough away that no one could hear them but with the crowd so loud that wasn't far. "What do you mean did stark hook me up?"

Pantherine 21st of July, 2010 08:15

Jill had as of late spent more time with Conduit than usual after her loss of Calvin. They had not spoken or gone out much, but Jill understood why. She knew that Conduit just needed someone around for support and comfort, even if she mostly pretended not to. Jill felt that they had become kindred spirits of sorts, both having only recently lost someone they cared a great deal for. She felt that Conduit bundled up her feelings inside and took on an uncaring facade because, unlike Jill, Conduit hadn't yet gotten closure on the loss of Calvin. The wild-haired rebel had been there for Jill when her world came crashing down - she wanted nothing less than to return the favor now.

As the days passed, Conduit seemed to retreat deeper inside of herself, until finally she contacted Jill and informed her of the things she had found out about Calvin's demise, and how a certain Patrick Lipman had been involved. The plan was for them both to attend the Final Bastion concert where they, according to Conduit's recon, would find Mr. Lipman.

The information made Jill frown for a moment, thinking back on how Evan had contacted her earlier and offered her a ticket to the same show. She had declined because she was not keen on concerts due in part to the massive crowds, and the fact that her poor hearing did little to make such events particularly stimulating. Having thought about it a while after declining, she couldn't help regret that decision. Evan had been sweet to invite her and she would only be lying to herself to pretend that she was not a little flattered over his offer. She reasoned that even though she would not have enjoyed the music, she could have had a good time simply going out and taking in the concert atmosphere along with Evan. Her usual impulsive decisiveness had once again gotten the better of her and made her feel bad for turning Evan down. She figured that he would most likely be at the concert, so she made a mental note of keeping an eye out for him.


Pantherine scouted the surrounding area from her vantage point, looking for a suitable spot to lure Patrick Lipman in case that would prove necessary. Conduit stood next to her, holding Jill's duffy bag with the clothes and accessories she would wear once she was ready to enter the place and confront Lipman. She decided on an alley not far from the building that would allow Conduit to see them leaving. Furthermore, Jill had suggested that she prepare a text message on her cellphone that would alert Conduit in the event that she and Patrick would be leaving the concert. She would be able to quickly send it with the push of a few buttons, hopefully without alerting Lipman.

While peering at the throng of people below, Jill noticed Evan making his way into the building along with the long line of other eager LA'ers. She decided to try and hook up with him once inside, before she would meet her mark at the bar. Giving a quick wiggle of her soft feline ears, Pantherine looked up at Conduit, performing an approving nod to signal her companion that she was ready to go. Conduit handed down Jill's gray duffy bag and the panther gently grasped it in her mouth, taking care not to puncture it with her teeth. Then the black feline sprang silently from the roof and down via the numerous alleyway scaffolding to meld with the darkness below.

Having made sure that no one was around, and that she was well out of sight, Pantherine reverted to human form and put on her clothes to get ready for the concert. She was surprised at how hard it was to dress oneself in the dark, having forgotten that once she was human again, her night vision was less forgiving. After fetching her ticket and struggling with the last metal and leather straps on her black knee-high boots, she stashed the empty bag under a dumpster and headed out into the pale streetlights to get in line for Final Bastion. With her black hair hanging loose she fit in nicely with the crowd, wearing her crimson tank top over a black long-sleeved shirt and an equally black miniskirt and leather belt. The dark-gray jumpsuit underneath, visible only on her thighs, matched nicely with the rest of the outfit.

Once inside, Jill felt the anxious butterfly buzzing in her stomach. Being nervous was an understatement, but spotting Evan after a few minutes calmed her down a little, and she hastily pushed through the many people towards him.

Stumbling almost right into the middle of the group of boys and girls conversing, she nearly loses balance and falls flat on the floor. She just barely manages to stay on her feet and merely smiles while looking from Evan to all the rest, too nervous to be embarrassed at how silly it must have looked as she came crashing in.

