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treehouse 8th of April, 2006 04:49

The thread of useless pointlessness
This is the thread where dreams are crushed; it's better to just give in to the madness now, and post whatever happens when you bang your head against the keyboard.

Just like everyone else.

It's also a place where visitors can come mock our players.

akiko 8th of April, 2006 04:51

In the Red Hand of Doom game and Doombot hasn't made 1 joke about it yet. I'm disappointed.

treehouse 8th of April, 2006 04:52

You know, I was just thinking about that.

Doombot, really...

Doombot 8th of April, 2006 13:15

Actually, if you search around, I made a joke about it waaaaay back on 3ebb when someone asked if anyone had played the module. Go ahead, dig up the thread and look. It's there, I promise. Look, I'll even give you a link.

And if you're only counting this thread, gimme a break! I had to work all evening, and then I had to attend my friend's 21st b-day at Rum Runners. Nothing like a dueling piano bar for a good time. I mean, how many people do you know that will play "The Ding-a-ling Song" on a piano?

zachol 9th of April, 2006 03:59

That sounds like something I want to hear.

Doombot 9th of April, 2006 06:45

It's quite the song. I first heard it in boy scouts about ten or twelve years ago; it'd been a while since I heard it.

The piano player told us that if the girls could scream the refrain louder than the guys, we'd have to buy all the girls drinks for the rest of the night. But if we were louder, they had to dance naked on the tables.

The guys went from being pretty placid to coming even with the girls, so the piano player raised the stakes: if we could be louder than the girls, then they'd have to...well, let's just say that the ride home would have to be an enjoyable one.

*winkwink nudgenudge*

Mercutio 9th of April, 2006 07:48

Did you know that's Chuck Berry's song originally?

zachol 9th of April, 2006 07:57

Doom... this was in boy scouts?

Doombot 9th of April, 2006 09:43

Merc: No, I didn't know that was chuck Berry's song. Good info though; now I know enough to search around for it. Thanks!


But at least I limited my vices to pyromania, dirty jokes, and playing with knives. Several guys I know got quite a shock when they found out that one of the leaders was a state trooper.

zachol 9th of April, 2006 09:50

Ah good.

So... who won, may I ask?

Also, why have you seen fit to have a strange avatar?

And quit capitalizing my name! Even at the start of sentences! Varghblarglbalrhlhgargh!!!

SPQR Anarchy 9th of April, 2006 10:52

Zachol always gets wierd about the little stuff; poor Zachol.

So let me get this straight. Your Scout leader, who was a cop let the girls in your patrol try to outsing you for booze or else they have to put out. Why the hell did I not go to scouts.

I think I have to go back and read this whole thread.

zachol 9th of April, 2006 11:30

*seethes with rage*
You will all die... die! Muahhahahahhah!!
*makes wizzie specifically for the purpose of killing friends*

Yeah, my scouting club always sucked.
Everything we did was during the winter.
The winter of northern minnesota. Far northern minnesota.
Thus, no camping or otherwise fun things, and a lot of sitting around at a friends house doing "scouting activities" (lame games).

You know, this actually wouldn't have been as fun if you were in the scouts when this happened.

"If'n you girls scream louder than them boys, they buy you beers."
"Beer? You mean that icky stuff daddy drinks? Ewww..."
"But if'n you boys sing louder'n them girls, they 'ave to dance nekkid."
"Girls naked? EWWW!!!"
*chorus comes, nobody sings*
"I declare the boys the winner! Eh heh heh, come on now, girls, git'n the table."
*retrieves camera*

*reads again*

When I do these, do I really know what I'm typing?
I prefer to think not, and merely hit post.

Doombot 9th of April, 2006 12:28

zachol: Well, even if they don't sound as good once typed as they do in your head, they still provide me with considerable enjoyment. And sorry about capitalizing your name -- usually not something I think about; I just let my fingers take over.

Unfortunately, I never had any kick-arse piano players render the song for me when I was in scouts. I had to have my friend sing it for me, so what I got was not the best version. Last night was pretty slick, however. The guys ended up winning (although I don't think we were louder -- the gender of the performer may have had something to do with this).

Speaking of good old minnesota, do you happen to know of any good, reliable, non-scouting canoing agencies up there? One of our favorite trips was a week-long trip to the boundary waters at the BSA canoe base. A couple of my buds and fellow ex-scouts are considering getting another major trip together in the next year or two, and any leads would be greatly apppreciated.

