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LuneMoonshadow 18th of August, 2006 18:48

[General] Global Out of Character
Well, we have our forum. The character creating can now commence. I'll be posting specific information regarding the technical issues in the character forums. You'll see it under all 4 subforums.

Before characters are made, though, I have a few things that need to be done. First of all, everyone need to divide up into factions. Splitting up evenly would be nice, and keep in mind you can have multiple characters for this campaign. The only restriction is they can only belong to one faction, not including the Commonwealth since it is neutral.

That said, start coming up with very basic character concepts that place you into a faction. Once we get that settled, we'll move onto the next step of actually hammering out backstories. And for this campaign, I'll be building the world around your stories, so don't worry about making it fit.

On a side note, I'd like all players to stay within their own forum. Principality characters reading up on the goings on of the Crown could be quite an unfair advantage should they find the right piece of information.

As a notice to visitors who might wish to apply to this game: Do NOT Read The Subforums

LuneMoonshadow 18th of August, 2006 19:03

A little info to help deciding what faction to be apart of...

The Royal Crown of Renlock: Led by Lord Malchus, this faction believes in total control over all else. Malchus is a ruler who has fallen in love with the power of being King and doesn't plan on giving up such a position anytime soon. Though he isn't exactly cruel, he does treat his nation with a sort of mild neglect. He doesn't care much about the common man, except when it comes to paying taxes and homage to his image.

The Principality: Prince Garrett leads this faction to war, and he believes in total control like his father. However, Garrett also has a slight taste for the cruel and coldhearted. He taxes his people to the bone and expects them to still grovel in his presence. He believes that the upper class are gifted and the lower are there to serve them. This war is about expanded what is rightfully there for the taking. He deserves it.

Warriors of Everith: The first city to be taken during the invasion of Kelt was Everith. It was ransacked and left in ruins, a shell of its former glory. After Kelt was taken and turned into a province for Prince Garrett, the taxes only served to further reduce to the city to dust. The Warriors of Everith, also known as WOE, now fight for the glory of Kelt, seeking to reclaim their lost land. They are led by General Ruujek, and they believe in honor and freedom above all else.

Unification of the Commonwealth: They are led by the Minister of Commerce and his six directors and supposedly stand for the good of the common man. Though they are indeed neutral and a safe haven for organizations who wish to be kept out of the direct path of war, they are still here for a reason. Many organizations within the Commonwealth are taking this opportunity to turn quite a profit.

Players: Kathil (2), Cyuq (2), MFG (1), Benicus (1), Leden (2)
Additions: Benicus (1)

Players: Gnarsh (2), Torgon (1), Skidrow (1), Shatter (4), GeneralJim (1)
Additions: Gnarsh (1)

Players: Link (4), Xaden (2), Canter (4)

Players: Thanos (1), Merbak (3), Onor (1)
Additions: Merbak (1)

Waiting List: Paradox

Cyuq 18th of August, 2006 19:18

Count me in for 2 chars... got ideas, just gotta make'm work. =p For the Crown!

Thanos 18th of August, 2006 21:10

1 Character in the Commonwealth.

Linklegacy77 18th of August, 2006 22:45

2 characters for the warriors of Everith

Gnarsh 19th of August, 2006 01:15

One character for the Principality.

Xaden 19th of August, 2006 02:43

Dang! I would also like 2 Characters for the WOE. That won't be a problem, will it (since Link also wants 2 for the WOE)?

Jimmy Two-Thumbs 19th of August, 2006 02:52

I'm interested in playing one character for the Royal Crown, and one character for the Commonwealth. I remember from the previous thread that someone was looking for a rival of sorts. I'd enjoy playing a position like that, albeit we'd be on the same side.

Xaden 19th of August, 2006 03:48

Ummm... I have a general question about character creation. You said it's a 32 point buy but we start off with 10s in everything already. Now do we use the chart in the DMG (as in, buying an 11 would cost 3 points, 12 costs 4 etc.) or would the chart look more like this:
(score -> total point cost)
11 -> 1
12 -> 2
13 -> 3
14 -> 4
15 -> 6
16 -> 8
17 -> 11
18 -> 14

Also, since we're level 10, do we still get to then add two more ability points? (One for level 4 and one for level 8) Or is your generous point buy everything we get?

Also, would there be any reason to get the Leardership feat? Will you even allow it or are we under the assumption that if we want like an army or something, we just get one 'cuase we're important? Or will the Leardership feat still grant that character a follower of (whatever) level who's like the character's buddy that follows the character around?

Sorry for the questions, I just want to make sure I understand character creation properly.

elmer_jok 19th of August, 2006 05:54

I'd like to have 2 characters in the commonwealth. If that helps even things up a bit.

Jimmy Two-Thumbs 19th of August, 2006 05:55

Just to be clear, I'm considering playing a general for the Crown, and either a guild or religious leader for the Commonwealth, assuming religious institutions would play a part in such a community.

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 07:51

Xaden, the chart you posted is correct. Look at it like this:

You get 32 points to spend as you will. I spent 12 points on my own accord. The chart itself doesn't actually change, as an 11 costs 1 point to get from 10 even in the default. And yes, you still get the 2 points granted by the rules.

I'll let everyone finish checking in with factions before everyone splits up for character creation.