"Hey guys! What's up?" panting lightly from her struggle through the many people, she looks at Evan apologetically and draws in air as if about to explain something, but then gazes at the girls accompanying him and changes her mind. Instead she puts on a pursed smile: "I, ah, came with a friend to meet someone for, uhm.." she pauses for a couple of seconds and then grins "Well, to meet someone. Business stuff. I hadn't planned on coming tonight but it's important to my friend and I'm just doing her a favor." She crosses her arms and leans on her left leg, smiling, pretending to be very casual. Her smile faded and was replaced by a stuporous expression when one of the other teenagers forcefully withdrew Evan from the circle. She raised an eyebrow and looked around at the girls who seemed equally surprised.

Krypton 21st of July, 2010 13:00

OOC: Just as a note, unless it happened off-screen, Jill hasn't seen Eddie, only Toxin - he'd be a stranger. Eddie, if I recall correctly, didn't De-Symbiote at any point during the Warehouse Brawl.

Evan's smile sank at Eddie's demanding tone, "What? I'm here because Stark sent me some tickets for stopping that heist at his place. That isn't how you got your tickets? Forget that, though. Why haven't you been returning my damn calls? What happened to a team, Eddie?" This last part was hissed, hopefully swallowed up by the anticipatory murmur of the crowd.

Then Evan continued, in his normal voice. "This is my boy Johnny and some girls from school - Aubrianna, Miri, Corrinne, and Brittney. Who's your friend?"

Ergonomic Cat 21st of July, 2010 14:07

It had been a frustrating week for Igneous. The suicide had shaken him deeply. He knew that people died in the city. Died constantly, in many ways. But never like that.

Certainly, he had seen the aftermath, had studied a few of the scenes before the police arrived or after they left, in an attempt to find clues they might miss, but as of yet he hadn't found anything he felt proud of - most criminals he tracked were also found by the police. There was one that he was certain had been guilty, but the police had arrived, questioned him, and left. Days later he found a newspaper indicating someone he had never suspected had been arrested. It was strange, and he couldn't figure out the chain - it had worried at him.

And then the suicide had interrupted. It exemplified all that he had felt of late - arriving too late, being powerless to stop it, trying and failing to make a difference, and then having to flee before being discovered. It was, in many ways, worse than the first few days after he had come to his own mind. At least then, he had an excuse - his choices were not his own, and the awful things he had done could be placed on the head of another. This was him, and him alone. He had seen the woman, and had not been able to move fast enough. He had tried, with all his might, to reach her. He had pushed as hard as he could, and it had not been enough.

If he hadn't been afraid of being seen, perhaps he would have been closer, and been able to make a difference. As much as he feared the results, he was working his way to convincing himself that he needed to stop hiding, and take what came.

He had been following the others, watching them. He had watched Toxin foil a bank robbery, but the strange young man had done so all by himself, and Igneous had been able to convince himself that his assistance would make no difference. He had watched as Evan's popularity had skyrocketed, which meant he wasn't comfortable approaching the teenager for fear of being seen. Conduit and Jill had been better - they were hiding as well, so he had been able to get close to them, but it hadn't helped until this night. From what little he had seen and heard, Conduit had a plan for the night, and Jill was part of it. He was worried that Conduit was going to corrupt the impressionable girl, and he planned to keep a close eye on their actions.

And then he saw Evan. Was he a part of this? Was it coincidence? And who was the young man that was engaged in a small but heated argument?

Haraphen 22nd of July, 2010 08:25

((OOC: Rant-o'clock))

Eddie's eyes narrowed and he gritted his teeth "Team? What happened to the team?" Eddie's voice rose for a second. He controlled it but his words were punctuated with angry agitated arms movements. "I agreed to team up with you to help you fight crime. To stop bag guys. Not to help you kill them." He shook his head turning away from Evan Trying to calm himself a little. Muttering "What happened to the team"

He turned around again storming up to Evan and even tho he was much shorter then the boy he bore down on him with the feeling of being betrayed. "And what happened with keeping my...identity a secret, Huh? Instead you decide to blab it to the first stranger who might have powers." He pointed a finger up accusingly at Evan "D'you think i suit up because i like being compared to...him." The word father hung bitterly on his tongue. "Because i want the world to automatically see me as a monster?"

He finally backed off from Evan tightly crossing his arms in front of him. He stared to the side and down not making eye contact. "I haven't been answering you're calls General because i don't know if i can trust you."

