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Wired*Nun 2nd of March, 2007 06:35

OOC Chat
Welcome to the slowly and sputteringly starting story of The Cult.

I make no promises, tell no lies. I hope to post regularly and consistently. I might fall in love with this game for a while and burn brightly, but I hope not to burn out for a while.

There is some possibility of me going back to the desert in the 2008-2009 timeframe (depending on what happens) - perhaps to Qatar where CENTCOM has a permanent presence. If so, expect the pace to intensify during that time as it did when I was in Baghdad. Normally we can get routine internet access but not use it for "online games" as such, which forum-posting a story doesn't include.

However, that's all a ways in the future, at least a year.

I have all 5 initial stabs at some backstory, I will be starting to work on your preludes. These preludes may be extensive, I don't know right now...but I'm not going to rush the development.

For the benefit of those of us to whom religion may be an uncomfortable subject, I want to warn you that it's going to be there. I'm not going to preach or prosyletize anyone, and neither should anyone else - let's keep it within the game. But, within the game, it might get thick. Be warned.

I don't expect you to react badly to this in any way, other than in character; I don't intend anything that happens to be taken as aimed at anyone personally.

Religious mythos, especially things like the Catholic tradition of demonology/exorcism/angelic traditional history is well established in the supernatural/horror genre. Other traditions such as Islam and Hinduism contain angels and demons, gods and demigods. Shinto and Buddhism acknowledge saints and ancestors, spirits of people and nature, as do Pagan traditions and so on. I expect to draw on any and all of that to fuel the supernatural parts of this tale, as well as other more secular themes.

Then again, maybe it's all just aliens in disguise.

I've heard a couple versions of the following saying:

What do you call a reader who thinks their favorite writer is putting his own beliefs into the mouths of all of his characters:

An idiot.

So, play your characters, secular or spiritual, religious or irreligious, agnostic, atheist or devout, as you believe best. NPC and situations will convey impressions and stories that they may interpret in their own way through their own viewpoints. Just don't think I'm trying to paint you into any philosophical corners, and forgive me when my own worldview naturally leaks through.

I am, after all, the guru of this Cult.

LynMars 2nd of March, 2007 06:42

And we are the devoted lackeys! ^^ I even have it in my user title, see?

Shutter 2nd of March, 2007 07:16


What do you call a reader who thinks their favorite writer is putting his own beliefs into the mouths of all of his characters:

An idiot.
I reacted to this at first with "ahh that's nonsense, some writers do that." Then I quickly responded to myself "but a non-idiot would have a better favorite writer."

The point of which is simply that I've been teaching too long today and need to eat some lunch and stop talking to myself.

Wired*Nun 3rd of March, 2007 02:47

Lol. Of course writers put their own viewpoints into some characters, especially protagonists. I think that is a response from writers whom I've read of/about, in interviews and intros and things, who constantly get mail accusing them of being sick, twisted, wrongheaded, too liberal, too conservative, closet pedophiles, etc...just because some of their characters (especially their villains or antiheros) espouse these things.

Moral ambiguity is an especially important part of my stories, despite my relatively firm personal morals and beliefs. Or perhaps, because of them, because I've been in some moral dilemmas myself, and have chosen wrong from time to time. I guess that's what makes me appreciate such things.

LynMars 3rd of March, 2007 05:54

It's how Poe got his reputation, for the most part, due to people not understanding that first person narration does not mean protagonist = author. The really funny thing is, Poe was primarily a journalist, and his macabre tales and poems were only a small part of even his fiction work. He also is credited with creating the detective novel--and Sir Conan Doyle admitted to using the stories of Dupin, told by his sidekick, as inspiration for Holmes and Watson.

I have a Lit prof who specializes in American Authors, and he went to great lengths last week to dispell many of the Poe myths. I am now attempting to introduce him to Roger Zelazny as an example of an American Sci-Fi writer. ;)

Wired*Nun 4th of March, 2007 01:12

Good luck with that. While some sci-fi has made it into the hallowed halls of "literature" in the academic judgment (Vonnegut, Bradbury) mostly they are disdained...

Wired*Nun 4th of March, 2007 01:25

Al except Lyn have got their stats loaded, only a couple of adjustments to be made. You were all reasonable, mostly. I can already tell who will be the combat types, the academics, the whiz kids, etc. Gonna be interesting.

LynMars 4th of March, 2007 01:33

Yeah, I know. Can't help but try though!

And odd, I looked at this forum yesterday--a few times--after the timestamp says that Structure post was made. Never saw it. But then, I wasn't feeling too well yesterday either. Let me get to work on that...

Wired*Nun 6th of March, 2007 00:49

I hope to get started tonight for real on this, I am starting to get (re-get? hopefully not re-gret) the itch. Idea are gelling, the brain is swelling, there's no telling where I'm going, there's no earthly way of knowing...

(old-school Willy Wonka, if you must know...paraphrased).

TreyKincaide 6th of March, 2007 01:45

But the rowers keep on rowing and show no signs of slowing!

Wired*Nun 6th of March, 2007 14:11

I reall did sit down to start on this..then family stuff came up, sigh. Sorry, lets try tomorrow.

Wired*Nun 8th of March, 2007 02:36

OK, should have some stuff tonight. I'm going to take it in whatever order I get to it or am inspired, so if you don't see your own prelude, it's because I did someone else's.

By the way, the setting will start in the DC area, since I live here it will be easy for me to use this location (home field advantage). If you want to update your backstories, feel free. For those who started in small towns/country areas, just look out in some of the more rural areas like southern VA, West VA, Pennsylvania etc.

LynMars 8th of March, 2007 03:37

Hrm. PA would actually be easy for me to pull off, being from Lancaster County. Would require slight modification, maybe. But otherwise, good to go. I did the DC tours several times as a, it's been ages since I visited there...

Also, Spring Break comes up for me on the 18th, when I fly back to said Lancaster to deal with my family and meet my newest two nephews. I should still have access during that time though. If dial-up on a seven year old computer counts as access -_-

Shutter 8th of March, 2007 03:43

Richmond close enough? I know it's within driving distance, I once got lost there and wound up in DC by mistake...

Wired*Nun 8th of March, 2007 04:53

Yes, PA and Richmond are close enough for the setting. A few hours' drive.

Icebird 8th of March, 2007 09:56

I've never been to the east coast, so I can't use a place I've actually seen. Annapolis has a nice sound though, so I'll go with that. Attending University of Maryland, Annapolis part time.

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 00:37

That will work.

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 01:11

Shutter's character's (John Doe) prelude is started! Let the madness begin!

TreyKincaide 9th of March, 2007 01:20

And we're off!

Shutter 9th of March, 2007 01:26


Shutter 9th of March, 2007 02:00's started again alright. I'm back to looking up from grading papers to hit refresh every five minutes.

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 02:24

Lyn's (Hillary Crandell) is in now too. What fun!

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 05:16

Trey (Paul Hunting) is in.

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 06:00

Thanos (David Fertelli) is in.

Wired*Nun 9th of March, 2007 10:26

Present tense, please, folks.

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