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elpresidente 17th of August, 2011 04:34

Forum Request
Greeting oh all powerful Admins! Those with the power to block and unblock! Edit and de-edit, and change the very code of the site with but a gesture and a left mouse click!

I come before to to beg a forum be created this day!

Title: Revenants of Greatness [Rogue Trader]
Description: War is good for business. Especially if you sell guns.

Sub Forums:

Title: Navis Primer Macharia
Description: Spaces and races of Macharius's Folly.

Title: Sensorium
Description: Scan logs.

Title: Warrant Potfolio
Description: Character, vessel and asset descriptions

Players: Copper, Solar, Foxtrot, Vortigern, AbidingDude

As payment I shall name true name the daemon which inevitably murders the entire party from an anagram of all the admin names, rather than the traditional daemon prince name of spamdaggashagnastaaay.

itches 17th of August, 2011 20:38

Hasn't BRR made this yet? You need better friends.

elpresidente 17th of August, 2011 21:39

Many and varied are the reasons BRR sucks.

He's not even coming to my birthday party! As if defecting across the english channel is an excuse!

elpresidente 18th of August, 2011 00:00

*Finds new shiny forum and GM tags*

Cheers Itches, all coffee and glory be thine, and not the unfortunate fate of being eaten by arachnids of unusual size.

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