Krypton 22nd of July, 2010 12:07

Evan was bigger than Eddie, and now he tried to show it, though he had no doubt who'd win in a straight up fight between him and Toxin. "You want to do this now, Eddie? Are you sure about that, Eddie? Not every superhero can dodge bullets while tossing around bad guys like baseballs, Eddie." Each Eddie was a punctuation, as if to reinforce that the smaller boy wouldn't 'suit up' with all these people around.

Evan's eyes would've smoked if they could, and his fingers twitched involuntarily as he became angrier and angrier. Angry at Eddie, for being such a stubborn New York kid. Angry at himself, for slipping up with Eddie's secret identity in front of Jill. Angry at Eddie, for being a better superhero than he was, himself. And Angry at himself, for ridiculing Eddie's inability to reveal his identity to the public - even the cops pulled guns on him. It'd be terrible for him if the Public knew Toxin was only a scared kid, new to town.

"Look, why don't you and your friend come hang with us, and we'll talk later, yeah? Dude, the show's about to start."

He turned back to his friends, and saw Jill there, waiting patiently. "Hey, Jill.... I thought you couldn't come? You guys all know Jill, right?" The last he directed to Johnny and the girls.

He spared a last look at Eddie, inviting him to join in.

Ergonomic Cat 22nd of July, 2010 12:30

Igneous had risen up unconsciously as the youth moved against Evan, concerned about his safety. Evan was certainly larger, but the other teen had a burning intensity about him. Igneous was concerned that the confrontation could very quickly become violent. Although, once again, there was probably little that his presence could add that would be helpful. He would certainly be a distraction - perhaps people would assume he was part of whatever show was happening here, but that was unlikely.

He continued to watch, ready to leap down if necessary, perhaps grabbing Evan away if necessary....

Haraphen 23rd of July, 2010 02:07

Eddies fingers tightened around his arms every time Evan said his name with that tone. He would of decked him. Would of floored him. Just for Implying he wouldnt. He held himself back tho not for the crowd in whole but for Ashley. The one part of his life that was remotley normal. So even though Eddie's fingers pushed bruises into his arms he held still and breathed. Then relaxed himself when Evan gave in on the barrage.

Eddie was then tacken by suprise when Evan turned away and invited to join him and his friends. 'I guess its to be expected from someone with as many personality's as him.' Eddie thought and was about to return to ashley when he remembered something. His head spun to star at the roofs above. [i]'I must be seeing thing's.'[i/] The large cat was gone and the statue hadnt seemed to move he continued to stare at it tho. It seemed out of place to him. He shrugged adn returned to Ashley

He looked at her apologeticly trying not to cath her eye fully. "Uh sorry about that...a miss understanding." He then had a thought that might dampen his grim mood. "Do you..uh. Do you want to meet him?" He hooked a thumb towards Evan and his group.

Pantherine 23rd of July, 2010 11:01

Jill was too preoccupied with juggling her nervosity and the many inputs from her immediate surroundings to keep a cool face when Evan was pulled away before he could even respond to her greeting. She stood dumbfounded with wide open eyes, staring blankly at the two teenagers' heated discussion, too far away for her to make out anything that was being said. It took her a good handful of seconds to even notice that one of the girls had recognized her and was asking if she wasn't Darren's former girlfriend.

Jill merely nodded at first, replying with a simple "Yeah.." a handful seconds later. "Yeah, I am. I mean was..." The circle of young women shot Jill a questioning look as if ascertaining that she really was a bit of a weirdo, as some of the gossip and in-talking among the girls at school had rumored.

"I'm sorry, that must have been real hard on you." the girl said, seemingly genuine. Jill merely feigned a smile and nodded, not helping her reputation any by appearing unsocial. She was simply too busy worrying about her meeting with Patrick Lipman to fully absorb what the girl was saying.

When Evan came back to greet her and ask why she was there, she managed to compose herself a little; "No, yeah, I wasn't gonna. I got... I'm here with a friend. Helping out a friend I mean, not with her. I mean.." she interrupts herself with a chuckled sigh and shakes her head; "I just came to do a friend of mine a favor, but then I saw you and thought I'd say hi."

