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ChitownGarou 3rd of January, 2014 19:06

Chicago Werewolf the Apocalypse LARP Game
Greetings all!

It's great to find a roleplaying forum. Seems like there aren't enough out there.

I wanted to let people know of a Werewolf the Apocalypse LARP in Chicago. We run twice a month on the north side, and use Laws of the Wild, Revised as the core book.

We are always open for new players.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to private message me. Or, ideally, you can email me. My email is the same as my username on here, at the most popular email service.

Game on!

itches 3rd of January, 2014 21:47

What's this? Someone advertised a game in a way that doesn't break the rules? I'm amazed!

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