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Croaker 7th of July, 2010 13:33

Is there anyway to just disable emoticons in a given thread/forum for good? The god forsaken emote for 'shit' is driving me insane.

itches 7th of July, 2010 14:54

Eh, I can turn them off for an entire forum, but I've been meaning to go alter the shit one for a while. From now on you'll need to type :shit: to have it show up.

Croaker 7th of July, 2010 15:40


itches 7th of July, 2010 20:26

And let's all be proud that we go through this without someone saying how much it was ... shitting them.

Gralhruk 7th of July, 2010 23:11

I have to say, this is really the shit.

treehouse 8th of July, 2010 00:35

This may be the best shit that has ever happened on ORP.

BigRedRod 8th of July, 2010 00:41

It's a close second, but the best was fixing the :P emoticon.

Mercutio 8th of July, 2010 03:46

Now that's the shit!

Croaker 8th of July, 2010 11:11

At least it's not the :shit:.

LeeCHeSSS 9th of July, 2010 00:04

Awww, I found it funny the way it was! :)

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