She barely notices Evan introducing everyone else to her. Smiling hesitantly and appearing very distant, she starts looking around the throng of people, standing on her toes while spotting incessantly towards the bar. As if not realizing until several seconds later, she stares at Evan again with raised eyebrows, and then looks around at the rest of the gathering and blurts; "What? Oh, yeah, hi."

Shakespeare 23rd of July, 2010 21:17

At first it took Ashley a good long moment to conclude in her own mind who Evan was, no doubt thanks to his well-prepared disguise, but soon her eyeline traced a path over his various, visible features, and her mouth parted slowly, her eyes widened, and her brows raised. Her grip on Eddie's arm increased painfully, and for a moment she stared between them in silence, shocked into such a state not only by the appearance of Legion, but also by the fact that Eddie seemed to know him and never said anything.

"You never told me you knew Legion...!" Ashley half-hissed, half-whispered in response to Eddie's half-hearted question. She glanced over his shoulder -- an easy task, given their near-identical height -- and smiled, embarassed, at the taller, older teenager. And then, as though suddenly struck by a bout of realisation, she turned on her heel, snapped her fingers about Eddie's wrist, and began hauling him towards the front doors. "It's starting," she mumbled, evidently shocked and unnerved enough to make a retreat from one of her heroes.

And then, just as suddenly, she stopped, rounded on Eddie, and demanded, "Do you think he knows Toxin?" She started back down towards Evan, but the movement of the line prevented much freedom to backtrack. As two, splintered groups they were forced amidst the flow up towards the front doors, past the bouncers, and then into the building's main lobby, which looked surprisingly clean and well-kept. The walls were polished marble, and the strategic placement of plush chairs, tables, and reception desks reaffirmed the easy-to-forget fact that this was, under normal circumstances, a fine hotel.

But tonight there were changes -- the main desk was the site of the band shop, where a half-dozen people were supplying those at the front of the cue various band merchandise, from t-shirts to mugs to photos signed by the band. Where the word 'Welcome' used to be, just above the counter, there was slung a bulging banner, with golden letters, proclaiming the name of the band to those beneath it.

Not that that was necessary: three quarters of those in attendance were talking about the band, whilst the other quarter, having never heard of Final Bastion before, were getting drawn into the hype, and were beginning to offer their own theories to those who would listen on how the evening would pan out.

As luck would have it, the swell of the crowd forced Evan, Eddie, and Jill together into one corner of the room; Ashley, the girls from Evan's school, and Johnny were ushered away towards the tables, much to Johnny's evident delight. He gathered them together cheerfully, acting as a beacon for them in the massing crowd; with a wink and a wave, he told Evan that he would catch up with him inside. And then he vanished into the mass of people.

The group was left alone. Or as alone as they could be when surrounded by a sea of bodies. But given the hype, they were barely noticed.


"Should I be surprised to see you?"

Igneous had heard her approach, but he knew instantly that that was purely because she had wanted him to. The gargoyle turned slowly upon his perch, and turned his dark eyes upon Conduit as she walked towards him, her rolling gait portraying her as confident and savvy, and yet somehow failing to hide entirely the aggression that she was feeling.

She was not afraid of the stone giant -- that much was clear from how close she let herself come to him before she finally halted her advance -- but rather seemed genuinely curious, both towards his purpose there and in him himself. Her eyes ran the length of his form slowly from beneath the bangs of her vibrant hair, and her arms folded in contemplation.


Editor's Notes: Not moving you on a huge degree, but this is for two reasons -- firstly, I've got us a fifth player, and I'll be giving him a chance to get his statistics and information up in the player section before we progress; secondly, I'm going to give you all a chance to catch up away from prying ears (it's pretty safe to talk amongst yourself, provided you talk under the overbearing Final Bastion chatter).

I'll only give you so long to converse before the mass of people forces you onwards, so whatever you all plan on saying to one another, now's the time.

Krypton 24th of July, 2010 09:14

Evan looked at the others as they bounced off the corner under the throng of movement, separated from their respective friends. "I guess it's just us, now. You guys already... don't know each other." His eyes flicked over to Eddie as he corrected himself.

"Jill, Eddie. Eddie, Jill."

