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Copper 26th of July, 2011 21:45

Player Forum (OOC)
Please put all OOC discussion and questions in here.

Darius 27th of July, 2011 00:07

To continue our discussion from the CA thread, do you want me to start work on those 20 questions?

Some of them I know I already answered based on the background I sent you, and the others shouldn't be too difficult to answer.

Copper 27th of July, 2011 00:58

No need to yet Darius. The questions can go up with your character sheet after my Template has been constructed.

Once all the PCs (all 3-5 of them) have been approved, I'll begin the game. Reasons for you all to adventure together will be provided within the first scenario.

Copper 27th of July, 2011 06:58

I'd like to ask all the people who I have spoken to about this game, and about their making characters for it, to post here about their desired samurai caste (bushi, shugenja, or courtier), and their clan. This will minimalise the chances that someone will spend time working on an idea and sheet that is pretty similar to someone else's.

Darius 27th of July, 2011 10:15

Bayushi bushi here.

AbidingDude 27th of July, 2011 10:55

I'm building a Kitsuki Investigator (Courtier).

***If you are wanting to build a Courtier, and the game has not started yet, please let me know. I'm only building a Courtier to fill the slot, and would rather play a Monk or dedicated duelist.

Copper 27th of July, 2011 18:01

AbidingDude, if you're dead set on playing a monk, I recommend you hold back on making the courtier. I've had at least two other people mention applying to me, and so if one of them would rather play a courtier, then you could stick with your initial concept.

Given the heavy social aspect of Rokugan, I'd much rather get a courtier player who enjoys, and is dedicated, to the role, than someone looking to merely "fill up a slot."

Alternatively, the whole player group is free to discuss whether or not they want to wait for a courtier character before taking on other castes. Some characters might already be strong enough socially, despite being bushi or shugenja, that a courtier isn't 100% necessary, for example. I'd rather let you all decide rather than make a decree.

Whilst I have my campaign penned, a lot of it's finer details are favoured by the characters and their abilities. With a little modification, I can accommodate for any kind of group; a social character will be a huge boon, given the setting, however.

Vortigern 27th of July, 2011 18:47

My initial idea was for a Scorpion / Soshi [ Fistshake! ], however in light of that already being selected by another player...

I am considering a rather militant Dragon / Tamori, if the party dynamics work out.

AbidingDude 27th of July, 2011 23:29

A social Monk is now under consideration, to cover the party's social needs, and still get to be a Monk.

Copper 28th of July, 2011 20:36

Either today, or on the weekend, I should be able to seize access to the internet for a decent degree of time. Due to this, the sheets that have been sent my way should be appraised soon, and a Template Sheet should be up soon after.

AbidingDude 29th of July, 2011 21:46

Note due to a private message and wanting to be clear to the party about my character concept. My monk is not Dragon Clan initially (perhaps not ever if things go poorly :-\ ). Pending Copper's approval, my character, Ario, is a Four Temples Monk (they're the social monks) that has been lately petitioning the Dragon Clan for entrance into the Togashi Order.

Solar 29th of July, 2011 22:05

Well I can play a Courtier if one is needed, but like Cooper says I think it would be better if the courtier player was more invested in the role. I'll do it, but I'd rather play a Lion Bushi.

AbidingDude 29th of July, 2011 22:33

I'm happy with the Four Temples Monk going to Togashi Ise Zumi. He'll have all the good monk-ish-ness, and will be plenty good in the courts. (He won't get any Courtier-sih Techniques, other than the Four Temples extra 1k1 on void points for high and social skills, but skills and mastery abilities make most battle. Also, Four Temples Monks are regularly invited to courts and often entertain high status guests.)

If someone wants to make a dedicated Courtier, they are welcome to, but I'm happy with playing a social character, I just didn't want it to be the vast majority of the character. Also, I'm pretty sure my monk will be very solid at social interaction, even without any more school techniques coming. He'll also have lots of fun "roleplay opportunities" as he deals with the odd position that monks have in Rokugan.

(And if anyone's worred about being mechanically invested, from a mechanical stand point, if sheet is approved as is, he'll be throwing 7k3 for social rolls and 8k4 if the court is in the plains [9k5 and 10k6 with a void point]). Still, if someone does want to play a courtier, I'd be happy to make my monk a more mililtant type, but I'm quite happy with doing the social thing for the group if everyone's okay with their social guy being a monk.