SPQR: Actually, I was more or less done with scouts by the point people started getting bustes for stuff. I got my eagle around '99, and more or less dropped out other than to go on some major trips.

Both of my younger brothers were still active, as were my parents, so I got to hear stories. A couple of the kids (some still my peers) got busted for having pot on them, and a few of the younger kids got busted for shoplifting from the camp store.

The whole buying beer or put out thing wasn't until Venture Crew ;) . Girl scouts are seperate down here in the US.

Edit: Oh, and zachol, my avatar is an old one. It looks (or rather, looked -- I've since trimmed the bear and added a moustache) like me. I'm sure that I'll switch around to a more....Doomesque avatar.

zachol 9th of April, 2006 13:36

Camping and canoing agencies that are good and non-scout in Minnesota?

Wow, that's a tough one... I don't think we have any of those.

I can suggest two that I've had personal experience with, or ask around next time I'm near Grand Marais.

If you ever go up here, by the way, remember the name of Grand Marais.
Best little town ever, and you're likely to go through it.
In fact, you do if you're going to Canada through MN.

But, whatever. Camping?

Depends... do you want happy, "let's paddle around for three days and go back to a little cabin" camping or "Oh, sure. We're going through... 12 lakes & 17 portages, on the first day. You think we'll need visas to go through canada, or do they just consider it one big smear of lakes?" camping?

I assume the second. I don't know what to do for that... most of my experience is limited to the Gunflint Trail.

Perhaps more info and a chance to ask around with my buddies up there could help...

Edit: Hey, isn't this the visitor's thread?


Hi visitor people who will likely be weirded out and fleeing from this game at some point in the future!!

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 02:20

Yeah, but we wouldn't want to clutter up or OOC thread, would we? I mena, this is completely in character for all of us.

Yeah, definitely more of the latter variety of camping. The worst portage I've had to do so far was something like 240 rods through mud and mosquitos, in the rain. Two of our guys got caught in mud up to their knees, and it took some hefty pulling to get them out, what with 80 lb. packs and 44 lb. canoes on them. That's the kind of experience I'm looking to re-create.

And it doesn't have to be a non-scouting base, I'm just looking for something that's open to non-scouts. I believe (although I'm not certain) that Northern Tier in Ely is strictly for scouts only. Is Ely anywhere near Grand Marais, by any chance?

Anyway, our plan is to take a couple people (probably around half a dozen, but I honestly have no idea) on a week-long trip for some real canoeing -- none of this crappy "rent a canoe for an hour and paddle up and down this stretch of inner-city river" stuff. Probably within the next two years, although money is a pretty big factor in this. If I make it into vet school after graduation, that'd e a huge sink in my savings account, so we'll see.

treehouse 10th of April, 2006 02:25

What's a 'portage'?

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 02:31

That's when you run out of lake and have to carry your canoe on your head until you find more lake.

In soviet Minnesota, canoe paddles you!

treehouse 10th of April, 2006 02:35

So portages suck then.

This conversation now makes improved sense.

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 02:42

Portages don't always suck, it's just that after a while, those canoes start to dig into your shoulders. And if there's a cloud of mosquitos around and you're trying to help your friend, who is equally burdened, pull his foot out of two feet of sucking mud, it becomes less enjoyable.

All I can say is thank God for Kevlar canoes. They weigh about half as much as the other ones, which would have been brutal.

treehouse 10th of April, 2006 02:46

They make canoes out of Kevlar? That's pretty cool. I guess if portages are common things you'd want to build the lightest canoes possible.

I wonder if any visitors will post here now.

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 03:05

You bet your bear it's a good idea. Plus it helps protect you from the elk mafia. Buncha bastards...

Visitors? Nah. We scared akiko away after that first post. 'Tis pity; I could have used some bones to gnaw. :evil:

treehouse 10th of April, 2006 03:12

I solved the problem. This is no longer a visitor's thread (although visitors are welcome to post here). Now it's 'The thread of fluffy pointlessness'.

I'm not sure whether we need a Visitor's Thread in addition to it. I'll ask Merc.

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 03:15

Man, we so need one of these on 3ebb. One stickied at the top of each forum would solve some of the fluff problems, methinks (although not all of it -- quite a bit arises as the conversations evolve).

treehouse 10th of April, 2006 03:16

It's just the nature of message boards of any sort. Fluffy nonsense is a pretty natural step for conversations to take among friends.

Doombot 10th of April, 2006 03:21

Awww, that means I have friends! So when are you guys coming over for a sleep over? We can stay up all night and watch movies and scrambled porn!

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