Haraphen 25th of July, 2010 07:52

At first Ashley dragged Eddie along behind her and that was fine she wasnt that strong and it wasnt too busy to be awkward but once they where inside the building Ashley's grip lossened and Eddie was released to the mercy of the crowd. Butthanks to his stature there was no mercy to be found. He lost Ashley quickly and begane to bounce off people who didnt ntice him or didnt care. he was tempted to grab one especially pushy guy and use him as a plow.

He quickly found a corner where he wouldnt be assulted and using a nearby ledge he spotted Ashley being sheperded into the main area. He waved and mouthed 'I'll see you in there.' When he hopped down from the ledge he found Evan and the girl from the wherehouse with him, whose name was apparently Jill. He looked over her outfit and couldnt help but whistle. "Wow. Now i feel really underdressed" He looked down at his own outfit, a red sleevless top, brown cargo shorts (which were more like 3/4 trousers on him) and a denim jacket which was tied around his waist. He had his hair loose making a red curtain that soped at his jawline. "Maybe i should suit up at least then id match everyones colour schme."

Pantherine 27th of July, 2010 05:00

"Oh so you're Eddie! I didn't recognize you without the... well, you know." Jill said surprised when Evan introduced her to Eddie. She glanced down herself feeling a little flattered at his complimentary whistle about her outfit. Chuckling lightly at his last remark about suiting up; "I don't think my wardrobe has anything that can match that. Besides, I doubt the bouncers are going to be too optimistic about it if you did." she muses with a smile.

Ergonomic Cat 27th of July, 2010 12:42


Originally Posted by Shakespeare (Post 378837)
"Should I be surprised to see you?"

Igneous smiled slightly. "I would not think so. You always seem to know when I am around. I am somewhat surprised to see you and Jill and Evan all here tonight. All we need is for that Toxin thing to arrive and we are back at the warehouse." He cocks his head slightly. "And to that point, why *are* you here? It seems that lately you have been focusing entirely on your work. Did you decide it was time for a break? Or is there something larger going on?"

As he spoke, his gaze drifted back over the crowds, trying to pinpoint Evan or Jill. He eventually spotted them together again, with that smaller boy. Something was clearly going on, but he couldn't hear from here.

Shakespeare 28th of July, 2010 20:05

Conduit smirked, the gesture somehow coming off as cruel more than bemused in the pale light of the lengthening evening. She tossed a sideways glance at the gargoyle, and replied, "If this were any other night, I'd be telling you to get lost, but you've caught me in a rare mood, so I'll spill." She half-turned, considering the creature for a long moment before resuming. "Someone I know took his life recently -- poisoned himself, they're saying -- but I don't know why. He wasn't sick, and he wasn't depressed -- he was healthy and happy. For a mutant."

A sigh, barely recognisable for what it was, escaped her lips, and Conduit perched herself upon the edge of the building, crouching down as she considered the line of people being funneled into the hotel. "He met with a man before he died, a man we know to be here tonight. I want to find out what the hell happened, what this guy did to Calvin."


The mass began to thrive and sway, pushing the group in the corner about without cause or concern, as the doors to the ball room -- modified heavily to accomodate a metal band -- opened outwards, allowing admittance to the hoard of eager fans waiting beyond. Surging further into the complex, the sea stole with it Eddie, Evan, and Jill, who had to fight the current in earnest to keep themselves together.

Beyond the main doors lay a hall that was vast, easily large enough to house the few thousand attendees. A bar lined the eastern wall, and was manned by eight members of staff, all wearing masks of anxiety when they saw the size of the swarming fans. The stage, elevated beyond the norm by artificial means, was at the far end of the room, bathed in the flamboyant, diverse lights that were etched into the wall. Instruments were laid out in preparation, but no-one was yet visible.

Struggling to maintain their distance from one another, the trio pressed themselves close to a corner near to the stage, whilst the other metalheads began to fan out, picking a spot that they would no doubt vacate from in preference to some other later in the show. Drinks were shared out and the bar staff went to work; a man got up onstage and went to check the clarity of the microphone, before hastily rushing off into the wings.

Eddie and Evan glanced around, each looking for their other friends in the growing throng of people; Jill did the same, but her target was barely known to her, and inspired a totally different set of emotions in her heart. She scanned the bar, but couldn't spot Patrick Lipman anywhere. Glancing down at her watch, she noticed that the time was 2342hr -- she had eighteen minutes to kill.

