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hedgeknight 11th of July, 2017 06:42

New Forum Request
Howdy folks!
Here is my request for a new forum:

Forum Name: Adventures in Andoran
Description: Brave adventurers needed to explore Arthfell Forest & Darkmoon Vale!

Sub-Forum: Andoran and Environs

Sub-Forum: Characterization and House Rules

Virgin Sacrifices:


Gralhruk 12th of July, 2017 11:46

This has been done!

hedgeknight 19th of July, 2017 00:27

Thank you, good sir!

hedgeknight 14th of October, 2018 11:59

And here I am asking to change my new forum...somewhat.

Here are the changes I would like:

Forum Name: Adventures in Sembia
Description: Exploring the cities, port towns, and islands in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Sub-Forum: Sembia and Environs
Sub-Forum: Characters and House Rules

Gralhruk 18th of October, 2018 03:15

Changed as requested :).

hedgeknight 7th of November, 2018 09:30

Many thanks!!

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