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Thanos 28th of April, 2009 22:55

OOC Thread
Yea-ha. Ride that jenner jockboy!

Mercutio 29th of April, 2009 00:15

Cool beans.

LonePaladin 29th of April, 2009 06:36

I've got company over right now; later this evening and tomorrow, I'll start posting rules and fluff.

Gibberish 29th of April, 2009 07:12

I might be interested in some mecha death carnage if you are taking more players, but I'm afraid I don't have the rules. Could somebody help me make one?

I don't really need to know the system details. If somebody just gives me an overview of the character/mech and tells me which button fires which cannon I'll be happy ;)

If not, I'll just lurk here and throw rotten food at the losers of the fights :)

David 29th of April, 2009 07:55

I'd be happy to give you a hand, Gibberish.

Lando The Archmagi 29th of April, 2009 11:22

I'll begin digging out my old Mechwarrior stuff, but I'll look forward to you posting stuff LonePaladin.

Vortigern 30th of April, 2009 02:22

Likewise in anticipation.

LonePaladin 30th of April, 2009 17:03

I've got some of the essentials for character-creation up -- at least, a primer on how the numbers work, and the stuff that your basic affiliation grant. Please don't post on that thread, I'm still adding to it. Use another thread (or this one) to discuss things relevant to actually making your characters.

Edit: If all this looks like too much to worry about, we can basically skip it. Name pilots, pick out some 'Mechs, and start the engines. Let me know which way you lean.

Vortigern 30th of April, 2009 23:22

Right now I'm leaning towards a House Liao guy, maybe shooting for a death commando if it is possible. Or a warrior house guy trying to get that rank as a goal.

Mercutio 1st of May, 2009 00:48

I'm leaning to picking a pilot, mech, and a House, but I need to read the posted info in depth first. It's been so long since I played that even some of the terms are foreign sounding.

David 1st of May, 2009 02:03

I like the idea of using Mechwarrior.
I am leaning towards a Federated Suns Mechwarrior, need to get my books out and go over them again.

Thanos 1st of May, 2009 09:31

Federated Suns Mechwarrior #2 signing in! Although if you twist my arm I could go for a Wolf's Dragoon orphan (not an original).

Lando The Archmagi 1st of May, 2009 10:28

Ah, I somehow thought the Clans were playable options too, evidently my experience with the Dark Ages game is a bit different then what my Mechwarrior RPG says. I actually bought the RPG to play a online game that never ended up happening.

Of course, this isn't the 32nd century like the miniature game is, but I heard they were releasing a book that statted out the miniatures for the Battletech/Mechwarrior rpg, I wonder if it ever was published.

I collected and played the Steel Wolves, but it looks like Clan Wolf is actually one of the "enemies" to the Houses etc.

Guess, I'd like to play whichever House could get me a cool mech like I've got in my Steel Wolves collection (I stopped playing/collecting a few years ago, so I got mostly stuf from the first several sets).

So basically I need suggestions/guidance/help with finding one that would fit my idea of a pc.

LonePaladin 1st of May, 2009 17:09

The Dark Ages stuff is WAY later than this game -- I'm setting it at 3025, in the middle of the Third Succession War. At this time, the five houses are fighting each other tooth and nail; the Clans haven't even made an appearance yet.

(When I put together a timeline, it'll only go up to that point.)

As the game progresses, I'll be introducing Level 2 tech here and there. I've done some digging around to see what year things are introduced, and I'll be using those and making guesses where the year's missing. That way, the newcomers won't have to deal with a whole mess of extra options, and the experienced players will get to see how 'Mechs and such evolve over the years.

Thanos 2nd of May, 2009 01:15

Forget everything you know from Dark Ages. This is the real game that the rinky so called 'dark ages' is based on.

I take it we will not be able to start with most 2750 mechs (since they have level 2 tech), there goes my Mongoose :-P I suppose I could go with anstandard or altered Jenner (replace srm4+ammo and 4 ML with 1 PPC) or a standard Javelin JVN-10F.
I am assuming that we are starting with light mechs as 'noobs'.
A lot depends on life paths I think.....Being Wealthy, rolling up that somebody left you a Vehicle or Well-Eqiuped. Something.

Mercutio 2nd of May, 2009 07:13

Am I just retarded? I've got the FASA book (hardcopy) and I'll be damned if I can find character creation info anywhere.

Thanos 2nd of May, 2009 09:13

Mechwarrior 3 book or the Master Rules for Battletech?

There are no 'character' rules in Battletech, only some charts to roll for gunnery and piloting if you want random pilots.

Lando The Archmagi 2nd of May, 2009 09:20

I have Mechwarrior 2 with the Companion Book so I can do character creation.

Yea, I found free pdfs for Classic Battletech stuff at and downloaded them the universe guide and stuff on mechs in this time period (stat sheets etc).

Might be useful to anyone else, since they're free (just need to make an account there to download them from the store).

David 2nd of May, 2009 09:57

Is it the Battletech or Mechwarrior book? Mechwarrior is the RPG.

David 2nd of May, 2009 09:57

We are using Mechwarrior 3, not 2. Very differant systems.

Mercutio 2nd of May, 2009 10:14

I have the free Classic Battletech stuff too.

Okay, I know that there aren't character rules, but I swear there were rules for power balancing for the wargame.

I don't have Mechwarrior 3, so I might need a little help there. I have mostly Battletech stuff.

EDIT--Um, nevermind. I found a copy on Ebay that I got for cheap ($5 plus shipping and handling) and hopefully will get it in the mail soon.

Lando The Archmagi 2nd of May, 2009 11:04

Well, Mechwarrior is long out of print and I only have the 2nd edition, so I'll have to wing it with whatever the GM posts then. :)

However, I might see if I can find a used copy somewhere too. I got lots of sources for stuff.

LonePaladin 2nd of May, 2009 18:42

I'll get more info posted tomorrow; it's just way too late for me right now to spend the hour or so transcribing it. (It's about 4:30 am here.)

I assumed that most (or all) of you lack the MW3 rules, which is why I'm going through the trouble of all that typing.

Lando The Archmagi 2nd of May, 2009 21:38

Much appreciated with the posting, I've been compiling the information into a word document so I can review it in more detail. Am pondering which House I want to be from at the moment and my general path.

Thanos 4th of May, 2009 03:55

Looks like my guy has some options: Strategy/Tactics/Mechwarrior, Bureaucrat/Admin/Mechwarrior, Strategy/Special Ops/Mechwarrior, or the least likely Bureaucrat/Special Ops/Mechwarrior.

Is there anybody else out there that wants to take up the Strat/Tact for the group or should I just go with that and bunt the rest? Natural Born Strategist with Military Scientist^2?

Is there anybody who is not wanting to be a Mechwarrior!?

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