An explosion of cheers and the emittance of overbearing excitment drowned their efforts at reconissance, as a quartet of individuals -- all garbed in clothing appropriate to the genre of their choice -- rushed out onto the stage and took up either instruments.

The show was about to begin.


Editor's Notes: Okay, firstly, let's welcome Pulse495 to the game. I'll let him add more detail to the band itself, the instruments, and the layout and progression of their show. Just be sure to keep pace with myself, so that we don't end up missing parts that I want to include.

In the interest of giving you all more time to interact, I'm giving you an eighteen minute window in which to do what you wish; when that's up, or if I think things are slowing, I'll move the game on to 2359hr, and have Patrick Lipman show up. But since the show is loud enough to provide ample cover for your conversations, I'd advise you to use the time to get up-to-date with one another.

Pulse495 29th of July, 2010 04:45

As the four figures dispersed across the stage, the house lights dropped completely, plunging the ballroom into total darkness. Brief scrapes and scuffles from the stage indicated the band taking up instruments properly and a low rumble began as the Marshall Stacks clicked on.

A single note rolled out from the speakers, a haunting harmonic, echoing around the stage and demanded attention from all those present. Thin shafts of light illuminated the band members in pencil beams, picking out the features and contours of each of them in sharp relief.

The man dominating the stage stood out even more than his fellows, at the head of the stage with a flying-V style guitar at his waist and the microphone inches from his lips. Shoulder length hair fell down freely, half purple, half black with a military style peaked cap on top. A throaty chuckle tumbled from the black lips and cast itself around the rooms occupants like a cloak. A second note pealed out as the pencil thin lights vanished and the stage was basked in a blue wash. White on white eyes, the result of theatrical contact lenses, were picked out in eerie definition by the light, giving the front man a haunted and possessed appearence. A small smile remained on the lips, hovering just below the running mascara that had been tattooed belows his eyes:

"Good evening Los Angeles" The voice was soft, sultry almost, and barely above a whisper, but it carried in a way only experienced showmen could manage. "So kind of you to join us for out little gathering. It is time for me to introduce myself. I am Havoc, and this is Final Bastion!" The crowd surged and screamed, and at the encouragement from Havoc pumping his arm to the beat, the crowd began to chant "FINAL! BASTION! FINAL! BASTION!". The drummer began to join in, the bass drum beginning to boom out in time, emphasising the chant as Havoc outstretched his arms basking in the moment.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is high time this little gathering got some goddamn energy pumping through it, don't you?" The crowd uttered a semi-audible "yeah". "I said goddamn ENERGY, YEAH?!!" This time the crowd bellowed back "YEAH!" Which caused Havoc to laugh once more. "Alright then, time to read sermon from the Book of Heavy Metal!" The drummer stopped and began to smash his sticks together, timing out the lead in to the first song of the set.

OOC: Hey to everyone and got to say reading back through the posts I'm looking forward to participating and playing alongside you guys. Just a small intro to set the intro of Havoc and some background noise for you. For a little extra background, I include a link,, to the kind of music that Final Bastion would be playing to set the scene and give you some idea of what it is you characters are actually listening to.

Ergonomic Cat 29th of July, 2010 10:58


Originally Posted by Shakespeare (Post 379180)
"He met with a man before he died, a man we know to be here tonight. I want to find out what the hell happened, what this guy did to Calvin."

Igneous considered her words, and nodded. "I understand. That must be difficult for you. There was a woman several days ago - she also killed herself. She jumped off a building, and I was nearby, but could not reach her in time. If I could go back just a few minutes before, and catch her.... I imagine you feel similar about your friend Calvin."

He looked out at the crowd with her as well, and while his eyes scanned the crowd he asked "Why do you think this man had something to do with your friend's death? Surely he spoke with any number of people before he died - what is special about his one?" As he asks the question, a low pulsing begins from the concert below, and he smiles slightly, gesturing one large, slightly clawed hand at the doors. "It sounds like your music has started - did you wish to listen? Strangely, I find that I enjoy this sort of music when I can. It reminds me of an avalanche, crashing down a mountainside. Which is more pleasant than you might think." His head bobbed slightly without his knowledge and scattered a thin layer of dust around. Several tiny crystal flecks on his horns caught the light, and flashed erratically.