Solar 29th of July, 2011 23:22

The social guy being a monk would be strange in some ways, simply because of their uniquen status and positioning in society. They'd have some advantages and some disadvantages which would work out in unusual ways.

Not that that is a bad thing. It could certainly result in some interesting occurances.

Darius 29th of July, 2011 23:44

Please don't forget that while the Bayushi don't quite throw around the same number of dice in social situations, the Scorpion are not complete slouches in social situations.

Copper 30th of July, 2011 02:43

I'll be looking over sheets tomorrow. In the meantime, I recommend posting the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Not his tribe or school, but HIS forte and drawback that others can take into account whilst creating their PCs.

Either way, things might need to be modified slightly on the morrow. Abidingdude, the monk group you mentioned... is that in the core?

AbidingDude 30th of July, 2011 03:08

It is in the core. Page 231 "Four Temples Monk" is the Order I wanted to start in. (Togashi Ise Zumi is Tattooed Monk/Tattooed Man/Tattooed Order, whatever they're calling it this edition, also in the Core)

Ario's Strengths:
-Connected to the Brotherhood of Shinsei
-Good in social situations
-Good in a fight

-Status 0 and can be ordered around by any samurai, though most (especially decent high honor) won't.
-Refuses to lie
-Can't Duel (can't even use a katana)
-Has no wealth and no family connections.

Darius 30th of July, 2011 04:28

Josuke's Strengths
- Good for a duel
- Decent in a fight so long as its melee
- Willing to take those actions that the rest of the group can't or won't
- Some social skills

- Stigma for being a Scorpion
- Only good with a sword
- Has some complicated relationship issues he is working through

Vortigern 30th of July, 2011 09:08

As I've never played L5R before, I would appreciatte some critique/suggestion on my build. I'm aiming for a militant shugenja yamabushi. Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

The primary reason I selected wealth was to be able to afford some Ashigaru armor. I am considering dropping that and/or making room somewhere else to be able to afford the 'monk training' advantage which makes Kiho cheaper... as I think that would make sense for a martial Dragon Shugenja like Asano.

Tamori Asano
Clan: Dragon
Family: Tamori
School: Tamori Shugenja
Technique: Flesh Of The Elements ( Alchemy )
Affinity/Deficiency: Earth/Air

Honor: 4.5
Glory: 1.0
Status: 1.0

Insight: 138

Insight Rank: 1
Void Points: ( 2 )
Armor TN: 15 ( 18 )


Advantages: Sage ( 3 ), Wealth ( 2 )

Rings: ( +1 Willpower / +1 Stamina )

Air: 2
Reflexes: 2
Awareness: 2

Earth: 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3

Fire: 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Water: 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 2

Void: 2


Athletics: 2
Calligraphy ( Cipher ): 1
Defense: 2
Divination: 1
Etiquette: 1
Games ( Go ): 1
Horsemanship: 1
Iajutsu: 1
Kenjutsu: 3 ( +1k0 to sword damage )
Lore ( Theology ): 1
Medecine: 1
Meditation: 1
Spellcraft: 2

Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, Armor Of Earth ( Earth 1, Self Armor ), Earth's Stagnation ( Earth 1, Target Agility Debuff ), Jurojin's Balm ( Earth 1, Toxin/Poison Cure ), Biting Steel ( Fire 1, Gives Weapon Bonus To Damage Rolls ), Fires Of Purity ( Fire 1, Aura Of Damage ), Path To Inner Peace ( Water 1, Heals Wounds )

Exp: 40/40
Advantage: Sage ( 3 )
Advantage: Wealth ( 2 )
Increase Agility 2 -> 3 ( 12 )
Increase Intelligence 2 -> 3 ( 12 )
Increase Kenjutsu 0 -> 3 ( 6 )
Increase Spellcraft 1 -> 2 ( 2 )
Increase Iajutsu 0 -> 1 ( 1 )
Increase Defense 1 -> 2 ( 2 )
Increase Etiquette 0 -> 1 ( 1 )
Increase Meditation 0 -> 1 ( 1 )
Increase Horsemanship 0 -> 1 ( 1 )
Increase Athletics 1 -> 2 ( 2 )
Increase Games: Go 0 -> 1 ( 1 )

AbidingDude 30th of July, 2011 14:24

I read your sheet, and was going to comment that you don't have any Earth 2 spells, but then I read through the Earth 2 spells, and figured that was probably intentional as this edition has not been kind to them.