AoM 19th of August, 2006 08:17

I will be playing a general loyal to the Crown. I have a rival set up who will be working within the WOE (thanks Xaden), but Jimmy, I'd be happy to have an in-house rival as well. It would make a lot of sense actually, if we were generals competing for the King's favor.

My view of Renlocke is that it is a kingdom comprised of many different peoples, united under one strong, ruthless King. That means that our generals could come from two different peoples, perhaps tribes or clans who traditionally hated each other.

Jimmy Two-Thumbs 19th of August, 2006 08:39

Sounds great to me, AoM. After all, what's war without a little political intrigue to spice it up a bit, neh?

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 09:08

Checked In:



Noocytx 19th of August, 2006 09:27

Just wanted to check in, and still don't know if I can play yet.

If I do jump in, I'll work on something either for the crown or prince, not sure which yet.

AoM 19th of August, 2006 09:42

Noocytx, the Principality needs players, I'd recommend creating a character for that faction if you do join.

@LuneMoonshadow: I've been cc'ing you to my conversations with Xaden. Do you approve the background so far?

Linklegacy77 19th of August, 2006 09:53

Xaden yeah! Let's pwn this!

Looks like the Principality needs some more players and characters. Let's see if 4 is enough for each.

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 10:49

GeneralJim will be playing for the Principality. I'm unsure of how many characters as now though.

AoM: I've only glanced over it as of right now. I'll look into it further once everyone checks in an we make sure factions are semi-balanced.

Do keep character backstories in mind, though. Once these last players check I'd like to start the process so the game can get rolling.

Linklegacy77 19th of August, 2006 10:58

Lune: instead of using the 2:1 ratio for paladins and rangers, could we instead use the variant in the Complete Warrior for non-magical rangers and paladins? I'm just asking for everyone's benefit.

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 11:09


Originally Posted by Linklegacy77
Lune: instead of using the 2:1 ratio for paladins and rangers, could we instead use the variant in the Complete Warrior for non-magical rangers and paladins? I'm just asking for everyone's benefit.

Yup. Forgot those were there. Thanks for pointing that out.

Xaden 19th of August, 2006 11:56

First I'd like to thank you for the earlier character creation clarification LuneMoonshadow, and I'm sorry about this, but I have one more clarification question about character creation. You stated:


GP: 35,000 gp. No more than one third may be spent on one item. No more than 25% may be spent on magical items.

Now from what I understand that statement means that you cannot spend more than 25% (8,750 gp) on magic items, first I'm assuming that means TOTAL and not just for any one item, so we get to spend AT MOST 8,750 on magic stuph, not at most 8,750 gp on any one item's magic qualities. For example, I couldn't have a +2 sword (8,000+ gp) and a Ring of Protection +2 (8,000 gp) 'cause then I've spent over 8,750 gp on magic stuph, but I could have the +2 sword and a handful of potions (maybe of Cure Wounds or something). Is my assumption right?

Then assuming my assumption is right, let's just say I wanted my character to have a +2 mithral Breastplate. Now in total that costs 8,200 gp, but that's from two parts, one is the "mundane" part (the mithral Breastplate: 4,200 gp) and the other is the magical part (the +2 bonus: 4,000 gp), that being the case, considering the 8,750 gp limit on magic items, if I got this item would I have spent 4,000 gp of my "magic item limit" on this one item, or 8,200 gp of my "magic item limit" for the entire suit of armor. Basically, I'm asking if the "mundane" part of weapons or armor, if enchanted, do they count towards that 8,750 gp limit of our magic item expenditures, or do you only count the enchanted part (in this case allowing the character to buy 4,750 gp more of magic items). I hope that made sense and that you can then answer my question. :nervous: Thanks again.

Xaden 19th of August, 2006 11:58

Yeah Link, let's show these peoples what the underdog can do! We is gonna' own this place, we takin' over! Yeah! :fun:

LuneMoonshadow 19th of August, 2006 13:00

Your first assumption is correct. The 25% is total among all your items.

Mundane portions of equipment do not count towards your magic limit. If you have a longsword +1, only the +1 counts towards your magic limit.

If you haven't already, go ahead and post in your faction's subforums. General questions, concerns, and chat should be kept here, of course. repeating the same answer 4 times could get annoying =P

As for backstories: Come up with a short and simple version of your character concept (renegade knight who left the Principality due to conflicts of interests and now serves in WOE as a captain) so that I can make sure it's not too crazy. And post these ideas in the subforums where the opposing faction won't be reading.

After I approve of your short description go into as much detail as you want. I've only created the bare bones of the world and organizations so that I can fit whatever you create into it. Want a tribe of savage people living in the north? Go for it. Feel free to create landmarks, cities, groups of people, NPCs, whatever you want. In the end, it's less work for me. If you don't want to bother creating all of that, feel free to leave it as a general city to be filled in later when I create the world and post it.

Any questions/concerns thus far?

Xaden 19th of August, 2006 14:00

I have another question (sorry), but will we have to worry about wandering monsters and the like? Will there be lycanthropes and vampires and dragons and whatnot wandering around, or will it basically revolve around our characters and what they chose to do (to eachother and otherwise)? Or will you not tell us? Leave it a surprise?

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