Krypton 30th of July, 2010 09:36

Evan roared along with the crowd as he pushed through the crowd towards Johnny and the girls, shouting for Eddie and Jill to follow him, but probably not heard over the awesomely loud rock music.

He struggled agains the crowd, and eventually was forced to resort to his power - one person couldn't push through the forming Mosh Pit on his own.

He clapped his hands once, twice, in time with the music, and two duplicates came into being - The Warrior and.... The Lover? Pressing onwards, he reached the group he'd intended, and pushed Johnny by way of manly greeting.

Pantherine 30th of July, 2010 11:08

As the serpent of people started pressing forward through the entry to the building, Jill turned her gaze upwards to the rooftop where she and Conduit had stood moments earlier. She was hoping for once last approving glimpse of her troubled friend, for whom she now felt she was risking her neck for. Voluntarily as it were, the buzzing butterflies in her belly still went wild. Her eyes squinted when she noticed the tips of granite wings and horns not far from Conduit. "Igneous?" she subconsciously mumbled to herself in a low tone. She kept staring at the rooftop whenever she could until she was too far inside the hotel and her line of sight was cut off.

She struggled to keep up with Evan and Eddie. Most of the people surrounding her on all sides being taller than her made it difficult to keep track of who was who. She barely noticed, but her heightened scent was helping guide her the right way when her eyes and ears could not. She depended greatly upon it when she was a panther, but even in human form it proved to serve its advantageous purposes as well.

Having settled into the corner with the two other teenagers and concluded that she still had a good 18 minutes to pass until the personal highlight of her evening would demand her attention at the bar, she stood silently and watched the many different faces, outfits, hairdos and facial accessories worn by the throng of metal fans. She mentally traced over her own numerous empty piercing holes, feeling a little sad that she could no longer wear such jewelry. She had done so on the first evening of her transformation, and they had been lost in the streets of LA, like everything else she wore that evening. Only Conduit's special wetsuit would stay with her.

When the lights went out she felt a thrill shoot up her spine. This was her element, and she instantly felt more at ease. Her attention was quickly diverted onto the stage when the thin shaft of light illuminated the enigmatic man dressed and made-up in a style she could relate to. The thundering speakers blasted forth the heavy music so loudly that she immediately took out her hearing aids and set them in the brim of her skirt. She was not normally an avid music listener, but seeing the performers on stage moving in rhythm with their instruments and enchanting the tones with extra life had her bobbing along with the pulse of sound that washed over the hall.

She felt more relaxed watching Havoc put on his energetic show and turned with an approving smile to see how the Evans and Eddie were doing.

Haraphen 31st of July, 2010 09:08

Eddie followed Evan threw the crowed rubber necking around for Ashley. Then the music started it, stung, weirdly enough but it was good music got his pulse racing and vibrated in his chest. It kinda made him want to go crazy in one of the many mosh-pits appearing. As he followed Evan he stopped paying attention to the crowed around him and as he did that his instincts kicked in. He bobbed and weaved and seemingly flowed threw the bustling crowds almost like a ghost not actually touching a single dancing, or as it seemed in some cases, convulsing individuals. He spared a glance for Jill to check the crowds were no problem for her. He nodded and gave a small smile as sign of his own enjoyment of the music and then moved his head towards Evan to show which way to go.

When Evan found Johnny it wasn't hard for Eddie to finally find Ashley. He walked up to her with a skeptical look on his face. "You like this kind of music? I would'a never guessed." He bobbed his head in time with the music his hair swaying in a delayed arc.

Pulse495 31st of July, 2010 09:56

The song came to a screaming climax, the final notes tearing through the air, assaulting the walls in a sonic barrage that stole the breath from the crowd. Harley beamed out at them all, drawing in deep draughts of air as his lungs recovered from the torturous ordeal that the previous song's vocals had put his lungs and vocal chords through. It was always hard, but it never failed to excite the crowd. He let the guitar fall on its strap, before gently pushing it behind him, idly thumbing the volume as he pushed it back to kill any feedback. He nodded out over the crowd and spread his arms, and waved on the cheer it elicited. Suddenly he made a chopping motion with his hands and the crowd fell silent, so the only sound was the rich laughter that spilled from his lips as he threw his arms back up and cheering and calling resumed.