For advantages/disadvantages, I also noticed that you have not disadvantages. While that's fine if it's what you want, it is rather unusual. In addition to giving you the bonus xp, they're great for creating roleplay opportunities. Some of the most memorable characters from past games have been the ones with terrible disadvantages. (A haunted Crab Bushi whose great grandfather wanted him to be a poet, and a Phoenix Shugenja who was heartless come to mind). If you just didn't want to advertise what disadvantages you're taking, that's fine, but I'd recommend taking at least one or two. Wealth is generally weak sauce. A samurai can generally requisition whatever it is that he needs if he asks nicely or orders someone else to get it for him. The armor (or even Light Armor) would not be difficult to obtain in character.

For skills, most of it looked pretty good for a militant shugenja. However, your spellcraft is low, which rules out importuning, which is very useful to be able to do... you may want to up it when you can. (Also horsemanship is odd for a Dragon [who live in the mountains and have relatively few horses and very few fields at all], but hey, it's your character, if you have a flavor reason, keep it. Otherwise, it'd be the first thing I pitched for points to spend elsewhere.)

An issue you should be aware of, regarding wielding a katana. All samurai have Katanas. Even shugenja. They just leave them at home. If you leave it at home, you can ask a duelist friend [looks to be our Scorpion buddy here] to be your champion if you find yourself in a place where you would challenge or be challenged. If you wear it, you are expected to be able to defend yourself in Iaijutsu, which is deadly. If you're not prepared to put a good bit of XP into your air ring (note that you're deficient in air, so the spell slots will be less useful and less flavor-wise favored for you) and Iaijutsu ranks, it will quite possibly get you dead. If you choose to wield a different weapon with kenjutsu, or change your fire spell to 'katana of fire', or even change kenjutsu for another weapon skill and use that weapon, you may be much better off.

Lastly, rings. I would strongly recommend that you get your Void to 3 instead of your fire to start. I'd trade off the Intelligence, wealthy and some of the points that you get from disadvantages for it. Void spell slots can be used to cast any spell (which can make them great for getting enough healing after a battle). Void points can be used to boost skill rolls, and to *avoid taking damage* which is just outstanding, and often necessary. If you were going with a more scholarly shugenja, I'd recommend the Void over Agility. Especially as Dragons are generally enlightened and Void rating is enlightenment.

Anyways, for your first L5R character, you did a great job. There is nothing that keeps the character from being playable as is (except maybe Iaijutsu), and over all it adheres to your intent quite well.

Vortigern 30th of July, 2011 15:45

Well my intent is to make him a Yamabushi, a warrior shugenja who uses his magic and/or kiho to augment his physical fighting and/or buff allies & debuff enemies etc.

What level of Kenjutsu / Iajutsu would you say he needs to have to be a competent swordsman for a starting character?

I fully intend to pick up more spellcraft, and yes largely so that he can importune non-combat spells. But I figured his more militant education so far might have skimped on that... and ... just not enough points for everything I want!

I do want a higher void. Mmm. For my concept your suggestion is to ditch the intelligence for it?

I feel like the Agility is rather necessary if I want to have decent swordsmanship/fighting ability. Am I wrong?

Copper 30th of July, 2011 18:42

Normally, I'd say that I disdain players showing each other their sheets prior to the game start, as discovery of one's skills, abilities, and other quirks is part of the appeal of character on character RP. Given the quality of feedback from AbidingDude, however, I'm content to leave the sheet where it is. Can everyone else keep their sheets private? Thanks.

I'd recommend that the other shugenja PC take this opportunity to ensure that the two characters aren't too similar to one another.

A small note regarding Wounds: we will be using the standard allotment per Level, as default.

I'll be looking over sheets in the next few hours. If anyone hasn't yet gotten their sheets to me, please do so quickly - I'll be looking to get the game moving as soon as all sheets I currently have are accepted and posted using my Template.

Solar 30th of July, 2011 23:23

Akodo Kenjiro

-Can be trusted to act in an honourable manner
-Balanced and Analytical way of thinking
-Reasonably skilled fighter, studies the art of large scale battle as well

-Can be trusted to act in an honourable manner
-Not partcularly over endowed with social skills
-Has a few Daddy issues

Copper 30th of July, 2011 23:24

Because my Inbox is (again) filling up, and I'm having trouble getting into the e-mail account set up for this game, I'm going to ask you all to go ahead and get your sheets up, using the Template provided. I'll Private each sheet in turn, and then look them over then.

When each PC is looked over and approved, I'll get the game started.

Solar 30th of July, 2011 23:27

So post them in the character sheet thread then? OK.

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