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LeeCHeSSS 5th of March, 2004 22:03

Otherwordly inquiries (OOC)
You prolly understand the whole concept by now, so I will refrain from stating the obvious nature of this thread...

Cadogan Trahem 6th of March, 2004 01:38

I left the exact priviledges and responcibilities for my organisational ties up to you Danny, also I need your help to work out my Leadership Score for a Cohort.

TheDruid20 6th of March, 2004 06:37

Ok revised PC is up but still need to finish my items....

LeeCHeSSS 6th of March, 2004 07:48

Billy raised a good question: You start with experience points that would put you at lvl 10 and 1/4th of the xp needed to get from lvl 10 to 11. This is in order to allow some item creation. If you go overboard, you'll drop to lvl 9 though :)

TheDruid20 6th of March, 2004 08:21

YIPPEE can we say scrolls coming out your ass?!?!?!

LeeCHeSSS 6th of March, 2004 08:26

We can, but I don't think there's any point in saying it...

TheDruid20 6th of March, 2004 11:02

Ok history is up might add a few thing but pretty much just need one or two itmes my prepared spells and the last of my scrolls.

Cadogan Trahem 8th of March, 2004 21:44

I'll update my character tomorrow on my universal update day.

TheDruid20 13th of March, 2004 12:25

OK had a minor error on my sheet, had life bolt as a 1st level spell its a second level spell and prob one of his favorites as it a popular one at the temple in waterdeep/... got the old Coty of Spelndors book.

TheDruid20 13th of March, 2004 12:42

OK did up my spells memorized for the day that we meet in the Dale.

Cadogan Trahem 13th of March, 2004 13:23

I might need some help with 3.5 concidering I still dont have it.

Gnarsh 13th of March, 2004 13:31

TheDruid20 15th of March, 2004 07:18

I demand that we all meet up int he pub and get this bitch started I think we are all far enough along for the Illustrious DM to post an opening scene/monologue for us all.

The Alcotroll 15th of March, 2004 07:20


I'm just about to type up my spells and polish up the smudges on my sheet that everyone has pointed out to me, I'll be ready to go in about twenty minutes (he says...)

LeeCHeSSS 15th of March, 2004 09:26

Okay, will do tomorrow then...

TheDruid20 15th of March, 2004 09:37

I will hold you to that Mister Bessem

Cadogan Trahem 15th of March, 2004 12:53

I'll go ahead and finish my character then, I need Danny to work out my leadership and make my Cohort though.

TheDruid20 15th of March, 2004 13:11

Ok pick a rogue cohort we need a trap finder:-)

LeeCHeSSS 15th of March, 2004 22:06

I actually need all the characters' backgrounds; so I know who knows who...

Regardless, I will post the first post soonish today.

Cadogan Trahem 16th of March, 2004 00:52

Just so you can get started Danny i'll post the basic's here for my character history:

Born and Raised in Suzail, entered "religious purification" as a child due to adolescent behaviour. Found a new respect for order and duty while educated there. Enrolled to be trained in martial training at the age of 16 and found my calling as a Watcher for Helm. Served the church for two years in Suzail doing small duties that were asked of me at 19 I was choosen and enlisted in the Purple Dragon Organisation by the church as an observer for the temple during the time of troubles.

Served under the Dragon Knights in Northern, and Western Cormyr untill Azoun IV's death which brought my presence to the southern cities to help enforce the laws and the appointment of a regeant. I continued my service for both my faith and my nation removing goblinoid invaders from the lands in the north, and settling arguments with fanatical elves through diplomatic channels. During this time I was given various leadership duties including recruitment for the Dragons and training.

The Alcotroll 16th of March, 2004 07:28

Am I to take it that we're aiming for the RPing style commonly termed as 'High'? (which has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with long flowery posts)

TheDruid20 16th of March, 2004 16:51

Well I think most involved know alot about the realms and as such can give longer more relavent posts.

Spoon 16th of March, 2004 16:52

I don't know about the rest of you, but my character is overly theatrical. So long flowery prose it is.

Oh the pain of it all.

TheDruid20 16th of March, 2004 16:56

Mine was raised in a very ornate and powerful church and have no clue when to shut up so long bad prose is is lot in life.

TheDruid20 16th of March, 2004 19:34

Due to talkign with CT I realized I figured out the cost of my items wrong, odds are I will need to split alot of them up, and will end up with more gold so I will do that tomorrow. I will be snowed in anyway.

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