Turning for a moment, he shrugged off the leather jacket he had come on stage in, revealing a black band t-shirt proclaiming the band logo tight against his muscular frame, with mesh sleeves running down to his wrists. He adjusted the guitar for a second, turning the volume back up and running through a lightning quick riff that had the crowd screaming for more.

Still breathing deeply, he stepped up to the mike, exhaling one breath into the mouthpiece, suddenly bring the room into a much more intimate atmosphere:
"Well, I see I've got you attention now." He gently unhooked the mike and dropped down to squat just in front of the audience. "You guys can rock pretty hard, but I don't think you're giving it your all. Metal ain't bout holdin' back!"

He pointed at a random group of kids in the centre. "Show me how much you rock" A nervous "rock" followed. "ROCK!" Harley bellowed back.
"Alright!" His eyes scanned the rest of the hall and he began to tap out a beat on the mike. 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. "Rock rock ROCK! He yelled, and singled out a different group of fans, a small girl with glasses next to a short boy with messy hair and their friends.
"You! 1-2-3, we wanna ROCK ROCK ROCK! What do ya wanna do?" The manic grin ran round his sharp features like a kitten with a ball, as he dropped the mike on one leg and swung up his guitar and began to strum power chords to the 1-2-3 beat and leveled the guitar at group:
"Whatddya want?! Tell me!"
OOC: Just to clarify, the second group of people Harley focuses on is meant to be your guys characters, I've checked this with Shakespeare and he's given me a little artistic license with where in the crowd you are. It won't keep you from your chat, and once you've answered him, the second song will kick off :)

Krypton 1st of August, 2010 02:33

"Rock!" The girls, the duplicates, Evan and Johnny all screamed back at the man, Havoc, rejoicing in the thrill of what was quickly becoming an awesome show.

Mosh pits were forming all over the place, teenagers, young adults, all varieties of Metal Heads slamming against each other in a frenzy driven by what their elders still sometimes called 'Satan's Music.' Evan's parents certainly did.

"Rock!" Again, the frontman played to his crowd, driving them into a frenzied pace.

"Whaddya want? Tell me!"

Evan started to yell rock, but he heard Aubrianna yell "This." as she turned to face Evan and reached up, wrapping her arms around his head and tangling her fingers into his hair. She pulled his head to hers, and kissed him, briefly, hardly, before moving away and rejoining the exultant chorus of Final Bastion Fans.

Evan stood still, surprised that Aubrianna had taken her newfound enfatuation with Legion this far. Clearly she wanted to be the Super-hero's girlfriend - but should Evan even care?

Right now, he certainly didn't. Nobody else in his school would care if Aubrianna Carr wanted to use them, for a while. And Tasha hated him, for reasons he would never figure out.

It's a rock concert. Live in the Moment, Evan!

Pantherine 1st of August, 2010 07:00

She quickly noticed how Eddie, Evan and their friends were having a good time, too, and their high spirits rubbed off on her. The energy was a rejuvenating distraction to Jill, and when Havoc cried out to the audience and looked their way she could not help but to chant along.

Jill's eyes widened and her mouth opened in a wide smile when Aubrianna suddenly planted a big wet one on the unsuspecting Evan. With a cheeky smile and a raised eyebrow she looked at the two and proclaimed; "Well, someone's having a good time!" her smile not diminishing as she raised a subtle thumbs-up by her waist at Evan. Before they had a chance to respond she turned her head, looked back up at Final Bastion and resumed her gentle rhythmic bobbing.

Having lost track of time since the concert started she looked back down at her wrist to check the watch, and then furrowed her brow as she turned about and scouted towards the bar, attempting to look past the many guests thrashing about. She decided to retire from the mass of dancing fans so she could gussy up and prepare for her meeting with Patrick Lipman. She turned about and began working her way through the throng, but paused by Evan and Eddie briefly; "I'm gonna go get some air for a bit. I'll meet up with you guys later, okay?"

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