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Pantherine 27th of September, 2010 20:55

I am with Krypton and Kitty.. a little is better than none at all.

Shakespeare 28th of September, 2010 19:10

Yes, but in 12 days I've had two responses to my post.

Haraphen 29th of September, 2010 05:39

well you know im interested so this is me airing my vote for pro continueing

Krypton 29th of September, 2010 07:17

Also pro continuing. Just been redonkulously hectic at work.

Shakespeare 4th of October, 2010 22:00

Okay, that's two more votes for the continuation of the game; what about the others? Any takers?

Krypton 5th of October, 2010 05:39

I vote yes in Ergo Kitty's stead. He's even sillier busy at work than myself at the moment, but I know he enjoys playing a giant gargoyle.

Ergonomic Cat 8th of October, 2010 07:10

Sorry all - work kicked my ass, stole all my motivation, and then took out my laptop's GPU (the last may not be connected, it's hard to tell) so I took an enforced break. I'm back, and ready to go tho!

And yeah, Shakes, I'm certainly interested in continuing, and should be back to posting on a regular schedule.

Shakespeare 11th of October, 2010 20:35

Sorry guys, my new timetable's kicking my arse at the moment. I'll try to get a post up sometime soon; in the meantime can everyone who hasn't posted please do so.

Pulse495 19th of October, 2010 00:43

Hey guys, this is Shakespeare making quick use of Pulse's profile. Just writing to let you know that I'm away for the entirity of this week, though I should be back by Saturday, which is when I intend on making time to get things moving again.

Shakespeare 11th of November, 2010 08:29

Hey guys.

Sorry for the long silence from my end; I was hit with multiple problems, including diminshing eyesight, financial nightmares, and possible delays to my military work.

Whilst I fully understand that some (maybe all) of you might have given up on the game, I am willing to pick it back up from where we left off if anyone's still interested. My schedule is still pretty hectic, but I can manage a single game on the side.


Krypton 11th of November, 2010 09:32

If there's only one game... That's still one more than we've had recently!

Haraphen 12th of November, 2010 23:58

im always game to continue with the game as it is or same game setting new character or whatever as long as theres a marvel game to play

Krypton 8th of December, 2010 04:10

I miss you guys so much it hurts, sometimes.

Pantherine 16th of January, 2011 19:56

You are all so missed! Happy new years wherever you all are *sniff*

*Goes to the corner and hugs poor lonely Krypton*

*sadface* :'(

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